I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 335 we know, but the ninja of justice!

Outside Yuyin Village.

After arrival of the five shadow talks, he rushed back to the country, and he would also organize the news that they want to participate in the Ninja coalition.

I really want to see what the guy is exposed ...

Only, I didn't arrive at the base of the organization, and the news that stopped his way in the village, and the news was also very sensitive.

Shangyuan. "

The black laugh is still so yin: "I heard that you have participated in the five shadow talks, don't look good, it seems that we may find the power of the big snake pill with the power of five shadows, take back the round to the eye and the outer road."

"Well, you can."

After the navigation, I opened a little bit, my face showed a little smile: "Because I became the Captain of the Ninja, I can transfer the entire Ninja coalition forces ..."


The dark expression is slightly stunned.

The vintage expression is also a bit surprised.

Now who can tell them what is the situation, why is it for the scene of the next time that I want to start the month of the plan, I actually became the high level of the Ninja coalition, and even mixed a low power!

After a second, the face was piled up with a smile of a Chinese: "Shang, then this better, then we need to pay less ..."

I also piled up a smile on the white face: "After the Ninja Arntess, after defeating the big snake pill, we found that we truly manipulated all the black hands behind the scenes. At that time they show what expression ..."

"Yeah, I am also curious."

The original Nair's mouth hooks, the smile on the face is very meaningful, it looks like it is very interested in this kind of thing as if it is.

After saying this, Shangyuan Nairou has not been vague, and the opening: "Yes, there is one thing, we can't let five countries master all the intelligence of the big snake pill, so I recommend that the elder generation has become the perceptual forces of the Ninja. Leader ... "


The dark face was hung up on the horror.


Almost stiffness of vintage eyes.

At the last navigation, I looked at them and loudly rushed: "In this case, the elder generation can mobilize all the perceived ninja of the Ninja, help search for the intelligence of the big snake pill, Yuxio belt and the outer road."


It's silent for a while.

As a yin yang, it has never been in front of many people, and never thought of integrating into the ninja society.

I didn't expect it that this is to destroy this endurance, but also to save the guys of the big tube Hui's night, but also in the Ninja coalition army ...

The black slowly lifted his head and looked at the original navigation. There was a little hesitant in the voice: "Shangyuan, the Ninja coalition army is not very hard ..."

Mom, this is mixed in two big spies!

Especially these two spies, one of which is the team leader, which has mastered the transfer of the Ninja army, and the other is the intelligence troops, master the information of the Ninja army ...

This Ninja coalition is to finish!

I expect this group of guys who can really enclose the success of the big snake pill?

Black is nothing to feel that these Ninja coalitions are not very reliable.

"But the situation is already like this ..."

Shangji took a look in a black, booth stall: "For us, it is possible to hide the army, should it be a good thing?"


The black is nodded, and the Chinese smile is resolved on its face: "Then I will serve as the intelligence forces of the Ninja coalition, controlling their intelligence sources ..."

"Don't do it too much for your predecessor ..."

Shangji stopped and stopped, loudly said: "After all, the intelligence force has a lot of people! What we do now is in order to keep this endurance!"


The black and silence have been silent for a second, and its yin is gradually bigger: "You are right, we ... but have always been a peaceful setting for this tolerance!"

For the disguise ...

It's really happy now!

Although so many years, the black has always been secretly controlling the historical intelligence of the entire endure, but it can't live this for the first time in front of people!

To be honest, a little means ...

No, it should be said to be very interesting!

As long as I think those who have listened to the black hand behind it, everything they do is actually able to get rid of the faster, the night is faster.

This world is really too ironic!

It seems that I have a higher sense of accomplishment than I have been deceiving Yizhi Bao, and I can't help but I can't help but I don't help but I want to go up!

Shangji immediately gave the address of the collection of a collection of awareness troops, because the perceived team was looking for the trace of the big snake pills and the outer road.

After seeing the black and laughing, I went to the ground, I didn't stand the head and sighed: "The position of a intelligence forces in the district is pleased to make this look ... If you can't learn me, do you want to be as calm?"

Shangyuan Needs is too much!

Ninja camp.

Shangyuan Nairies is the head of the Ninja, and the leader of Yuyin Village, which is the strongest of this era, the fourth endurance battle, to the hopes of the fourth endurance battle, to resist the middle flow of the big snake pill.

Big snake pill camp.

Shangyuan Na Ren is the direct boss of the pharmacist, the miles of the Ninja troops, the behind-the-scenes of the troops, and become the behind-the-scenes manager of the six strong people, the fourth endurance battle, the scene.

The eye camp of the month.

Shangyuan Na Ru is the only hope of the month of the month, and it is also the main force in the future, the millennium, the millennium is the only person who can rely.

Woven camp.

Shangyuan Nairies is the current leader of the organization, the whole of the future hopes, the future and peace of the war.

It seems that the entire endurance does not have the organization that is not going in, he can occupy a high level or even dominant in each organization. Is it proud of Shangyuan Nairo?

What is Shangyuan Na?

Shangnai Nai, looked at the collection point of the Ninja Wizard, and shook his head and sighed: "It's really no interest ..."

It's too early to go to the original navigation now.

Due to the love of the love, it has been very restored.

Know the base.

At the last time, he looked at his guys in this group of eyes, announced that he went to participate in the results of the five shadow talks.

"I am now the Captain of the Ninja, you will participate in the fourth enduring battle as a special combat team I have."


The whole tissue is quiet for a second.

Next, Didara's cheering smile broke this peace: "Hahahahahaha ... Is the group of guys? It's an idiot! I have let Shangyuan you come to the head of the coalition!"

"Don't you say to steal your information?"

The expression of Red Sand is a bit subtle and puzzled: "If I have not remembering the wrong, this position is the highest commander of the war!"

"Almost, anyway, you can direct the battle force of the entire ninja coalition ..."

Shangqi Nairi is coming to nod, : "In short, the situation is a little subtle change, so we can also completely use the Ninja Trojan to fight the big snake pills and Yuxi Bozi them ..."

The corner has extended a finger, puts forward a question that is very concerned about him: "It looks very high like a position ... How many salary will they give you?"

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

This problem is really not asked ...

It's not the corner, the angle of thinking is always so riot!

"Hey, the corner, don't worry about it!"

The flying segment licked his lips and laughed and said: "How much delicious thing can be dedicated to some evil gods!"

"It is estimated that you can't make it!"

Shang Nai wrinkled frown, whispered: "After all, the troops on the side of the big snake and pharmacist are reincarnating and resurrected, and what is not dead ..."


The flying segment is overdone.

After a moment, this group shook his head and sighed a picture: "I know that I should leave this organization at the beginning ... If I can camp in their camp, I can kill a lot of people to give evil spirits!"


The knife is swaying!

Lin Yuyu has been unhappy, and I watched the flying segment of the head by her knife, scorn it.

"You are too noisy."

"... Bar!"

The head of the flying segment is broken on the ground: "You are a festive woman, don't always cut off the head of Laozi! You go to see, my neck is stitched when you are sutured when you are sewing!" "

"To shut up."

Lin Yuyu looked at the flying segment by Liyinsen, cold voice: "If you noisten, I will cut your body into pieces, feed the fish in the lake!"


It is silent when flying.

The corner is full of face, starting to help the flying segment suture, and it is a bit unfold: "Your mouth does not converge, the next time I will directly put your head into the grave ... No, your reward is recent You can consider selling your head. "

This is noisy there.

Everyone in the field has also recognized reality.

Their group once destroyed the five major people's scorpion, and s, so that they will be used as the Ninja, and go to the fourth endurance battle.

"It's really unexpected ..."

Didala hipped in the sate: "We want to control the rebellion of the endurance, now actually standing in justice!"

"This is not expecting."

The martillamon gains his mouth and looked at the original navigation: "It is completely expected ... we are a just organization!"

"Almost ..."

The ghost lights took the ear of their own, and he was bored.

"All right."

Shangyuan Na Ruo was unable to show his palm, and you told you: "Then you can get up! I will go to you here, these two or three days, we have to rush to the headquarters of the Ninja. ..."

After Shangyuan Na, he said that his mouth also couldn't help but laugh: "I am the leader of the coalition, to perform the duties as soon as possible!"

Shangyuan Na Lu also looked at everyone, whispered: "But before we reach the purpose, you must not leaked our plan. You learn to be disguised, we have to defeat evil just ninja!"

"Hahahahaha ..."

The whole tissue base became a joyful ocean.