I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 358, big snake pills and taps

Ninja coalition headquarters.

On the day, I frowned my brow, because I perceived a huge and violent Chakra gradually disappeared, so that the young fields felt a little surprised.

On the day, the current ethnic group of the family is more strong than the past, maybe because there is a family's burden, let her have always been very calm in this war, abide by their responsibilities. .

On the day of the white eyes of the young field, the two side of the white eyes, through the comic circle, I perceive the other side of the ten-tailed resurrection: "The master, the ten tail of Chakra gradually subsided ... No, no, someone quietly absorbed ten Take Chakra! "

"It is definitely the guy of the big snake!"

The hand slowly closed his palm, mentioning this past friends, let her mood are a bit less comfortable, she lows asking: "Young Tiantian, Shangyuan Needs and coalitions now, how long is it! "

"There is another distance ..."

On the day, the face is slightly pale. She whispered: "The original team leader just hit the Sui Zhibo sphere, he is quickly led the Ninja coalition to the top of the resurrection, but according to this speed ..."

It is not necessary to be able to catch it.

No, or you can't get up.

On the day, the look of the young field changed, and the sound of the sun: "The four generations of fire appears! The four generations of the adults and the second-generation adults attacked the original captain, hindering that they went to the ten-tailed area!"

After the day, the sound is reported to the original navigation, the sound is more eager to: "The other side of Chakra is absorbed and the speed is suddenly accelerated!"

"I know."

After the face was in a heavy place, he turned his head to the four generations of Lei Ying and the three generations of Si Shadow: "Is it still unable to stop the guy of the big snake pill? Lei Ying, Shoujie, they have fighting for a long time, we Also rush, the final battle is going to start! "

"It seems that we don't need us to support ..."

The three generations of Si Shado is slowly swallowed, and the sound of the Shangsheng: "And Shanghao's little guy first helped seal the scorpion army, and won the Sui Zhibo spheres, and the power of the body has not been there?"


On the day, he had a little bit to the young field, and the low response said: "The last team leader defeated the Sui Zhihu spot and consumes very large, almost instantly weak;

And in the past, he was able to defeat the second generation and four generations of adults, but now in the siege of the two rigs ... "

"Let's go!"

Chakra on the four generations of Lei Yingsi riped up, he blew the wall, whispered: "Concentrate all the strength to defeat the big snake pill!

We can't assure all the war to the Shangyuan guy. In the future, it will be flattened by him! "

The other side is another side.

The original naval seems to be in the same way as it is.

The second generation of rigorous shadows and four generations of fire shadow windmen have been obstructing his advancement, and becomes a tail of the tail of the Ten Tail.

When the special combat team also wants to help, Shangyuan Na will refuse their help, and the top is some self-deprecating.

"It seems that the big snake pill seems very worried about me to stop him!"

The original Nairou flashed the attack between thousands of hands. When he wanted in a thousand hand, he could only see the thousand-handed .

Shangji took advantage of this opportunity, turned to the coming: "Laters and adults, in fact, after the Ten That, I know this is not a power, because I will never be Ten the opponent.

But I believe in you, come and come, and the adult as a teammates and opponents who have been big snake pills. If this religion can stop the big snake pill, I believe that the person who can do must be you! "


It is also silent.

Shangyuan Needs to say good.

As a teammate and the best friend of Big Snake Pill, stop the once friends, this is not what he should do?

"…I know."

After you have a bit dull, you will immediately lead your special combat team to the tail area.

The first troops of the Ninja coalition have exceeded the original navigation, and some people even stop planned to help, but they were driven away by Shangji.

"Come, let's stop the big snake pill first!"

On the other side of the god, it flashed the gates of the waves, while loudly: "Be sure to stop him from become a tail of the tail!"

"Yes, the head leader!"

The Ninja coalition has passed the position of Shangyuan Na.

After these Ninja coalitions were completely left, the original Nairi did not carefully erect the finger, manipulated the second-generation rigid shadow, and the four generations of fire shadow windshield stopped.

"Almost ..."

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, loudly said: "Really, Mr. Big Snake Pill, I still need me to find a way to strive for you.

After the arrival of Shangyuan, he turned his head and looked at the second-generation rigs and four generations of fire shadows around him. He loudly said: "You go to unlock the seal of those embarrassments! This war is just just Start!"


Thousands of hands and wave wind doors want to swear.

This bastard still wants to catch the squats!

If they can also get rid of the control, they really want to give them a good job!

The other side is on the battlefield.

The big snake pill thoroughly absorb all the Ten Takira, turned into a white-running sphere on the battlefield, and people did not understand.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and looked at the white ball and whispered: "Is it finally successful?"

"No, may not."

The figure of Yuxi Bo has fallen in his side, whispered, whispering: "If you want to resist ten-tailed will erosion, it is not so simple ... now just the first step!"

Maybe not too difficult.

For the big snake pill, as long as his will is enough to determine, you can resist the erosion of the ten tail. Generally, people who dare to do a behind-the-scenes BOSS have strong will, such as Yu Zhibo spots, almost unobstructedly suppressed. Ten tail ...

I don't know the big snake pills ...

Is there enough strength to resist ten tails!

"This ah ..."

The pharmacist frowned her own brow and asked softly: "If the ten end is out of control ... Isn't we whitening time?"

"Will you waste."

The sound of Shang Zhiwa's mouth came from the mouth: "Then immediately took the ten tails from his body, so he can make him shortly live for a while, then find way to make the blacks and complete the big snake pills resurrection Yushu spot…"

The person who has manipulated the big snake will be a bit bad. He continued: "If the big snake pill can support the past, everything is good; if you can't support it, then you can only be a pure toolman ..."


The pharmacist hit a hilariously.

This is, it is really going to live the big snake pills!

After a moment, the pharmacist suddenly asked: "So, when will the adults come over?"

"When you are right!"

From the mouth of Unechyo, the Shang Shangyou sounded some light: "If the big snake pill is failed, then I can only hurry to help him get the dead; if the big snake pill is successful ..."

Among the sound of Shangyuan Nai, I gradually wiped a mild smile: "Then let the big snake pill will be happy for a while! After all, I have always been able to don't help him! When I went to the big snake pill, I let him know. True despair! "


The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and sighed in the air: "Sure enough, adults will always be so bad!"

To tell the truth, it is better to kill him directly with the big snake pill!

The pharmacist felt, if things were really like the same development, the relationship between Shangyuan and the big snake pill will never be a way?

Although they are now being dead ...


The eyes of the pharmacist moved slightly, watching the white ball in the field, lowered his voice: "Even if the big snake pill has become a terrible ten tail column, the adult still has absolutely solved him?"

Sentences are real.

I am afraid of my pharmacist.

Because the ten tail of Chakra is too strong, even if the pharmacist is faint, if the big snake pill is really successful, who knows that the big snake pill can play a powerful power!

Even in this unnecessary tolerance, there are also some scientific aimings, such as the amount of change may cause quality, especially the ten tail of Chakra itself is a kind of nine tail beasts Chuanlan gathering. ...

"Ha ha…"

There is a lot of taunt in Shangyuan Na, even if the real six cactus resurrected, not me, let alone the big snake pill, which has been manipulated by us ... "

Just at this time.

Yuxi Bo Shuo has also arrived here, he just hid a place far away from the white ball, and the look is a bit less beautiful: "Ten tails column ... has been successful? In this case, It is not very wonderful to me ... "

The most trouble is that Yuxi Bao is not designed to have a big snake pill, so he didn't stay behind the big snake pill. In this case, Yu Zhibo spots must try to use force to solve the big snake pill.

Unechebra helped his mouth, smiled disdain: "Yu Zhibo sphere, your guy is already dead, is still a force of ten tails?"


Yisi Bao is a bit unhappy.

This name is Yuxi Bozuo, clearly a long face, and the face of Yuxi Boquan, but what is his character is so bad?


Still don't care about him.

Yuxi Bo shakes his head and continues to put his attention in the white ball in the field and continue his plan.

The only place for him is ...

Shangyuan Needs and Darkness Sneak into the Ninja Cooperation ...

He can now try to weaken the big snake pills with the help of the Ninja coalition forces and Shangyuan Na.

Just as Yuxi Bouvelled Pone is planned here, the Pioneer of the Ninja, also rushed to the scene, and got the surrounded by the leadership, his eyes slowed down on the white ball.

I have biased my migraine: "According to the news on the intelligence troops, the ten tail of Chakra has been incorporated in the white ball?"

"Yes ..."

"The big snake pill is also inside?"

"should be…"

"Then put the white ball to ..."


... ...

The command has not finished, and only the white ball surface in the field suddenly fell, and the next white ball instantly disordered the whole!

Countless white crystalline debris floating!

White crystal broken sound is like crystal crushing sounds as crisp, crystalline debris is like a feathers generally slowly floating and slowly falling.

Everyone is not staring at it in autonomously!

In their sight, a body-long figure broke out from the broken white ball, and his body floated in the air.

The whole site is silent.

Anyone does not breathe your breath.

"Late ... I didn't expect you to come."

In this silence, a slightly somewhat hoarse voice has fallen into the ear of everyone, the source is the case that she hack.

That person slowly turned around and looked at the direction of the Ninja, took off the crystal fragment that had not yet faded on his head: "No, this is right, the first person is you, only let my evolution It seems more meaningful. "