I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 352 is black, you don't contact me later (third! Search!)

Some are somewhat complicated.

The expression of Yuxibo spots is gradually not very good.

It is now Yisi Bo to the soil and the mouth of the mouth, everyone said that the other party betrayed the moon's eye plan, Yishibo spheres are actually tend to be trimming.

Black is nothing to have his will, it is difficult to say that he will betray him!

If it is not a Zhiso with the vow, it is said that the black and shattered, Yuxi Bao is absolutely never thinking that it will betray him.

One of the most critical points is that Unexpello belt and black, two people don't seem to be reasonable, and two of them say that the opponent's betrayal is not not.

Due to the intelligence captain in the Justice Camp Ninja, it said that he is a undercreach of the use of Ninja, and Yisi Bo will betray them, and there is a head;

Yischo took the soil and resurrected ten tails in the big counter camp. He said that it was briefly betrayed them, joined the Ninja coalition forces to destroy ten tails, and it also makes sense.

Grass, it's hard to judge!

Because the information on the hand on the hand is too small.

Yischo took the soil and looked at Yisibo spheres, and rushed to: "What are you waiting for? What are you waiting for? Let's solve the end of the army, hurry to get the Ten Ten tail!"


Yuxi wave spots continue to be silent.

Because of the continuous connection of the reincarnation, he urged him: "The big people, hurry to solve Unecy Board, he has been in secret and big snake pills!"


Yuxi Bouvet continues to be silent.

Fortunately, when this is the most tangled, there is a sentence next to the thousand hands, affecting the balance in Yuxi Bo's heart: "Hey, Yu Zhibo spheres, I didn't expect you to have a long tolerance. True black hand! "


After listening to thousands of hands, Yu Zhiwu screamed, looked at thousands of hands and smiled, scornfully: "Finally know the truth? Your brain is still so flexible, ! "

Yuxi Bao is slowly swallowing his arm, so he is so good: "Even if you know how can you? Yuxi wave has helped me resurrect ten tails, but I also re-re-re- Back to the endurance ... "

"Sure enough is you!"

The eyes of the thousand hands were slightly smashed, and they said: "It is no wonder that after the war of Valley, I didn't find your body, it seems that your layout started at that time ..."


Yuxi Bouvet seems to have thought about it, he slowly nodded, there were some heavy things in the voice: "Yes, when you capture the nine tail, I will have prepared it in advance. "

After that, Yu Zhibo spots hold the group of fans in his hand, Shen Sheng: "From that time I furnished all the plans, now everything is not my own ..."

Ok, in fact, Yu Zhibo spheres are hard.

Because everything is unexpected.

The current month's eye plan has already had a lot of problems, especially if the two guys who are in black and Yisi Bo belt will have some people betray him ...

at this time.

The black is still tirelessly linked to Yishibo spots: "The big people, hurry to kill Unexpea, let the Ninja coalition will open the road! We must take it as soon as possible ..."


The sound of Yuxibo spheres is a cold, his voice is in the middle: "Don't contact me later!"

Listening this is a bit unpredictable.

After the black is finished, it is only a bit stupid!

After the next moment, the black and truthfully thought of a possibility, that is, Unexpello belt is deceiving Yu Zhibo spots!

The black is in a hurry to persuade: "The big people, Yuxi Bo belt soil is betrayed with our people ..."

"It doesn't matter who will betray me."

Yuxi Boupeng interrupted, his voice gradually became calm, his confidence returned to his body: "Wait until I solve everyone, resurrection becomes a tail, everything will return to the right track "

After that, Yu Zhibo spheres gaze the next one by one of the Ninja, the tiger, Shen Sheng: "Anyway, these Ninja will be our enemies sooner or later!"

Although it makes sense.

But it is still a bit not a taste in the darkness.

To be honest, this moment is a little bit to want to swear.

Everyone has established sincerorately, who has been with you in the underground base, have not a little bit silently, do you have a little bit?

What is the trust between people?

Is it biased by a few words of Unechebra?

Mom, Unexpected, there is no brain!

Darkness, I really feel that I have to be killed by Yuxi Bo!

This religion Yuxi is really unfriendly, from the beginning of the Dotho era, there is no Yuxi wave is normal!


Black finally collapsed.

Yuxi Bao is really a sick!

Why do he believe that Unexpello belt soil, not to believe it! It is clear that two people who are with Unexpello belt are actually lie to him ... Just because Uzhi Bo belt the bastard and his surname Yishibo?


Black slowly clenched his fists, full of sadness: "Your future generation is really like you ... Are they so big?"


For more than a thousand years, Ashura's Chakra turned off the world, and a hard-to-death, it is not cheating!

Because Dharo's Chakra has not much brain, but he always likes to install a first thing of the old scorpion force!

The dark eyes slowly turned, staying on the original Nairi, this moment it seems to be able to draw a warm warmth from the Shangyuan Nairi, who is also believed.

This endurance is too complicated, or it is better to be cheated.

The black eyes moved slowly, stopped on Yuxi Boss, now they can only defeat Unexpected Boss, can you grab the round and ten end from the big snake pill?

No, there is another way.

That is, it is now, and I will go to the Geo, and I will go to the Yuxian Boss. This thing is not a ... The problem is that it is rare to sneak into the Ninja coalition, always can't waste their power whiten?

"What is the predecessor, what is it now?"

Shangyuan Na Luo appeared around the black, waving his perceived ninja, whisper: "I remember that after the universal strength is so strong, you can get rid of the control, spot ... It is impossible to survive Control? What should we do? "


I hesitated when I was stinking.

After a second, I told Yuxi Bao and my own conversation immediately, and it was considered that Yu Zhiso was kidding Yuxi.

If you can…

Black is really hoping to be the blood of Unecage Bo!

In this way, the blackness of simplicity, the hope of the resurrection coaching, the hopes of the night!

Black finally realized a problem, and when the eye of the month was encountered, Shangyuan Na will appear around it, give it confidence and warmth.

As for the Sui Zhibo sphere, even if the strength is stronger, if you still escape, you can't escape the strange circle!


Shangyuan Nair is also in silence.

Because all this is his dark.

It seems that everything doesn't have his expectation.

Oh, this endurance only can he can be a black hand after the scene, and if the trocar is still going to grab the position with him?

Even if it is Yu Zhibo, as long as the original navigation is willing to spend the thought, it is not to manipulate!

Isn't this successful?

After Yuxi Bao just resurrected, Shangyuan Na will guess that the black is likely to let Yu Zhibo spotted directly to quit the battlefield, so that Yuxi speck can't fight, how do he beat Yisi Bo spot to reward?

And the big snake pill has just drawn the nine tail of the water gate, let the ten tails completely recover, but the big snake pill wants to absorb the ten tails into six, big snake pills, now also need some time.

During this time, you have to make Yuxi Boli struggle.

What's more, I really go straight to the Sui Zhibo spots that may become six roads. Shangyuan is a little hair, I also want to take a few awards through the escarrier this guy. After all, the task of Yuxi Boss is really a lot ...

Defeat Unexpected Boss.

Forced out the people who have a good fortune.

The strongest name that recognizes from the Xushibo spikes.

In addition, there are some messy tasks.

For example, interrupt the legs of Yishihua spots, let him not dance ... this is what stuff!

Crushing the two inexplicers ... This is still normal ...

Due to the particularity of Yuxi Boss, many of the tasks about Yuxi Boss can only be done in the fourth endurance battle.

Some task rewards will definitely be too low! Upward Nairou, of course, I don't want to let Yu Zhibo spheres of this long lush leeks.

Yuxi Boze is the most reversed role of the entire Naruto World.

Whether it is Yuxi wave belt soil, black and big tube Hui Hui night, it is not only one grade than the charm of Ukiwa Spots!

It is said that the creators of the fire shadow world have been mentioned, and the power of Yuxibo spheres is a person who does not know how to defeat.


Shangyuan Needan, but arranged Unexpello to the soil, but also arranged a thousand hands to hold this room, all this is his arrangement.

Unfortunately, the black is not known.

The black is still immersed in the pain of Unexpell Spots and refused to trust it.

"Forget it."

Shang Nai retailed to the pig cages, patted the black shoulders, softly sigh: "Then we can only try to defeat the big people, you will continue to communicate with the big people, I will also fight, I will persuade him ...

We overcome his hopes may be embarrassing, but the big people left the round look and to seek peace for the tolerance, he definitely understood the elderly. "

At this moment, Shangyuan Needs did not forget their own people.

He is a black-trip to perform the eye plan to perform the month, and let the Yuxi Boli spots who leave the round look and will see the ignorance of the moon.

This is an evolution of the Emperor of the scene.


The black is sighing, and sighs a good air: "I just didn't expect that he would be cheated by Unexpello, which was designed together ..."

Speaking of this, black and hurriedly stopped.

Because Yu Zhibo spheres are ruthless, the black performance is obviously not qualified, it almost forgot to set up the people in front of the top.


Shangyuan never wrinkled.

The black sigh, the hoarse voice: "Design ... how can the long-standing reincarnation ..."


The original nephew nodded at will.

Just when they chat here, the Mi Zhiwa's spheres will be behind the group of fans in the hand, and one person is going to the entire Ninja.

The eyes of Yuxibo spheres slightly move, just calmly watch tens of thousands of ninja, still did not stop his footsteps.

"Yuxi Bozuo ... see clearly."

When Yishibo spheres were talking to Saso, he didn't look back. He just suddenly tightened his palm, and the voice was gradually high: "see clearly ... a Zhi Zhiyu ... fighting!"