I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 368 Chapter in the past, here is on this! (Fifth!)

The wind is somewhat hustry.

Four high and low mystery stood in front of the top.

Every Ninja at the scene saw four embarrassments in front of the original navigation, and the cold sweat on the face could not flow.

"Our enemy ..."

A wooden ninja clenched the bitterness in his hand, looking at, four people shadow, his mouth unconsciously muttered: "It's just ... Migrants?"

Is this a joke?

How can they be the opponent of the full age!

Initial generation, thousands of hands!

Second generation of fire, thousands of hands!

Three generations of fire, !

Four generations of fire, wave style!

Millennium, here!

Everyone in the rigorous shadows have shaken the inbound situation, and everyone's name is enough to shock everyone!

Even if it is a person who has a slightly less than a slightly matched person in the routine and the wave wind gate, it also shows yourself strong power in this endurance battle.

"This is my collection."

Shangji Look at the four nigs in front of him, the mouth is slightly hook: "After all, in addition to the penetry of the past, there is nothing Ä ..."


Shangyuan Nair is very picky.

In addition to the nature of the past, only Yisi Bo belt this guy is eligible to become his collection, and other shadows do not have this qualification.

None, all the ninjas present in the scene shocked their enemies, even the eyes next to Yishibo spheres couldn't help but twitch, he couldn't help but ask: "The room, do you actually get rid of the control of embarrassment? ? "

After all, in addition to the thousand-handles, Yu Zhibo spheres don't look at other noodles in the eyes.

After hearing Yu Zhibo sphere, the thousand hand has only turned his head, he found his old friend is here.

There is a bit helplessly scratched, and I looked at the original naval: "Checkla is a little more in Chakra ... Hahahaha ... I am not very lucky, I have seen you here, spot, Are you also resurrected by the tilles? "

"Do not."

Yu Zhibo smiled scornfully, showing a complex look on his face: "I don't have the control of the survivors! The room, I can not just use the dirt to reincarn the resurrection, soon I will really resurrect!"

to be frank.

The heart of Yuxi Boss is a bit awkward.

Because in the heart of Yuxi Bou, there is absolutely impossible to be controlled by people, this look is too ugly!

Then say the truth.

The heart of Yuxi Boss is still a little happy.

Because people such as the thousand-handles have been controlled? And this time I have to stand in him, fight for his resurrection?

This feeling, think about it is still a bit comfortable.


Shangyuan Na will be speechless.

How does this guy look at it?

If you don't know how to control Yishihu spots is a white fee, how can I get Yuxi Bouvet to lose control?

According to the original power of the original navigation, it is really difficult to reincarnate the use of criminals to control Utizhi spots, but there is only a certain hidden danger.

Yuxi Bouvet knows how to solve the control of embarrassment ...

Unless the original navigation has always controlled the movement of Unexpell, even the awareness of his consciousness is not difficult.

Because after defeating the big snake pill, a progressive task was completed.

Advanced task 6: Killing a six-way ninja (11), the task has been completed, rewarding life energy is 100,000 yuan, Chakra energy is 100,000,000 points, the natural energy is 10,000, the reward full attribute recovery effect is 50%, the reward is the upper limit of the jade Histed to 9.

This reward ...

I really can't say it.

Name: Shangyuan Nair

Life energy: 1655311 (regular mode)

Chakra energy: 1655770

Natural energy: 1655770

Life energy recovery: 1296 minutes

Chakra energy recovery: 648

Natural energy extraction: 648 minutes

Skill cooling reduction: 100%

Remaining gold coins: 9630

Nowadays, in the opening of the immortal model, the life energy of Shangyuan Na will break through a thousands of million!

Although the original Naqi's current Xianke Chakra is only more than one hundred and six hundred thousand, but it is not the thousand-hand-collar and Yuxi Bottom resistance ...

"All right."

Upper Nairi interrupted the idea of ​​the thousand-handed and Yisi Boss chat, pointing to the countless of the countless Chakra Ninja, whisper: "Now, there is no time to let you chat, go, let I know the meaning of resurrection! "


,,, ? ? ? ?

"if not?"

The original never looks at them in the face of innocent.

This is reasonable to make people can't help but want to have a hammer!

Even the Unexpectedly next to Yisi Bo, this big evil person can't see it, and the eyes can't help but convuls.

To be honest, Yishibo spots feel that their character is very bad.

Unexpectedly, today Yishibo spheres saw that some people reached the upper limit of bad words.


Shangyuan Na Luo waved his palm, looked at the four tens of thousands of ninja coatings, his voice gradually became high: "Let them know, the name of their own generations!"

One of the ninja flew over the four-bit offense attack!

Even if they have tens of thousands of ninja, even if they are covered with a nine tail chakra, it is impossible to block the strong horizontal!

"Wooden Tree Directory!"

A vine root will spread from the foot of the killer!

A wide range of vast forests have gradually drilled over this battlefield!

This time I have seen a few times today, I have been developed, and the owner has released it. Every vine tree root is in the mapping of the killer, such as the arm makes it generally striking one by one. The most poor ninja, the four of them threatened!

Thousands of hands have passed a ninja, and his figure has appeared on a big tree, and the Zhang has spread a huge water flow!

"Water, big burst!"

The air suddenly appeared a huge lake and falling from the sky. Between the blink of an eye, this group of lakes drowned throughout the forest, and the waves swept toward the Ninja joint!

The thousands of hands, I have known as the second-generation rigs of the first speed of the speed, and the man who has had the strongest rhetoric!

"Thunder, Ray!"


Just as a cloudy hidden thing tried to make a thunder, a flying thunder did not appear around him!

Next moment, a golden flash appeared!

"Spiral Pills!"

The figures of the waves are accompanied by flashing, and the spiral pill will fight this cloud in hidden.

Because the body lost the yin nine tail, the combat power of the wave wind door has dropped more than one level, and it can only be able to constantly attack a powerful ninja with his own flying thunder.

After the four fires have just appeared, they immediately stopped the attack of the Ninja coalition, even still hosted!

In the Ninja coalition, although they have just got the blessing of Jiuji Chakra, when they face the past, they are still faintly in the heart ...

"Don't care about the enemy's identity!"

The prime hand waved his fist, and a punch smashed the flying vines root, whispered: "Turning in the past is my loved ones, but now ... they have become my enemies!"

"Everyone! Please listen to me!"

The voice of the whirlpool is suddenly roaring above this earth, and in the hearts of everyone, his heart tells the bottom of all people through the nine-tailed Chakra!

"All the people in the past are sacrificed to protect the leaves."

The whirlpool is looking at the four noodles that are not far away, whisper: "They are most want to see now, must not be our awe, but we seal them to protect the world, this is the most thought need!"

"Say well, Naruto!"

The bottom of the day is not in the bottom of the day, but the mouth is high: "Yes, if you can sacrifice for this world, even if it is destroying our soul!"


The expression of the whirlpool is slightly embarrassed.

The words of the day, but the people in the scene have been hysteresis.

After a moment, I suddenly had a ninja whisper: "... Three generations of fire, don't say this kind of crown! It is clear that you refer to the four-generation eyes of the four generations, and the village is destroyed once!"

Because of a certain operation of the original Na.

So far, the reputation of the day is still stinking.

Whether it means that the Yuxi Bo belt is harmful to the four-generation rigid couple causing the chaos of the nine tail, or to consolidate the power of the mid-to-mid surgery.

These things are basically aware of people.

"Don't listen to rumors!"

The sound of the wave of the water is also spread on the battlefield. He loudly said: "Everything in the nine tail is not related to the three-generation rigs, because the three generations of the wife, the wife, the lake, also died in the turmoil! "

The wave of the wind is fighting, while opening the three generations of fire, it is a bit pitiful.

After shook his head, I was shook my head, I pulled it to the front of the day, re-challenge my teacher: "The old man, your reputation is still so miserable ... Yes, the orphan of the Naruto has been monitored. Who?"


I will understand what I don't understand the darkness of the orphans. Whether he can't say a false person information created by a pharmacist.

When I was also fighting, I also fight, while I didn't know what you mean, but if someone can hit the monks, it must be a group! "


This sentence is ...

It seems quite reasonable!