I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 332 I declare war in the name of the big snake pills!

The surrender is impossible to surrender.

Just, no one thought that the purpose of the big snake pill is so terrible.

In order to achieve this purpose, the midjust of the big snake will be so deep.

He has always performed like an evil ninja who is doing every means, replacing the body's falsehood with no corpse.

Who can think about it, when you want to collect the tail beast is active in the endurance, the big snake pill does not end up with such a grand plan!

Big Snake Pills want to become a new six cactus!

Big snake pill wants to get true longevity!

The big snake pill wants to rule the entire endurance forever, and the endurance!

After a long time, the talents present in the scene gradually diges all the news they hear, and the shock in each person will not pay for a long time.

Even if I arrived at this venue in this field, after listening to the pharmacist, the face has also emerged a heavy weight: "The big snake pill is ... I really want to be big than I think!"


After a while, the face was difficult to open.

"That guy has gone to a matter of taboos."

The hand shook his head and sighed: "He actually did that destined to be a dark taboo, found a terrible way?"

At this moment, the two friends of the big snake will have some feelings.

They don't think about it, the big snake pills that have been showing light, this time he wants to do, it is really surprised!

"Ha ha…"

The pharmacist opened his palm, laughed: "On the words of the eye, there is no one who can be able to go to the big snake pill.

When these people are still discussing the so-called weapons, the big snake pill has already recognized the true meaning of the world. "

The pain of the pharmacist flashed, he shouted: "The big snake pill has said that he will master all the sickness of the world. At that time, I believe that the big snake pill must be done ...

Now that the big snake pill has been done, as long as it becomes a six immortal, you can master all Chakra's nature changes, easily master everything and truth in this world. "

Master all the sickness in the world is indeed a dream of the big snake.

The agency and the coming are also a teammates who serve the big snake. They naturally know this. They didn't think that the big snake pills actually had to do it!

"Big snake pill guy ..."

I couldn't help but bite my teeth. His eyes slowly stopped on the board, obviously, recalled, the leaves of the three endured young people about dreams.

Now, the three dreams seem to be implemented.

The ahead is traveling throughout the endurance and watching the beautiful scenery of the endurance;

Late and now I will be able to protect my side, protect the board;

Big snake pills also have to become an omnipotent six cactus.

It is a pity that they are destined to be brought, and they will be the first brain and high level of the two camps.

When they have a little bit of emotion, others can not stand it!

The temper of the four generations, broke out on the spot, and the thunder Chakra model was opened: "If you hide in the ditch, you still want to rule the endurance? Let's take a look at the colony of this group of guys! "

The body of the four generations of Lei Ying makes a residual!

The four-generation Lei Ying instil appeared around the pharmacist, he slammed with his arms toward the head of the pharmacist!

A gold arm has blocked the attack of the four generations of Lei Ying!

The wave wind door entered the nine lama mode, standing around the four generations of Lei Ying, his arm tightly buckled the shoulders of the four generations of Lei Ying: "I haven't seen it for a long time, Ai, your speed becomes more than the past almost…"

"Hey, your guy is still so fast!"

The eyes of the four generations of Lei Yingsi slightly, looking at the waves of the waves around him, the face was gloomy: "I said that I have to be in the shadow, now I have come now!"

When the third endurance battle in the same year, the wave of the water gardens took a four-generation Lei Xiang Ai and the eight tail column, leaving a sentence, I hope that they will be able to identify the leaders of their respective villages. A will.

Unfortunately, they will soon be empty.

Now that you will be here, the four generations of Lei Ying will naturally want to miss this opportunity. He is now very strong!

The cells in the Ray Check Kra model can make the strength and speed of the four generations of Lei Yingsai are more imagined, even if it is difficult to write the eyes to capture his traces!

For example, when I stand in the pharmacist, she was scared by the speed of the four generations of Thunder Yingsai: "It is no wonder that Sasuke has always been in the eight tail of the four generations of Lei Ying and the eight tail of the eight tails, thunder. Is it really not a small speed? "

"More than ...?"

The eyes of the four generations Lei Ying slightly condensed.

He heard a good news.

The pharmacist nodded and smiled and smiled. "When we came, he was still alive. If you are now, you will not be clear ... But your brother is really good, just like the current four-generation rigid, is a perfect Master the strength of the power. "

After that, the pharmacist waved his hand: "The four generations of eyes, the big shadow, trouble, you solve this four-generation Lei Ying, I have a lot of words, I want to say!"


The Wavelet Water Gate The eyes slightly over the scene, stopped in Shangyuan Na, and he also saw the eyes of the original Na Nai wiped warning ...

Next, the arm of the waves of the waves suddenly took the four generations of Lei Ying flying, and the four-generation thunder shadow fell directly on the ground!

His strength and speed are not inferior to this Lei Ying!

Just behind the waves of the waves, I took a Chakra giant hand, and I had a spiral pill to press the four generations of Lei Ying!

Just when this is all sent, someone kicked out the waves of the waves!

"Hey, I said ..."

Shangji wrinkled his brow, looked at the waves of the waves that were kicked by themselves, cold channel: "You are too do not put me in the eyes!"

After that, after the end of the original Nairi, he grabbed the arm of the four generations of Lei Ying, pulled him: "If you do people, you should not be too arrogant. You are the commander of our Ninja, this is not the face of our Ninja. ?"

After listening, I was quite loyal to the Ninja, which is also in line with his identity. After all, he is now the Captain of the Ninja Coal!


The four generations of Lei Ying have grown up their eyes. If it is not the original naval, this guy has just saved him, the four generations of Lei Yingzhen want to fight with him.

Just this Lei Ying's anger is re-depressed, and it is not good to open the mouth: "Hey, thank you!"

"What are you polite with me!"

Shangyuan Na will not make a sway.

The wave style of the distance gaze this scene, and the heart sighed in the heart, and it was a group of people who were placed in the palm of the palm of the original navigation ...

They thought that they saw the leader of the original Needy is a kick, it was the murderer who had collected the ruin of the country to destroy the country, it is the crime of the rain of evil spirits ...

In essence, this guy has never exposed real identity!

The wave style is really thinking that everyone present at this time will be awake, the people who will bring catastrophe in the endurance, is the Shangyuan Na, who started to recruit!

What big snake pills become six cactors!

All this is the control of Shangyuan Nai!

Unfortunately, no one can wake up.

Under the willingness of the Wavelet Water Gate, there is no more sound, and can only stand on the pool of the pharmacist.

"It is worthy of the next leader who is specified by the door ..."

After the pharmacist looked at the waves, they were easily defeated by the original navigation, and they were encouraged, and they were exclaimed: "The strength of the original Needers is still so amazing!"

After the pharmacist spread, pushed his own glasses, and the words were suddenly said: "But we have prepared more powerful enemies for you ...

I really want to see, the strongest ninja in the previous era, and who is the strongest ninja in this era, who is stronger ... "

Obviously the pharmacist is talking about a thousand hand.

It seems that there will be a universal strength to resurrect with the peak strength.

"There is no need to say nonsense."

Shangqi Nairou looked at everyone, Shen Sheng: "I believe that there is no one in the field, will you only hide the little man behind the scene?"


The pharmacist is silent for a second.

The five major countries' shadows and people in the field will naturally not care what the pharmacist is thinking, they quickly emotionally show their position.

"Yushan is good!"

The face of a hand is overcast: "Pharmacist brocuate, no one will yield to a person who wants to rule the endament of evil means!"

"Not bad!"

The four generations of straits looked up at the pharmacist, and the cold voice: "I have to screw the head of the big snake pill!"

The five generations of style, I love Luo I nodded, watching the pharmacist, "" The person who has provocated the war is never can't get people. "

Looking at the Pharmacist, I also showed my attitude: "It's really unfortunate, the fog hidden village will not succumb ..."

"If you want us to succumb ..."

The three-generation soil bite his teeth and looked at the pocket. The word said: "Then let's take our life!"

"It seems that I am invited to fail!"

The pharmacist sighed, faintly opened: "I wanted to use a peaceful way to make this world to meet the adults of the big snake pills, now everyone is to force me to use the war method?"

The pharmacist slowly pushed his own glasses and looked at the eyes of everyone. "So ... the fourth endurance battle, just open!"

The cold voice of the pharmacist fell in this room: "I declare war with this stupidity in the name of the big snake pills!"