I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 323, to declare war with the name of the big snake pill!

Every time I thought that this endurance change is enough to be magical, I will take some updates to refresh his cognition.

Originally, he thought that he had a black hand behind him to participate in the five shadow conference, and he now received a handful letter. The five-generation shot actually wants to put the five shadow conference in Yuyin Village?

Is it a problem?

Still this world is broken by him!

At the last naval, I looked at the little south of myself. The face showed a bitter laugh, and the letter of hand gave Xiao South: "The hand of the wooden leaves wants to put the five shadow conference in Yuyin Village ..."


Xiaonan's expression is full.

After a while, Xiaonan read the hand of the agency, in addition to ask if the Fifty Shadow Conference is held in Yuyin Village, there is also an inquiry of the disposal of those S-class sarbet.

"Needel, do you think?"

Xiaonan looked at the original navigation and asked softly: "Do you think we have to agree to the opinions of the prostitute?"


Shangyuan Na will be silent for a while, shook his head, whispered: "Let her write a letter back to her! The farewells of the great powers dare to come to Yuyin Village, then we don't mind putting the five shadow conference Held in the village, just ... "

Speaking here, Shangyuan Nai is sighing a gap: "Just now the endure is the most dangerous time, no one knows what will happen tomorrow, the traitors of the big snake will not let go of the Five Shadow Conference, I am just worried What will happen? "

Because Shangji Nai, I want to send Yushusi to the earth and pharmacist, in the five-shadow conference, this can't put the five shadow conference in Yuyin Village ...

Otherwise, it is easy to cause a serial reaction.

After the original Na, he will continue to say, and continue to say: "Now Xiaoyu is very calm, or don't let them have a sense of crisis ..."

The members of the organization trust the original navigation, in case, they will definitely be a bit embarrassed and uncomfortable. Who knows that these big countries will not be able to recover the rebellion in their villages!

The group of talents is so happy now, why bother to let five outsiders in these bodies to disturb their lives!

"…it is good."

Xiao Southern nodded and whispered: "Then I will give my hand to my hand, I can only go back to her kindness."

As Xiaonan's reply arrived in the wooden leaves, the aperator also realized that she thought about it, she only thought of the fast knife, and solved the hatred between the rain and other big country. Instead. There is a conflict in Yuyin Village.

In this case, it can only be placed in the country of the iron.

After the three boats of the Operators and the Tie's country, they began to communicate all major inces and identified the five-shadow conference.

Shangyuan Needa also received an invitation letter.

It is a pity that when Shangyuan Na is a letter of invitation, he is drinking in the afternoon tea with the members of the organization, so the members of the child seem to have a New Year, and the original navigation has sneaked into five major countries.

"It's amazing, Shang Shang!"

Didara hip hugged the shoulders of Shangyuan Na, waving his little fist: "I really want to be your guard, I will see the face of the wilderness!"


The expression of Shangyuan Needar is slightly embarrassed.

Didara is really dare to think!

Of course, in fact, if the Didara guy does not deck it, the old man inherits the dust of the wild wood, and it is estimated that he can serve as the Fifth-generation Tang Shadow to participate in this five shadow conference.

It's really a trick, I don't want to be a shadow, I like to eat soon every day!

"Okay, you have a good rest here!"

Shangji put a cup of juice, looked at the small south of Lin Yuyu from the middle of Lin Yuyu and the incense phosphorus, rushed to the trick: "Teacher, let's go first! Go back to prepare, explain the things in the village."


Xiao Southern nodded, took hands to shoot the brain of fragrant phosphorus, and finally caress her: "Xiang Phosphorus, live in the base, don't put the pharmacist to escape, the Shang said, pharmacist said, pharmacist Not implicated to you ... "

"Yes, Xiao Nan adults."

The fragrant phosphorus pushes the glasses on his nose. After nodding carefully, his eyesight look at the original navigation.

The endurance water is too deep.

After the pharmacist placed the escap, when the base, the base, the base, told the fragrant phosphorus, let her listen to the order from Shangyuan Nai.

The sentence is real, and the fragrant phosphorus really doesn't feel that the pharmacist takes a betrayal of the original navigation. Because the fragrant phosphorus knows that the pharmacist is in private, it is actually a good to understand and fear.

It is said that the pharmacist has once told the fragrant phosphorus in this world. Anyone who dares to violate the will of Nairo. It is unable to master in their own hands. The feelings will never get rid of it.

Any enemy of Needar, eternal life will endure the torture, which is more fear than the torture of the body.

A person who is very fear and respecting the original navigation, how can it be betrayed?

What's more, the big snake pill is not to say that it has been playing with the original navigation?

Why do everyone say that behind the pharmacist will stand on the meadow? Is the pharmacist not always is the spy of Shangyuan Na?

And since the pharmacist is betrayed back to the original navigation, why should she be told her, don't let her violate the will of the original Na?

The fragrant phosphorus is clearly that the drug teacher finally told her: "No matter what happens, never think about the betrayal neighborhood, otherwise I will have the most recent people who will come to deal with you."

After the pharmacist is betrayed, it is also particularly warned that the fragrance will never betray the original navigation. Otherwise, it is likely that he will be a friend of his fragrant friends.

The fragrant phosphorus can't help but look at the original navigation.

The young man who laughed very good, he was gentlely reaching out to help Xiao Nan rubbing tea stains, and his face has been hanging on the smile ...

The original Nairou guy, this look is really a good temper, and it is very easy to get along with. He seems to be so good.

However, fragrant phosphorus has seen the most horrible side of the original navigation ...

At that time, when the big snake pill was the most proud, Shangyuan Naou appeared in front of the big snake pill, throwing a sinful hand!

Since then, the gods of the three tolerance of the leaves disappeared.

I have been following the pharmacists around the big snake pill.

Xiang Phospholysis looked at the Shangyuan Naji, looking at the shadow of the original naval, she seems to see that the shadow gradually became a monster, the body is gradually large to cover the sky, and the entire endure is blocked. ...

Just as Xiang Phosphoric looks at the end of the original Nairi gradually fear, her head gradually sweat, causing the move to scare her hurried low.

Lin Yuyu sitting near the fragrant phosphorus noticed the movement of fragrant phosphorus, slowly drank a cup of tea, whispered: "Some ideas that should not appear should be forgotten right away, don't let yourself and your most close people in danger what…"


The heart of fragrant phosphorus is.

This Lin Yuyu is profitable ... did not appease her like Xiaonan, but it is meaningful to threaten her!

The betrayal of the pharmacist ... is it in the control of Shangyuan Na?

The water of the relief is too deep?

This time, it is really understanding.

And this is a life-life, and the fragrant phosphorus does not think more. Some things know that they know that they feel dangerous, let alone tell that kind of thing.

Shotophist is slowly low.

Shangyuan Na Rou did not pay attention to what happened here. He rarely carefully, he and Xiaonan left the base, and two people returned to Yuyin Village.

Even the original Nairi is the leader of a small fortune attended the five shadow conference. It is also qualified to bring guards, plus the recent situation of Xiaonan. She insists on participating in the five shadow conference with the original Na. ...

Who will go to the meeting, who is going to be a guard, this is really a question, and the original navigation is actually more attributive to the old tools of Yinyin Village.

Sure enough, you are getting bigger ...

I am more willing to play with men.

It is a pity that the will of Xiaonan shows very determined.

Shangqi Nairou was standing on the balcony, looked at it in his room to help clean up the luggage, his eyes flashed a shine, slowly erected his finger.

next moment.

The will of Shangyuan has passed thousands of miles away.

In the Snow country of the northern ice, a hidden underground base laboratory, the pharmacist is still compatible with the back-to-eye and the column cells, and he even began to increase the curse of natural energy, hoping to complete the experiment as soon as possible.

To this end, the pharmacist also brought the heavy Buddha's pulverized, and acts as his own experiment assistant and a curse of natural energy.

To be honest, this emphasizes that it is possible to become violent at any time, and the pharmacist is really a little missing the help of the fragrance ...

The justice brocket has completed an experiment, gaining a key data. When I plan to take a break, I rushed over!

"Pocket! The dead people in the underground are resurrected!"


The pharmacist looked at the face of the face and looked at it. This is probably the so-called contrast.

In the usual state, the courage is very small;

Once it becomes violent, I dare to help you see Yushuo.

The pharmacist looked at my, sighed a little: "I know, it should be that our adult came to order ... Yes, Sasuke?"

"Sasuke still cultivated outside ..."

Heavy, I was a cold, curiously asked: "You said that this Unechebra is so small ... He is not afraid of cold?"

"Of course, is not afraid ..."

The pharmacist pushed his face firmly pushed his own glasses.

What is the magical problem of heavy wear?

The Ninja must be able to bear the things that ordinary people can't bear, this time is this time to discuss what they are afraid of cold?

Just at this time.

A golden light flashes in front of them, the gates of the waves are standing in front of the pharmacist and the priority from his mouth.

"Pocket, big trouble at the Five Celebration!"

The audience is full of gloomy and evil in the sound of Shangyuan Na, and he will continue to say: "Declare to this world in the name of the big snake pills!"