I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 363, killing, don't forget the heart! (Sixth! Search month!)

Shangji frowned.

The quality of the big snake pill is worrying!

As a cob of the wood, the crackers, it is also the disciple of the three generations, and has also served as the position of the wooden leaf, the cultivation and psychological quality should be not low.

How can I suddenly attack?

Non-personal attacks, even launched an offense!

The big snake pill seems to be desperately desperately, and the hands in the hands of the jade sword ride over a distant shadow. It is very fiercely to the throat of the original Na, each is very deadly!

The battlefield is above the battlefield.

Everyone heard the strong voice of the big snake.

Everyone saw that the big snake pills were almost mad, and the jade black sword attacked the original navigation, it was exactly a pace of life!

The current big snake pills and the high-rise, the big snake pills just now are almost two appearance. He is now like a life and death enemy!

"What happened?"

The whirlpool is watching the distant face of the madness, frowning: "The big snakeball guy ... How do you feel mad?"

"No, he did not have any questions."

I shook my head and shook my head, and I watched my own lips, whispered: "Although the expression of the big snake pill is anger, his sword is still so precise!"

"The big snake flow swordsman needed to be extremely cold and reasonable."

The eyes of the agency slightly, nodded: "Yes, even if it is irritated by the most insulting language, the big snake pill is not likely to lose his ingredients, he is like a truly cold snake. "

Two people are old friends of Big Snake.

Some big snake pills don't pay much attention to habits, and they have been in peace and coming.

Yes, they have two guesses.

After starting to determine the answer to the Shang Shang, the anger in the hearts of the big snakes could not compare, and the anger almost let him immediately tear the Shang Shangqi naire into a fragment!

This bastard is lie to him!

This bastard is playing with his life!

In the next second, the big snake pill immediately realized the crisis he faced.

If he has become a tail of the ten tail, it is the planning of the original navigation. So, the original Nairou must clamp his means, which means he is destined to fall into the lower wind in the next battle.

There is even life hazard.

This is absolutely unacceptable in Big Snake.

After you reicked your life, you won't think about it, especially the body, bloody and strength of your body, blood, and strength!

Big Snake Pill is very confident that this opportunity will not have a second time!

You must find a way to reverse the situation. The most convenient way is nothing more than the body's strength to defeat or even kill the original navigation!

Through your anger, the big snake pill is trying to reduce the vigilance of the original Needle, I want to find a chance to kill!

As long as you can live, the big snake pill will not care about his current disappearance. Only the wins in this religion are qualified to publish the Declaration, only living to make everything makes all the existence!

This is his endure!

In the next moment, the Big Snake Pills almost instantly found the original Nairou's flaws, and the sword stabbed to the eyes of the original Nair, this trick is just a crowd.

Next, refer to, print!

The other hand of the big snake pill quickly rapidly, and the speed was quickly completed, and a thunder was sprayed out of the mouth: "Thunder, the thunder!"


Shangji, I just avoided the jade black sword, I saw a thunder hit their chest, the big snake pill is still so sinister!

Shangyuan Nai Lu suddenly disappeared in the original place, his figure appeared behind the big snake pill, cold voice opening: "The way of fighting is still so sinister, obviously you have not lost ingredients, Mr. Big Snake!"

Shangqi Needan, a punch, to the back of the big snake!

The big snake pill turned to the head, hurriedly operated the black barrier, blocking the fist in the original Needle!

However, the next moment was at a glance at the big snake, and the jade barrier was directly attacked by the original navigation, and a punch was on his face!

The big snake pill rolls out!

Shang Nai was unsuccessful and uncomfortable, whispering said: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, now you know the gap between us? Even if you become a six cactus, it is still unable to change your fate."

" ..."

The big snake pill waved the dust on his face, and his eyes got slightly, and the cold voice responded: "You are still so much! Shangyuan! Don't look at your feet?"


Shangyuan Na will slowly low, and see two kinds of jade stuck in his legs, there is a dazzling light!

It's a luxury use of way!

Shangyuan Nae lost a sigh, waved on a layer of golden mask for his own, and shook his head: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, in fact, I always want to tell you a word ..."

Unfortunately, the words of Shangyuan Nai have not finished. Two kinds of jade explode, and the light almost makes everyone unsperitely narrowed their eyes!

A shocking loud noise spread throughout the battlefield!

Everyone looks at the area where the rays are covered, I want to see what will happen at the end, because there is the hope of the entire endurance!

The whirlpool is not a confidentiality, and his face is slightly revealed: "How can I ... on the original ..."

"It is impossible to survive."

I also shook my head and took a deep breath, Shen Sheng: "The power of the jade explosion is unimaginable, it will instantly destroy everything in the explosion area!"

What's more, the two seek jade is tightly attached to the original Nairi's body detonated, no matter how it is not possible to survive.

Each of the battlefields can also actually hang up the head, they know what the explosion means ...

Even if it is black, there is also a bit of horror and look at this scene. Once there is a problem with the original navigation, then you can only let the Sui Zhiwu people yourself!

If Yu Zhibo spheres can not overcome the big snake pill, then you can only use the hidden resort in the eyes, which may destroy the two eyes!

Smoke gradually dispersed.

The figure of the three pairs of wings gradually reveal, and his body covered a layer of golden mask, like a God, usually slowly flying.

Shangyuan Na was watching the gods of the big snake pills, and uncomfortably spread his palm and said that the sentence did not open.

"I am invincible, you ... casual!"

"whispering sound!"

The big snake pill couldn't help but bite his teeth.

This bastard is still so overbearing!

Now that he needs to do, you must try another way to solve the original naval, two kinds of jade can't wipe the original naval!

Both this because of the golden mask?

What kind of surgery is, I can't destroy the jade!

The big snake pill frowned, start thinking about how to destroy the original Nairi, it is also a defense similar to the jade?

What is the integration of Xian?

Still what energy?

Unfortunately, the big snake pill does not have enough time and demonstration method!

"What are you thinking?"

The sound of Shangyuan Needle appeared on the side of the big snake.

When the big snake pill was shocked, when the handle of the jade black sword, the chest was slammed, but it was directly flying directly!

Shangyuan Na's body is like a shadow, and once again appears around the big snake pill, his speed is almost more than the six-level big snake pills faster!

At this moment, many people remembered the fear of being beaten by the original navigation!

When I face the original Needle, once there was a situation where the body could not be automatically controlled, the next to meet the gotting!

The big snake pill seems to be a sandbag, even if it is a barrier, it is unable to block the attack on the original Needle!





Every hit is painful!

What is the power of this guy!

Until the last time, the last stop stopped in front of the wolf, and flexed a finger toward his forehead, squatting his eyes: "In front of me, no matter how much you have changed, or that once Big snake pill. "


A finger lifted up and fell on the forehead of the big snake!

Just as the big snake pill, he thought of being flying out by this finger, even when he was shocked, but he just felt a little pain on the forehead.

Shangyuan Na's mouth hook, revealing a smile: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, I didn't feel it, is the way we have in the past? As long as a small action, you can scare you not to resist ..."

Shang Nai's smile is more strong, he spreads his hand, sincerely open: "You see, there is still no difference between it now, even if you become a tail column, I didn't escape my palm. heart."


The teeth of the big snake are bite.

The end of the born is too humiliated!

Almost every sentence is poked on his heart!

If the past and now can't escape the control of the original Needle, then the danger of life is in danger, it is also the meaning of the ten tail column!

Daspen Pill suddenly remembered the pharmacist, the pharmacist mentioned that the pilot of the Ten Tail is an experiment. Is it the experiment of the life of the ten tail?

"You ... take me as a experiment?"

The eyes of the big snake pill can't help but twitch.

Shangji shook his head quietly, explained: "If you understand, there is a loss, but it does have such a meaning in ..."

After that, the Shangyuan Na is looking at the big snake pills. The word is open: "Mr. Big Snake Pill, remember what we said when we met each time you met? You don't think I am a experimental item? ? "