I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 364 Sorry, the big snake pill, I will only have this rude approach

Shangyuan Nai is really be careful.

The big snake pill can't help but grind the molars, how do you still remember a little bit!

That thing is over eight years, so many years of bullying him so many times, can't I cancel the habitual export?

Who can think of this baument until now ...

Shangyuan Na's mouth hook, looked at the big snake pill, is clear, suddenly said: "Well, I am joking, how can I deliberately target Mr. Big Snake Pill because a joke for many years ago?"


Big snake pills are silent.

Are you still a kind of person?

I have a word in the year, you have remembered eight years!

After the Shangshan looked at the big snake pill, he was helplessly smashed his forehead: "Well, Mr. Big Snake Pill, then I will make you feel comfortable."


The big snake pills watched the past.

Shang Nai fell to his eyes, and his eyes gradually became serious: "Sorry, Mr. Dabelong, in fact, I am deliberately pit you."


This sentence is instant to provoke the big snake pill!

This is not as good as the first revenge!

How can the endurance will have such a bad person!

When the long gate and Xiaonan were in the beginning, did not realize the bad nature of the original navigation? This is a bastard!

Every word of Shangyuan Na, you can directly pick up the nerves of the big snake pills, so that he is anger when he is an instant, and there are not a few people who can do it ...

The people who have been still in the battlefield quickly saw that the big snake pill was madly attacked the original navigation, but it was only ranked to the place quickly.

The black eyes faintly flashed, and it was a little amazed in its voice: "Even if the big snake pill has become a ten-tail column, can't overcome the original? Is the little ghost really to perform the fate of the month?"

This truth says no.

Obviously everything is in its dark manipulation!

Can't really have any fate, only a real protagonist in this endurance, that is, its mother, the goddess, the goddess, Mu Hui, the night!

The voices of the voices have a bit of a slogan to answer: "There is indeed a lot of secrets we can't find, many things are easy to break through our control ... Will not be Shang Shangyuan to be deceived too much, too Confident? "

"No such possible."

The black has never been this possible, it is whispered: "No matter what to do, the human body is still the limit, maybe there is other possibility ...

The thousands of hands in the same year have also been almost directly forces, and Yu Zhibo spots also broke through the limit of Dhara, but the two guys were inherited by strong Chakra.

But what is it in the body? It is unbearable and unknown, it seems that it is impossible to be a kind of blood sunset or race inheritance, in addition to the immortal model seems to be special ... Is there a three major holy land we have never touch? "

When it comes to it, it is possible to think of a possibility. It suddenly opens: "Wait, this little ghost ... will not be a feather or Yu Village's Chakra transfer!"

There is a gloomy voice in the dark voice.

This probability is not necessarily not there.

In this endurance, what is wrong?

Who knows that the two of the two cachets and the two people who have the earliest Chakra will still leave anything!

The black voice gradually became a bit hoarse, it seems to feel that he guess the direction: "Chakra of the feather is the source of this religion Chakra, every ninja may become his Chakra transfer ...

Just look, the top of Chakra is not as strong as the superscript, maybe he has not developed? "

The vane thinking is more diverged, its eyes stay on the other side of the whirlpiece: "Will it be because the Tie Chakra collection is not completed ... so I lost to the most talented ninja in history?"


The dark idea slowly stayed, and the words said that this guy said, and directly took its mind.

This may not be no.

After all, when I was in the world, I only had three people in Chakra, and now I've been a matter of Chakra everywhere, and the strength of the ten tail is not so strong?

Non-but black is thinking about it.

Even Yu Zhibo spheres are also a bit confused, because now the status of the big snake pills can definitely exceed his and thousands of hands during the peak.

However, the big snake pill was placed in a shot ...

At the beginning, the big snake pill seems to be able to defend the enemy, and now it has become a purely rated navigation.

"Black, what is going on?"

The sound of Yuxibo spheres appeared in the bottom of the dark, and asked: "According to the stone monument left by the six cactors, the strength of the tail of the tail should be invincible. Now the big snake pill is pressed by the original navigation, because of the tolerance Does Kra not collected intact? "


Black is silent.

After a while, the black and sneaked sound, put forward a very deadly problem to Yishibo spots, it wanted from Yuxi Bo, and the side verified that it was too weak to be too weak.

"The big people, do you have the big snake pills to overcome the current?"


Yuxi Bo is smiling, scornfully opens: "The big snake pill is also smart, but his combat method is too stupid. If you want to solve his words, you can do it."

If it is before, Yuxi Bao is definitely touched to the big snake pill, and even describes the big snake pills very troublesome, even if he costs a big brain and time can be flattened!

But now the big snake pill is in the original navigation!

If Yu Zhibo spheres, the big snake pill is actually very powerful, isn't it as if it is the original nickname?


Darkness, it is silent again.

It seems that the big snake pill is too weak?

After a while, I immediately put forward my own plan: "When I arrived at the ten tail of the big snake pill, I will immediately attach the big snake pill, control him to express the trip to the birth of the birthplace, so that there is anything? accident…"

"After I get my own eyes, I will re-absorb the ten tail!"

Yischi is not careless to bother his mouth, and the voice is mixed with a confidence: "The round look is my eyes, except for me, there is no one to play the strongest pupil in it!"

A pupil called a wheel tomb and a prison!

In this world, you will never be crackdown!

Only the real owner of the round look can show the truly powerful power!

When the two people here were thinking about the conspiracy trick, the big snake pills on the battlefield were finally unable to suppress their emotions. He was fed up with this unable to fill the feelings!

This ten tail, you can't get it without a half point!

Shangyuan! "

The big snake's palm suddenly closed. His eyes re-lifted, and his body suddenly drilled a huge monster: "Maybe you are confident! Your biggest mistake is to underestimate the strength of the ten tail. "

The monster of the group is actually a red eye!

The blood-red eyes combined with the look of the eyes and the way, it looked out of the horror, people did not dare to look directly!

The big snake pill slowly manipulated the big majority behind him gradually contracted, suddenly rooted under the earth, turned into a big tree inserted into the cloud!

That is…

Legendary god tree!

The roots of the gods suddenly drilled a vine and the roots of the roots, and they wanted to smash the original!

Big snake pills rely on the woods of Shenshu, and the power is strong, not, or the god tree is the strongest wooden quarter!

God tree has always been live!

The big snake pill looked at the original navigation, and the voice is somewhat gloomy. "Shangyuan Jun, you will never think of it, do you really understand all the strength of the ten tail!"


Shang Nai was settled to open his palm, and a group of rumored wind blades instantly turned off the vines and roots!

When Shangyuan Nanyou blocked the sight of countless vines, his figure suddenly flashed out after the big snake pill!

Shangqi Needressed one hand on the back of the big snake pill, whispered: "The big snake pill, this force, I boring the pharmacist, giving you ... Is I will fall into a danger? I will have anything about this force? Are you don't know? "


The big snake pill is shocked to turn around!

It is a pity that he can't get rid of the upper palm!

There was a group championship in the fingers of Shangyuan Na, and he recited a model name: "Six, Decoction!"


The big snake pill heard the name of this episode, and his eyes couldn't help but tighten!

When the fifth country, every column, the tail beast is taken out, it is used by the tricks of the tail, the big snake pill is very clear about this type of name and effect!

did not think of…

One day he will also fall to this extent!

Obviously, it has become the column of ten tails, which is clear that the strongest ninja throughout the endurance is, which is clear that the second six cactors have been the end of the end.

Do you still have these strengths like these people?

Just as the big snake pill is not sweet but can only wait for the original navigation to fall from the ten tail, but he heard the laughter of the original Na.

"Mr. Big Snake, in fact, I am teasing you, I don't have this so-called six-way surgery at all, and I don't have this method ..."


The big snake will be silent again.

The anger is a little spread out from his chest, and the original neck is lie to him again. This bastard doesn't understand how to extract it!

Just as the big snake pill turned and turned to the original navigation, a fist suddenly smashed his lower abdomen, almost a punch in his plaster!

Shangyuan Na's fist fell on the lower abdomen of the big snake, he looked at the face of the big snake pill, and also saw the big snake pills gradually bump!

That is the tail beast Krakara!

The original slowly hangs his head, and shook his head and sighed. It was a punch. "Sorry, Mr. Big Snake, I can only try this rough violent way for 10 tails ..."