I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 359 Xiao's leader came

Today's big snake pills appear.

The corner of the head, drifting white long hair behind him.

The big snake pill is no longer a sacrifice that I like in the past, but a white robes hanging on a black hook jade, which is a little lazy in his body.

This symbolizes the six immortal costumes appeared on the big snake pill, meaning that this guy has already controlled ten tails when he is in the egg shell!

Now ten tails, approaching the whole body.

This time, the Ten resurrected Chakra, already included Chakra, in the tail, is the Yinjiu Chakra, and the other tail beast Chakra is barely forms a balance in the body, even if there is half of the nine tails, Also do not hurt the balance of ten tails.


Big snake pills can endure pain.

For other people, the pain of the soul, the big snake pill is often accepted, he has long since it is painful because there is no corpse.

As long as you can endure the perseverance of the Will Erosion, it is supplemented with a little bit of will, you can control the ten tail of your body.

"I want to thank you ...

The big snake pill has spread his palm, whispering: "If you are not you and the master, I want to control the ten tail is really not so easy ..."

The big snake pills quietly looked at the talented: "I thought that I thought that the will of my life is to destroy the guy of the original nair, this idea is wrong, I want to come to him, I just have a small role, I will only take pictures. Dangerous ...

In fact, my heart really wants to do it, it is proved to give this world, everything I do is correct, I have the best in the world, my endure is the most correct. That one!

Only living, everything we have! "

The face of the big snake pill suddenly became extremely solemn. He gradually appeared a black liquid, slowly for nine black spheres.

It is the top level of Ninja to use the jade.


The eyes are also slightly changed.

Even if it is a lot of big snake pills, it is true that he has recognized his old friend, and he is also shocked by the state of the big snake!

Now the big snake pills give him a risk!

This feeling is not like the danger of being in the past, but the crisis between life and death, even the pressure that can't resist ...

That feeling, as if they have become a species between different.

Big snake pills, really become six cactors!

In addition to the powerful power, the feelings of the big snake pill seem to have changed, and he did not have the arrogance and arrogant, but it was an absolute self-confidence, just like everything in his control.

Just like ...

This world does not have anything you can't do.

The eyes are gradually dignified, staring at the face of the big snake pill, whisper: "I didn't expect, you will eventually become this like this ..."

"Isn't this?"

The eyes of the big snake pill slowly swept away the other people in the field, and finally returned to the bodies: "Do you have to be like you? Belong, now I am the six cactors in this era, is this The end of the endurance! "

The big snake pill slowly lifted his palm, looking at himself some gray skin, he whispered: "This is never destroyed, never aging, life is almost endless ..."

The eyes of the big snake pills were lifted slightly, and they fell again on their own. His mouth was slightly a stiff smile: "I really want to see it. How strong this body is?"

Next, the figure of the big snake will disappear!

His speed is fast, it can't see the track!

I have rushed out of my arms in front of my own arm, and I was in the big snake pill, and I was also flying, falling in a cliff!

"So fast…"

There is also a shot on the face, and I don't even imagine that it is the speed of the big snake pill, this guy really has a qualitative change!

Located in the distance of the big snake pills that are floating in the distance, after the printing, Chakra is gathered in Chakra toward the big snake pill!

"Fire · Fire Dragon bomb!"

Flame is hitting a long line to the direction of the big snake, suddenly stretching in the air to cover the flooded land, generally wrap the big snake pill!

This hit the fire dragon in the front hit the big snake pill!

Even if it is a movie-level ninja, I can't help this trick!

Next, the flame gradually faded, showing the film wrapped in the flame, only a paint black liquid, helping the big snake pill, blocked the fire.

The big snake pill slowly reached his palm, and saw that the dark ball is like liquid generally re-condensed, suspended in his palm.

"That is…"

The eyes are also tight.

"Seeking jade."

Big Snake Pills did not jeopardize their strength: "Inside the five elements of yin and yang, it has completely transcends the bloody limit and blood seins. In this world, any surgery cannot break through the defense of the jade, any surgery The style will be asked for jade. "

After saying this, the big snake pill is watching the voice and suddenly smiled: "Forgot to remind you, all people who have not received six immortals, as long as they are asked to take jade, they will be directly turned into virtual."

That kind of seeking jade flew in the direction of the past, the big snake pills actually use their own friends to verify the power of Dao Yu!

A golden Chakra giant hand suddenly explored, pulling a lot of body flying out, is the whirlpool, emergency, saved his teacher!

"7th door ... Dead door! Tiger!"

Li Luke suddenly broke out a blue Chakra, raised his hand, and remember his fist to the direction of the big snake pill, and an air was placed in his hand!

"Dry well, Li! Seventh door, thrilling, open! Tiger!"

The Maite Kay has also burst into strong Chakra, and a boxing fist in the direction of the big snake, and an air bomb is also formed in his hand!

Two white tigers bitten to the big snake pill!

The two strokes of the tiger shocked the earth, leaving a deep creation in the earth, biting the big snake pill!

However, the body of the big snake pill is wrapped in black tail beast. No matter how strong the attack, it will not be able to resolve the defense of Jade!


The lottery has gradually become a bit hard to look.

At this moment, he actually faintly, I don't know how to fight!

In the face of strength, this tough big snake pill is called no weakness, and there is no more I don't know how to stop him ...

I also wrinkled my brow and I looked at the farmhouse in the distance, and his eyes were slightly twitching.

"I can't attack, otherwise I will be asked for jade in the gods of the big snake. If you have a remote attack, any epigronus will be asked for jade."

I also gaze all this muttered, I can't help but lamented: "Is this the strength of the legendary six immortals?"


I don't know who is open.

In the next moment, countless ninja came into the direction of the big snake pills, but did not even let his eyelids lifted up for the big snake pill.

A troops of a branch of Ninja rushed to the scene, no matter whether he launched a remote attack in the direction of the big snake pill.

Their attacks are all useless!

"There are more ants, it is also very annoying."

After the brow of the big snake pill wrinkled, watching everyone at the scene, slowly closing his palms: "But Chakra, which is not necessary to waste ..."

Because the big snake pill can feel!

Ten tail is very craving in Chakra in these ninja!

Once these Chakra have complemented him, it will make him more powerful, especially in the whirlpool, there is still half of Chikra!

"Hey, then all of them have passed through!"

The big snake pills closed their palms. He suddenly took a vine in his feet, he only heard his cold voice: "Mu Wei Tree Directive!"

Next moment, countless vines will come up with his feet!

The big snake pellet does not need to release the power known as the gods, and he only needs wooden tolerance. Because he knows the characteristics of Muxinjub!

At the ten tail of Chakra, the woods were booked extremely powerful, and a vine tree root was almost more rough than a gorgeous tree, and they extended the past. !

In just a few seconds, this earth is completeized in order to be a tree sea, one of the ninja is tightened by the vines of the vines, and Chakra in their body is absorbed!

Only some powerful ninja, barely rushed back in these thick vines, hiding the fate of Chakra!

They are very clear.

Once you are caught, it is never possible!

The whirlpool is playing a lot of role at this time. He droys a chakra giant hand to create a super-jade spiral pill, destroying a rooted vine, saving one by one. I have some ninja who caught in vines!

It's okay to be taught.

Two people in Red Sand and Didala can be flying, and a group of people stand on the sand gold mat and crazyly releases the root of the roots.

"Yan Feng wave!"

A group of flames and the wind sprayed from the horns, and slightly blocked the attacks of the vines roots, it was slightly boring.

It's just those who hit the vines but have not stopped, and they continue to rush, as if they endless!

Next, four talented knives and seven people jumped, all kinds of swords showing the knife, a burst of swordshot flash, turned a vine directly!

Everyone is an absolute knife master!

Just rushing, after a few vines, several people quickly jumped on the sand gold mat, afraid that they were thrown down by these babies!

After all, human resources are sometimes ...

Compared with these, there is a bit of a bit of a bit of the naivan, and the performance of this guy is very bad. He has been saved several times ...

"Hey, fly, fly, you are on the back of the man!"

Didala lost a double-wing of flying bird, after frying a root root, loudly accused the flying segment of it!

Didara said after the flying segment, turned his head and started to go to the mortar ghost: "Hey, ghosts will not be too much in your body, and there are so many vines to attack us!" "

"Ah ..."

The rooster ghost's mouth is grinned, revealing a smile: "Maybe it! Anyway, you will not throw the companion? If you are known by the leader ..."


Didala hugged his arm and looked up his mouth: "What is the rules of the Shanghai, these guys have nothing to save at all ..."

"Well, Didala."

The four generations of wind shadows were manipulated with them, and the three generations of attacks were robbed.

After listening to Didala's complaint, the red sand couldn't help but read him in a hurry: "You have a complaint, it is better to help me!"

"I know, I know…"

Didala handed out a group clay bomb, Dudu, said: "How did the Shangyuan guys have not come over ..."

"Should it be fast?"

The martial artifacts touched their own chin, grinned: "The big snake pill is so arrogant, the leader should not allow this kind of thing?"

"But how can he ..."

Dida launched his head and suddenly thought about it. He looked at him in front of him: "It's better to try to solve the big snake pill! I have a lot of art, absolutely solve that bastard!"

"You give me a little!"

The red sand scorpion couldn't finish the eyebrows. He turned his head and looked at others: "Hey, who will give the original navigation? Ask, we are now looking for big snake pills to desperately retreat!"

When a group of people who gave birth to the organization, the big snake pills clearly noticed the guy who jumped away, and his brow couldn't help but wrinkled.

To tell the truth, the big snake pills have grown the group of guys.

In particular, the leader of today is the original navigation, and the red sand of the predecessor looks, it is a person who chased him.

"Hey, a group of idiots!"

The brows of the big snake meadow were frowned, and a kind of asked jade floated from his hand, suddenly flying towards the people of the organization!

This time, he did not pay attention!

The speed of seeking the jade is not known for the time when he has just attacked it, and even the people who have left to the well-being reacted have not!

If you want to stop the jade, you must have someone to take the attack of the jade, but also to think about the jade away from this area ...

It's just that this time is short and even if they discharge, they don't have any time they go to die. After all, it is not a general person who can jump far off ...

Perhaps this is the characteristics of Xiao ...

In the face of this attack, everyone will consciously want to send death.

Just at this time ...

The flying segment suddenly took a foot on the golden sand gold pad, and took the sky, and went up toward the jade. He even turned his head and did a ghost face!

"If you pay for you, you will have this group of bastards to push this uncle to send it! This uncle is not subject to this grievance, I will go!"

Flying this guy ... smart before dying!

When everyone is surprised, the figure of a person suddenly appeared around the flying segment, picking up the collar of the flying segment, and re-throwing him to the sand pad.

It is the original navigation!

"I am still alive! What are you in this?"

After Shangyuan Nai, after the mouth, after the flying segment, he went back to the hip to play the hiped jade!

After a foot, I solved the crisis of tissue destroyed, the Shangyuan turned to look at the people behind him: "There is you, don't escape around us to fly here?"