I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 372, Shangyuan, I want to see your full force (fourth!)

Hi Zhibao is so arrogant enough.

When I heard the original Needle, Yu Zhibo sphin felt that he was still too low, and the original naval said that this guy said that it is too arrogant!

What is the tail of the tail, it is also a little smart to him!

This guy thinks that the ten tail column is his pet!

This guy…

Why are you so arrogant!

It seems that there is also arrogant qualifications, whether it is a big snake or Yuxiobang, two people can become a ten-tail column, which is from the help of the original Nair ...

If it is not the original navigation, they can't make a tail column ...

" ..."

Shangyuan Needressed to hold his forehead, his eyes slowly, and the light continued: "I gave you enough power, can you go to realize our dreams? I am dreaming of looking forward to the sustain of unlimited month reading. ! "

"Hum hum…"

Yuxibo spheres were watching the original navigation, and smiled and opened: "If you only use the unlimited month read, you will waste this strength!"

Yuxi Bao slammed the tin cushion in his hand, whispered: "Shangyuan Nai! Your power is too powerful, let people don't help but want to try your guy, this is not self-burning Excite, or the first time after the column! "

"I still put away your excitement!"

Shangji put down his palm, pinching his wrist, whispering: "Sometimes, when you see the giants, you will be excited, but they want to shake a giant, it is something that can't be done in this life ..."

"Your guy ..."

The mouth of Yuxibo spheres slowly revealed a smile, his smile gradually became more and big, his laughter gradually became bigger and bigger: "Hahahahahaha ... hahahahaha ... really than I imagine What is the appetite in my appetite! "

Yishibo spheres waved in the hand in the hands of the tin cushion to the original navigation, whisper: "Let me see, your so-called giant, how much is it!"

"Will not disappoint you."

Shangyuan Nai slowly spread his palm, calmly opened: "If you lose it ..."

Shangyuan Na Lu said that he suddenly turned here, he looked at the eyes of Yu Zhibo spheres suddenly became cold and cold: "That will give me a toolman, prepare to show unlimited month read, understand?"

After hearing the original Needle, the expression of Yu Zhibo sphere was stiff after a second, and the corner of his mouth was slow, and the bow had his body.

Next moment, this man who has just become a tail of the ten tail raises his head, and the cold voice said: "Then come! Shangyuan Na! If you lose to me, I will give you a life!"

A touch of the wind is back to the original navigation!

The figure of Yuxibo spheres suddenly appeared around the original Needle, he saw the battle of Big Snake Pills and Shangyuan Nai, very clearly, the way to seek Jade Remote attacks, there is nothing to use, you must find the right time to use the jade!

In front of their level of Ninja, but because of the restraint of each other, it has to be rapidly returned to the most primitive stage of Ninja fight!

That is purely body integrity!

Only in the confrontation of the body can be changed at any time, and find the opportunity to use the use of the jade attack!

The tip custard in the hands of Yuxibo spheres waved to the top of the original Nair, the air seems to be divided into two cums in his hands!

Shangji took the right to his fist, and slammed a punch in the sky, directly punching the tin cushion in the hand in the hand!

Shangyuan Nai's fist is not reduced, go straight to the chin of Yuxi Boss, but his chest is fiercely being kicked in Utiso!

Yishihu spots fly out!

The two people met the first time, almost all do not occupy the wind, or for the Sui Zhi Bao, his losses should be larger.

Shangyuan Nai did not stop, the figure suddenly rushed up again, and slammed his fist to be directly to Yishibo spheres!

Next moment, a chapter fan suddenly appeared in the hands of Unexpected Boss!

After this guy lost the tin cushion, I didn't know when I touched the pile of the Yisha Wapo!

Yuxi Bao is actually waving this group of fists to welcome the fists of Shangyuan Na, and the eyes flashed a cold light!

The group fans of this Unexpelli family have been made by some of the materials of the gods, whether it is the effect is still very amazing!

And this is also a weapon who once followed the North War of Su Zhibo!

Naturally, he is also very familiar with this handle!

"Yu Zhibo rebound!"


Shangyuan Needs to watch himself on the Yisha Wave Group!

Then he felt a huge rebound, this ducks flew rapidly absorbed his strength, and generic property Chakra blows him!

Shangyuan Naqi's palm welcomed the style of Chakra shock to maintain his body, and slammed his five fingers, and then pinched into a box!

"Sorry, the rebound is invalid."

Shangyuan Na's fist is smashed in Yishibo spheres, and a hard punch will fall into the ground!

The ten tail of the tail of the tail was turned down.

It's just that the body of Sui Zhihu spots will recover with the help of the ten tail.

Yuxi Boupeng rushed up again toward the original navigation, a kind of seeking jade in his hand in order to make a sharp black bar, waving his stabbed the door!

Between the blink, the two people turned into a group!

Every blow between them is particularly fatal!

But for two, strong recovery reluctance will recover soon, regardless of how serious injuries will be quickly recovered, and the two gradually played!

The black rod in the hand of Yuxi Shibao suddenly explored, directly stabbed the wings of Shangyuan Na, in exchange for the original navigation, a knee, directly smashed his chest!

Yuxi Bao spots spit a blood, fly directly!

The original neckstretched his palm, slowly pulled out the jade bar in the wings, and pinched it into pieces!

At the last naval, I looked at the injury on my wings behind him. He couldn't help but wrinkish. He is still a way to praise: "Yes, you are the first person who can hurt me."

"Ha, I am also honored!"

Yu Zhibo couldn't help but grin,: "It's a troubled guy ... Shangyuan Na, your body, maybe a few times more than I cognition!"

This sentence is not a false.

Instead, Yu Zhibo spots according to the observation of Shang Na Na and Big Snake Pills, and passed their own personal practice, he finally realized a problem ... Shangyuan Na Rou and the big snake pills fight absolutely hidden!

This guy has been hiding your strength!

"Shangyuan Na!"

Yuxi Boupeng once again used a black bar, and rushed up towards the original Nai: "Your guy is really deep ... I really can't stand more, I want to see it, you How strong strength can be all in power! "


Shangyuan Nairi suddenly passed through Yuxi Bao, when the palm was brushing by his side, he smashed the black rod, and could have a shoulder of Yuxi Bouvelle!

Shangyuan Na Ruo looks at the pain of Su Zhibo's crime, which is not striking from independent, his voice is still an ancient well-free indifference.

"I want to see my efforts, then use all your way to enjoy me ..."

The arm of Shangyuan Nae suddenly flipped, turning the Yuxi wave spot!

Just as the original naval, the short body waving his fist, I plan to be on his head, I saw the Yuxi Boukou, I saw my mouth!

"Fire · dust hidden!"

Next, countless smoke and Mars sprayed from his mouth!

At the moment, the battlefield between them was so drowning, and the hot high temperature could come, followed by a dramatic explosion!

Yisi Boli This guy's fire is really terrible!

This guy does not need to be printed at all, you can discharge such a strong fire, it is really like this is not like this.

Fortunately, the original navigation is not a practical ninja ...

"Water in the water"! "

When the dust is released, the Shangyuan waved a watery to form a water array, turned into a semi-round ball, wrapped in the original Nairi's figure in it, avoiding dust and hidden Attack.

"Fire ·!"

Yuxi Boli looked at Shangyuan Na, which hidden in semi-circular water balls, and instantly visited a huge fireball. After the fireball landed, it turned into flames, and it was flooded with the water array of Shangyuan Na.

Steam gradually tap!

A film is gradually generated in the air.

"Wind and typhoon!"

Shangyuan Needo waved a call to a hurricane, blowing the fog around them, in an instant, in the blowing hurricane, a thunder is coming!

"Immortal · !"

A group of lightning is like a laser generally shot into the head of the original Needle!

This is a six-way Xianli, which is automatically acquired after Unexpected Plepers, which is the column of ten tails. This electricity is extremely sharp!


Shangyuan Na is rushing to 's head.

At that light, the electric light passed through the top, and the hole wore the wings behind him!

"Do you want to spend fairy?"

Shangyuan Nair lost his palm, slowly showed a smile on his face: "Let you see true Xianli ..."

When I didn't wait for the original navigation, I saw what Xianli, he saw the unusual shadow of the Yuxi Boss!

Does this guy still use a round tomb?

Yuxi Bao spheres are watching the movement of the original Needle, and his round is flashing in the eyes: "I didn't want to use this trick. Unfortunately, it is very difficult to find you. This guy's weakness ... "