I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 354 is the forever, will your meteorite have a second?

Yuxi Bang ... just this?

Yuxi Bouvet's declaration before the battle, Sasuke thought it was really able to see the ancestors in their race!

Yuxi Bao is really extraordinary when you have just shot, with an enemy to suppress the entire Ninja coalition, just soon, I will be trapped in the original navigation!

Sports, lost to the top.

Illusion, lost to the top.

Sold, lost to the top.

Even if it opened the fourth form, it must be caught by the original navigation, it seems that it doesn't take advantage of it!

This is that Yuxio Sasher wants to be wrong.

Single only is whom, Yuxi Bao Pot and the original Naida have almost no difference, a rich fight experience, a combat skillful skill, just is just the original navigation, just a trick.

And from the body to judge the strength, now Shangji Na will not open ten-fold strengthening, in the normal state, he does not exceed Yuxi Bao, how much is the thousand, everyone can take the tail beast as a ball Kicking and playing ...

As for illusion, this is no way.

Yina is the ultimate Yin property Chakra, and writing the eyes is only a way of displaying the power, this is the congenital pressing.

Susperse, is also the same.

After all, Yu Zhibo's fire in Chakra, no matter how it is unable to fight against the two levels of the two levels in the original nature.

Unecheo Sasuke does not understand these.

Because in his sight, Yu Zhibo spheres and you really have no difference, their battles are pressed by the original navigation, and the ending is not different.

Everyone is surnamed Yu Zhibo ...

Everyone can open the must-have ...

Everyone is also ranked by the original navigation ...

This ... can you have anything different?

Not the same.

Yuxi Bao is still calm.

Even if I arrived at the original Na, I kicked my fourth form, and the look of Yuxibo spheres still did not change, all of which were in his expectations.

after all…

A person who can compete with him in vitality, can kick the fourth form, and it is not surprising.

"You are really interesting."

The eyes of Yuxibo spheres through the mustvalence body, look at the Shangyuan Na, the air floating, softly open: "Shangyuan Na, if you want to stand around me now, I can compassion and allow you to come over I."


Shangqi Nae's eyelid jumped.

Why do he feel this sentence is a bit familiar?

Yishibo spheres and Unechebra do you really have no problem? Why is their character and as too like, they don't want to persuade him!

Shangji frowned, his face hesitated: "But ... Why should you be a predecessor to let us open the road?"

"Your courage is really big!"

Yuxi Bao's fingers slowly, and the open mouth: "Since you gave up the opportunity to stand around the victory, then standing there to be my enemy!"

Next, the tall must have changed the moment, and the back of its back is once again long, and the four palms have respectively hold a blame blue featuring sword!

"It's terrible!"

Shangyuan Na was watching this scene, and his face was slightly showed: "It is only necessary to be able to exceed the help!"

Single discord and the application of Zass, Yishibo spots have made a variety of new patterns to play a variety of new patterns!

The fighting in the Warring States Times and the talents of the thousand-handles, let Yuxi Bo spheres are like the arm!

"Hey, are you ready to die?"

The mouth of Yuxibo sphere has a slight smile.

Next moment, the blue must be able to steal the ground, suddenly the ground, waving the sword in his hand, jumping over the original!

Yuxibo's blue must be unusually flexible, under his manipulation, this tall giant is as sensitive as ordinary people, and whether it is speed or strength far exceeds the purple festival of Uzhi Boa!

A blue sword rate will come over!

Shangyuan Nae lost in the air to avoid the blue sword, I saw the sword wiped his body and quickly fell on the earth!

Blue swordscent crushed the earth, leaving a deep gully!

This hit, let the entire Ninja coalition will not dare to go!

This battle is no longer fighting, this is a more terrible battle than Huizhi Sasuke and whirlpool!

Yuxi Bao is standing in the mustvalence, and it is necessary to force the sword that must be moved in his hand, and it is a blue sword!

The earth is shaking down in his attack!

The Ninja coalition watched the tall blue giant fierce, they almost scared did not dare to move!

"Come and see the strength of Unexpello!"

Yuxi Bao looked at the original navigation. His voice gradually became bright: "Shangyuan Na, and dance me in the end of the end!"


The original neck is very good.

Next, Shangyuan simply slammed the blue sword gas, and the moment of escaped a must-have attack!

Until he appeared in the top of the blue mustache.

"Your speed is really fast."

Yuxi Boupeng looked with the original naval, and looked at him. He appeared in front of himself, and his nodded, continued: "Unfortunately, now you must be able to break it. Absolute defense ... "

"I know."

At the last navis, I watched the Sasuke below, and slowly cleared his fists, whispered: "Before you came to the battlefield, I just took one."


Yuxi Bao's mouth hook, smile and continue to hold his arm: "Hey, I am not the same as the little guy who has just opened the path of straightness ..."

"in my opinion…"

Shangchao, in the body, Chakra flying quickly accumulated in the box, he fierce a punch on the head!

A crack appeared in the top ...

Next, the blue must be able to keep up with the sky, and its thirteen instantly broke a slit, and finally directly became the virtual!

Shangyuan Na is watching Yuxi Bouvel, screwing his wrist, feeling the power of anti-earthquake, softly opening: "You don't seem to be different ... all can destroy the goods."


The eyes of Yuxibo spheres slightly, whispered: "It's a shocking, even if it is the same year, you can't do it, freehavity to destroy it."

The mouth of Yuxi Bao is still hooked again. His eyes are fixed to look at the original navigation, and smile will be floated on his face: "Although you are destroyed by the fourth form, this is also enough to let me To praise you ... "

The problem is not big.

Yuxi Bao is still so calm.

Because for him, the real battle has just begun!

Whether it is the fourth form of must, it is still the previous body confrontation, all of which is only the congestion of U.S.

Generally, he can solve it with just a trick.

"So, the warmth between us is over!"

The eyes of Yuxibo spots were slightly smashed. Chakra on his body gradually gathered. He went to the surroundings in your indifference, and he also saw the Ninja coalition forces that were trying to close him and the original Nairi.

"Before that, you have to clean up the mixed fish!"

Yuxi Bao is soaked, it seems to have been thinking about it. The mouth is still holding a smile: "There are tens of thousands of ninja, all the ninja in the five major countries are here? Just in this person, you can use the one Beautiful tolerance! "

Next moment, the eyes of Yuxibo spots suddenly changed.

The spots suddenly coats, and his voice gradually became more disturbing: "Then let you see the power of another person in that era! Mu Wei, tree, emission!"

Between the moment, his back drilled a root vine!

With the palm of Yuxi Bao, these huge vines began to grow, and they quickly moved toward the Ninja coalition forces and Shangyuan Na.

"My current identity can be the Captain of the Ninja Coalrons ... These lovely parts, only I have qualified to hurt them ..."

The original neighborhood has gradually low, and quickly closes your palm!

A group of Jenoshi began to spread outward from his feet, forming a beautiful blackfish lotus!

These black inflammates have burned all the vines in an instant!

The woods and trees have fallen by the Upper, and they are easy to resolve!


Yuxibo spots watched a black, spread to his body, and he was uncontroducer as a round-eye to absorb Chakra in Blackfish.

The eyebrows of Yuxi Bao finally wrinkled: "Sure enough, even if the wooden in the column, will it be able to encounter a restraint attribute in the endurance?"

In the next moment, the fingers of Yuxibo spheres fiercely, and made an unusual strange handprint. His weekend suddenly drifted Blu-ray that had to be able to do.

The blue of the three-headed arm must be able to learn the appearance of Yuxi Boss, and the cooperation has launched a powerful surgery!

"Then let you try it ..."

The eyes of Yuxibo spheres slightly, stared at the Shangyuan Nairou and many Ninja coalitions that gathered Jiu Yan, whispered: "An absolutely unable to be classified!"

A huge Chakra flows in the air!

The clouds in the sky have gradually become deep, and it seems that something is agitating the atmosphere, so that these clouds begin to gradually gather!

A shadow slowly appeared in the top of everyone!

That is a huge round meteorite!

It is one of the odds of the round to the eye, the earth is aloud!

Everyone seems to have to have, not to raise his head, look at the shadow that is gradually falling in the air ...

Each ninja's face is not rishes to be cold, desperately released the blade in his hand, looks at the emperor's meteorite dropped from the sky!

No matter how powerful ninja, at this time, I only have desperate and shock at this moment. They can only visite the falling meteorites!

No matter what I use now, I can't resist the impact of the meteorite dropped from the sky!

Ninja coalition command.

They have also perceived the situation of the battlefield.

Whether it is a master or four generations of Lei Yai Ai, the three generations of Shu Shandan, these are sitting in the town's shadow, but only the cheek drops falling cold sweat, waiting for the results on the battlefield.

Just when everyone waited for the desperation before the end of the day, a slender and dazzling flare took directly to the meteorite, and detonated the meteorite!

Then, a burning flame suddenly flying from the bottom of the meteorite, like a flame, the umbrella is like a flame, and quickly gathered, and the stone pieces split out of the meteorite are all gathered, and they fly into them. Dust!

This fire is very beautiful!

It's like a fireworks, but it's gorgeous!

Everyone's eyes are not from autonomous turning to the person who uses fire to take directly to the meteorite, and the survings of the rest of the robbery have a big land!

"The team grows!"

"It is the original team leader!"

It is the original naval to use fire to create a beautiful fire, destroy the meteorite dropped from the sky, and even the broken block after the explosion of the meteorite is directly detonated by the flame, and it is dust!

Shangyuan Needan ignored the cheers of everyone, slowly collapsed his fingers, looked at the beginning of summoning meteorites, and there seems to have some odds in his tone.

"Plane, will you have a second one?"


Today's Ni Zhibo spots is a bit more.