I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 351, the spot, black and shattered, destroy it!

The plan should be a problem.

In accordance with the desirable expectations of Yuxi spots, he should now be reincarnatory, and completely resurrect with complete life, it is directly a tail column.

Now, his body is transheng.

On the spot, I didn't see the tail or the outer road.

The eyes of Yuxibo spheres slightly moved, starting to play the entire battlefield, and he has not cleared the battlefield, there is no doubt that no one is his department.

No, there is one.

The eyes of Yuxibo spheres finally stopped, fell on the black body, his gaze stayed in the ninja care of the black head, just look at it for a long time.

Yuxi Bottary is gradually caught in meditation.

After a while, Yu Zhibo spheres observed the situation around him, and his expression gradually began to become subtle.

Yisi Bo is a little hair, as if it is wrong.

What is it in this guy?

Who tells him, what is the situation now?

Who told him that why this guy would wear a ninja care, it seems that it is also responsible for protecting its ninja with a team!

The feeling of Yuxibo sphere is not very good. He looked around the people around him, and his fingers moved slightly: "Who can tell me, what is the situation now ..."

"That guy ... is Yuxi Bao!"

The crowd suddenly came out of a shout.

As for those who shout out Yisi Biblin, it is the intelligence captain of the Ninja coalition, which makes the expression of Yuxibo spots.

Darkness even returned to the original navigation: "Shangyuan, hurry to solve Yu Zhibo spots, he is controlled!"

Yishibo spheres.

What is this fucking?

The whole site was in a piece of Yuxi Boss.

Obviously everyone knows what is the legend of Sui Zhiwa, that is, it is a person who has been fighting with the ninja!

Any ninja in this era is difficult to enter his height!

Even if it is a person who once knows that Shang Nai defeated the thousands of hands, at this moment, it is shocked!

After all, I heard from someone else's mouth, it is better to see it!

Especially the stronger of Chakra!

Yuxi Bao spots did not pay attention to others, but when turned to continue to look at the black, the black suddenly suddenly lowered his head, and secretly passed the news to Yishibo spots.


The dark voice sounded from the heart of Yuxi Boss, because the embrace of the embossed body of Yuxi Boss has a round of angry, and two of them can communicate directly.

It's really afraid that I am still afraid of being in Sui Zhibo hot!

"What is going on, what is this?"

The sound of Yuxiobang is obviously incused to anger and impatient: "The genk is the little ghost? Yuxi wave belongs? And you are doing, are you betraying me?"

"No, I am the will of the big people."

I heard that Yu Zhibao is about to be angry, and the black is explained immediately: "But the current situation, the big people, we must temporarily hide our purpose!"

The black direct long-term short saying that all all the information told Yuxi Bo spots: "The long door is dead, Yishibo has betrayed us. He and the big snake pill will take the round look and the outer road. They are trying to become ten Tail column ... "

"Oh, really?"

Yuxi Bo snorted, directly expressed disdain against Unexpello: "I knew that little ghost will have a lot of ambition."


After listening, continue: "The big people, the five major countries have organized the Ninja coalition forces to discuss the big snake pills, so I and the original navigation is in the power of the Ninja coalition, waiting until we defeated the big snake pills will continue the month of the merits. "


Yuxi Bao is silent for a while, puts forward a little strange question: "Who is Shanghao Naide? Does our plan?"

"Shangyuan is a newcomer to join the merits of the merits in the past few years ..."

When you say this sentence, even for the original Needs, I don't have to praise: "This devil is the most talented person in the civilian ninja. If it is not an Shangyuan, our plan does not even walk this step."

If it is not the original Nairo, after Unexpell Belt, their moon's eye plan must have died.

Now, with the power of the Ninja coalition forces, it is a plan that is raised by the original naval.


Darkness and secretly looked at the original navigation, continued to deliver information to Yishibo spots: "Shangyuan Na is standing on the ninja opposite the spots.

Shangyuan Needo is our person, but also the team leader of the Ninja coalition, I am now the Captain of the Ninja Joint Army ... I have already blinded the 10th recovery, we must now rely on the power of the Ninja! "

"You ... you will play!"

Yuxi Bouvet has been caught in again.

After a while, Yu Zhibo spots had a very deadly question to black, "" "Is this Ninja coalition army, can I defeat the big snake pills and ten?"

This kind of Ninja coalition that can be mixed is ...

Do you really defeat the big snake pill?

Non-smine-splines put forward this problem, and there was a question that had had such questions, but now it seems that the Ninja coalition in Shang Shang's command is still good ...

"To tell the truth, I also think that the coalition is not very secure."

The dark voice faintly smashed, but the next moment it firmly confident: "But Shangji is the case of the coallers of the coalition, or this may have this possible ..."

"What about my identity?"

Yuxi Bouvelle asked this question.

From the mouth of the mouth, Yu Zhibo spots quickly clear all the current situation.

That is to say, he is now a tool that is reincarnated by the pharmacist to rehabilitate the Ninja coalition, the purpose is to become a tail of the tail of the tail of the Tail.

Darkness is also quite proud: "In order to ensure the month of the month of the month, I used to trick the big snake pill and pharmacist to live near the spot of the peak ..."

"Yes, this body can barely play some strength."

The eyes of Yuxibo spheres are turned to the two people around them.

A person is a thousand hands, this person is really annoying, it seems to be a blind body, should also be controlled;

Another person is a big living person ...

When Yu Zhiwu saw Unechebra, the eyes were slightly changed. How did this little guy be a bit like his younger brother Yuxuoquanna!

Darkness quietly noticed the movement of Yuxibo spheres, explained: "That person is Yuxi Bozuo, and is the last leg of Yuxi, he is our enemy."

Darkness is not transmitted to Yisi Bouvelle, so that Yu Zhibo's mood is not good, Unecheo Sasuke is also a person who is confused by the big snake pill.

These are their enemies.

The problem is not big, it is not panic at all.

For Yuxi Bang, as long as his strength is still, the problem is not big, even if someone has become a tail column, he can have a grasp.

"I know."

After the Sui Zhibo spoke, his voice appeared in the bottom of the heart: "I have already understood it now, what I want to do is to open the way, is it in the past?"


There is a vitality in the dark smile, it continues to open: "Ten tailed immediately to resurrect, big snake pill or Yishe Bo will soon become a tail of the tail, we can use the Ninja coalition to discuss them. !

After all, the strength of the tail is unimaginable. After these people have weakened the tail of the ten tails, I will find a person who has a round-e-eye, controls him completely, and then the big people are resurrected. At that time it is us. The beginning of the truly action! "


Yuxi Bou spots todped slowly.

Dark telling him that everything is very smooth, and they plan to have a little killer, but at least re-step into the right track.

Moreover, Yuxi Bouchen also perceived the resuscitation of the Ten ...

Even if Yuxi Boufei is now too late, who knows that the big snake pill or Yisi Bo belt will not become a tail of the tail, it is better to let the Ninja coalition will try to try the tail of him!

Yishibo spheres are very beautiful.

Unfortunately, when Yuxi Boupe is planning to open the way, a time space whirlpad appeared around Yishibo spheres, and Yisi Board has a shadow.

Yisi Bo will pose a handle fan to Yuxibo spheres, cold voice opening: "Spot, black has been betrayed, we have joined the Ninja coalition, it is to destroy ten tails, hurry to eliminate them. ! "


The eyebrows of Yuxibo spheres were slightly frowned.

At this moment, Yu Zhibo spots faintly feels not very wonderful.

As a newly resurrected person, he just learned from the black, and the Sui Zhistron provided another situation.

But the black is not his will, how can it betray him?

"Spot, 10 tail recovery is not bad for you, right?"

Under the mask of Yisi Bo, the blood red wrote eyes gazed to Yishibo spheres, Shen Sheng: "Even someone will first become a tail of the tail, but that person is your turn, you You can also reimburse him, and control him to resurrect you, and then capture the ten tail in his body? "


Yishibo spheres nodded.

As the legendary endurance, in addition to the thousand-handles, Yuxi Bao is impossible to fear any enemy, even if it is a ten-tail column?

Yuxi Bo Tong, this guy said yes ...

Even if someone has become a tail of the tail with his turn, Yuxi Bouchet is also a way to solve this trouble!

Yuxi wave looked at Yuxibo spheres, and the voice was shamped to continue.

I know that you can't change the translocking of the whole day, so I do everything possible to let the pharmacist and the big snake pills resurrect you during the whole day, just to let you deal with your will, black!

Spot, it betrayed you! "


Yushibo spots were in silence.

Yisi Bo belt and black and detained the words, respecting the other party to betray him. These two people say that they seem to be a bit.

It seems that the plan seems to have more than a matter of matter.

First of all, we must judge it. Who is betrayed in the merits of the merits!


At the end, I looked at Yuxi Bang, and I looked at the expression of Yuxiobang gradually became a puzzle.

Yuxi Bouvelle This person has just been deceived by him ... will not be born!