I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 322 Fifty Shadow Conference is held in Yuyin Village? (Fifth more)

To be honest, I have been very tired of acting.

Since everyone said, it will definitely not change easily.

No matter the original navigation or black, the two people are actually loose, they are really enough!

The two people have done a determination, wait until the future of their two respects their respective plans, be sure to see the other party know the expression of the truth, must see that the other party knows how surprised when they know the truth!

At that time, they must feel that they will be happy.

After all, a black hand successfully rely on the performance to complete his own plan. If you don't share your success, it is also a black hand behind the scene.

A true behind-the-scenes, must learn to leave the low-level fun of the whole day, sharing the successful experience, and the behind-the-scenes of the morality.

Shangyuan Nai fell his own temple, looked at the slogan: "So now we are most importantly searching for the intelligence of the big snake pill, pharmacist, and Yishe Bo, from their hands to take them all the things come back!"

After the original nair, I saw that I nodded, and I continued to add: "I have reached some surface and the fifth-generation fire shadow of the wooden leaves, and the leaves will share with us about them. Intelligence ... "

"Not bad."

Black and docked, the hoarse voice is appreciated: "I really didn't think that under the way, we still returned to the origin, but also use the wooden leaves to continue to collect information and help us to fight Unexpear ... "

"No, perhaps better than before."

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, smile and continued: "The fire immediately intended to contact all the big country tolerance, and invite me to participate in the five shadow conference, solve our previous grievances, the way to combat the big snake pill and Yisi Bo belt soil. "


After a while, after a while, suddenly, smile: "But the leader of these big powers will never think that Shangyuan you just want to use them, re-retrans the control of the moon."

"Not bad."

Shang Nai, he looked at the sky, and sighed in the sky: "I once thought of truly and they resolved the hatred, but unfortunately, the yin is wrong, as the elderly said, the weak people stand in the bottom, can't understand We are standing in the mountains. "

"Oh, the position of your station is not just the mountain ..."

The mouth of the mouth is somewhat a smile, it has a point to open the mouth: "We have been overridden from the limit of this world, we should stand above the moon, overlooking this pathological endurance ..."


Shangyuan Needs to be speechless.

This is too arrogant!

Is this special not in the darkness of the night?

Black is sneaked here with the moon metaphor of the moon, in fact, it must be very cool in his heart! It seems that I don't know anything!

It's just that the role of the original navigation is really unknown, so he shook his head and sighed: "No matter how high our stations, only after all, we are not great, just because we Inherited the dream of the great people. "

"It's good."

To be honest, I can't help but I can applaud.

Shangyuan Nair said that this is the meaning of expressing this, and it is simply not to be too unsatisfactory to the image of the original Na.

How good a child ...

Finally, it was completely complete!

Darkness looked at the original navigation, I nodded: "Well, then I will continue to find a way to explore their intelligence ..."

"Well, please pay for the seniors."

After the navigation, I got a nodded, and I waited until I checked them, I would kill them in person with all the people who brought a little! On the last time, the pharmacist pockets that I will not grab the outer road, the next time I will never let him go! "


Black and dotted, slowly sneaking into the ground.

After looked at the black left, the upper mouth of Shangyuan has revealed a smile, and she sighed and shook his head: "Hey, it is true ... we have said so many each other, there is a true heart. ? "

When I arrived at the same place, I was still thinking about it in the same place, and a sheet of folding paste is fluttering to his side, giving together into Xiaonan's appearance.

Xiaoshan looked up at the original navigation, and his face showed a worry: "Needeling, you have already left, why do you still stand here? What is it, do you have nothing happier?"

"No, talk very happily."

Shangji shook his head, the finger was put on the forehead in Xiaonan, and smiled and wrinkled the eyebrows, and loudly opened the emotions of smart.

"After chatting with the elderly, it can be sure it is not the spy of Yuxi Bo, and it will help us continue to collect the intelligence of Unexpello."

"That's good."

Xiaonan this is loose.

Now, I will now say that I have completely stabilized the long-door death. He is comfortable to the organization, and temporarily calm the rain in Yuyin Village. Nowadays, nowadays, there is still a small team of the moon.

The only problem may be the emotion of Xiaonan.

Because Shang Nai is becoming the last companion, Xiaonan has recently liked to follow him, and Shangyuan Na will only listen to any.

Shangyuan Needs also urged the movement of the pharmacist, so that he accelerated speed and got the body of the big snake pill as soon as possible.

During this time, the endurance is not calm.

The news of the tissue is so fast that the news of the country will soon spread throughout the entire endurance, rocky village and Yun Yin Village have always been in the fire!

If it is not a pharmacist and Yisi Bo with soil, the news of all the tail beasts is also spread, and then adds the program to send people to the five shadow conferences will solve the rainy village. It is said that the two rimmed the village have already invaded the country!

If this is the case, maybe they also died ...

After all, as the news of Xiaomi, it is the first of the original navigation in the battle of the wood, and the second generation of the second-generation rigs, the second generation of the second generation, the second generation of the second generation Wind shadow and four generations of fire news!

This news is not uncomfortable!

Under the slogan of the endurance, the leader of Yuyin Village has not taken place to get a few titles, and it is barely to make the big country to be used to cover.

This title is of course not only a new generation of ninja half gods. After all, the title of a new generation of ninja half gods does not become the shame of the big country.

Shangyuan Needs feel a bit shame.

Yu Yin Village.

High tower.

Shangyuan Needo and Xiaonan sit here.

The upper hand is pinching a reel, and the eyes are deadly staring at the reel, and the face is gloomy as if it is going to drop the water: "What are these ghost titles!"

"Let me take a look."

Since the eyebrows of Xiaonan, she gently passed the reel from the hands of Shangyuan Na, whispered: "The old generation ends, this title is because Nelapse defeated the shadow of the transculled treasury?"


Shangyuan Na Rou slowly lying on the tower, palm palm, looking up at the sky, whispered: "This is still normal ..."


Xiao Southern nodded, her brow wrinkled slightly, softly continued: "At the beginning of the year, this should be a mountain pepper half-homeric guy to think about it!"

"It's all those who are in the small country.

Shangji fell in the air cloud, and explained: "The foundation of Yuyin Village is too weak, the five major countries can't recognize the title of rain and shadows, let this persons more than one village, not to continue The position of Hikiki. "

It is true that the land of the country is not small.

If the ninja coming in Yuyin Village, there are more words, come back to a tolerant battle, say that the five countries will pinch the title of the nose to recognize the title of the beginning of the rainy shadow.

"Well? This can you ..."

Xiaonan's finger fell on the scroll, and loudly understood the title of her very heart: "The man standing in the top of the ninja ..."

"Too shame!"

Shangyuan brood shook his head and sighed, and sighed: "With this title, I would rather call me six-sided warrior!"

The tolerance does exist with a polygon to mark the Ninja.

For example, when the pharmacist has been in the middle of the test, I have made this pair of pairs, in which the polygon is used to represent the area that the ninja is good at.

Shangyuan Needle should take a perfect hexagon.

Xiaonan slowly shook his head, the sound gradually became down, because she saw the scroll top, that is very humiliated titles.

"The crime of rain ..."

Small South's face has become a bit ugly.

Shangyuan Nai fell, it was not intended to spread his palm, whispered: "They said that there is no mistake, I destroy so many big country, for them, I should be the sin of Yuyin Village. "

Nairi ... "

Xiaonan's body is in the Shang Shang, the forehead is close to his forehead, whispered his negative energy: "Don't say this ..."

"…it is good."

Just when they were quietly stayed together, a voice interrupted them: "Angels, Shangyuan Na, someone sent a letter!"

Under the tower.

Ziyang flower raised his palm, rushing to the high tower: "Angels, Shangyuan Na, someone sent a letter!"

"I know."

The person who came to send a letter is a wooden riser.

This is a single-handed letter, mainly to consult the opinions of Nairi, asked if he agreed to take Yin Yin Village as a three-film meeting.

Yes, the Five School Conference finally put on the schedule.

This is also the reason why the original Naida.

In order to enable the leaves to understand the huge threats brought by the big snake pills, pharmacists and Yisi Bo belt, Shangyuan Nairies and secretly manipulate the trendy wave wind gates and Yuxi Bo belt to attack a swirl people.

Although the whirlpool moon did not have anything under the protection of flag wood Cardi and a lot, but still let the agency aware of the seriousness of the problem.

Because there is a time spatial surgery, the wave wind gates and Unecho belt can initiate attacks at any time, while the leaves of the leaves obviously impossible for 24 hours to protect the whirlpool.

Thousands of anti-thieves, there is a loss.

After contacting the leaders of other Northern Villages, the program was finally launched, and the discussions of the Five Celebium were launched and started looking for talks.

The country of Tie's country is also very suitable for the Absolutely neutral samurai; if you look at the distance, Yu Yin Village is located in the center of the continent, and is also a very suitable village.

It's just that the organization is inserted here, and it is slightly troublesome.

However, the willingness to hold a five-shaded conference also wants to take this opportunity to solve the hatred of the big country to rush to the village and Yu Yin Village. I hope that all the strengths of the endurance can be united, and the joint hidden hidden in the dark threatens.

Anyway, Yu Yin Village and the relationship between the organization and the various rivals are a mess, and the program is simply in the rainy village to solve it!

Since the prime hand wants to put the talk place in Yuyin Village, it must be a former navigation in advance and Yu Yin Village now actually on the leader.


Shangyuan Na will receive a letter from a hand.

After the letter, after reading the letter, the expression gradually became a little subtle: "The woman is a woman, will not really want to put the five shadow conference in Yuyin Village?"