I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 369 Resurrection Unexpected Boss and Long Gate

Zhidun group hiding the rui.

I didn't ask the truth directly to the truth.

As an up-oriented jamna, an upward navigation that is in the dark, naturally monitor all their actions, and he can hear all their news.

After hearing the arrival of the day, the brain of Shangyuan, I can't help but I can't help it, what is the black pot can be hidden on the head?

Shangji shook his head, and did his best to Zhi Village. After a second, he turned his head to look at the big snake pills behind him: "For some elders, how long does you have, don't you, I will let you help you? "

"Hey ... it is good."

After a smile, he responded, slowly swallowed: "I just listened to your things, I didn't expect the fourth endurance battle. It is your handling, Needel, you can really even Deceive it ... "


Shangyuan Needo helplessly sighed.

Now he deceives the black and deficient to deceive it!

This black is still laughing, indicating that it is nothing serious, huh, then let the guy cry can't cry!

Shangji is looking at black, softly sigh: "Don't you deceive it? You can only say that it is concealed!"

If you don't experience this war, if you don't let the elder generation to see my strength, how can you be willing to help me resurrect? After all, you are the will! "

After the Shangyuan Na, the face was faintly became a bit yin: "What is more, I am also very worried about that I have transplanted my eyes, I will control my predecessors back to the birthplace!"

"how could be?"

The black laugh is no sorrowful and embarrassing.

Although it is indeed a thought of such a thoughtfulness, it is not careless to be in the original navigation.

"is it?"

The laughter of Shangyuan Nai is also a bit cool: "Then I am relieved ... I am still coming soon, I see that the predecessors seem to have some can't wait to teach those tail!"


After the awareness of Unechybao, he shook his head: "Don't worry, the group of livestock will be taken to the collar sooner or later ... I have waited for so many years, don't care more."

Yuxi spots are of course urgent.

But the original navigation is around!

Therefore, Unexpell Plepers and Dragons are actually secretly discussing delay, they want to wait until the original navigation is temporarily left here.

Otherwise, if you think about it, you will be able to look back in the eyes, that is really a big trouble!

Shangji Na Ruo this guy ...

But a monster that is more powerful than the ten tail!

"Shangyuan Na, don't you help?"

Yisi Bo looks at the situation on the battlefield, whispered: "Although the strength of the column is enough to settle all enemies, but the strength of his current strength is not a peak condition ..."


On the face of Shangyuan Na, there was no smile. He seems to be aware of Yuxi Bouvel and a dark thoughts, slowly nod: "Then I will pass, the speed of my predecessors can also be slightly faster…"

After saying this, Shangyuan Na will no longer stop, fan the three pairs of wings behind, slowly flying to the battlefield.

After seeing the original navigation leave.

The expression of Yuxioba gradually became a little downtown. He looked at the back of the Shangyuan: "Although this devil has not cheated us, his heart is also deep enough ... black, why agreed with our moon Is planned? "

"His life does not seem to be ..."

Black and secretly manipulated the rapid printing of the big snake, and the quiet opening continued: "When the strength of Shangyuan Nairies is very weak, I quietly monitored him. He is deeply confident that he is confident in the merits of the month, and even often thinks you will join Go to the merits of the merits and self -ity ...

At that time, I thought that the original navigation is just a tool for clamping the long gates and Xiaonan. I didn't expect this little guy to be our true strongest help! "

"If you say the strongest resistance, you can ..."

Yuxi Bouvet couldn't help but frown, whispered: "If there is no such little ghost, maybe our plan will be more smooth ... Shangnai, this guy, but I have a mess of my plan!"

Yishibo spots are a clear.

Or, he wants to understand some.

If it is not going to go to the people, if it is, it is now the long door or Yisi Bo belt him with a round.

This doesn't matter.

Anyway, for Uti Boss, as long as he can make him a tail of the tail, start the month of the eye plan, whether it is unable to resist the infinite moon reading illusion of the moon.

That is the perfect solution to the perfect solution to the six cactors!

"Black ..."

The eyes of Yuxibo spots, he lowered: "I have a guess, will the original neighborhood will not be because there is anything that cannot be solved, only to enter the dream of unlimited months?"


Black is silent.

This problem is not good to answer it.

It's just that I don't have to think very quickly, because it has been manipulated with Big Snake Pills to complete the reincarnation of the natural printed, let Yuxibo spheres and the long gates completely resurrected!

next moment…

A shackles of Chakra spread throughout the battlefield!

Even this Chakra forms a substantial impact wave, and there is a lot of roll around him, and several ninja trying to lurking sneak attack is directly flying!

Just re-resurrected Unexpell spots, showing abundant and majestic Chakra, strength, even more powerful!

Yuxi Board took his fist and felt his true body, couldn't help but the sound of the sound: "Yes, this feeling ... Finally, I can realize the truth!"

Just after the reincarnation of the birth, Yuxi Bao's eyes were not from autonomous, because his body did not have a round to the eye.

"Brass, your eyes."

The black is not too hesitial, and it immediately dug out the reincarnation of the big snake pill, put it in the hand of Yuxi Boss!

This moment is not dare to delay!

Under the original Needle, it is really a lot of peace and peace of mind, and I will help them do a lot of things, but I have to prevent this on this hand.


Yuxi Bo is reluctantly to pick up the round look.

Yuxibo spheres put two rounds into the eyes into their own eyes, running with Chakra cure, his face, and finally emerged from his face.

"Really good show, start!"

Yuxi Bo is stripped his eyes, feeling the light back to the eyes, and the smile on his face could not compare.

"Now ... can I fight all my best?"

Compared with Yuxi wave spots and black, the two people's intensive drums, the other side of the resurrection is not tight, but he also lost his eyes because of the resurrection.

The long gate is now really recognized.

What can I do if I don't realize it?

That's a child who picked up and petted eight years, just in order to make him resurrect, even for this, I also set off a role war ...

Really ...

There is a magical that can't be said.

Maybe this is a dawn?

And the pharmacist fell again after returning to the long door, immediately incorporated him in the might of the might, softly attacked his emotions: "The long door, please don't worry, Needers will soon retrieve your new eyes quickly. "


The long gates are full of mind.

Because he really don't know what to say.

After a long time, the blind man was sitting in the air, quietly sighed: "Xiaonan, you really teach a good disciple!"

the other side.

After the black is returned, it will be separated from the body of the big snake pill after two people.

The big snake pills were slowly closed, and the mouth of the big snake pill suddenly drilled a small white snake, which is his soul body.

Because of life, there is a small matter of district.

The big snake pills have experienced a lot of deaths, this kind of thing is just a little thing, as long as I find a suitable body, the big snake pill can live.

Just as the big snake pill is intended to find the body of the ninja, a bitter is boring in a small white snake, firmly nailing it!

"Sorry, big snake pills."

The figure of the pharmacist appeared on the body of the big snake pill, the white snake stretched out this white snake, whispered: "Nairou said, if you have saved, you will use you in the future, special I will protect you. "


This is true.

What is the protection, and the most hurting him is not the pharmacist and the original navigation these two guys?

This is endless!

Now he is already useless, can you let him go?

Now he is already so bad, is it not willing to let him go?

When the big snake pill, the pharmacist pushed his own glasses when it turned into a high-spirited, whisper: "The big snake pills, don't think that it is desperate, some people have the strength. No back. "

After saying, the pharmacist has a pointer to the small white snake, continue to add to the mouth: "The big snake pill should know that this relief does not have a person who can't use the neighborhood, the big snake pill does not want his life and death. Bar ... "


The big snake pill is again silent.

It seems that he can control his life and death now.

Still not always holding in the hands of this group of bastards, if you can't live, can he still die?

If not there is no way ...

Who is willing to send it!

When the big snake pill, I want to use the eight-legged big snake to resist again, I will see the liquid of the pharmacist's body slowly flow, his palm center floats a write-eyed eye, I saw the written eyes. A strange red light.

"Why bother to resist, big snake pills."

After the pharmacist looked at the little white snake, she sighed a little in the air: "Your weakness, we are all clear ..."