I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 343, the arrival of Xiao (fifth, ask for a monthly ticket!)

Ninja coalition headquarters.

Now it is a chaotic noisy voice.

Because the Logistics Department of the Ninja coalition, the uniforms and the soldiers pills in the distribution of the Ninja coalition, and these ninja received their own materials, and they rushed to their assembly points.

The first troops set.

As a person in the twelve son of wood, the people entering the first troops, every day, there is a little confused, I really don't know!

No, there is still aware.

Everyday's eyes moved to someone on the front, it was the father of the elders of the wooden leaves, the father of the autumn channel.

Most of the body of the Qiudao family is very conspicuous.

Every day is really super wanting to spit!

Looking back in the left and seeing it before, it is basically that everyone's age is bigger than her, why she will be divided into the first troops in the seventeen-year-old little girl!

The second troops set.

On the day, the mood of Ning Ji is normal, but it is just that the noise from the ear, let him have a little impatient, because there is a woman named black soil is too quarrel.

"When is the Didala brother come!"

Black Soil touched his chin, : "That a bailout, will not really let Didala brother to see me! I still want to have a good time to attack with Dida brother. Rocky Village is! "


The forehead of Ningji can't hop in the forehead.

This woman named black soil is the Didara that likes to know?

At this time, I couldn't help but I couldn't help but be my teammates every day. At least his teammates are not a love brain every day.

The third troops are set.

Spring Sakura touched his chin.

She is the third troops of combatants, and she has to serve as a member of the medical force, just in the area where there is no friend, the spring wild cherry is a bit.

Because Chunye Sakura is very trying to join the special combat team, although the battle may be more dangerous, at least you can stay with your teammates and friends.

The fourth quotation point of the fourth troops.

Now this area is more lively.

Nara Deer Pills also had some serious, he looked at the Qiudai, the autumn road around him: "Ding, I thought you would go to the first troops!"

Because the first troops are responsible for the union of the joint forces, the father of the Qiudai Ding is also there.

"I will go first ..."

The look of the Dine Ding Ding is a bit nervous.

The hand couldn't help but looked at them. When she would want to say something, she saw a shadow covering the sky, making her face could not change.

The head of the handcuffs, the eyes are slightly tightened, bite the bite said: "Xianan can't be a guy who is ...."

Because the tissue has squeezed the ancient dragon destroyed sandy village!

As for the main people who destroy the sand hidden village, the current navigation leader is the original navigation, but also to deceive their sandy village emotions, and they have been grateful to him as a benefactor!

In any case, the handcuffs are not possible now to put down the hate.

"Is that huge psychic beast?"

Nara Lu Pill also looked up at the ancient dragon of the air, whispered: "Unborn the actions of action have been very fast, I have long heard that they have a horrible spirit beast, I didn't expect it to be so handsome ..."

"Handsome ..."

The handcuffs have been smirked, and there is a touch of the face on the face: "Only you have these people who have not experienced terror will think it is handsome! It is the monster, and one hit our sandy village ..."

"They are also companions ..."

Nara Laoli looked at the handcuffs, whispered to say: "Even if you hate the child, at least we are all companions ... Don't bring this emotion to the battlefield, everyone everyone is our comrades."

The hand is biting, and there is some anger in the sound: "Your wooden leaves have not experienced the pain, naturally unable to understand the pain of Shang Yin Village ..."

"Hate is the most useless."

Nara Lu Pill shook his head and looked at the ancient dragon in the air, and sighed a breath.

Whoever has a look at the next moment, glance and glance, Nara Lou Pill: "Don't teach you a lazy guy!"


Nara Lu Pill can only boost, whispered: "Well, at least let's live in this war!"


The handcuffs have nodded slowly.

Qikidin is a second next to it: "I heard that the head of the coalition is the top of Shangyuan ... I really didn't expect him to do this!"


After that, after the words said, Nara Lulong's face suddenly didn't look good: "To tell the truth, if he really brings the whole news, I also doubt that this guy will not be the soil of the big snake. What…"


Diki Ding is sitting in a strange place: "How can you have this idea? Shangyuan predecessors, the leader of our coalition, is said to be the strongest ninja now ..."

"Hey, I think too much!"

Nara deer flexed his back, sighed a good air: "After all, this guy is inferior to the spot, and we have cheated for so many years ..."

"Will not."

The handcuffs shook his head, Shen Sheng: "I have seen it in the Ninja Conference, Shangyuan Na Ruo is almost crazy for the people who call the long door ... that pain and anger, just like I have hated him. He has already gone to the pharmacist and the big snake. "

"What this ..."

Nara Lou Pill nodded and said softly: "To be honest, if it is not the long-haired senior, if we don't have to face the big snake pills, two strong enemies!"

Once the long door is said, let Nara Lu Pain have put down the less than if there is no doubt. After all, the dying of the long door is to take the soil, the pharmacist does not turn off the relationship!

Shangyuan Nairu is not fake for the feelings of the long door.

Just Nara, the native of nature, I like more, and I have also attached to the people who have a concern to Nai, and the father of Nara deer pills Nara Luojing.

Nara Luli also thought about this problem, but he quickly throws the brain, because there is no reason to do so.

After all, in his strength and the power of the whole organization, it is aware of the situation of the endurance. If the big snake pill has been aware of the strength of the organization and Shangyuan Na, it does not need any spies, and it can be rushed directly.

Whether it is from feelings, still from strength ...

Shangyuan Napu is not necessary to play in front of them.

The fifth troops collection point.

In the mountain in the mountains, I looked at the ancient dragon who fought in the air, and my face was shocked: "I seem to see a man who is very handsome!"


The dog is couldn't help but grin, and I learned her look, looked at the people on the ancient dragon, asked: "Which person? I didn't see it, Shanghao?"

"No, it is a blonde man."

On the face of the wild in the mountain, I suddenly flashed a slim: "Not only the hairstyle is very taste, but also very cute!"


The dog is silent for a while, and suddenly the opening: "What you said is the guy named Didara! Your hairstyle is clearly exactly the same!"

"So I just said that his hair style is very taste!"

When these people were , the ancient dragons suddenly fell on the ground, and they made a big look at the sky and shocked the nerves of all people in the field!

next moment.

The ancient giant dragon slowly touched his head and volve.

A figure came down from the ancient dragon, and everyone wearing a clear cloud of Xiangyun.

No matter which village's ninja, when I saw Yuangu Qu and Xiangyun black robes, my face flashed a disappointment.

Because this represents horrible!

Take the power of the organization, the whole of the endurance is very clear!

I have a rumor since the end of the year:

When a group of Xiangyun's ninja is controlled when the dragon comes, it means that the destruction of a village means a life that is about to turn into a cold figure.

"That is ... Xiao?"

A ninja never seen the imperial violent, flashing a shock on his face: "I didn't expect that the organization of the endurance and outstanding organization will become our teammates ..."

"Oh, didn't you think?"

A ninja next to that Ninja, the sound suddenly became overcast: "Just when these guys are destroying your hometown when you go out of the task!"

"Okay, don't say it."

Another ninja opens persuaded: "The captain has already said, the biggest crisis is the enemy of the big snake!"

Regardless of what the people are saying, people who are taught have no different movements. They will step by step to the command of the heights under the leadership of Shangyuan Na.

Until Dida, this family suddenly stopped.

Because the black Soil stopped in front of him, he pulled his arm: "Didala brother, I have a bill to find you!"

"What account?"

After Didala watched the dark soil, I thought about it for a while, I took out a strange thing from my own tolerance. "Forget, no matter what account, I use my own art. Art I am giving you. "

Walking in the red sand of Didara, I frowning looked at the situation here, and the sound reminded: "Didala, we should go."

"I know, feed, black soil, look back, let's see!"

Didara hurried opened the arm of the black soil, keeping the footsteps of the Red Sand: "Shu Dan, a little slow, wait for me!"


Black San is caught.

The team of this Xiangyun black robes seems to be a demonstration, from the middle of the Ninja coalition, has been in the forefront of all the troops.

Here is another special combat team waiting for them.

"It seems that this is the collection area of ​​the special combat team."

At the last time, I went to see a bit, and I greeted it, I looked back: "You are waiting for me here, I will go up."

"Don't worry, do you still don't worry!"

Didala hooked his face and waved his face.

This guy is obvious!

It is because you are not trustworthy!

"Didara guy ... I hope he can be honest!"

Shangyuan Needressed in Didala, there was no way to fly on the command of the height, and everyone was waiting for him.

Well, including intelligence forces leadership, black.