I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 347 Seniors, I didn't expect you to really betray our dreams (the third!)

It's really aunt!

The original Needle is overlooking the list of intelligence to handle him.

This list is the second batch of ductile forces sent by the pharmacist and the big snake pill. It is also used to resist the Ninja coalition, thus giving time for the Ten Ten Ten Ten.

Wooden Earth Ninja Army: Second Generation of Narc Shadow Qianli Room, three generations of wind shadow flying day, woody white teeth flag wood, white eyes day to the daily difference, Kato, Fei Asma, moonlight, letter, oil female Take the root, the fire of the fire is ...

Cloud Incaped Ninja Army: Three generation Lei Ying Ai, Golden angle, silver corner, the front eight tail column plums, the front two tail column power by the wood, magnetic ninja Troj ...

: The second generation of noodles, the explosion, hunting, the front four tails column, the old purple, the top five tails column ...

Fog hidden village Ninja Army: Second Generation Water Shadow Low Moon, Four Generation Water Shadow, the top six tails Column Power, ghost people are never smashing, watermelon mountain puffers, chestnut skewers, no pears, no pear eight, Tong grass bents ...

Sandy Village Ninja Army: Four generations of wind shadows, burning leaves ...

These are the list of major members, and there are five major people to endure, and even endure, but they have been completed, they are all pills who have been studying.

Most of these in the middle of the ninja are prepared by the pharmacist. This number is certainly higher than the number of people in history. Perhaps it is too pressure to have a pharmacist ...

After all, I want to be a person who is desperate to fight the warfay ...

In addition to these embarrassments, there is a living commander.

The pharmacist also sent a living person to lead the ninja.

That is just that the kaleidoscope of Yuxi Pubie, opened the Eternal Kaleidoscope to write the eyelid of Yuxi Board.

"If you want to revenge for Yuxi, you will take these people to slaughter the Ninja coalition, blocking them close to the big snake pills ... If you have the ability, even directly lead the guys to the Ninja Union headquarters."

The sound of the pharmacist is full of confusion: "Sasuke, this endurance war may be the last war of the endurance, maybe this is the only chance of your life, don't you re-cast the glory of Yuxi ? "

"I know."

Yizhi Bozuo took a gauze in front of his eyes, led the army of the army to the battlefield.

After transplanting the Kaleidoscope of Yuxi Pub, Yischo Sasuke felt that his oulditation became rebounded and powerful. He got a kaleidoscope never blindly wrote, and his self-confidence expanded.

Whole tolerance, now there will be no one is his opponent!

Yiszo Sasuke has long known that the story of Yuxi Boss brothers, Sasuke is very clear, he himself has the power you have had to have Yu Zhibo spots!

No, Sasuke believes that he should also surpass Yu Zhibo spots!

Therefore, we will see that Yizhi Bozuo will go to the battlefield, and a slap inappropriate appearance, can't help but scratch your head.

"Do you want to help the guy?"

"It may be expanded!"

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and manipulated his own sacrificial materials because he is now preparing for another protagonist of the resurrection of this endurance battle.

Yuxi Bouvet.

The pharmacist packed the remains of Unexpell Bell, while opening: "How is the big snake pill? He hasn't thought about completely resurrect 10?"

"not yet…"

Heavy shake his head hesitatedly.

The pharmacist swayed his head and sighed in the air: "It seems that he is still so afraid ... Heavy, you tell the big snake pill, if he died here, I will help him use the curse to re-resurrect come!"


The heavy rushing nodded, when I went back to report, I suddenly turned around: "Do you have a big person, the big snake pill is not just right, why should we resurrect him, he is not a good thing ..."

"Ha ha…"

The pharmacist shook his head and shook his head and reached his hand and took a heavy shoulder: "I just talk about it. It is actually lie to him, go!"


I am busy nodding.

To be honest, we have a little unclear. It is true that the drug teacher is telling the truth or false. It feels very sincere, but it feels that every sentence is gentle, and if there is nothing weighing. .

This world is really complicated.

The heavy feelings have been in a while, go straight to the lounge of the big snake pill, and told the Pill Pills to the big snake pill, and ensure that he will die.

The eyes of the big snake pill were twitched.

Nowadays, the status of the big snake pill is very good, the outer road is also extracted in Chakra, only the only nine-tailed Chakra is also near.

The wave style is standing by the big snake pill, waiting for the big snake pill to extract the nine tails in his body, and by the way, it is also monitored the big snake pill.

On the battlefield.

Shangyuan Needs to stand in height overlook this battlefield.

The battlefield is opposite thousands of reformers, up to the first ages of each village, to the bottom to some teens, do not know how this guy is controlled by this guy ...

Undoubtedly, the grave he digs is really a lot!

"The situation doesn't seem to be very good!"

I also walked around the original Nairi, I watched a scotter army dispatched by the Village, showing a worries on the face: "The enemy is more than we imagined more, even more than we imagined more ..."


Shangji nodded, watching the unique wooden arms, the brow hingered jumped: "The number of digest ninja in your wooden leaves is too much ..."


The color of the coming is also from black, and I will respond to the mouth: "This is the family of the big snake pill, and that bastard will not devastate the death of the dead ..."

Because of the big point of life of the big snake, it is very simple.

Only people are alive, everything makes sense; once people die, no matter what you have left for this world, there is no meaning.

Big snake pill will not respect any deceased.

Regardless of those deceased, how much contributions did before, as long as people were dead, the big snake pill will definitely think about his grave.

Shangqi Naotou nodded.

It seems that he seems to have a good candidate. Even the best friends who have been the best friends have thought that the big snake pill is a black hand behind, which proves that the big snake pills have problems.

"Okay, ready to launch the charge!"

Shangqi Nairou hovered his palm, watching the aftershirts of the far away, the sound gradually became heavy: "Before the guy of the big snake pill, we have to break through the criminals of the Division."


I have nodded myself.

The figure of one by one appears behind him.

Their two special combat teams will become the power of entanglement, and the rest of the enemy can only rely on the huge Ninja coalition.

The only trouble is that the number of seal ninjei is not enough.

Therefore, this war with the ninja may be quite tasty.

Shangyuan Na was watching the farmland of the far away, and he took the palm of his hand and whispered: "All pay attention to protect the seal class, everyone ... assault!"

Shangyuan Needressed up his palm, a fireball slowly drifted into the high altitude, and fiercely fell toward the direction of the scorpion army, a dramatic explosion sounded, and the fireball will fly!

This scene attacked the Ninja coalition!

In the next moment, countless people fell in the direction of the enemy, countless hands swords and detonators to top the enemy's head!

The second generation of ninth and the three generations of the second generation of ninja and the three generations are standing, and two people simultaneously tagged, and they drink: "The soil, soil!"

A long market wall blocks countless hands swords and detonates!

After the first battle force launched a remote attack under the leadership of Daruei, the second battle force and the fifth battle force quickly rushed up in the loess and three boats!

The third battle force.

Flagkasi watched a movie in the Leaf Legion, that is his father's flag and wood, he didn't expect his father to resurrect.

The flag-like cardi's face has been complicated. He slowly cleared his fist, whispered: "The third battle force! From the left and right rounds of attack!"

The fourth battle force.

I don't care about his father Luo sand. I went ahead to call my troops and aid the troops of the loess.

At this moment, the fourth endurance battle finally started, and the most large war of the largest!

Dida pulls a group of clay in hand, laughing and said: "At the top, when is we? I can't wait!"

"Let's go!"

The original nod is nodded.

One by one, the figure wearing Xiangyun black robe, after his body, the speed of their actions is getting faster and faster, and finally running directly!

The original Nair fell to the air, a punch to a bunch of embarrassment, waving the body of the feng ninna directly!

"Hahahahaha ... this style is really a Shang Shang!"

After the Didala hipped, after a while, stepped on a clay bird, rushing to the enemy, sprinkling countless bombs!

"Still it is lost ..."

Red sand screams look at Didala, shakes the head and waved the three-generation wind shadow and the four-generation wind shadow, thousands of gold and magnets, cover the enemy around the surrounding enemies!

"On this battlefield, there are a lot of guys who can threaten our!"

After the corner, I nodded, and I crude it from his body, and the flames were swept around for a while. Thunder is instantly run through the enemy's array!

Unfortunately, the five-

However, it has reappeared again, and it is entangled in the day, and a flame is sprayed from the mouth of the tap. It will be flooded with his shadow and his shadow!

When it was a coming, the group of flames burned to the Ninja coalition, a high voice was in battlefield!

"Water, big burst!"

The mortar ghosts spurted a huge water flow, drowning all the fire, and also quickly created a round lake!

The corner looks at the cantani ghosts that step on the water waves, and the Zhang has a roaring: "Betting, always like to use the water ... In the future, we must take the heart!"

This battle is completely chaos a pot of porridge!

Everyone quickly found their opponents!

Only the original naval, relying on his strength, almost hard to break the embarrassment, without any one to block him!

"Don't want to break through here!"

A refrigerated ninja suddenly appeared in front of the original Needle, and the knife waved in the hands of the knife and went to the original navigation!

At the next moment, his chest was born with a big hole!

Just as this feng ninna waited for himself to restore, a reel was blocked in an instant!

Obviously there is a seal class to find the power of the original Needle, it has been following the crowd he rushed, and seshed him a ninja.

have to say.

Although the Quality of the original Na Lu Lu is not very good, the strength is still not said, these seal classes following him have never found any enemies who can take the original navigation.

Just when a group of people are fighting.

A purple tall must Sudoku suddenly appeared behind the Ninja Legion, that must be slowly pulled up with the bow and arrow in his hand!

The direction of the bow and arrow is the largest place in the entire battlefield!

For Unechebra, no matter who died on the battlefield, he didn't care about the situation on the battlefield, he just want to revenge!

A purple boulder suddenly shot into the population of gathering!

Just as the ninja under the giant arrow, the consciousness felt a pneumatic pressure, only to look at the purple arrow, and their faces showed a desperate.

This level of power is obviously not they can resist!

Shangyuan Na Luo appeared under the huge arrow, kicking the huge arrow into a fragment, lifting the head of Unechebao Sasuke.

Shang Nai did not change color, waving a mission to attack his embassy ninja, and the eyes were still staring at Unechebra, cold voice opening: "Hey, Sasuke, see my predecessor, say he greets also Don't fight, it is too too much! "

"Sorry, my predecessors."

Yischo Sasukes manipulated his must, once again condensed a purple shard, a tangible black inflammation appeared above the arrow!

The eyes of Unechebao tightly stared at the original navigation, Shen Sheng: "Seniors, I thought that the pharmacist has been lie to me, I didn't expect you to flow with the five major countries, betrayed our dreams!"