I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 331 helps to pull the hatred of the big snake pill (fourth!)

The pharmacist is finally coming.

The juice of Shangyuan Nae is drunk, and the pharmacist has been rushed to rushing for the five major people's rival.

The pharmacist took two people with wave wind gates and Yisi Bo, standing in the roof, looking down on the people on the ground.

The original Nai is looking at their figure, and the eyes are slightly squatted: "Pharmacist, are you coming to death?"

"Ah, this is not the new leader of the new leader,"

After listening to the original Needle, the corner of the pharmacist revealed a smile, his eyes looked with a nervous and vigilant five shadows and their many guards ...

After a moment, the pharmacist shake his head, and sighed: "This is not good, Shangyuan Na, we are in order to establish a new order of the endurance, how can the five shadows of this group?"

"Hey, close your fart!"

Shangyuan Nair's hand gradually attached to the Chekla, his eyes flashed a cold: "How, the big snake ball is still afraid to come over to face me?"

"Do not."

The pharmacist shook his head and shook his head, and hooked his mouth and smiled.


The face of the five shadows changed.

This pharmacist is still arrogant to the original navigation!

Obviously, only a big snake pill, the courage is so big, but he said is really amazing, what is the conspiracy of the big snakeball guy?

"Don't disturb talks!"

The three boats took the lead in shot, his trous knife suddenly shewled, and the figure was suddenly jumped to the air, and a knife gave a head of the pharmacist!

The martial artism is very fast!

Next, the tights of the three ships were caught by people!

The wave of the wind door manipulated a golden Chakra giant hand, after holding the three ships, kicking the three boats!

"Don't be too impatient ..."

The pharmacist looked at the three boats of the wolf, smiled and said: "It seems that you can't ask you, after all, you are just a warrior, you can't learn the endurance of Ninja ..."

"Don't say nonsense!"

I also watched a few people in the ceiling, Shen Sheng: "Pharmacist pocket, water door, Yuxi wave belt, Dabelong that guy is doing something!"

It is undoubtedly the most concerned about the people of the big snake.

The relationship between the big snake pill is not unusual, strictly said that it is more than a master, after all, it is very willing to share happiness with the big snake pill.

"Laters, do you think I will answer this question?"

The pharmacist swayed and shook his head and reached his hand: "Since it is a conspiracy, then when you want to open, you can know!"

When it comes to this, the pharmacist has suddenly reached out his own finger pushed the glasses: "But think carefully, the big people are the big snake pills for decades, since you are inquiring, it seems Tell you that it doesn't matter! "

Next, the figure of the pharmacist suddenly fell!

The pharmacist pocked a high position in the field, slowly sat down, the waves and Yuxi wave belt immediately behind him.

"Say the length, so I need to tell you slowly ..."

The mouth of the pharmacist has a smile. His voice is smart down: "Why should you talk? Maybe you should take a look at the turn to the eye to the eye and the outer road!

In these years, the big snake pills and I got a part of the secrets of the round to the eye and the magic of the road. Everyone even even the leader of the next generation of the leader thinks that the outer road is an ultimate war weapon.

However, after the analysis of the big snake pill, I conducted a verification through the cooperation of Mr. Yuxi Board, and we identified a thing. The outer road is never the ultimate weapon, but a deformity of the endurance. Tail beast. "

"Tail beast?"

Everyone's eyebrows are not frowned.

Especially in the tail column, I Ai Luo's face is cold. He slowly lifted: "What does this mean! Do you still have other tail?"

"Do not."

The pharmacist shakes his head and pushed the glasses on his nose, whispered: "Since the 21st years, the entire endure is only a tail, which has a very cute name, maybe we should call it is ten tail…"

"Ten Tail?"

Each's eyes are not striped by autonomously.

After the face of Shangyuan Na, after a moment, he felt his face serious small south, and the Shangyuan Na Lu is revealed: "Indeed, the outer road is the same as ten pillars."


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, and laughed and continued: "The big snake pills have been guess, why the outer road is needed to activate Chakra to the beast, why there is ten columns on its body, but it is nine Just your eyes?

And whenever the outer road is absorbed after Chakra, it will activate an eye. It is ridiculous, Xiao Xiao has always regarded the outer road as a war weapon. They don't know if they are guarded. What is treasure. "


Shangyuan Na's eyes slightly, watching the pharmacist of the upper part, the voice is cold: "Pharmacist, I am the current leader, in front of me, it is best to pay attention to your words, otherwise waiting for a while I will let me You die very shape! "

"Do you still have to put out your kind of innocence?"

The mouth of the pharmacist hook, challenged the original navigation, laughing and laughing: "Xiaoli is always in the sky! You know that the so-called round-eye is the eyes of six cactors, I don't know the six-way immortal What did you do? "

"What do you mean?"

When I was asked by the original na, the brow wrinkled very tight.

At this moment, the original Naidu is like an ignorant child, a child with powerful power is attracted by the world because it is not in the world.

The pharmacist sighed the active skills of the original navigo, which continued to explain: "The six immortals are not a legend, he is true; ten tails are also active in this endurance. Monster.

In order not to let the ten tail to destroy this endurance, he chose to defeat the ten tail, and took the ten tail of Chakra out, divided this Chakra into nine, now the so-called nine-called nine Tail beast.

However, these tail beasts were just a part of the ten tails. Just retrandantly retransmate all the tail of Chakra, put on the outer road of the Ten Tail, which is full of vitality, and re-resurrected it is active on the earth. tail! "


Everyone's face has changed.

Because of the relationship between the people, each of the rivotes know how powerful power is meant, and the gathering of nine tail beasts will have more powerful ...

It is impossible to imagine.


Shangqi Nairi is indifferently nod, slowly erected his fingers: "One body is a big tail beast, since you said these ..."

"Don't rely on your own power too ignorant, Shangnai Needers."

The pharmacist swayed and shook his head and pushed his own glasses: "If it is just a huge tail beast, do you think that the big snake pill will be so hard? Ten tail can be so simple.

Ten tails have the power of six cactors, it is possible with the monsters for the six cactus wars, with the most powerful challenge, and it will not be easier as you are like now!

Even if the six immortals can't kill ten tails, I can only study a magical surgery, enlarged it into my own body, just like the five generations of wind shadow, the six cactors are the tail column.

Not very clever, when the big season, the big snake pill is fake, and I just found this art style that can become a tail.

As long as the big snake pill has become the tail of the ten tail, he can become the new six cactors, beyond all the ninja in the past! The gods of the ninja is still an Yuxi Boss, and now it is only a big snake pill. "

The pharmacist slowly looked up, lifted his palm, and the voice gradually became a little solemn: "It has become a new generation of six immortal big snake pills, will completely get eternal life, and unify the entire endurance, destroy this Chaotic Ninja Age! "


The eyelids of Shangyuan Nai shake it.

The pharmacist is a lot of play for the big snake pill!

But it seems that this is also in line with the soul pills. After all, the guy of the big snake pill can make people spend the grand thoughts in the illusion of the moon. He is very simple, and he just wants to study science by Changsheng.

If the pharmacist, what is the big snake pill for peace of the whole, so that the moon is planned, it is too much!


Other people in the field are ugly.

If everything that the pharmacist said is true, then once the big snake pill is successful, they have to face a character among a millennium myths ...

Sixth cactus.

This word is more grand than the unusual spots and thousands of hands.

Because the six immortals have been hailed as the founder of the role, it is also a person who makes the world with Chakra, and has been the god of people who have passed by people.

"Said so much ..."

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai Wei shake slightly, whispered: "Is the six cacto ... Is it true?"

"of course it's true."

The smile on his face gradually became rich. He turned his head and looked at it. He smiled and said: "I am willing to answer this question, that is because of the people will definitely know this."

The pharmacist looked at it and asked: "The big snake pill is also specially sent me to ask a big man, there is a name on the Miao Mushan Tongling Touch, should it be called a feather?"


Listening to the pharmacist, his eyes suddenly vigilant: "What is this name?"

How this guy knows this kind of thing!

Unexpectedly, the pharmacist looked at it, and smiled and nodded: "It seems that everything is true! The name of the feathers is the name of the legendary six cactors ...

The big snake pill also wants to determine if the legend of the six cactors is really false, and he got a news, that is, Miao Mushan's big fairy has taught the six way to synthesize Xianke Chakra. "

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses, showing a smile on his face: "Thank you, thank you very much, we can make our plan to have no luck ..."

At this moment, others have also been full of doubts.

They seem to be very important to determine from our own, and the pharmacist is really fake, and the six immortals have a true evidence!

"…it is true."

It's grunged and nodded.

I didn't expect that he would have to take information by others!

"So next is the time!"

The face of the pharmacist has become serious. He glanced at the people present, and asked softly: "It is about to face the new generation of six cactus pills, five shadows is to choose now to surrender to the big snake pills ...

Still, you want to really see the strength of the six cactors, waiting for the big snake pills to give you a group of ignorance and stupid guys and die? "


Everyone's face flashes a meadow.

Today, it is here.

Everyone gave a full value of the hate of the big snake pills.