I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 344, you said, I didn't listen to it (sixth! Thank you for the dog!)

Ninja coalition headquarters.

When Shangyuan Na is coming in, the leaders of the five major countries are here, as well as all troops, they are still discussing information issues.

It seems that the picture is still harmonious, except for black.

Just their expression seems to be a little ugly, including black inside.

Now who can tell the original naval, why is it in the United States to integrate into it, and even this guy has also a ninja coalition!

Is this too complete?

"Shangyuan, you are finally here."

When I was in the original Nairi, the voice even had a lot of anxiety: "The perceptual troops have not found the trail of the big snake pills, but we found a position is not very strong, here experience a change of terrain ..."

"I know."

Shang Nai, I looked at the problem of black and reflected, I also looked at the five shadows and many collaps in the field, and my face became serious: "I saw Yischo belt outside in Ken's base. He was introduced by him. local…"


"What happened?"

"Why do he take you in the past?"

"If you only look at the traces of the scene, you seem to have experienced a unprecedented war, even more than the end of the valley."


After Shangyuan Na, he heard the group of people to ask questions, waved their own, replied: "I met a people who had ambush me ... The first generation of hot shadow is a thousand hand of the school, and the True God is fighting for a battle. Forced to them. "


Everyone's eyes in the room are not strong.

The operator is incredibly looked at the original navigation, and there is something that I can't believe in my face: "After you meet my grandfather, and win?

"Hey, don't you see me?"

Shangqi Nairi casually found a location, whispered: "And I got a bad news and a good news in the battle of the initial generation, although I may not be important for you, but it is still useful, you Which one wants to listen to first? "

"Let's listen to the news!"

The apeer looked at the people in the scene and sighed a good air: "If it is good news, you can add a little confidence to us at least."


Shangji stared in the booth, "because the pharmacist or the big snake pill need to control the initial enthusiasm, so they did not dare to let the initials play all the strength, even a little powerful, the first generation of fire, you may get rid of their control "

After that, Shangyuan Na will continue to add: "It is because of this, Yu Zhibo belt is not allowed to retreat with the initial generation ... So I can only use this method to win!"

"Is this?"

The master is sontes his own fist, covering his lips, Shen Sheng: "Maybe we can use this thing ... Waiting for me, think about it ..."

"Then let's listen to the news!"

Shangji looked at the planner, show: "We have picked up a list of reflows before, maybe add another person ... Yushuo."

After that, after the end, the original Na Lu is worried that everyone does not understand, and the opening explains: "A can be able to use the need to be able to consume the Yisi Pub, the pharmacist is hovering the body of the body ..."


All people in the field have fallen into silence.

After the prime hand took a breath, Shen Sheng said: "At least the good news you bring, this news is still very bad, in fact, Luojing has long been calculated, and the translucent force will be probably "

"That's good."

After the navigation, I got out of the nodded, I looked at Nara Luo Li, whispered: "Fortunately, there is Lujing Heli ..."

"All right."

The four generations of Lili came to the surroundings, and the high voice: "Now all the ninja troops have arrived, how long does it have to complete?"

"Is it very fast?"

The beauty secretary Ma Shibi replied: "All the ninja has known their team, the ninja care has been issued ..."

"It's really a big scene."

Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of relief, I thought about the dense parallel ninja who saw it, sighed: "Even if I see so many ninja, I will not be excited by autonomous, how many people do we now ? "

"7844553 people ..."

Nara Luozhi put forward an accurate number.

The five generations of style, I love Luo and the Three Generations of Sangshi Danwood looked at the original navigation, and hidden the words you want to say.

They are afraid of affecting unity.

The four generations of Lei Ying, this guy also knows about this, he just sighed: "Our village has many injured people can't participate, otherwise this number may also increase more than two thousand people, especially they are Equivalent ... "

As for why the injured will appear.

This question has to be asked for the original navigation.

Just all the people present in a tacit understanding, because they are very clear that the original naval can defeat the initial generation.

Even this initial generation is limited, at least this also proves that the original navigation can cope with a legend.

"Don't say these."

The card knocked the table to interrupt the speech of the four generations of Lei Ying. He continued: "Now let's talk about how to find the position of the big snake pill, the longer it, the more unfavorable, you have What advice? "

"I thought about it."

Dark thinking for a while, I really put forward a still considered a retribution: "We will send a strong sense of Ninja to some terrain hidden regions. The rest of the ninja is coming back in the tolerance and fighting the troops. Depart from help patrol ... "

This is not a way.

Black this guy is also a perfect integration into the Ninja coalition, at least it is proposed, it is very reliable, and the black, it is also very expensive.

For example, its new colleague is, but it is impossible to admire.

"Well, then do it!"

Four generations Lei Ying looked at the many captains present, Shen Sheng: "Now let the captain of all the troops, to direct your troops, always ready to start ..."

"Lei Ying Adult!"

At this time, a human figure flew in, interrupted the four generations of Lei Ying: "Lei Ying adult, Chiraby adults come back!"

"Compared with it?"

Four generations of Lei Ying was shocked.

Everyone in the whole room has been surprised. They now also believe that the eight-tail column has already lost eight tails by the big snake pill!

After all, when the pharmacist went to disturb the five shadow talks, he once mentioned the eight-tail column, and they thought that Chilabi had killed.

I didn't expect this guy to come back!

Since Chilabi came back, they must also ask clear why Chilabi will escape, ask what is going on here!

To be honest, Chibie is still forced.

Because he didn't understand what happened to this world ... Just sleeping a long time, the endured thing happened to make Chiraby feel incredible.

The fourth endurance war broke out can be understood ...

After all, the guys of the big snake pills and pharmacists have controlled so many tail beasts, and they will definitely cause the encirclement of all major tolerance.


How to become a person!

Chiraby has not responded to the birth of Yun Yin, destroying the harmonious organization of other rigidas, but joined their Ninja coalition ...

Chiraby feels that this world has a problem.

Under the threat of fists in the four generations of Lei Ying, Chiraby can only suppress the desire of himself, saying his situation: "Because of the ghost! Because of the water door! I escape!"

Chiraby touched his gestures and language, how to live behind him, and simply told the wave of wave wind gates and Yishe Board, and the position of the big snake pill.

The most important thing is that the hidden position of the big snake!

Because I found the hidden position of the big snake pill, at least means that the Ninja coalition will no longer be a blind man in this war, they can start the attack toward the big snake pill.

After the position, Chiraby pointed out the position to the original navigation, that is, I have a painful RAP: "The ghost is dead, the water is said, protect the original navigation, I can't think of it! Protect the whirlpool, what is it! "

"Tell me something!"

The four generations of Lei Ying squatted on his head.

Chiraby said that the words of the wave of wind doors were finally explained by their head, just let the original naval and the whirlpiece.

After silent, the program was silent, and suddenly: "The big snake pill wants to capture the Son, and the nine tail of the nine tail can be understood ..."

After that, the apeer suddenly looked at the original navigation: "Why is the big snake pill still wants to assassinate you?"

"Maybe because I bully him?"

Shangqi Lu quietly sighed, looked at the program: "As long as you continue to bully the big snake pills continuously, he will definitely want to assassinate you ..." It may be because he found me.


The apeer is sluggish for a second, whispered: "Is it? But why didn't the Big Sport guy did not send people to assassinate me?"

After all, the program is also bullying over the big snake pill!

Of course, that kind is not bullying, can only be said to be a companion, so the big snake pill is not a hand!

Compared to the original naval to the bullying of the big snake pill, even kill the big snake pills, it is a small thing that is insignificant!

"Well, at least we found the base of the big snake."

Shang Nai fell to shoot his palm, Shen Sheng: "If we got the intelligence of the big snake pill, then he immediately surrounded him, quickly sent a sense of Narve of Ninja to investigate, we have a troops, immediately set off!"

"and many more…"

The four generations came to the original navigation, Shen Sheng said: "If the information is more reliable than the brought back, they will definitely send someone to find you and the Naruto ... We must protect you!"


Everyone is not a four-generation Lei Ying.

This guy really has no problem, the war has not officially started war, just hide the most powerful battle of the original navigation?