I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 348 My leeks are playing (fourth!)

Sasuke Uchiha…

It's really hard!

This guy actually said that the story of the original navigation once said, he won't really think that Unexus hostel wants to overthrow this endurance order?

"Seniors, you will come back now."

Yizhi Bozuo has manipulated Tianzhao black and black, and suddenly, he suddenly opened his mouth and attacked: "We used to change the world's order, the seniors, re-join me!"

The face of Unechebra flashed a lot of proud: "Seniors, I have already gained the strongest power in this world, and in my opinion, this world only has the most qualified to become my teammate ..."


Thank you, you can see me!

Shangyuan Nai is really a question mark.

What is the brain and courageous brain and courage?

Who can tell him now, why Yisi Bo sang this guy dare to persuade him, this guy is not really crazy?

Shangyuan Na is unlivaled, and immediately wrinkled his brow: "Sasuke, have you become crazy now?"

"No, I am unprecedented now."

Yiszo Sasukes stand in must be able to breathe, slowly shake his head, spread his palm, full of face: "Seniors, join me! I have already got an exceeding Yuxi Boss Force, change this tolerance with me! "

"Sasuke ..."

Shangqi quietly sighed, and took out his own old set: " "


Yuxi Bozuo has interrupted the original Needle, and his face flashed a regret. He looked at the original navigation softly: "Seniors, do you think a person who has changed world Weili will be flexed in a small village? ? "


Shangnai is falling into silence.

Yizhi Bozuo said that it is true, as a owner to change the world We Li, it seems that it is not too willing to be willing to be in a small village!

So the original nailed as the strongest ninja, in addition to the small village head of Yuyin Village, occasionally engaged in the secondary industry, part-time to be a legacy behind the scene ...

He, Shangyuan Na, and there is no problem behind the scene.

How Zhiso Sasuk This guy also wants to get rid of the wind! This is obviously a problem with your own cognition? Why do I think I exceed Yu Zhibo?

Now Yuxi Bozuo ...

It's really a leeks waiting to be cut by the original.

It is estimated that after Yuxi Bao spots jumped out, Unechebra helped the guy to meet, what is the power of Yuxibo spots means something ...


After the whirlpool, the whirlley came to Su Zhibo, and he couldn't compare, he flew a refused to retreat, suddenly on the side of the original Na.

The whirlpool is looking at the tall, and the son sounds: "Sasuke, now you, have you finally joined the big snake pill?"


The purple mustache's Blackfia is aiming at the whirlpool!

Yiszo Sasuke looked at the whirlpool, his face flashed a complex, the next moment suddenly became a slut: "Swirl sounds, now you can not be my opponent ... I want to kill you. It is easy to be in charge! "

"is it?"

The whirlpool is suddenly emerged as a layer of golden Chakra, and his eyes are staring tightly, Shen Sheng said: "But I have already taken my life to catch you, Sasuke, this time you must take you. go back!"

At this moment, the eyes of the Naruto are extremely determined.

At this moment, Sasuke's eyes are more determined.

At this moment, Shangyuan felt that he was a bit of a little.

After Uchimo Saso, after seeing the whirlpool, I ignored the existence of Shangyuan Needle, and I gathered my eyes on this once friend.

When the fierce war underground seems to be inconsistent with them, when the atmosphere between them gradually became more and more downsful, the corner of Unechebra helped his mouth, watching the whirlpool: "Then start now!"

The eyes of Unecheo Sasuke suddenly became crazy, and his voice gradually became more scorpion: "The whirlpool is the song ... Then start from you, let this world feel the pain of Ukiko!"

Next moment, Unechebra helped his teeth, he manipulated his own must, suddenly shot his black Yan giant arrow in the whirlpool!

"If you want to kill me, then come!"

After the whirlpool, a chakra giant hand has been drilled, there is a huge wind spiral hand in the sword, pressed toward the Black Junjian!

A burst of explosion sounded this earth!

The air spiral hand sword and the black chivalrie, the black and white two colors are quickly rotated, countless black inflammation is spiral hidden swords!

Two people have now launched a battle!

Shangqi Nai stood in the same place, looked at his two leeks and gumped, and he decided to continue harvesting your own trophy ... these refrigerated ninja can also provide you with superimposed properties!

On this battlefield, no one can be spared, everyone is looking for their own battles.

This is the fate of the endurance, no one can be isolated.

Flagkarcasi and flag wood have been handed over, depending on his own writing, barely keep up with my father's move.

The battle between the teachers and others is more fierce, and as two Ninja, which are equally good, the battle between the two people can't insert, can only see it. A powerful tattoo on the battlefield!

After I loved the hand in a brief man, I brought the help of the red sand, it is easy to suppress my father.

To be honest, my love is still quite complicated.

I didn't expect to have a day. He actually became a teammate with Red Sand, or fight with Red Sands ...

"This feeling…"

My love is very disappointing, and it is a bit fortificant, no matter how at least solve the crisis of Luo Same.

Compared to them ...

The battle between the three generation Lei Xingsai is swept.

Any Ninja in Yunyin Village is definitely not the opponent of the three generation Lei Xiang Ai and the cloth, even if the Chilaby is just passive beat.

"Hell Trouble · a hand!"

The three generations of Lei Xiang Ai's figure makes a lightning, suddenly rushing to the Qirabi location, this trick can definitely run the Chirabi's body!

In the war of Yun Yin Village and Yinyin Village, it was the three-generation Lei Xiang Ai used this trick to run through the miles of soil flowing down the rockle, and the clouds were escaped ...

"Finished ..."

The Silabi's sunglasses reflected the three-generation Lei Ying Ai's figure. His heart flashed a despair. This world impossible to have an enemy that can't solve the prison torn!

Next, a figure suddenly passed through his side, and it was simply unsatched the three-generation Lei Ying's arm. He kicked the strongest thunding and poured down!

"…what's the situation?"

Kiraby's mouth is conscious, his eyes look at a group of people in the seal, and seizes the three generations of Lei Yai.

The neck of Chilabi seems to be stiff and usually twisted, watching the people who defeated the Three-generation Lei Yai's four squares on the battlefield, is the original navigation.

The color of Chilabi shaked his face and remembered the fear of him and the four generations of Lei Yai Ai was defeated by the original navigation: "This guy can do it, it seems, it is not surprising ..."

This kind of thing is of course not surprising.

Shangyuan Na was in the battlefield, led the Ninja coalition forces to seal, this news quickly passed to the headquarters of the Ninja.

It seems that their candidates have no choice.

Whether it is the three generations of Si Shado, or the apeer and the four generations of Lei Ying, it is considered that the original navigation of the coallers is still very qualified. The second batch of ninja troops should soon solve it. ...

The apeer looked at the battle report from the front, slowly swallowed: "If this is left, there is only Yisi wave spheres and grandfather, it should have no problem?"

"The winch has been fixed."

The four generations of Lei Ying slowly nodded, Shen Sheng said: "There is at least no problem, the original Ninja can be entangled, tens of thousands of ninja easily fight Yu Zhibo spots, then go to encircle the big snake pill ..."


The three generations of Si Shado is holding a nod, whispered: "There should be no problem, although the guy is Yuxi Bao, it is impossible to stop the siege of tens of thousands of ninja?"

To be honest, there is still a bit unaccomive in the hearts of the wild.

Compared to Dashi, I have a good-eyed, how to smile this tolerance, after the frame is established, any Ninja who refused to join the wooden leaves, all of which escape the fire in the Wei Zhibo spheres.

In that era, no matter how magical blood, no matter how full of Chakra, no matter how proud home secret surgery, only after all, the Ninja, which is inheat, not enough.

Within the hidden base.

The big snake pills finally started to extract the nine tail of Chakra.

Because the defeat of the second batch of embassies in front of the front, the big snake pills have recognized a reality, and it is better to try to become a tail of the ten tail with the enemy.

If you really get the strength of the six cactors ...

The pharmacist sat on a chessboard, he calmly gazed on the chess pieces of the chessboard and disappeared, calmly put the chess pieces in his hands on the chessboard: "If this endurance really can become a neighborhood of Needers? ? "

In the next moment, the eyes of the pharmacist slowly looked up, and he looked at a coffin next to him. He gaked his sleep in the coffin, which was the body he had created in the legend of the characters.

Yuxi Bouvet.

Because the life of Yuxi Boss is nature, it is really troublesome to make him resurrect with its own strength.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and sighed. "Really, I have to fight for the big snake pill, let you pass!"

The finger of the pharmacist suddenly coats, his mouth overtilled a smile: "I hope that after you have passed, you can let Nealand people enjoy a good fight ... Needers, this is the legendary figure, but it is enough to reach the whole day ! "