I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 327 I Ai Luo: My father is killed in a seat! (Fifth!)

The mouth of Shangyuan Na is also too poisonous!

The program is really missing the native and simple little guys.

When I was in the age of 12 or three, when I met in Tang Renmang, she was in the mouth of Tang Ren, she made the little ghost, and almost even said that it is incomplete. .

Is Shangyuan Needo?

No matter who I saw who is a kind of can't be seen, I don't seem to have the strongest in the whole endurance ...

It seems that he is indeed the strongest ninja.

It's just that the strongest quality in this era is really not too high. Her grandfather has a thousand-handed columns, even if it is known as the god of Ninja, in addition to facing Unexpell Boss, there is a thousand-handed post. The deputy is very humble and honest.

The card sighed, turned to the four generations of Lei Ying, Shen Sheng: "Lei Ying Hou, let's put it on hold! Even just take back the tail of your village, you have to sit with us Talking about it on the table! "

Because anyone present, there is no charm to clear the guys of the big snake pills, they are the old for more than forty years!

Without anyone, I know more about the big snake pill.

Now that the leaf village, sandy village, the fog Village and the wisdom alliance is difficult to say that it can solve the snake pills, and any important power for the endurance is indispensable for them!

The four generations of strands did not refuse.

Although he is still a good face, now, the most important thing is to find a way to find the fallen of Chilabi, and take the second tail belonging to the Yunyin Village!

The host three ships in the country of the country are finally relieved, and they quickly guided them into the inside of the country of Tie, and led them to the place where the Five Shadow Conference was held.

The site of the Five Shadow Conference is not in the country, but in a secret, this is the highest specification of the endurance!

Have to say, the preparation of the three ships is very perfect.

As the host, the location of the three ships is very appropriate. The place he is prepared is very hidden, and there will be no one can interfere with the five shadow conference.

"In order to prepare for the five shadow conference, we have survived all the regions of the country in many days, and this will never be discovered."

On the three boats, they came into the snowy mountains. They praised themselves: "Here is a very hidden mountain forest in the country of Tie, floating snowflakes, except for guarding here, there will be no more people."

"Thank you."

The master was todped in three boats.


The shadows of each village nodded at the same time.

With them gradually, the warrior of one patrol began to appear within their sight, and these warrs are responsible for confession, avoiding emergencies.

Until the sky, they rushed to the final place of this meeting, it was an isolated tip that was isolated from the outside, which was not very conspicuous, and people thought just a building similar to the sect.

After the three boats led their internal, the true capacity was slowly revealed. The decoration here was very quite quite, and there were some traditional customs of the samurai. It looks very thick.


Three boats led them into a tall and luxurious room, whispering said: "Here is our conference room for the Five Celebrations."

After that, the three boats slowly walked to their host's position, spread their own palms whispered: "There is a location prepared for you."

One light is bright!

Six huge white cloths have dropped down!

Each white cloth is listed in a huge Chinese character, respectively.







It is very useful to see the three boats, and even the village of the clear qualifications in the rain in Yuyin Village is specially prepared, perhaps because of the awe of people who kill the people who killed the mountains.

In fact.

Three boats prepare two rooms.

If the original navigation does not account for any advantage, then the three boat will guide them to another insulting room for Yu Yin Village; once the attitude of the original Nairies is very tough, even the five shadows must be retired, three ships Naturally, I will not sin him.

Three boats pointed to the seat below the white cloth, and after reading many people, the face gradually became serious: "Please symbolize your identity, put it on the table in front."

Every shadow puts his own fight on the table.

Shangyuan Nairou's eyebrows were picked, he felt that he really thought of a way to sit down in the beginning of the rainy shadow, which is too embarrassing!

Three boats looked at all fights, and the sound continued: "Respond to the call of the Nangjie adult, we specially gathered here, from the top of the five shadow people and Yu Yin Village, I will communicate together, I am the host three ships. "

When the three boat said, his voice gradually became more and more serious, his eyes slowly concremented: "Now, the talk is officially started!"


The field became silent.

Everyone's eyes began to intert each other.

"So let me first say!"

My love has gradually got up, supporting his chin, there is a bit cold road: "After all, the first person who has accidents because of the beast is our sandy village ..."

"It's really young!"

Three generations of soil looked at my love, showing a smile on his face: "Because young, is it? The wind shadow is sixteen years old or seventeen years old. It is good to be good ... "

After I was silent for a while, the voice was cold a bit: "Yes, this is also something that there is no way. After all, my father is killed by a certain place in the scene ..."

"Who dares to do this?"

The three generations of Si Shadow pressed his fingers and laughed and said: "Don't you want to revenge your father in your hands!"

"Occasionally, occasionally don't want it."

"It's a bad child, how can I revenge my father ..."


Shangyuan Na was able to hear a few times.

I love this, how long ago, how long ago!

What is the relationship between the two of their father and son is not good. Almost all life and death, he killed the fourth generation of wind shadow, in the truth, this time I should be grateful to him!

I loved and Duyanmu still talked about this problem!

Shangyuan Na will do not believe that Danyu does not know that he killed four generations of wind shadows, which showed the relationship between Iron and Yuyin Village!

Although the relationship between them is originally hatred ...

"what happened?"

After listening to the cough of the original Nairi, I picked the eyebrows and looked at the original naval: "Shang, what do you want to say?"


Shangji is looking at the three boats to open: "I want to ask, now there is a ice juice now? The weather here is a bit cold, it is suitable for drinking ice juice."


The face of everyone is dark.

This guy interrupted everyone's conversation in order to have a juice? When you fate outside, you have to have a cup of ice!

Mom, neuropathy!

After the three boats were silent for a while, they still didn't understand the brain of the original Nairi, but he was still open: "Yes, I will send people to go, but I will need a little more."

"Take it directly! I will come."

Shangyuan Nairou does not matter on the chair, you have lost your eyes, whispered: "All, please continue."


How can I continue this!

after awhile.

The three ships sent a juice.

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly erected his fingers, I saw the cup of juice gradually floated a layer of ice. It looked that people feel a bit cold.

The guard area of ​​the five shadow talks.

Here is the place where the guards followed.

Located on a series of operations in the original Nairi, suddenly laughed and laughed at Xiao Nang: "Xiaonan, your disciples are actually quite interesting!"


Xiao Southern nodded, the sound is full of solemn: "Although never looks a little offline, it is actually very reliable."

"is it?"

I also touched my own chin: "And still a small genius, I can still compose the ice and wind composed of water and wind, except for ice, I seem to see him there is other blood?"


Xiao Nan silently took a while, shakes the head: "Nairou's own synthetic blood should be a lot, after all, he is also in a long time, you can master all mainstream attribute challenge changes in a short time ..."

"It's a talented little guy!"

I also got my nodded: "I just need to use a finger, you can exquisitely manipulate the ice ..."

In fact, it is more thinking that it is much.

The original neighborhood, the finger, mainly to be able to bring your will to the distance of the far waves.

One of the countries of the iron country.

Pharmacist pocket, Yisi wave belt and wave wind do be a deep foot in the snow, they are also looking for the five-shaded meeting, according to ordinals of the Order, disturb the five shadow conference.

At this time, the figure of the wave wind door suddenly rigid.

After a while, the wave of Wave Watermen said: "The position of the Five Shadow Conference has passed, in the jungle in the northeastern part of the northeast of Iron, there are many samurai in the jungle, meeting place in a pyramid "

"This feeling is really a long-lost familiar!"

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and the corner of his mouth took a smile: "Since Needers have come, then we will go bigger now!"