I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 345, Shangyuan, noise

Everyone feels that the Lei Ying brain has a problem.

A group of weak people protect a strong, clearing is a waste of resources, not to mention the original Nairi, the fourth endurance battle is not used ...

Because the initial generation of a single single is only the number of people who can rely on the number of people, they can solve the intelligence analysis of the perception troops, the war of the first generation is not in one level.

"The big snake pill will be for you!"

The four generations of Lili Yai is also a punch. I want to implement the power of his Ninja coach command: "If you are solved by the big snake pill, then there is not much victory of this war. Hope ... "

"I understand the worry of the four generations of Lei Ying."

At the last naval, I looked at the four generations of Lei Ying, quietly sighed: "But now is the moment of our same boat, if the Ninja coalition is defeated, there is only no way I and the whirlow people ..."


The agency hated a punch on the head of the four generations Lei Ying, and the face was obviously impatient: "Lei Ying, what we have to do is believed in Shangyuan and Naruto!"

After that, the aperator suddenly opened: "But this kind of thing does need to prevent it, you have to pay attention to you!"

"rest assured."

I have a noddron again.

As the captain of the first special combat team, his strength is very strong, and if you want to protect the whirlow, there should be no problem.

As for the original Needs ...

Everyone doesn't know what to do.

From the case of the case, this guy is the strongest power in their camp. If he can't protect his own, others have not used ...

What's more, the position of the captain of the team leader and the special combat team of the Carda captain and the special combat team, and a group of members are also high-end power.

This is to be given by the big snake pill ...

This endurance war is not used.

Only after they have talked a few words, the real thing is still going to be on the war, especially outside the 780,000 Ninja, waiting for their appealing.

"Let's go!"

Shangyuan Nai went to wave, rushing to the captain of the battle force, said: "Go see your members, at least let them know that their captain is long, why ..."

"Really ..."

The third battle force team leader flag wood Carti looked at the original navigation, I couldn't help but scratched my head: "You can't be gently gentle!"

The fourth battle troops, I love Luo quietly looked at the original navigation, keeping up with Shangyuan Nairou: "The people who know have always arrived, I have already seen it."


The first battle force captain Darui blink his hair, followed by: "If you haven't met the wrong, I seem to be the captain of the first troops?"


The wass of the second battle troops nodded, looked at this unclear guy, and the face floated on his face: "Fortunately ... Black Soil is my part ..."

If you let his daughter black soil in Daruei so uncomfortable guys, it is really worried!

The fifth battle force captain three boats were a old man, whisper persuaded: "Let's also listen to the command of Shangyuan Hindi ... Only unite can defeat those evil enemies."

Ninja coaller assembly point.

Tens of thousands of ninja look up to the height.

Tens of thousands of ninja saw that six people walked out of the headquarters, standing above the high platform, these six people will be responsible for directing their fighting in the battle.

"Shangyuan is the leader of the coalition!"

Every day, I touched my own chin, and I said: "Unfortunately, we are not our captain ... Which person is our team leader?"

"That's the one…"

Qiu Dao Tong is taking up a few people who appear above, found their goals: "The one who looks like Kakasi still has no strength ... It seems to be called Daruy?"


Every day's expression is .

The atmosphere of them is still friendly, but the atmosphere of other places is not so good, because the pain left behind the war is not so easy to erase.

Looking at all the captain above, some people are full of admiring, some people are angry, and some people are a hatred.

Especially the original navigato, the guy, the people who are ghost, the head of their Ninja, which will make most of the Ninja unsatisfactory.

In addition to these.

The ninjas of these big powers is also not used to each other. Some ninja even the things that have passed the past, which is very lively.

"I am the original navigation."

A bright voice spread throughout the entire Ninja coaller.

Shangji looked at the noise and dispute below, his face showed a smile: "Friendly reminds you, my temper is not very good, if I see who is fighting, what is the fight?"

The sound of Shangyuan Nae slowly returned, his fingers suddenly raised a flame: "Then I will hurt my companion, betray the entire Ninja coalition, complete your team. Get rid of!"

Next moment, Shangyuan Na's fingers fiercely pointing to a mountain in the Ninja coallers, and his fingertips fiercely shot to the mountain!

After a dramatic explosion, the whole mountain is fried!

The tens of thousands of ninja on the scene were sweating on the forehead. Everyone wanted, everyone looked at the alpine from being destroyed by the mountain.

This guy's surgery is too strong!

Flagkarcari can't hinder picking the eyebrows, hurriedly, said: "Hey, you don't want too much violence! Slightly slowly alleviate! It is impossible to make people. convinced…"

"Well, you said it."

Shangyuan Na will take a little bit, and again, I step forward: "Everyone present, there should be no forgetting our pain!

If you refuse to listen to the command in this war, I will destroy your village again after the war, so for your homes in the village ... "

"This guy…"

Flagkarcasi listened to the speech of the original Needle, I couldn't help but hold my forehead, which is the pre-war speech!

This is clearly a violent declaration!

Shangnai Na Ruo, this guy wants to smash everything, this, the Ninja coalition will definitely imply that this team leader is too pit!

I couldn't help but watched the flag-like cardi, and I showed a worry on my face: "Hello, Mr. Kaki, to stop him?"

"No, then wait!"

Flagkarcasi looked at the original navigation, sighed, and sighed: "Now this guy has made everything is messy, what is even worse?"

At the end of the last, he was still speaking on his pre-war speech: "I don't care about your group, your strength is not worth mentioning in this war.

In this war, the enemy we need to face you must also have a lot of people, they are all the ahead of the village, at least a strong man who is famous ...

Even if it is my words, it may also lose your life in this war, so I didn't make people the most important people in this war ... Because I don't care about your life, I still care about her life. . "

The waves of the second battle force can't help but wanted to cover up: "This guy ... what is talking about!"

"If this is done, the Ninja coalition is really not differential?"

The team leader of the fifth battle force also faintly felt a little.

In the Ninja Union Command, everyone heard the speech of the original Nairi, and everyone's face and mood are not very good.

"Speaking of the truth!"

The four generations of Lei Yai hated a punch and smashed on the table: "At this time, I have a little doubt whether the original naval is a spy that is chaotic."

"Let's wait ..."

The program wrinkled his own brow, put a hand: "Since we have chosen the original Na Rou, we must believe him."

These high-rise are like this ...

The tens of thousands of ninja underground have almost all, most people want to rush to kill the head of the original naval, even if the pig in the medical force is sitting, it is better than the original naval. !

"Is this too bad?"

The whole person is not very good.

The eyes of the handcuffs are slightly smashed, and they have grown their own fans, and they are looking at Shangyuan Na, which is still speaking, "Hey, this is his nature!"

"It sounds very angry ..."

Nara deer pill hooks his mouth, showing a smile: "But Shang Shang, is still so interesting!"

High platform.

The original Nairo overlooks everyone, but also continues to speaking his own speech: "As you can't care about my life, it will not care about the life of the companions, will only care about yours."

At the last Naruto, I saw the gradually quiet Ninja coalition, and the light continued: "So you have to fight for those who are important to you ... Do you think I will say this?"

Shangqi Nairi is a smile, scorn the way: "I want to say, if you don't give me a good life, then we will not care about your concern is dead!"

This war is impossible, and it is definitely the most fierce. Even people who can easily destroy your everything will not guarantee that you can live in the war, let alone guy who is unreasonable!

I want to tell you that your companions will help you take care of your friends and relatives because of your kindness, and you will help you convey your last words you are dead!

Now you have to play, then please continue! "