I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 320, Seniors, you only have the last chance to try to convince me (third more)

Morning time.

Shangyuan Na was listening to the report of the mortal ghosts.

As a qualified boss, the subordinates can be qualified to complete the task, and the original Needs or not, I don't have to be appreciated.

Shangyuan Na Lu heard the ghosts and said that he did not intentionally showed a greedy look forward to the eye. The original Nairou loudly said: "You are good, after all, not anyone can let go of the moon to dominate the world. within Temptation."

At this moment, the attitude of Shangyuan Na Ruo is really like a qualified boss.

The mortar ghost godged, revealing his full shark: "I learned from the top of the people."

In the next second, the sound of Shangyuan Na Raise suddenly became a bit 17: "In your mouth, I became a madman who lost my senses?"


The moon is laughter, whispered: "Just to let the black trust, the Shangyuan adult should not mind!"

"I have no flaws that I have no flaws ..."

Shangyuan Nai fell to knead his forehead, whispered: "If everything is not separated from my plan, then don't care about you."


After the morta ghost should be, low laughed: "Then the next thing, it is necessary to rely on the Shangyuan."

"Oh ... rest assured."

The original Nairo is so soft, and looked at the trend of the fate display panel. He continued: "It seems that our black people are still anxious, from your news, I will immediately I want to see me. "

"It's really interesting!"

Cartry ghosts don't help but laugh: "If it knows that all of this is manipulated behind the scene, then it is more interesting."

"There will be such a day."

Shangji shook his head, whispered: "Then I will deliberately and let it go for a while, let it take a moment to see me!"


Cartry ghosts have some surprises.

Shangji shook his head, standing on the balcony and turned to look at the room, whispered: "There is nothing, just Xiaonan teacher just woke up."

After that, I will continue to say: "If I will, I will remember to tell me in advance, I still don't want my teacher to know."


The martial arts ghosts suddenly, grinned: "Understand, but if the little southerner will know that the disciples she teach is actually secretly manipulating a world behind the scene, the picture must be very interesting!"

"Means nothing."

Shang Nai was frowned, and she collapsed her own phone.

Last night, the group of Shangyuan Na Ruo and the organization of the organization was awarded the future of the organization, and the young girls who were in the same way, the little girl who made the purisy and fetching, he kept behind the south.

early morning.

The rain is still undergrare.

Under the moisture of rain, the air of Yuyin Village is a bit fresh.

Xiaonan sat up from the bed and looked at the empty room, and didn't seem to find someone in the expected, her face was a bit shocked.

Until Xiaonan's eyes were transferred, I saw the original Nairi's figure on the balcony. Her pupil slowly recovered brightly, and the lip was loose.

Xiaonan stepped out of the room, slowly walked to the end of the original Needle, reach out your arms around his waist, the cheek is close to his back.

Nairi ... "

"Wake up? I am."

Shangji fell to shoot Xiao Nan's palm.

After a long time, the original Nairou slowly earned the soft palm of his waist, and turned to see the small south, and slowly removed his sight.

Shangyuan Na was looking at Xiaonan's doubtful eyes, sighed a good air: "Let's go, go to eat something in the morning, I have some things to tell the teacher."

The sky floats.

The streets of Yuyin Village are still tranquility.

Shangji Na Ruo helpers, a shot of umbrella, whispering said: "The group of families know the news of the universal war, last night they came to find me ..."


Xiaonan's face flashed a shot, her expression became a little ugly: "What is the guys, is it difficult?"

Last night, Xiaonan believes that Shangji is here to accompany himself, and there is a rainy day, sleeping very serene all night, does not know what happened in Yuyin Village.


Shangyuan Na's face is still unspeakable, and the sound will continue to say: "The senior and his neighbors are elders them ... about do not want to leave Xiao, Xiao Xiao, here is like a group of arms that is unable to understand Like the home that is warm together ... "

"What do they want to do?"

"Don't want to do something ..."

Shangji, I lost the umbrella in my hand, sinking the opening: "In short, in addition to Unecheo Sasuke and the pharmacist, they should stay in the moment."

"This ah ..."

After Xiaonan wrinkled, the low voice: "The group of leaves of the leaves, it is really the most like betrayal people ..."

This wave cannot be said.

Most of the trees of wood leaves.

Whether it is a big snake or a Zhiso belt soil, a pharmacist, Yischo Sasuke, Yuxi Boss these guys, professional ethics is quite low.

These guys have directly pulled the endurance moral benchmark.

Shangnai opened his own fate display panel, which clearly showed the active a black avatar near them.

It seems that this is really anxious, it is really anxious.

After Shang Na, I watched Xiaonan whispering: "I have discussed it last night, I decided to temporarily take the soil and pharmacist, the big snake pills, the remains of the Gate, the remains of the nepon eye."

When I said here, the eyes of Shangyuan Nae lost slightly, then the opening: "But now it is difficult to find Unexpello and the big snake pills their traces, I thought about it last night, I plan to try to hunt down. Trace ... "

Shangyuan Na's finger clenched the umbrella and continued: "Black is the espionage of Yuxi Bo, today I want to discuss with them to hunt down ..."


Xiaosan hesitated after a while, whispered: "Although the teacher said, I feel like Yusi Bo belt deliberately leaked ... After all, we all know that the black is going to flush his face. "

"Maybe this may."

After the original, I stopped my own footsteps, watching the small south around him, looking at her seriously: "However, any way to get the neighborhood of the nepon body, I will never miss it."

"…it is good."

Xiaonan looked at the appearance of the original navigation, finally nodded: "No matter what you have to do, be careful ..."


Shangyuan Na Rou slowly reached his palm, falling on Xiaonan's hair: "Will, because I promised the adults, I will protect the teacher of Xiaonan."

It is this warm moment.

The ground suddenly drilled a pig cage.

Darkness thinks this time is the best time. Just Xiao Nan believes that it may or yourself, at least it will not shout, kill after it and the original navigation ...

The black and white is revealed from the pork cages.

Black lifted his head, there was a bit of a sluggish road: "Shangyuan, your teacher just said it is right, don't believe those traitors ..."

"You dare to appear in front of me!"

Shangyuan Nair's hand gripped, the next moment he stepped on the earth, the rain in the ground was in his manipulation, and the moment formed a circular water, and wrapped it directly!

At this moment, the anger on the original face is almost not hidden!

As a man who saw the enemy of life and death, it was full of anger!

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly reached his palm, put the umbrella in the hands of Xiaonan, and looked up step by step.

After the Shangyuan Na, he went to the black side, slightly twisted, and suppressed his anger, trying his own tone, whispered: "Teacher, you will go back, I still have a lot of words to ask it, Next, I don't want you to see! "


Xiao Nan hesitated to stand in place.

After a while, Xiao Nan was gently nodded, and the soft persuaded: "Shangyuan, calm down, don't be angry, you will have a head ..."

"is teacher."

After listening to the footsteps of Xiaonan, Shangyuan Na, Gu Gu Jing and indifferent and gloomy open mouth: "Senior, your courage is much bigger than I imagine, in this case, there is still dare to appear in this situation I am in front of me ... "

" ..."

Darkness, a few times, opening: "If I don't explain in front of you, don't you know the truth?"

"if not you!"

The palm of Shangyuan Nae suddenly squeezed a fist. He was full of cold and indifferent: "If you are not you leaked, if you don't have to recruit the drug teacher, he is impossible to have the opportunity to go with Unexpello. Door adult! "

"And, regardless of the truth ..."

Shangyuan Needo slightly smashed his eyes, his eyes revealed danger, just like a beast that may riopia at any time: "Senior, tell me the position of Unexpello and pharmacist, this should be for you Not difficult! "


The dark words stagnant.

If you want to find the position of the pharmacist and Yisi Bo, it is really not easy to find it. After all, it is not 100,000 perver of it.

If you want to cultivate a spore, it is, but the average person's Chakragen is not enough spores, only powerful ninja has sufficient Chakra.

Which ninja will be willing to use spores to absorb Chakra!

Plus the recently sent white is always missing from time to time ...

To be honest, the job of intelligence person is really hard.

Shangqi Nairou frowned crumpled and glanced, the fingers were slowly vertically, the cold voice opened: "The elder generation, it seems that we have to change your way ..."

Next moment, the water is gradually concatenated!

Black suddenly felt the pressure in the water, although this pressure did not have too much threat to it, but it is not like a conversation!

The black deposited sound stops to stop the original action: "Wait, Shang Shang, do you not want to resurrect? He has been protecting yourself ..."


The look of Shangyuan Needs, and he felt some meaning.

After a while, Shangyuan quietly put his fingers, there were some departure: "Senior, now you only have the last chance to try to convince me ..."