I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 316 proof to this world, no one can resist the will! (Sixth)

The members of this group of organizations are simply a trick.

If they are all counters, these guys are also poor; if they are good people, most people in this are not very doing personnel.

Of course, Shangyuan Na will not qualify them.

Now Penne's dead news is transmitted to their ears. These guys are estimated to be the six gods, they may have just known that the original navigation and Xiaonan return to Yuyin Village, and rush overnight overnight.

Shangqi Nai Luo calmed Xiaonan and fell asleep, did not want them to bothering Xiaonan, so he left Xiaonan's room in a moment, and greet the direction of many Xiang Yunhuo.




"Shangyuan Na!"

"Shangyuan adult!"


A group of people who died in the black robes saw the original navigation, as if I saw the main bone, I wanted to start an inquiry.

"alright, alright."

Shangqi Nai Lu rushed to sway, whispered: "Xiaonan teacher just fell asleep, let's go to a quiet place to chat!"

A group came to the office of Yuyin Village.

On the road, I have encountered Pisuyang flowers in the village in the village. This little girl seems to be patrolling in the rain.

This girl's ninja career is really outrageous.

Shangqi Nai Luo this time did not care, just waving, let her leave her brigade immediately, and do not allow anyone to be close to this office.

Inside the office.

A group of Sang, a group of s, the sage refined, and after the position where I can sit, I didn't stop, and I immediately started to ask.

"Do our organization will dissolve?"

"Waen is really war in wood?"

"The pharmacist is betrayed, and the outer road of the base ..."

"Shangyuan, do we really give up the plan to collect the tail beast?"

"Do you want to disband it immediately?"


This group of guys has their own concerns, but they are most concerned about the future, and even the Wedn's death is row.

This is really impossible to blame them.

Because of these years, Payne has been tall.

The relationship between these members and the relationship between Penne is not close, even some hate more, to tell the truth, and the relationship between them and Shangyuan Needs better.

After all, Shang Na Ruo, but many times, she took them out to implement the task, sometimes helping, and even if they met dangerous, they will save people.

When you encounter, Shangyuan Na will not express and dislike their weird hobbies, and even they can even talk to a few words, these members, the good feelings of the Shangyuan are definitely not low.

"Let's stop!"

Shangyuan Na was turned to knock his forehead, interrupted that all of them were chaotic, and then they continued: "Your question is a one! Rest assured, tonight, we have no relationship!"

"I will come first!"

Didala is particularly positive in this regard, the first to raise his palm, and you will ask questions: "Shang Shang, we ..."

"Why let you come first!"

The flying segment also raised his own sickle, whispered: "Let me ask, Shangyuan Na, we are not in the future, no longer ..."


Dida Grand Infraction interrupted the flying segment.

At the time of these guys, I took the original Nairi, I was shot on the table, and I was full of face: "According to the order of joining the child, let the horns come to the elders or the seniors!"


A group is finally quiet.

The angle is in concealed, and there are still a few people who are still quiet. Slowly stand up, and the sound of the first question: "Is Payne died in the wood?"

"Yes, but it is not war."

Shangji nodded, softly continued: "Payne is actually a long door. After he is fighting with many ninja, he is talented by Unexpell, and the pharmacist will lead the ninja troops to join hands. The leaves of nuns slammed them.

After the end of this war, the long-door adults worried that the future of the future will be controlled by Unexpello and the pharmacist. When his life is going to exhaust, we decided to resurrect with your own turn. Warm-dead wooden rubber. "

After saying it here, Shangyuan Na will continue to add to the mouth: "Yuxi wave belt and pharmacist are not a black hand behind the scene, hidden in the big snake pill behind the pharmacist, is a real black hand, the big snake pill has been fake to reduce our alert."

These words are an explanation of them.

After all, the long door is indeed warned. I can't do it in the drum. I don't know who my leader is, I don't know how to fight my leader.

This is also a frank step.

Since the original navigation is frank, the corner will not hide.

"I know."

The horns saw the original navigation, the face gradually became serious, and the sound of the sound of the scene: "Shang, this kind, if I am in the future, I still have the opportunity to make more money?"


Members of the organization have seen a corner of the corner.

When all, how did the old man talk about the mouth? Mom, is this time to talk about money?

"There will definitely have many opportunities."

At the end of the raft, I looked at the corner and nodded, and I was deeply open: "Whether the future is the war or peace, money is always indispensable, we will have many opportunities to make money many times in the future. "

"It's good."

After listening to here, I nodded and nodded and sat in a strange position: "Shangyuan Na, I recognize that you will continue to be the leader, no matter what you want to do, as long as you make me earn money it is good!"

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

The corner is really straightforward!

The attitude of the corner is very clear, no matter what the organization is going to do, as long as he makes him earn money, it is really his character.

The red sand is lifted, looking at the original naval, whispering said: "Shangyuan, you and the wooden leaf, sandy village, fog hidden villages have reached a consensus? What will I be forced to dissolve after I am?"

"There is no peace."

Shangyuan Na will slowly hang down, he seems to understand the concerns of Red Sand, if the tissue has become the vassal of the big country, it means that these S-class rebels no longer have anything to have.

Shangyuan Na will re-raise his head, snorted with a voice: "The elderly, the group is easily destroyed by the village, what qualifications let us dissolve? If not for the sake of the adult, I don't mind destroy. A wooden leaves! "

Red sand is slowly nod, his face suddenly reveals a mortar smile: "It's good, the group of weak and decay guys, there is no qualification to our lives, only we can decide what to do. "

After that, the red scorpion: "When Pethen mentioned that you will become a head of the next leader, I didn't have any opinions."


Everyone's gaze begins to face each other.

In the end, their eyes gradually stopped on the mortal ghosts, obviously the martial arts ghosts also became the old seniors of the tissue.

The martic ghost grinned, revealing his full shark: "Our guys have never had any opinions ... As long as the leader, you can give us these homeless guys."

The ninjone in the village of the fog is basically one of themselves.

After the martillamon ghosts, others have nodded. The eyes of the corners still did not ease. He is just a cold voice: "After the death of Payne, you have no movement, no Human sector? "

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

The corner is really guessed!

Only, these troops seven people are all the spies of this new one, how can there be any movement?

The martillamon gains, loudly, laughed and opened: "The horns have to see the four talents and seven people doing spies together. What is stupid ... No, what should be said to be a strong person can Our four tangle seven people should be a spy? "

Cartry ghosts looked at everyone, whispered: "I and full moon are because of the pain of blood mist policy, I left my hometown ...

As for the ghost light, this little ghost, you should understand why he joins us; rain is from the little guy, you also understand why she will join us this time? "

"Well, I temporarily accept your statement."

The corner is slowly nod, these tutoring seven people are like being Amway, and one will join a child.

Although it is a bit outrageous.

But it seems to be accepted?

Didara hurriedly raised his palm, hip hip hip jahi, said: "When I arrived at me! Hey, Shang, what do we have to do in the future? Do we want to launch a role war?"


At the end of the Nairi, let Didala's face collapsed.

Shang Nai fell to Didala, knead his forehead: "In short, we must first find way to solve the snake pill, Yuxi Board and pharmacist pocket, the wooden leaves will promise us Collect intelligence. "

"Ok, Ok!"

Didala chick dried a little bit of his own head: "Yes, Yuxio Sasuo also betrayed the pharmacist, in this way, the only members of the two families left, we can Kill them all! "

After saying these, Didala also looked at the Red Sands around him, and the hip hip Tricks said: "Just a great hateful of the big snake pills and pharmacists, we can also solve them together! "


After the navigation, I went to the nod, I continued: "After we solve them, it is estimated that it may become an organization that mediates the war ..."


Everyone does not look at the original navigation in autonomous.

Is this a joke? Does which members do not have to have a war? Why do you really start to mediate the war?

"Don't be so surprised."

Shang Nai is looking at everyone, whispering continues: "I will inherit the will of the long-door adult, although there is no tail beast and the outer road, but we can find a way to become stronger, or absorb members, or Manufacturing stronger war weapons, let this world can't resist our will!

Once you have overdravan in the future, we can go directly to the ninja they fight. This is also destroyed war?

Waiting for the war in the future, no matter what war, even if the five major countries want to launch a role, they must have been allowed by our license. Any war without our license is absolutely not allowed! "


Everyone in the scene heard a glimpse, heard that the original navigation was quite reliable, and it seems to be in line with their minds?

Only dry look of the ghosts.

Cartry ghosts feel that these words may be half a holiday, maybe his boss really wants to do this, or is it simple to appease these guys?

Anyway, at least a member of all a child present has already recognized the original navigation, and even the IQ of the flying section is no longer opposed.

"Now, let's take a break!"

Shangyuan Nai's eyes slightly, whispered: "After a while, I will also go to the Fifth Shadow Conference, from them to the intelligence of the big snake pills and others ..."

Cartry: "..."

It's you ah, Shang Shang people!

Can be mixed into some strange blame each time!

Every face of the tissue is gradually being a bit weird. This is still quarreling. Is there a guy who is going to monitor in the five major countries and sneak into the meeting of the five major countries?

Still familiar taste ...

Shang Shang is still the familiar guy ...

"Don't use this expression to see me!"

Shangyuan Na Lu slowly turned to everyone, Shen Sheng continued: "When we will destroy the guys in the future, we have to prove to this world, without anyone can reflect, there is no traitor to escape Sanctions! "