I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 366 You are the most terrible ninja I have ever seen (the third!)

What does Upo?

Another new scam?

It's obvious that they found the original navigation to deceive them. They have not too long time. Now I will start to deceive them again.

This kind of thing is not too much!

The face of the two people in the past and the book, almost dare to confuse them, and he heard the original Needs.

Even if the two of the two people, the two of the two people have just been expected to be a spy, but when I really heard the original navigation, I couldn't help but hit the earthquake.

The agency is almost hit!

The original neighborhood is going to play with how many times they have to play!

Before the spending fee, she still desperately said that the dispute between Yinyin Village and other big powers, even when they were quarreled, they will stand as much as possible.

When the Ninja coalition was planned, the agency was a position directly to the leader of the coalition of the coalition of the coalition.

This bastard ...

That is to treat her trust!

"Shangyuan Na!"

The apeer is squeezed his fist, and the sound is open: "What do you mean now? Do you know what you are doing!"

"I have always known."

Shang Nai was shot and shook his head and sighed. Looking at the ninja surrounded, asked: "That, before I said some stories, I want to ask, your heart is nothing wrong?"

"What do you mean?"

The eyes of the program are tight.

I also slammed my fist, my face is ugly: "Listen to what you say, it seems that you will say that you will say is very amazing!"

"It should be very amazing?"

Shangji settled his palm, and smiled slightly. He smiled and continued: "First, the master, there is a mistake I have always want to correct you, every time you say that I changed too much, I I want to tell you a ... "

The face of Shangyuan Nae gradually became serious, his voice became high: "I have never changed, no matter what happened around me, everything I do is for a great purpose! "

Shangyuan Na is looking at the agency, and the eyes are getting more serious: "The Eye Plan of the Month is the way to realize this world. From my 12-year-old, I started working hard for this plan!"

"Eye plan?"

The eyes also dull, Shen Sheng: "What is it? Is it your conspiracy?"

"Do not."

Shangyuan Needle slowly shook his head, looked at Yishibo spots around him, whispering: "What should I say? The merit plan is to collect all the tail beasts to resurrect tenth, and then with ten tails. The power releases a strong illusion, let the Ninja of the whole endure into the dream world they want ... "

Shangji looked at everyone's face, whisper continued: "This plan is the will of Yuxi Bao's predecessors. The main entrepreneur is the main people of this program, but it is a pity that he has chosen ..."

When I said here, the sound of Shangyuan Nairo stopped.

Just when other people are watching the original navigation, I am afraid that when he has any action, Shangyuan Na's face has revealed a smile.

"Or, I am letting the universal people gave up."

The upper corner of Shangyuan Na, revealing an extremely mild smile: "Because I am very clear about the danger of the eye plan, I am also very clear that the body of the universal adult is difficult to continue to endure the power of the round, so I I have designed a thing ... "

The eyes of Shangyuan Nair move slowly, and slowly stayed in the body. His smile became more and more meaningful: "Laters, you still remember why you can bring your adults and our Is the intelligence leave? "


Located, you will sink.

Looking at the laughter of the original Nairi, I suddenly felt that I have stepped into a dark abyss, as if everything I did is in the control of Shangyuan Na.

"It's you…"

The voice is also open to the mouth: "It is no wonder that you didn't have it at that time, let me be defeated by Yuxi Bo."


Shangyuan Nairi is slowly nod, smiles and continues: "Everything is in me, my purpose is just letting you take away the general information about the adults ..."

"So ... is you in designing a long door to fight in wood?"

"You can say that."

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai slowly moved, his eyes swept away, and slowly stopped in the whirlpool: "I am very clear that the power of the whirlpool, I know the generals of the long-door Will not succeed, attack the opportunity of the wooden leaves, just let him die from the merits of the moon ... "

On the face of Shangyuan Na, he revealed a regret. He continued: "Because I know that he will definitely not listen to my persuasion ... but this doesn't matter, it is in this endurance, death is a negligible thing."


It is a negligible thing.

Shangnai said quietly, this sentence made all the ninja in his heart.

More amazing is that everything happened later, there is no expectation in the original Na, all everything is staged in accordance with his control!

This guy is simply a master!

And this guy is also very understanding everyone!

Shangji Looking at the guests in the court, smiling and continued: "When the universal people died, I didn't give up the merits of the month ... From that day, I became the main essay of the whole month."


The apeer stared at the original navigation, biting his teeth: "At that time, everyone saw the sacrifice of the long door ... only didn't see your hidden darkness! You didn't inherit the wishes of the long door, ignored his will ! "

"I have never hidden dark, just you want to be."

Shangyuan Nai can't help but laugh, look at the open road: "Of course, I will not deliberately correct your mistake ... Outlet, what is the wish? If your closest person is dead, you will What to do? "

"and so…"

The eyes of the program tightly stared at the black-necked control of the big snake pills, and her eyes slowly fell in another area of ​​the battlefield, whispered: "At that time, you want to Ok, have you resurrected the long door! "


Shangyuan Nairou also shoted at the big snake pills and black, laughing and continued: "But the Easter, the adult, always need to find someone who has the ability to use the eyes?"

"and so…"

The master slowly knocked his fist, Shen Sheng: "So you will use the big snake pill, because you can determine yourself to overcome the big snake pill, you intend to let him use the round looks to resurrect!"

"Not bad!"

Shangqi Naqi suddenly broke out the powerful Chakra, and his eyes were cold and glanced at everyone: "Every purpose of this war, all my self-organized play, one pull The big play of the curtain! "

The original Naqi is cold and open: "The long-haired adult will resurrect, the moon's eye plan will succeed, everyone is all the audience I prepared for this big show!"

... ...

The Sui Zhibo spots next to it will not be reached.

Yuxi Boupeng looked at the original navigation, smiled and said with the mouth: "It's a terrible child! Even if I am a little shocked to your heart, Shangyuan, even I have some doubts, my resurrection is also your expectation I am already in ... "

"Don't doubt."

Shangyuan Nai, the eyes were slightly smile, returned to Yu Zhiwei, a mild smile: "The elder generation has always let the pharmacist live in the full day, I have long guessed that this may happen."


The eyes of Yuxibo spots are tight.

Next moment, Yuxi Bouvet seems to think of some might, he turned to see a place in the battlefield: "So, that is going to revive my guy with my guy ... also in your control?"

"Oh, he ..."

Shangyuan Nai felt a little laughed, he did not hide Unexpected Boss, just rushed to the pharmacist, laughed: "It is my most reluctant part, and he helped me manipulate everything of the big snake pill. "

"So Su Zhiwei's land?"

Yuxi Boupet feels that there is a lot of problems.

If the pharmacist is a steadic manner, then Yisi Bo has turned the earth, and his death is somewhat embarrassing!

Shangyuan Nairo did not have to enlighten me, he laughed and continued to reply: "When the first time I said the first time I said, I have thought about it, why can't I let me do the host? ? "

"If you say this ..."

Yuxi Bao's reincarnation flashed slightly, he slowly cleared his own group fans, whispered: "When the war begins, you have manipulated Yisi Bocely to induce me to fight with you ..."

"Try it."

Shang Nai's smile is more strong, he looked at Yuxi speck and continued: "If the strength of the predecessors is too strong, I will find a way to re-send back to the meditation.

It looks now that the power of the zebra is still in my control, so I will let the predecessors stay ... "

Shangji Looking at the expression of Yu Zhibo spheres, smiled and asked: "What's wrong? Is it because I am trying, is it unhappy?"

"Do not."

Yuxi Bou spots slowly shake his head.

This little ghost, it's too small to read him!

If this is so thoughtful, then he is really wrong, and the control of embeddling does not explain everything!

When he returned to resurrect and got his eyes and ten tails, Yu Zhibo peaks let go of the original navigation, a legendary person's peak period has more!

Yuxibo spots slowly, hidden his own look, he lowered: "Shangnai, you are the heart and the most terrible ninja I have seen, even if the guy is not as good as you ... "


The heart is too deep, the eyes are too shackles!

Upset this little ghost, I will not think of what I have released!