I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 324, Level, I want to print ...

Shangyuan Nai is a pit!

Now the big snake pill has not resurrected from the Dragon Cave. Shangyuan Na will prepare everything for the big snake pills in advance, and even the big snake pill is arranged in advance.

Shangyuan Needa is really careful.

He arranged everything in the big snake pills properly.

Resurreasting from the big snake pills in the Longfang Cave, get the most powerful blood of the endurance, walking on the peak of life, launching the tolerance, was found to be defeated by Johi Naji, into the grave, into the ground ...

Pharmacist doesn't know what to say, I really don't know how to collapse after the big snake pills, and I have to collapse. Only Nai, this guy is living in the pit, the big snake pill!

This can be more exciting than when I trapped the village group.

The pharmacist sighed and accepted the order of Shangyuan Na, "Yes, Needers, I know, I will arrive in the name of the big snake pills when I have the five shadow conference. "

"Then look at your performance."

The sound of Shangyuan Needle, he smiled and continued: "I will personally participate in the Five Conference, I hope you have to protect your own safety ..."


The pharmacist nodded helplessly.

After a while, the pharmacist suddenly continued to continue: "Needar, we seem to have a chess piece that has not been used, Yisizu ..."

"Not in a hurry."

After the Shangyuan Na, after a while, the Look continued: "If you can't easily let Yis Zhipo from our control, we have to pick a suitable opportunity, let Yishuohe see the whirlwise, relieved Threat ... "


After the pharmacist nodded, suddenly grinned: "Is this going to the Five Shadow Congress to take a help together?"

"What are you going to do? Do you die?"

Shangyuan Nairou is a bit not understood, he will blow a few Justuo Sasuke in front of anyone, it will not even think that the drug is so powerful?

Is this stupid?

Yizhi Boato helps five shadow conferences are purely to send it!

The pharmacist took a breath and pushed his own glasses. Look whispered: "Then let Sasu help you watch the eight tail here! It's a poor little guy. He still thought that Nairou is a friend, Still missing the Nairi people's care for him ... "

After the pharmacist said, he continued to laugh: "I don't doubt. Once I gave Sasuo replaced the eyes of Yuxi, he would immediately kill me, handed my head to Nairou!"


When I arrived at the original Na Run, I took a pensive. After a moment, he nodded: "Then, let's take the help! I want to think about this ..."

I really didn't expect.

When the original navigation, I was a story that made Unechebra helped his friend, which is really outrageous.


The pharmacist nodded in a face.

Yuyin Village.

The original Nairou quietly put down his fingers.

If there is no accident, this time he is involved in the five shadow conference, it will become very exciting, but unfortunately, there are less than the five generations and half-fire villages.

It's really a bit of regrettime ...

Xiaonan also packed their salvation, and the things they needed were all entered into the reel, and she believed that the Five Shadow Conference will certainly convene a short period of time.

"Are you ready?"

At the last naval, I looked at the small south of the room, and my face showed a smile: "It seems that I haven't been going out for a job with Xiaonan teachers."


Xiao Southern nodded, smashed his hair, reached out, holding his hand, holding up the fingers of Shangyuan Na, whispered: "Let's go!"

"... I want to print."

Shangyuan Nairo looked innocently in Xiaonan, and then she slowly closed a psychic print after she released her hand.

Next, the air came from the ancient dragon, the huge ancient dragon hung in the rainy village built by reinforced cement!

After two people boarded the ancient dragon, the huge spirit beast fans his wings, and went to the direction of the iron country!

Tie's country.

This is the most famous neutral country of the endurance.

For a long time, the ninja once ago has been publicly expressing, and will not launch a war against the country of the iron, but the country of the iron as a permanent neutral peace.

There is no ninja in this country.

The domestic armed forces in the iron is a group of warrs who can fight with Ninja.

Most of these warrs can also use Chakra to release powerful swordsmanship, and the strength is also called strong, so they are eligible to remain neutral.

Among them, the first warrior leader is named three boats.

It is said that the leader of the three boats once in the mountains of Yuyin Village, but they were lost in half-hidden knife and poison, but the mountain pepper half-Tibetan considered three ships were a material, so they left him. life.

The country of the iron is recently vigilant very high.

Because the Five Shadow Conference is about to start here, the three ships of the host should naturally be responsible for the smooth hold of the Five-Shadow Conference, so he will send many warriors to hold many martial arts.

The first person who rushed to the country is the fifth-generation fire planner of the wood, and it is not unexpected. She participated in the Five Field Conference, and the guards around them are also talent and mute.

Protecting a hand, is also a promise.

And it is also one of the people who know the big snake pills. He is also very clear about the intelligence of the big snake pills, pharmacists and Yizhi Bo, and the relationship between Yuxin Village is relatively close.

Therefore, it is also the most suitable candidate.

As for the mute, it is mainly an additional, responsible for the hand, the way, reminding the fifth generation of the woods, and paying attention to it too low.

After all, the country is not the place where they leave, in the case of shaping face at the Five Congress, it is too bad ...

Mute is really thinking too much.

When the first five shadow conference was the first generation, the performance between the initial generation of the thousand-handles can be described as very bad. It has already lost the face of the wooden leaves ... The God of Ninja is a little humble to the so-called peace, even the leader of other countries. The attitude is greatly low.

I gave you a head, this matter has passed.

How can this kind of saying from the mouth of this person in the thousand hand?

Even if it is now a plan, she is impossible to make this kind of thing. She is stronger and good, but only the ahead does not distinguish the face of others.

The five generations of watching the board have been thinking about a problem on the road to the country of Tie, how is it to mediate the contradiction between Yuyin Village and other big powers, she wants to wait until she is arrogant, persuading the attitude of the original Na. A little low.

For example, let the original naves will give a head to the scenes, put on an extremely low gesture, she played a round field, and things have been in the past ...

Even the whirlpools in the wood also think so.

Because Uzecho has also participated in the three major countries that invaded, the whirlpool people want to let them forgive Unecheo Sasuke, and I plan to picked up the shadow ...

This is much more difficult!

The second person is the fifth generation of sandy village, I love Luo. His guard is his brother to explore Jilang and my sister. This is really because Saji Village can't take anything. People.

The third person coming is a beautiful mock in the village. She only brought my little guys and a small guy, and a dark part. The Qinghuang in the misty village did not reach the ultimate, and it was not as good as sand in this regard. Hidden village.

This is also something wrong.

Because the genius ninja in their villages have gone back to the original navigation, the naute of the fog hidden village is all in the tissue.

Looking at the five shadow conference, it is also necessary to solve this thing, at least let Shang Nai will hold the seven people who are defending the rebellion. It is really not possible to hand over the knife who has special ability. .

Sandy villages and fog villages have come to face friends with wooden leaves, so the apeer will come to meet them with three boats. By the way, they will pay for each other, it is best to let them three endured villages. Turn together in the Five Shadow Conference.

The apeer hugged his arm and smash his voice: "This time I convene five shadow meetings, the most important thing is to join the threat of a group of people in the big snake pill, we can make concessions to them, but It is never no bottom line ... "

"Yes, the security of the endurance is the most important."

After I left, I nodded, whispered: "As long as the three generations of Di Shadow and the four generations of Lei Ying two you won't be too much ..."

"I don't care if I don't harm the interests of fog hidden villages."

Like the beauty, whispered: "I only hope to give Yu Yin Village and the teachings should be punished, and let us recover their own losses ..."


When the plan was toned, he frowned.

According to Meynamette, I can't say anything, I can't make rainy villages and Xiaomi have done so many wrong things. They don't know the organization to punish it?

The key to the problem is ...

Yu Yin Village and Xiaomi can not be a loser!

In the strict sense, this so-called victory is actually Yin Yin Village and Xiaoli to give birth, Xiao Xiao's S-Jing's power is not weak ... If you put it for anxious, it is not a lot. A enemy?

Under the situation in Dashan Pills, the original Nairu can compete with any big country to resist the village, and even an overwhelming force is again aid.

That is also a fart!

"The House of Shadow, I understand what you mean."

Shake his head in secluded, whispered: "I will persuade the original navigation as much as possible, let him follow the crisis concession of our response ... But this doesn't mean that we can let him return, occasionally The compromise between our parties. "

"I will of course understand."

Illuminated his finger to stroked his red lips and whispered: "Even if we are willing to let go, the four generations of the three generations of Sijie and Yunyin Village of Yunyin Village will not be easily released. Shang Nai,? "

Shangji was raw as three generations of noodles and four generations of Lei Ying, and took away the tail of their villages, so that the two villages were suffering, directly destroy Yun Yin Village and Rock Village!

Three generations of Dihajo that stubborn old man and four generations of straightening guys, how can I let go of the original navigation!


The planner sighed, looked at the scenes of the air floating, and the eyes were slightly dull: "I hope they can understand! The Shangyuan's little ghost is not a war criminal, he is now mastering a change The power of the situation! "