I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 360, you have resurrected spots, I resurrect the long door, we all have a bright wish (third!)

The top is too timely.

Some people who are taught have some discomfort.

At the moment that the crisis is coming, Shangyuan Nair is suddenly appeared, and when he saved the flying segment, when he kicked the road, let the whole organization member's hearts shocked.

Didala suddenly shook his head, sighed, sighed: "Shang, if you haven't come, how good, so that we can reduce a useless idiot ..."

"Bastard, I killed you!"

The flying section is rushing to raise your own sickle.

These two guys look at the noisy, but fortunately, the red sands and the corners of the two predecessors hold one, and they barely stop them.

"All right."

Shangyuan Na Luo waved his palm, loudly: "Senior, you leave here, the next battle is not now you can participate."


The Red Sands have some hesitibly look at the original: "The big snake pill has become a tail of the tail, his kind of jade ..."

"It doesn't matter."

Shangyuan Nai was screwed with his wrist, and his face calmly: "I have already had such a preparation, you leave here!"

In fact, he still doesn't want to come out so soon, but the big snake pill actually wants to ruin his small team, this is not very tounched, especially after the attack of the jade, even if it is even more embarrassing. .

After a while, the Red Sand was silent, and the flying wanted to manipulate two squats and fell. "I can leave help you ..."

"I can too!"

Dida took his own clay giant bird to the front side of the original Nairi, hip hoping: "I have prepared a lot of art for this war!"


Shangyuan Nai fell, he couldn't stand his forehead, and continued to tell: "You first find a place near you to hide! Real war ... I am very early!"


The corner is nodded, Shen Sheng: "Don't forget our previous purposes, we are not a guy! Continue to be here, it is better to let the five countries to consume big snake pills, we finally defeated they!"

"... the neighborhood ... is right."

Shangyuan Needo nodded helplessly.

The flying segment spreads his palm, quite helplessly open: "Our last generation leader Payne will go to fight, the result ..."

"Idiot, shut up!"

The corner couldn't help but a teammate.

The members of the organization temporarily withdrew the battlefield temporarily, they intended to lurking in a safe place, waiting for the original navigation to sing them.

the other side.

The big snake pill also noticed all this.

It's more concerned about the big snake pill. Is Shangji to solve the way to seek jade, is it so arrogant?

The big snake pill bit bite his teeth. His hand has appeared in the hands of a long sword. His face is relentless, and it will come back to the original navigation!

Unfortunately, a movie stopped his way.

There are two embarrassments on the shoulders, and he directly entered the immortal mode when he avoided the tree in this time.

"Immortal · Fire · Five Waters!"

A group of covered land flames hit the big snake pill!

The big snake pill hurriedly manipulated the jade booth, turned into a black barrier to stop the sky-covered flames, just let him be horrified, this time, seeking the jade is under the attack of the fire is being eroded!

Deepening the cactus, sitting in the shoulders, Shen Sheng: "Small, Daxie causing us, tell us, Xianke Chakra and Jade Chakra is not the same energy, it is Mutual offset! "

"I know!"

Some of the sounds are somewhat dignified, he is looking at the big snake pills in front of him: "Even so, you want to defeat the big snake pills, it is also very difficult ..."


After the Number of Miaca, he nodded, and the mouth opened: "Xiaowei is also condensed Xianke Chakra, and the nine tail of the nine tail gathered in the body is faster than us, it should be able to help you. "

"Immortal · Wind, Spiral Sword!"

I still have to finish this, and the whirlpool sounds towards this direction and throws a spiral hand sword!

This is also a fairy who can break the jade!


The forehead of the big snake pill is slightly frozen, and the next moment, his palm suddenly explored it in the direction of the spiral hand, the cold voice opened: "Although I can only use the easiest power of my eyes, but I just just right. ... Shen Luo Tian! "

Next moment, a pounding repulsion will push away!

This pound of sculpture instantly flew out the spiral sword!

The big snake pill slowly raised his hand in the hands of the jade black sword, the cold voice open: "The rumors, the whirlpool, since you want to die, then I will fulfill you!"


The looks also be more serious. He stared at the movement of the big snake pill, and shortly avoided his jade black sword, and Shen Sheng continued: "You have walked wrong, no matter how I will stop you!"

"That let me see your cactus mode!"

After the big snake pill, the jade black sword was suddenly fetched, and suddenly it had a spear, swept away from the top!

The big snake pill is in the hands of the sky, looking at the whirlpool in front of him, and the swirls next to the tiger, and the eyes are slightly tight: "Let me see, it is the group of , Still the strength of the six cactors! "

Next, the big snake pill waved the long spear in his hand!

It's just that the big snake will not relax other vigilance. Several asked the jade plate behind him surround your own side, always ready to use the Jade to sneak again and the whirlpool!

As a ninja that truly in a hundred wars, the big snake pill is very clear, that is, what he has to do now is constantly launching a strike!

Seeking jade can offset any attacks, or temporarily block the fairy ... but you can also stop the attack of Daoyu!

The big snake pill knows that he can mistaken many times ...

As long as there is a ten tail of Chakra, he will not die!

And the whirlpools and our own mistakes are once, and their two are definitely dead!

For this battle, the big snake pill is very clear, and he will never attack these two guys!

"and also…"

The eyes of the big snake pill slowly moved to the other side of the young people who had three pairs of wings, and the eyes were slightly shrinkage: "I will not let the original nailed guys come over ... Ibah · Liu Chi Yang!"

A red light curtain descended from the sky, forming a closed juncture, completely closing the big snake pills and the twins, and the whirlpiece, three people closed!

Sometimes, it should be arrogant.

But sometimes it should be cautious.

After all, the original nailed guy is also good at the immortal model, this is not very beneficial to the big snake pill!

Within the six red yang.

The battle between the whirlpool is still continuing. They support them under the wind of the big snake pills, and the two people are very clear, as long as they will die once!

Outside the Six-Chiang, everyone sees their hard work.

"What should I do this?"

"What about the original leader?"

"This is the Jie Yanyuan knot, should the original team leader be can't break?"


The original Needs are still watching.

He also wants to see the look of the big snake pill, wait until the big snake pill is confident, then appear to defeat him ...

Not too clever.

Someone seems to see him so much.

The darkness floats appeared around the original Needle, and the sound opened: "Needel, this is the great opportunity we weaken the big snake!"

"I have no way to break the Red Radi ..."

Shang Nai was frowning, whispered: "I just gathered all of my Xianli Chakra talented to fly a kind of jade, now I can only reluctantly restore ..."


After a little silent, the opening proposed another prototype: "But the Red Radian is strong, but it does not defend the spatial style ... Wood leaves have three ninja to show the flying thunder, Yunyin Village Tian sends the operation ... "


Shangyuan Needressed and looked with a black, this guy was mixed after the Ninja joint army, as if he heard a lot of news!

And a few mean this?

Is it not to understand what he mean?

He just kicked the jade, now very tired!

"We have a helper, I have contacted the headquarters!"

In the dark voice, there is a smile, even this moment it is vague to treat himself as a truly ninja in a coalition.

Really ...


Darkness, laughing and laughing: "The starting of the flying thunders should send five generations of water shadows ... The five-generation fire shadow, and the four generations will be coordinates. Transfer enters the Six Banyang! "

"I hope they can help us weaken the big snake pill!"

After saying it here, it sighed and sighed: "Unfortunately, if you can enter the Siliyang array, we can weaken the big snake pill and increase the winning ..."

"Um ... rest assured, we will win!"

Shangyuan Na was a little bit of a little bit, and he looked at the trim: "Wait until we weaken the big snake pill, then think about a way to make him resurrect the long-door adult ..."

" ... Of course."

After the tailor is finished, I watched the original navigation in the eyes: "The spots can also resurrect together, accompany us to see the birth of the new world!"


After the navigation, I was a little worried: "I just didn't find the remains of the universal adults yet, or his embossed body, I don't know if the pharmacist passed the guy to hide the long door. "


The black is nodded, and some regrets open the mouth: "Round returning to the birth of the birthplace must have a complete body or complete embossed body ..."

This sentence has not been finished, and it stopped.

Because the pharmacist in the edge of the battlefield is slowly combined with a cart, from the coffin, I walked out of a red hair.

It is the long door of the translocation of the emperor.

Moreover, the pharmacist helped to make the body of the whole body into the state of the whole day.

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, showing a smile on his face: "It's really clever, the elder generation, it seems that our wish can be realized ..."