I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 355, how do you play more than Yuxi? (The third!)

There is a second in the sky.

Yuxi Bouvet wants to see that these ninja is desperate and helpless, just before life and death, it is desperately burst of his potential to block his temper.

Then when these ninjas were lucky enough for their own lifetime, they suddenly destroyed by the second tempering gerberism. This kind of play with people is not too cool.


Plan a little bit of problems.

The second meteorite of the earthquistence is soon falling down, but the Ninja coalition will no longer have desperation, but the eyes look at their coallers.

Shangyuan Na will not be expected.

A pair of wings appeared behind the Shang Shang, driving his body, this man with three pairs of wings, like the true angel, flew down the meteorite dropped from the sky!

A punch!

The second is crushed by the original punch!

The hot flame suddenly spurted from the original Nairi, and the stone blocking stone was drowned, and the sky was completely destroyed!

"Really ... I feel that we don't need us!"

Looking at this scene, the smile on the face is unable to laugh and open the mouth: "Xiaonan ... really tears an excellent disciple!"

"I just want to open the door ..."

My eyes were slightly tightened. His eyes stared at the original navigation, and some were somewhat nervous. "But I have a feeling, now I will open the eighth door, I should open the eighth door. Strong! "

"Shangyuan guy ..."

My love is also full of dignity: "Is my illusion? I always feel that this guy seems to have been with us not in a time!"


Flagkarcarci slowly stroked his mask, sighed a picture: "Fortunately, the master is full of people, inviting the original joining the Ninja coalition ..."

Unfortunately, Shangyuan Na will not be able to hear this.

Now Shangyuan Na is slowly driving his wings, falling in the side of Yuxi Boss, and the battle between them has not ended!

"It's a terrible young man!"

Yuxi Bouvelle sighed, he looked at the original navigation, the expression became more and more serious: "Shangyuan Na, I thought you were unable to dance, I didn't expect your state, I really be more than I imagined!" "

Shangyuan Needan slightly smiles his eyes, showing a mild smile: "So the elders will give me the merits of the merits, is it former generations, now I still refuse to open the way?"

The original Needs are still responsible.

Basically, there is a black pot to get on the dark head.

"Ha ha…"

Yuxibo's face was scratched, his fingers suddenly coated, whispered: "Don't be too mad, little ghost! Not every big man will be willing to fight all the best and no greater children! "

After saying this sentence, Yu Zhibo spheres are self-low and low: "But ... this is a little guy who is called Shang Nai, is a person who is absolutely unable to be in a small! Qualifications."

"So, I am full of fighting!"

Next moment, the body of Yuxibo spheres suddenly drilled out countless blue light!

A slapped and strong Chakra ran out of Yuxi Bao, almost let him scattered the hair brought the air blown from Chakra!

Under the foot of Yuxi Bou, I suddenly drilled a huge need. This time I had an unprecedented huge body, more than any of the people they have seen!

Whether it is Yisizuo and Unechebra, their brothers must be able to be able to find out the same level at all, whether the brothers must be able to break out now!

"Not finished yet!"

Yuxi Bouvet looked at the eyes of the victory. It hooked in the horizon: "Shangyuan Na, the Ninja, I have seen it now, this is the most powerful power of this world!"

The blue mustache's surface is once again fluttering Chakra!

These Chakra blocked in order to armor, tightly surrounded the blue must be surrounded, and Yishibo spheres must be a complete body!

A high must be standing above the earth!

The blue mustas by this complete form must be like a real martial art, single just standing there, give people a sense of strong oppression!

Next, the blue must pull out his own troire!

A blue sword light shines in front of everyone, a fierce sword, and suddenly cut off the mountains of the two mountains!

The magma sprayed out from the mountains!

"This is…"

I looked up at the complete body, I showed a shock on my face. I even said that I didn't say bad: "Legend ... Is there a power of Unexpell?"

"Yes ..."

The eyes are also slightly solidified, and the sound gradually has become a little low. "It is really unimaginable. How did the initial generation of the initial generation of this year?"

After I love to nod, my emotions gradually somewhat depression: "To say the truth, there is no way ... completely let life can't resist the will ..."

"Now I am burn again!"

Meteka did not panic, and suddenly broke out of the same powerful Chakra. He entered the status of the seventh door in an instant!

Myrtle's heart is really no panic.

Or, since I opened an eight-door · Dead door, I didn't panic in this guy, because he can judge the dead door to defeat the enemy.

I have died once ...

What is terrible?

The original Naidu doesn't have to worry about death, it will not be afraid.

I'm going to keep the whole body, I'm trying to touch myself :: "Which method should I beat you now? It's hard to choose ..."

To be honest, the base card is a bit more.

No matter which one card is drawn, it seems to be a fight.

What's more, I got a lot of rewards in the battle, which also rewarded a skill that only saw a little outrageous.

Branch mission: Crush the sky with fists (11), the task has been completed, reward skills must kill the skills · Serious series · Care.

Careful: When you get up your own energy use carefully to attack the enemy, you will bring you unfair to the enemy, and the specific power is unknown. The specific consumption is unknown, but it will not exceed all of themselves.

If you just look at this skillful name, then this skill looks really like a uncomproved waste skill ...

Even the skill power is not described.

Shang Nai felly cleaves his fists, sighing a gap: "This is really a good skill after seeing it ..."

True, head bald.

But I really want to try it!

No matter how you look at it!

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai slowly moved, and stopped on the Yuxi wave spot that must be protected from the head crystal, and the arm slowly explored the preparation.


Yishibo spheres notice the movement of the original Needle, his mouth grining: "Do you want to use a fist to crush? Is it? I have to be a full body?"

"Must kill ..."

Shangyuan Na's face was black for a second, and slowly recovered normal, he believed that he would only need to release this skill ...

No matter how shameful names will become a symbol of strong people!

Shangyuan Na's body suddenly rushed to the need, and the mouth was in the mouth: "Serious series ... Serious!"


Everyone's brain has a question mark.

Only Yu Zhibo spots did not have a question mark, because in his line of sight, the Shangyuan Nairi, who was holding a box, suddenly became a tall figure!

Obviously he reached out is only a general box!

Yuxi Bin saw is a mountain average fist. In front of the original Nair Folk, the whole body must be as small as an ant!

Unable to resist!

No, it is completely unable to give birth to the heart!

A blood red dead word appears around the fist, as if this fist can make Yizhi Board to die!

"Is it illusion?"

Yuxi spots quickly shaken his head, immediately judged the situation: "It is absolutely impossible ... No one can let me fall into illusion!"


Shangyuan Nair's fists have fallen on the body that must be affordable!

Just as everyone wrinkled with a brow, I looked at this scene. I didn't think there was a miracle. Because the original navigation is more than his previous momentum.

Is it because his strength is finally exhausted?

Even if it is to say that it is a must, it is praised this punch ...

Only people who really feel this punch are Yuxi Boupe, he only felt a huge force instantly swept the entire need, and even his body!

"How can it be…"

This force is basically unable to resist!

Even if you use your, you can't continue to maintain your need. The power of that punch is absolutely unable to resist. The feeling of falsification is like being judged to win and life and death!

next moment…

The whole must be a fragmentation!

Even the Sui Zhibo spots in the crystals are also dusty!

Shangyuan Nair's boxing stabbed a bunch of boxing, and the moment was swept in all in front of him, and all the trees ridiculous hills were flat!


The whole site is silent.

No one thought that the original Naja is unbelievan directly to collapse the general full body of Yuxi Boss, and a punch will be asked ash!

to be frank.

It's really a bit like a holiday.

If it is not the original Nair's fist, a box of boxing swept everything is like a time overtime show, the Ninja coalition in the scene is a bit to refund.


Didara is very fascinating, his face is very puzzled: "Do you have a feeling, their fighting is more fake than the battle of Unexpected Boohed and Unechebra?"