I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 349 Tianqing (Fifth, ask a monthly ticket!)

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

The Ninja coalition is completely advantageous.

Shangyuan Narut is generally harvested by these embarrassments. The Ninja coalition soldiers looked at the enemy they could not solve, and they were allowed to be able to resolve his strength without anyone.

Only one of the two strong people in Saha Yin Village, burning the leaves waved a summoned a meterless fireball, and turned over to the original navigation!

"Burning · steam kill!"

"Wind, dragon roll!"

Shangyuan Needo waved to create a fan of rapid blow, his figure suddenly flicked appeared around the leaf!

"Don't be too irritated ..."

The brow of Shangyuan Naqi slightly frowned, the palm directly slammed the neck of the leaf! Slowly raised her body, and the next moment was emitted from his hands, and slowly frozen the body of the leaf warehouse into an ice sculpture. .

The body of the leaf warehouse is hidden in the ice sculpture, desperately wants to release the burning and break, just even if she fills the strength, it can only melt the ice from the incellation.

Shangyuan Na Run waved the leaves on the ground and looked at the seal ninja behind him: "Seal her!"

"Yes, the head leader!"

The Ninja, a team of seal classes, nodded, and pulled out the seal roll to seal the leaf warehouse.

These hours, the entire Ninja coalition forces have gradually got an awe and respect from the mood of the original Ninja.

Because they witnessed his power.

And if you follow the original, the task is too easy.

Shangyuan Na is not resisted.

His figure is like a ghost active on the battlefield, and sometimes there will be around the side of the ninjet, and the enemy is solved between the moment.

Whether it is ordinary, or all kinds of movie-level characters, as well as those column pilots before the villages, in his hands and unity.

During this time, I also defeated my teacher. After you seal it, I will seal the day, turn to the next to the original navigation: "The Shanghai guy is still trustworthy!" "


Maitkai also walked around and looked at the original navigation to solve the second generation of native, the second-generation shadow luminescell, commanding the seal class to print the two shadows.

Meta is full of face and admiration, he also nodded carefully: "Northland Needo is trustworthy."

"Now ..."

After taking a nod, I turned into the battlefield, whispered: "Second generations of native, second-generation water, three generations Lei Ying, Ji Fei teacher, four generations, four generations of water shadows Seed up ... "

The eyes are finally moved slowly, and they looked at a person who constantly swimming on the battlefield. The face gradually became serious: "If you say this, only the second-generation rigs of our village is left?" "

The shadow of the secrets of the vibration, only the second generation of rigorous shadows.

Even if it is a woody white teeth, it is also defeated by the flag woodkasi to use the written eye, the knife and Ray, just after winning the fate of the father, flag wood Cassi is the whole person. It's removal ...

"Is the Kato cut were also sealed?"

Located slowly.

Kato is really strong, but unfortunately, he still has no way to achieve what Warring States, and is easily solved by the leader of the original Nairi.

Even the soul was also received by the spirit of the soul.

In addition to the second-generation noodles of the flying thunder, there are only some of the enemies that have only one of Yizhi Bo.

He is still fighting with the whirlpool!

have to say.

Yischo Sasuke and the whirlpools have become very powerful!

The battle between the two people is extremely fierce, even if it is some powerful ninja, it can't intervene.

Although Unecheo Sasuke is still very stubborn from the perspective of war.

But everyone in the scene knows that Unecheo Sasuke can't escape, because the people in a pile of Xiangyun have surrounded their battlefield.

They are Ninja.

At least the Ninja at least, it is believed to be surrounded by the tissue. Unexpello is definitely can't escape, that is, the strongest mercenarian of the whole endure!

Shang Nai returned to the captain of each battle force, after the battlefield end of the battlefield, he also rushed to the battlefield of the whirlpool and Yuxio.

"Is there no end?"

Shangyuan Na retained to the people of all the people, he saw Didara desperately chewing clay, and his eyebrows couldn't help to jump: "Didala, what are you doing?"

"I am going to give Yuxi Bozuo to help a super-surprise art!"

Didala's two palms spit out clay, slowly gathered into a long quirky big bird, the face is ugly: "There are two left in this world. Kill one less ..."

Shangyuan Nai: "..."

You are really be careful!

When Yuxi Borath was pulled with Dida, when using the written eye to make Dida pulled illusion, he knew himself, since then, the guy in Didara began to target Yischo's life.

The miniature telescoped mirror cool on the left eye?

In addition to the camera and investigation, it is mainly to prevent write-wheel eye illusion.

C4 · Jaho Luo love?

It is usually not very conspicuous. Once used, it is in accordance with the super proportion of the super-proportion of Didara's appearance and body type. Once fry, it can distribute countless almost a clay spider, which can make people have been clay spider from Inside to fried into gray ...

This episode is for Uttimo.

Until, after Uchi Subperbus died, Didara guys didn't give up against Unexhuba, as if his life was not intended to Yishibo ...

Sometimes I really worry about Didala, if Dida is dead, what should I do in the meditation?

That isn't you really crazy?

Shangyuan Nairou slowly erected his finger, after the drug teacher got the news of the big snake pills, decided to start harvesting his leeks.

"Forget it, I will solve him!"

"Don't let me go!"

"You are always here ..."

Akly sand scorpion grabbed the Didala's arm, dissatisfied with the mouth: "Your guy is really not a life! Is it not almost killed?"

"what's the situation?"

The expression of Shangyuan Needle is a second.

Over the battlefield should threaten Didala? What's more, although the organization is not a matter of love, but the companion encounters dangers they will save people ...

So the original navigation is not aware.

I didn't expect Didara, and I'm doing it almost done?

After a second after the face of Red Sand, the low voice: "He has just caught the Huszhi Sasuke, whoever can't stop, the result is to help the must be able to catch up. It's not a whirlpool to save him, almost die in the hand ... "

"That is not always waiting here."

Shangnai raised the shoulders of Didara, shakes his head: "Now Sasuke is strong! Whether it is illusion or body, tuition,, almost no shortcomings ..."

After that, the Shangyuan Na will add another sentence: "Of course, for me, there is no advantage."

This is really confident this.

However, the power of the original navigation has always been in the power of almost no bottom line, no one knows how much he is.

Didala looked at him in his eyes, picking the eyebrows: "Don't look at the guy, his must be able to attack the attack."

"rest assured."

Shangqi Nai Lu smiled, step by step to the center of the battlefield: "In this world, no one knows more than I know."

After that, the appearance of Shangyuan Nairo floated, flew in the direction that must be Sasone, but he met a flying super jade helix hand in my face!

No wonder this battle is not able to participate ...

Even just a kind of conventional style, others are not able to pick up!

Shangyuan Na will beside the consciousness, avoiding the super-jade spiral hand sword, throwing a fireball, crush it completely.

"Shangyuan, don't come over!"

The whirlpool scorpion saw the arrival of the arrival, and couldn't help but highly said: "Sasu helps me to solve it!"


Yiszo Sasuke is in the middle of the must, and the operation must once again raise the long bow of the long bow in his hand, and the smile: "Who do you think you are?"


The whirlpool signs a chakra hients, once again generated a super-jade spiral hand sword, whispered: "The whirlpool moon!"


Yuxio sauo helped to close his own fingers, the face gradually became serious: "Let you see the strength of Yishabo's legend ...

This is beyond the power of Yuxioba, the whirlpool, congratulations, you become the first person to see this form, and die in it! "

In the next moment, the purple must have a sudden change!

A pair appeared under the purple mustache, supporting its body, directly enhanced its height momentum!

Countless purple Chakra appears on the body, and gradually makes this more huge must have become a new form, almost completely changed its look!

Single only is the body type completely exceeded the previous state!

The purple mustache is a huge powerful purple boots, the volume is very large, and its somewhat strange appearance has become a bit.

Yiszo Sasoned the body was also wrapped in a must-have a head, he slowly covered his eyes and felt the pain and powerfulness when you need to open.

Have to say, can this form must be the first use of Unechebra.

This form must be only a fourth form, not a true complete state, but it is no longer small for Sasuke.

Yiszo Sasuke looked at Shangyuan Na, whispered: "Although this is not completely developed, the fourth form must be enough to deal with you ..."


Shangyuan Na will be silent for a while.

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly reached out his finger to condensed a wind, and the hand was played in the air.

In the next moment, the sky was blown by the wind because there were countless stemming gathered, and the sun slowly shot down and fell on the body of purple.

It is bright.