I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 370 Yuszhi Sasuke Question!

Shangnai Nai, I saw that the big snake pill was really able to escape. There is still a bit implapted in my heart. This guy is really a bug to have a card ...

As the behind-the-door black hand and the strongest ninja, Shangyuan still hopes that this world can only open a secondary hanging, the big snake pill is even for it ...

Let the big snake pills slid out, really don't worry.

Fortunately, the pharmacist has been doing people under this hand.

Shangyuan Needan no longer pays attention to the situation of the big snake pill, and the eyes slowly moved on the battlefield. Now the Ninja coalition forces have seen the resurrection of Yuxibo spots. It seems that it is necessary to reform the flag.

Shangyuan Nai's figure suddenly disappeared in the air, falling around Yisi Boss, hooks his mouth: "How do you feel about your own strength? How to perform it to us? How to capture the tail beast ?"

"A group of animals."

Yuxi Bao's palm is slowly closed, calmly opens: "Your guy can you easily seize them? Wait until I first put the outer road first."

Just as Yuxi Boupeters intended to cooperate with the print, a figure fly quickly toward them, and he left their side.

It is Yuxi, who has been lurking around the battlefield!

When Yuxi Boupeng saw Sasuo arrived, his mouth was scratched: "It's just right, Yishe Sasuke, you can have the opportunity to see ..."

To be honest, when Su Zhiwu came from Su Zhi Bo, he was still a bit happy. This little guy's personality is a bit like him, but it is as good as his most lovely yourself. Yushusai.

"To shut up!"

Yizhi Bozuo broke the words of Yuxi Bo, but he didn't care about the face of Zhi Shiba, just looked at the original navigation.

"Seniors, I listened to them, the pharmacist is under your hand, he resurrects such a thing, do you know?"

"I know."

Shangyuan Na is frowned, and it has been a little bit of his own brows. "Because this is my arrangement, he left a tonar in the vortex to write a way, The purpose is to modify your will, let you loyal to the wooden leaves ... "

"Why don't you tell me?"

Yuxi Bozo helped his teeth and interrupted the original Nairi. He didn't listen to the explanation, but the eyes were staring at the original navigation, Shen Sheng: "Why make the pharmacist's dirty guys splines the body ..."


The eyes of Shangyuan Na will suddenly become a little cold. He looks like Sasuke's mouth: "The pocket is my most trust in the department, let alone this world, no one more than who is more expensive ... Yu Zhibo, I really thought you are very Isn't noble? "

"Cough ~"

Yuxi Bao spheres next to it quickly coughs a few times.

However, he did not pay attention to the original Naido and Unechebra.

Yischo Zozuo bite his teeth, and it is ugly to look at the original navigation, and slowly nod: "Seniors,, is your friend! I have been your chess piece?"

"You have already believed me again."

Shangyuan Nairou waved his hand, a venom of the wind went out: "Just ... I am not interested in playing with children now."

Yuxi Bozuo has always been not trusting!

This didn't know where to know the pharmacist is in the end of the original Nairi, the news of Yisi Pubo is reincarnating, and hurriedly jumped out to ask him!

Really ...

Not as good as the group, the group is trying ...

Those guys are now not playing! This is called real trust, which is called real companion!

To be honest, the members of the talents have also got an intelligence on the battlefield. They also want to ask for the original navigation, but they only talked too much about the death loyalty, and the mortar ghosts directly answered them. A field.

Somewhere of battlefield hidden.

Members of the organization are meeting.

Because they just learned that after the original navigation solved the big snake pills, they directly betrayed the Ninja coalition forces to help Utue spots resurrected.

The expression of the corner is a bit subtle, he looked at the ghosts and other people: "So, you ... or say, you have always been an Shanghao?"

"Can say this!"

The mortal ghosts slowly nodded, and the expression was serious: "After all, the leader is worried, the leader is worried that you have lost its own plan, he thinks you know that too much words are likely to jump into this Field Swirl! "


Dida scaredly bitted a clay, smashing his mouth: "Shangyuan guy, did not take us as a friend at all!"

"It is because the leader will treat everyone as a friend ..."

The martial artifacts got the ghosts, and his words were very beautiful: "So, he ordered us to disclose these dangers."

The expression of the martillant ghosts gradually became more dignified. He continued: "Those who want to take Xiwang as a tool have unimaginable power ... as the leader of Xiao, let everyone lift these external threats, the leader thinks It is the unshirkable responsibility. "


Red sand is inserted into silence.

To be honest, there is still a little touched.

The corner sighed and sighed: "It seems that our new leader seems to be too much more than the past!"


Dida La slowly nodded, put forward a very deadly question: "Hey, you said, now Shanghao resurrected our head leader, who two will be the leader?"


Everyone present is subtle.

Didara guys always pay attention to some strange points.

If they do they know the feelings of the long-door and Shangyuan Na, now I have already thought of a bunch of dark drama in my mind.

Have to say, the mortar ghosts finally did the work.

At least when I explained the motivation of the original Nairi, I also helped to gather this group of people.

The center area of ​​the battlefield.

Upward Nairi stared at his Unechebao, intended to resolve the task of resolving Unecheo Sasuke, and handed over a more reliable portion.


Shang Nai took a look at the drug teacher who was not far away, and whispered: "You come to help me explain it! Tell him the truth, I don't need him, no, he has never done anything for me. thing!"

It is now no longer necessary.

Strictly speaking, Shangyuan Nair is another Sasuke.

A Sasuke that is given to Yin by his old father's six cactors, instead of this will only ask him, but you can't do anything.

"Yes, Needar."

A voice fell into the ear of everyone, the pharmacist pocked into a space whirlpool appeared around Unechebra, he slowly looked at Unechebra.

Compared with someone's persimmon, the guy ...

If the pharmacist, it is more harsh.

Because after processed the long door resurrection and the big snake pill, the pharmacist has been listening to the news, naturally heard the exchange of Unecheo Sasher and Shangyuan Na.

The pharmacist pushed his own glasses and looked at Unechebra. What about adults? "


The face of Unechebras saga has changed.

In the eyes of the pharmacist, he revealed a dangerous light. He looked quietly to Su Zhibo, whisper continued: "Yu Zhibo Sasuke, what should you say you? Is it stupid? Your brothers have never really Loyal is in the Nairi, so you still have the chess pieces that have become a neighborhood, is your pleasure! "

The pharmacist slowly narrowed his eyes, revealing a mild smile: "Unfortunately, white white wasting the power of Needar, Sasuo, is a waste, even half of the people Don't do it ... "


Yiszo sauo sang his talents, slowly pulling it out, pointing to the pharmacist, the eyes of the eyes: "In humiliating me? April! Just ... I have long Kill you! "


The pharmacist has set up his fingers calmly, smiled low: "Yuxi Bozuo, in the past, you can live all the shelters of Unexus and Needar, now Yisi Pubie is dead, you lost Nairi Asylum, do you think you can live in this cruel world? "


Unechebo saga took the pharmacist!

The talents in the hands of the help quickly rose a bright light, but just cut the air, at all, the pharmacist with the Shenwei Write the eyes!

the other side.

Yuxi Bouvelle and the original Naida also saw their battles.

The mouth of Yuxi Bao couldn't help but horn: "Shangyuan Na, I didn't expect that you can be so cruel to a little guy ... he seems to have always been good for you!"

"Oh, you are a good way to others feel good for others, isn't it to give the life of the forgiveness as a gift? I don't know if I am doing even my hand."

Shangqi Nai Lu smiled and shook his head: "Now Sasuke is too weak, I need a stronger Sasuke ..."

A Zhizuo that can get the power of Yin!

That will also be a leeks he finally harvested!

Shangyuan Nai raised his head and looked at the four nine fires and tangled with the Ninja coalition. He also looked at the nine tail beasts not far away, soft: "Okay, the forever, hurry to catch nine tails Let's get rid of ten tails! "

Shangyuan Nae lost slightly, looked at Yuxibo spheres with faces, and laughed and continued: "I can't wait to see the re-resurrection of the rare, how much power can be used!"