I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 342 Chiraby Stealing Intelligence (Fourth)

The enemy of the big snake pill is already in place.

On the way to the Qiao's base road, I was still in the bipper in the belly. This pharmacist is really not a good person ...

Before Shangyuan Na, I was still worried about how to pick up the big snake pill. I thought it was a pharmacist who cried and pulled the poor, or dirty water in other people.

Only didn't think that the Pharmacist wednish Sanshen, actually used his own actions to prove to the menu, all of his retreat has been cut.

Only become the tail of the tail, in order to turn over.

Other options will only be died in white.

Even if the big snake pill wants to go back to the Longfen Cave, there is no chance, because the pharmacist will definitely kill him.

Even if the big snake pill wants to hide in the endurance, it is not used by the perceived ninja in the whole, and once he hides, the pharmacist will sell him directly.

Really ...

Can the pharmacist pocket, can you do your personal?

Know the base.

After the arrival of the drug brocuk, after the abdomen of the medicine, the entire member of the organization has appeared. All the members of the whole are assembled.

A row of Sangxiang Yunxiao's s.

In accordance with their lineup, enter the Ninja coalition, I really don't know that those ninja are afraid of the big snake pill or more afraid of them.

I really don't really say it.

To be honest, I'm really worried about this problem. After all, this guy is a habitat, but I have to stare too much ... And Didara guy is also a pure child.

The fixed travel mount of the organization is the ancient dragon of the original Nair, and their actions are very fast, and they will not delay the collection time of Ninja.

On the way to the Ninja coallers, Shangyuan Na will not forget to pass the news to the pharmacist, wait until the pharmacist and the big snake pills take the eight tail column, the eight tail column, and let the Chilaby bring some news.

There is a cave outside a thousand miles away.

The big snake pills closed their palms, and the mouth of the outer road was spit out of a chain, and the tail column Pirai was taken out.

Regardless of how the Eight Tail ghosts resist, it is unable to resist the power of the outer road. It is just before the bullion of the eight tail ghost, leaving a tie tail in Chilabi, which is a Chilaby. The final Chakra left.

This point Chakra, but it is only able to let Chiraby live.

Unfortunately, they are in the enemy camp, and the Chilaby can not live in the end, obviously still want to see his own luck.

"This way to extract Chakra is faster than the way!"

After the pharmacist praised, waved the waves to let the Walai to take the Chilabi: "Mr. Four-Level, help me bring out the eight tail column, put together with the white sacrifice material, waiting for him to die for a while After that, I will reincarn it with him. "


The waves did not have a place.

When the wave wind gate came out of the Chiraby, he had encountered Yishe Bo, and he suddenly opened his waves.


Yuxi Bo took the soil to look at the Chilabi in the hands of the waves, curiously opened: "Don't say that the beast is separated, will people die? Is this guy looks still not dead?"


Sudden the forehead suddenly took a drop of cold sweat.

The wave wind door shakes his head and whispers explains: "The column of eight tails and other people are different. It should also be the end of the beast to Krapping, he will probably have to die for a while, will die because of the shortness of the person ..."

"Oh, it is better to kill him."

Yuxi Bo has a red light in the eyes of the earth, and it has been able to grab the Chilabi: "If this is the words, you can have a good time!"

"With soil!"

The wave of the waves grabbed the arm of Yisi Bo, Shen Sheng: "Everyone will look through their own lifetime when everyone is dead, I think it still thinks more about this time before you die!"

After that, the wave style suddenly asked: "How can you suddenly come back, don't you burn the original nigner who brought the gentle, the singer of the singer?"


Yischi Belt is shake his head, and there is a little bit in the sound: "I have already lifted him a great place, but unfortunately, the initial generation is not his opponent.

The guy can be more stronger, the god of the Ninja connected to the peak is not his opponent. When the first generation is, it is blinded by the bastard ... "

"How can this be?"

The wave of the waves flashed on the face of a wave.

Yuxi Bo touched his mask, and the voice was deeply squeezed: "After all, it is still a certain weight to be weakened for the strength of the first generation.

Forget it, since it can't weaken the Ninja coalition by killing their strongest, it can only wait until the war will open again. "


The waves were silent for a while and did not answer.

After a while, the wave wind door seems to have thought about it. He rushed to shake his head: "Forget it, I will go out of the eight tail first!"


After the noddion of Unechebra, he suddenly opened his mouth: "Right, teacher, although you paid a yin nine tail in your own body, we will not let go of the Nikiki Take Chakra. "


The wave style is standing his footsteps.

In the next moment, the wave wind door returned to the Chilabi, and the words that Sucho belt did not have any effect on him.

Waiting until the wave wind door is coming out of the Chilaby.

The four-generation rigs were cautiously observed the surroundings, leaned over in front of the Chilabi: "Hey, Yun Yin Village's eight tail, I know you are still alive!"


Chilabi is not awkward on the ground.

The wave of the water gates looked at the chilaby of the dead, and the sound of his voice was lowered: "I am also the perfect column force that can communicate with the tail beast in the body. I am very clear that this is absolutely If you want to let you live, I have already got to have eight tails in your body! "

Chiraby can't be killed in this, and only angry and weakly lift his head: "Betting! Food! Wave-style water door, did not expect ... or die in your hand!"

"Do not."

After the waves shook his head, the face flashed a wipe with the color: "Now the pharmacist is helping the big snake pill to increasing the outer road, he has not fully controlled my consciousness, now you want to immediately escape!"


The Sirabi's face flashed on a shot.

The wave wind door looked at the Chiraby nodded: "You have to escape immediately, speed fast, because after a while, after a break, you should quickly pick up the nine tails in my body, you should not send me to chase you!"

"let's go together!"


The wave wind door shakes his head, and the sound: "Now you go back, report this location to the Ninja coalition! Also, let the original Nair and Naruto carefully!"


Chiraby nodded in a hurry.

After the waves of the waves, the face was slowly pulled down, because everything just was not controlled.

Yuxi Board also went out and stood around the waves of the waves, whispered: "It seems that the original guy seems to do something to the Naruto ..."


The wave wind door nodded, and his face was ugly: "But now we can't judge his purpose, you can only watch everyone who manipulates this endure after the scene ... This guy wants to do?"

Unfortunately, they don't know both.

What they did not notice that when Chilabi left, there was a born figure with a breezy figure left this cave, Unexpected.

This piece of chess, finally moved.

Ancient dragon's body.

The original Nairou is standing in front, slowly putting down your fingers.

Just now, he manipulated the wave of water door to save the Chilabi, and let Chiraby escaped, bring some intelligence to the Ninja army, in addition to the intelligence of the big snake pill, there is an information on the original navigation.

Moreover, the perceptual forces of the Ninja will definitely discover the traces of a war. Because the original Nair and the thousand-handed clots, it completely changed the terrain there.

Perceived the intelligence of the troops ...

Chiraby steal information ...

Shangyuan Needs to fall your intelligence ...

Although the most important thing is to bring Chiraby to the hidden position of the big snake, it is the fourth endurance battle officially started!

As for the intelligence that Chilabi brought back, it is only more convincing for the original nas. This is just a way to bring it. It is not enough to have a trust in him now ...

"Wow! It's here!"

Didala hip hipstore in the top of the ancient dragon, overlooking the distinctive marigon, a bunch of intenses, high voice: "Good spectacular! If a C4 · Jah Lot is lost, you will make many people How great is it to my art! "


Shangyuan Needan and looked at the Didala, turned to the red sand: "Senior, I may want to command large teams, Didara is handed over."


The red sand is nodded. I looked at Didala. I blemarked down: "Reassure, I will be optimistic about him, don't let him sing."

The mortal ghost is grinned and laughs: "After we landed, the identity of our camouflage is the second team of the Ninja Union's Special Combat Brigade.

"Who knows!"

Lin Yuyu bite a bite of apple, snorted with a saying: "It seems that you have been in the village. You don't like these people, you should be more, you should be more Let's! "

The ghost light is a big knife, and the mouth is open: "I haven't seen it for a long time! It's really curious that she will see me when I see me ... I now get the big knife!"

"If you see me, it shouldn't be too happy ..."

The face of the full moon is not very good. He looked at the Ninja coallers, and smashed his forehead: "After all, I have cheated her so many years ..."

to be frank.

Really embarrassed.