I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 356 Original Green Tea: I don't want to let the seniors disappointed ... (fourth!)

If Yu Zhibo spheres know that Dida pulls this kind of thought, he should make his dog head, let Didala come to personally feel the simple punch.

This is not a weird Dada.

After all, the original navigation has always been very low, it is very high, such a thrilling battle should not end this!

This is also too grassroots!

Opposite to Yuxi Bouvelle!

"To be honest, I also feel a little bit a little ..."

The expression of Red Sand is also some subtle, his eyes move slowly to look at the oldest corner: "The neighbor is not to cross the hands with the initial generation? It should be judged from the hands of the initial generation of Yuxi Bang. Power? "

"and many more!"

Didala still answers, immediately open: "If you follow the statement of Scoris Dan, then the corner is unfained in the hands of the first generation of the thousand-handles, and Yuxibo spheres are also lost between the thousands of hands. Under the hand, so ... "

Dida pulled his miniature telescope, and his eyes slowly looked at Uti Boss spots that were slowly recovered. He also looked at the corner. The voice gradually gotten: "The truth is only one ..."


The flying segment shot his thigh, laughing: "Your idiot will not think that the corner is as strong as the !"

"Do you think I am your idiot?"

After Dida Laure, after the flying section, Dida scared his shoulders, hip hip hip Tricks: "I just suspected that when I was fighting in the year, I was thrown at the beginning of the first generation. A handle, the sword, hahaha ... "


The forehead of the corner is violent.

He sooner or later, Didara is a tease to change the replacement!

The topic of the tissue runs clearly, and of course, as long as there is a place where Didara and Flying sections are in place, this is basically very few topics that will not run.

Non-taught people.

There is a little bit of a little less than this side.

I also saw that the original Nai's beautiful and unbelievous, after the full body, his chin is almost shocked!

"what's the situation?"

It will be that this will be a bitter battle.

After waiting until the last defeat of the original navigation, he has also thought of he and Muttea and others have been added.

Flagkakasi has grown his own written eye, and he is also a simple incredible: "If you don't read a wrong, it should be the original navigation directly to play a punch, then break the Sui Zhibo spheres must be able to ..."


Everyone's eyes are not looking at the flag-like Kaki, and this battle is going to be outline. If you have the explanation!

That is Yu Zhibo spot!

That is, complete body, you must be able to!

How can it be shredded by a punch!

There are only two people who really understand the truth, one is the original navigation, he only feels that his body is unprecedented, and the huge life energy and Xianke Chakra are consumed by this punch!

In strict, this punch is indeed invincible, but unfortunately consumes too much, basically it is unable to control all energy!

Whether it is life energy or Xianke Chakra energy, Chakra, who is in the original Na, and it will change directly into 1 point!

If someone sneak attacks at this time ...

That means that the Shangyuan can only use the endless anger of the fire, waiting for a second time to restore Chakra, continue to open the enemy's skills ...

The consumption of this punch is too amazing!

Fortunately, after defeating the Sui Zhihu, 20% of Chakra with the gas, plus the ten-fold recovery effect in the cactus mode, restore 8640 points of life energy and 4320 points Chakra.

Just just a short one or two minutes, Shangyuan Na will return to the peak state, this time is not enough to chat!


Another problem has been discovered in Shangyuan Na.

Use carefully, this skill will sneak your hair!

Because he did really drop a hair, he will never lose your hair in a high degree of life energy!

Hair is still stealing.

Simply leaving.

As for another person who feels seriously punched ...

Yuxi Bouvet.

His body is still recovering slowly.

Just now Yisi Bo is still full of shocking and intake, because the punch just now is too amazing, Yisi Bao is even feeling that the truth between the thousand-handles can not hold That punch!

This is a little ghost called the original navigation, it is a bit too much!


Yuxi Boufei contacted the black and tied to give a stairs.

Because of the black told Yuxi wave spots, the original navigation is actually a person.

Yuxi Bouvet does not ask if it is not necessary to comply, directly open questions: "Is this bad, what is this little devil?"


I heard the voice from my heart, and I was silent.

If the last name of the original Nairo is Yuxi Bo, it is possible to do the power of the round to the eye, and it is also very important to say a word to Yishibo Pot.

Spot, don't contact me, I am afraid of the original mistake.

Unfortunately, if there is no.

Black only can only put everything on the body of Yuxi Boss, after all, the pair of reincarnation of the tail is a column, it is Yisi Boss all.

Moreover, Yuxi spots also got some Chakra, Dhalo and Ashura, is the best choice for starting a unlimited month.

Do it, what can it do?

I can only forgive Uriwangmao!

" ..."

In the dark voice, there are some small capers, and the hoarse voice is low. "Is the big people feel the powerful Nairi?

Shangyuan, I have seen the most diligent ninja, I have been deceiving him is a successor who is working hard! And there is not enough power, it is unable to inherit the moon's eye plan and the will of the people! "


Yuxi Bo wrinkled frowned, couldn't help but continue to sneak, "" Inheriting my will, what do you mean? "

"In fact, I have been deceiving."

Now Yuxi Bouvet is willing to take the initiative to relate, and the black is naturally not concealed, and immediately tells the lies of the original navigation.

"Shangyuan Nairou is very easy to deceive, I just told him that the six immortals passed the will of Peace to the meritorious people, but the big people were in the past, and the comrades and the eyes of the moon were passed back to the eye. door.

Shangyuan Nair is a long door, and he is a child of the fate. It is the executor of the moon's eye plan. It is also the successor of the long door. So everything he does is in order to achieve the moon And efforts. "

After that, after the finishes, the black is still explained: "I don't have to worry about the loyalty issue of Shangji, I have been monitoring him every day, lasted a short time, he has always been a very hard child.

Just because I plan to tell him a little proud, he began to think that he was the successor of fate, this is simply exactly the same as the long door.

Shangyuan Na will be regarded as a tool to achieve the purpose of the month, in addition to our opinions of the eye plan, anyone is not in his eyes. "

These are true.

Because the black is once in Su Zhiwei to be betrayed, it is really monitored by the original navigation, and it determines that he will definitely be discovered by the original navigation.

At that time, it was the time of the original navigation of Naja, and it was found that the original navigation was except for cultivation, it was immersed in the greatness of the merits of the month.

Black finally determined one thing ...

Like this person and Yisi Bo pole, it is finally broken by it.

These endurance genius, the brain is problematic.

Once some people tell them what destiny, the choice of destiny and God, they feel that they are really destiny ...

Oh, just a tool.

The only thing that makes it unacceptable to accept that the original naval is now strong to be too expected.

Sometimes, the black is really saying that it is true. The Shangyuan is actually a six cactus, Yuxibo spheres and the successor of the long ...

Due to the discovery, after some talented soup, the degree of diligence and strong speed of their diligence and strong speed.

Unexpectedly, Yu Zhibo spheres have finished taking the truth, there is still a bit appreciation of the original navigation: "What? I didn't expect this year, the endurance can still have this genius ninja, depending on the strength. I and the column are more like ...

If he is born in the Warring States era, maybe I will have a lot of common languages ​​with him, even the eye plan of the month can be shared with him. "

They are all the same pride.

They all have the same goal.

They all have extremely powerful power. Unexpectedly didn't worry that they were in the hands of the original Nair, and he is now a body that is born, and the power is not complete enough.

What's more, even if you really defeated?

Do you still die?

In the same year, Yischo's pain was in the hands of the killer. It is not still a repeated war. Now he can resurrect, and will it be more great to live?

And the person between the thousand-handed post?

In addition to the column cells and a face of the dirty, the person is there?

It is not terrible for a time failure.

Terrible is that after the failure is unable to stand.

"I can't stop him anyway."

Yuxi Bo spheneped his head, starting with the black tick: "If you are telling the true, then he is a talent; if you dare to lie to me, then I will use yin and yang now. Sell ​​you! "


Black shook his head, Shen Sheng: "I have never betrayed an overspot adult, really betraying you is Yuxi Board!

The big people can try to use yin and yang to control Unexpello, because the traitor will go to this step today! "


After Yuxi Bouchen recovered, he had his finger!

Before the death of Yuxi, Yishiwei left the land of Unecy, he left the talent and Chakra, and he always grasped the life and death of Unexpello.

Unexpectedly, the face of Yuxibo spots changed.

Because Yuxi Bouvet detonated the spell in the heart of Yuxi Board and Chakra after Chakra, he relented the recovery of the spell.

"This feeling ..."

Yuxibo spots slowly put his fingers, and it was ahead of his head: "Black, Yisi Bo belt is a rubbish, he is killed! It seems that the guy of the big snake pill is more difficult than we think. ! "


Darkness immediately thought of something that he had encountered. At that time, when Yu Zhiwei was completely betrayed, the territory appeared to work with Big Snake, but they didn't have a war.

The black voice has some yin: "I remember that Yisi Board and Big Snake Pills seem to have worked together ... and those who have cooperated with the Big Snake will not have anything!"

Now Yishibo belt soil must be killed by the big snake!

Even the body is reincarnated by the crude earth!

Just when I was still thinking, it seems to be aware of, immediately transfer information to Yu Zhibo spheres: "The big people, let us go to the big snake pill, and it seems that it is moving toward this. attack!"

The black is open to the Yuxi Boupeter, while rushing on the original navigation: "Shangyuan, be careful! Ten tail violent, it is moving against us!"


The entire endurance coalition army is awkward!

"I know…"

Shangyuan Nairou looked at his energy gradually recovered into a peak state, in his perceptual scope, indeed perceived a powerful tail beast jade strike!

A dark red ... red, black, jade!

Ten tails, completely resurrected!

Just as Shangji, I was going to solve the tail beast jade, and Yu Zhibo sphere suddenly appeared in front of him, full of charming show: "Oh, the successor of the month, I just is for you Test, now your test has passed, the ten tail beast jade is coming, do I need to help you? "


Shangnai is a bit subtle.

Because Just now, Shangyuan Na will know that Yu Zhiwei's embarrassment is killed once, and it is killed from the inside to death ...

This is definitely the Yuxi Board.

Since Yishiyo belt is a refrigeration body, Yisi Bo pointers will not believe in Unexpello belt soil, but will re-trust.

And Yu Zhibo spots will definitely get all intelligence from the black, which should include black and deceived.


Su Zhibo spheres have just been intelligent, come to him to play skills?

Is it crazy or floating?

Now Shangyuan Na, but only two movie emperors in the entire tissue!

"It doesn't matter, the forever."

Shangji shook his head and biting his teeth: "Although I have just been fighting with my predecessors, my consumption is too big, but I am the successor of the former will, so even if I miss my life, I don't want to Let the seniors disappointed ... "