I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 377 You can't let me see a family ethics drama! (Third more)

There is no sense of reading in the month.

Once you have a unlimited month reading, your eyes can't be blinked.

Shangyuan Na is rushing in the vines made in his own, and there is some dry eyes, because he gets the natural round to the eye, in order to continue performance in the light of the infinite month.

Fortunately, his round look is also purple.

It seems that there should be no flaws now.

The entire endurance, except for Unecheo Sasuke and whirlpool, and those who are inheritors, only the pharmacist and the long door hide in the midnual space is fortunate.

Yuxi Bao released the unlimited month reading and tree boundary, only noted that the complete body of Unecheo Sasuke must be able to afford it, and his eyes have some incredible.

"The rays read in the infinite month can penetrate the shadow, anyone should not be able to escape the guess, how come until now, can still penetrate him?"


Darkness also saw this scene, its voice of the sketch: "Only the owner of the round, can resist the light of the infinite month ..."

After a long time.

Until Yuxi Bouvet confirmed that the light of unlimited months read unable to solve the emblem Sasuke and the whirlpool, he finally decided to solve them.

Next moment, the light of the infinite month read suddenly disappeared.

The sky is returned to that round of blood months, and the night is reached above the earth. Yuxi Bao pointed out!

Yuxi Bao pointed on the ground, watching the tall must, high: "Sasuke, let me see, what kind of power you hide!"


The air came from Yuxi Bozuo, and the tall purple must be dissipated, revealing two people inside.

It is Yuxi Bozuo and a whirlpool.

The status of two people is very different from before.

One of the eyes of Yuxi Bozuo, and the other is the round of the jade. This scene makes the eye of Yuxi Boss. This endurance has another person to open the reincarnation. eye!

As for the swirls next to the rings, the strong Chakra is also emitted, and the jade floating after his body, it is clear that this is the six Xianke.

Yuxi Bao spots opened his palm, laughed and opened: "I didn't expect that you have escached unlimited month read, I thought it would be the guests of the original navigation! It looks that you have two little guys hide more The Shangyuan guy is deeper! "

"Hey, that idiot ..."

Yischo slammed with a cold, honest his fingers, whispered: "I looked at him in my own eyes, Yu Zhibo spots, I would like to thank you for me to solve it! "

In the next moment, the reincarnation of Unechebra flashed a light, and his hands took a knife, pounced toward the direction of Yuxi Bao!

"Now I solve your guy!"

"Hey, Sasuke, don't impulsive!"

The whirlpool rushed to prevent his teammates, but unfortunately Yisi Bozuo will not listen to his persuasion, waving the knife and slashing!

"Hahaha ... is really confident, ghost!"

After Yuxi Bao smiled, his body suddenly floated four unreal shadows, got on the direction of Unechebra.

"Be careful!"

The whirlpool is aware of the shadow of the tomb, and after the loud reminder, he rushed up!

"Don't remind, I saw it!"

The reincarnation of Unecheo Sasuke flashed a martyrdom, suddenly discovered the shadow of the turm, and the talents in his hands were swaying to solve the shadow of the wheel!

Only did not expect it, the figure of Yuxibo spheres suddenly exchanged their own round shadow, and took his talents, one foot will help it out!

"I thought you have more!"

Yuxi Bao smiled scornful, and looked at the knife to tap the knife. If you hit it, you can instantly put it on the ground!

Let Yuxi spots have not yet, the next moment of helping the round eyes flashed a light, the body of the spots and Sasuke suddenly exchanged the position!

It was originally thrown by Unexpected Spot to the trous knife, which suddenly pierced his body!

It is Sasuke's turn to the eye, the sky is hand!

"Oh, time-space style?"

After the face of Yizhibo spheres was surprised for a second, he slowly pulled out the tattooled knife on his body, and his injuries quickly recovered.

Yuxi Bao spokes, looked at the sakura where the chest was smashed, calmly spread his palm: "It seems that your turn is also a quite high collection value ..."

"Immortal · Melong · Spiral Hands in Sword!"

Next moment, a spiral hand made up a spiral hand in a sputum, and the sword flew over Yuxi Bo!

Yuxi speck is almost unwilling to avoid it, it is hit by this strike!

This fire-red spiral hand is immediately detonated, and the heat wave is hit, burning the bodies!

"Is there only this level?"

Yuxibo spots extended his hand to wipe the scars of his mouth.

Even if there is a great intention to be accomplished by Unecheo Sasher and the whirlpool, Yisi Bou is not intended to be, even a little bit happy.

To be honest, I am really happy.

After all, Unecheo Sasuke and Swirling Sonument is still within the scope of understanding, unlike the original nailed guys can not be understood from the scope of understanding.

Next moment, Yuxi Boupeters rushed up again!

The Yuxi Bo's spot is holding a yin and yang black stick, and it is a group of two people to fight, plus the shadow of the tomb, and the body is actually not falling down!

The whirlpool song suddenly floated a weird spiral pill!

Immortal ... "

"Immortal · !"

Just as the spiral pill of the whirlley, the spiral pill was just formed, a laser suddenly shot in the mouth of Unexpectedly, forced the whirlpool, can only hurry, and the spiral pill will be lost!

"Intercourage, don't waste Chekra!"

After Yuxi Bozuo, he had a black and white lightning after his his hand had a black and white lightning!

"Thousands of birds!"

This is the thousand birds under the six power!

Yizhi Bozuo took advantage of Yu Zhibo spheres to release the chance of Xianli, his figure suddenly exchanged in the black rod in Yuxi Board, next moment, countless black and white thunderded electricity dropped on Yuxi Bao!

Yiszozuo snorted, watching the painful Sui Zhibo spheres under the color of the thousand birds: "Hey, the force of the six, I have."


The body of Yuxibo spheres suddenly disappeared!

Yuxi Bozuo stared at the position of the Thousands of birds. The round eyes in the eyes were flashing.

"Naruto, be careful!"

Sasuke turned his head and looked at the direction of the whirlpool!

However, this sentence reminded that he had just sent it. He saw the syrupted moon's figure and flew out the shadow!

"And what is the mood worry?"

The smile of Yu Zhibo spheres appeared around Sasuke.

Next moment, Sasuke was kicked by Unexpell Bell, and the whole person couldn't help but go out of autonomous!

Yuxi Bouvet glanced at the whirlwoman and Yuxi, who couldn't help but laughed: "Hahahaha ... I thought you two hidden power, perhaps more stronger than Shangyuan!"

Yuxibo spheres don't know that these two people have encountered things to sell their old ages. He just thought that this relief genius ninja thinking, the per capita will last.

Yuxi Bo is overlooking the whirlpool and Yuxi Bo sagais, slowly climbed up, hook the mouth, open the mouth: "Now it looks ... it's so!"

Yuxi Bouvet looked at them two people, and the cold and ridiculous: "You have two people who have hidden their strengths, think they are the powerful guys like themselves?"


The sound of Sui Zhibo pointers is arrogant on the battlefield.

In a vine tree hole, Shangyuan Na is rid of it inside, listening to Yuxi Bo spots in his ear, and hurting himself.

Yisi Boli this guy is addicted to the dish?

Why don't you play?

Just at this time, the touched voice finally came out: "The big people, maybe I know their strength ... Is it a bit familiar with Chakra, who does not think that Urcho is a bit familiar?"


Yuxibo spots nodded slowly, watching Unecheo Sasher, calmly opening: "This little guy does have some kind of connection with me ..."

"That's right."

Next, the black palm suddenly penetrated the heart of Yuxi Boss, and its voice smiled and said: "Perhaps because Dhalo is going to be born in your body, because too much love your own younger brother Boquanna, so this time not only became the younger brother in the brothers of the Yuxi, and the appearance is also the same as Yuxi Boquan ... "

This is really quite true.

Perhaps it is really because of the emotional impact of Dhara's Chakra, when I made the next revision, I have a look of Yuxi Baoquan, and it has become a brother.

"Black ..."

Yuxi Bao did not dare to confidently looked at the big hole in his chest. His eyes turned and desperately couldn't move.

Yuxi Bouvelle feels the pain of his chest, and asked the sound: "Black, why do you want to betray me?"

"Because there is no threat to this world!"

The black laughter is a little longer, and the hoarse voice continues to say: "Shangyuan Nairi is a ridiculous woman, he chooses to enter the unlimited month reading; the two guys in front of Dalo and Ashuo have two small The people of Chakra in Chakra ... "

When the black is here, its laugh is more relaxed, calmly open: "Spot, so you don't have the necessary existence ... Do you want to let this world fall into a fantasy, do you feel yourself? Is it in reality? "

The black laugh is gradually more proud: "Spot, you are also in the illusion! You and Shangnai Luo Luo did actually deceive a lot of people ... but I only deceive you, this is enough! "

"You are the will I created ..."

Yishibo spots bite his teeth, Shen Sheng: "Black, I am your master!"

"You are wrong, spot!"

Black and stood shook his head, its voice suddenly got high: "I have never been your will, I have a true will, I have always been brilliant!"

The dark body is gradually gradually turned into a liquid, which is shrouded in the body of Yuxi.

On the god tree, I also started to extract those who hang in the branches Chakra!

The earth is cracking in an instant!

A group of groups gathered by the Shenshu is like a substantially Chakra high, in the vortex, the vortex and Yisi Bozuo, is transported to the body of Yuxi Boss!

next moment

The body of Yuxibo spheres gradually expanded!

Just as Yu Zhibo spots feel the pain of his body, when it is desperate, his round looks suddenly noticed a strange mummy !

Because the vine did not transport Chakra in the gods!

Yuxi Bouvet looks at the strange vine seems to be shaking, it seems that someone is still moving, the mummy is a ghost!

Obviously, it is a moment of life and death crisis. The Yuxi Bao spheres are ghosts, and they will open their mouths: "Shangyuan, deceive me, do you have anything?"


Everyone in the field heard this name, the face did not change from autonomous, and they looked at the vines on the battlefield on the battlefield with the eyes of Yuxi spots.

Because the vines are special!

When the branches of other gods are transported by Chakra, the vines are not moving, and even the mummies below the vines are still swaying ...

It must be a living.

The vortex moistened the eyes changed, and he noticed that the four nignuts of the far away were still standing in the same place, suddenly the opening: "If the Shangyue is in the Shang, the father and the fire Will not lose control? "


Everyone's look is not changed from autonomous.

If the original navigation is in the unlimited month read, at least these fires that are controlled by him should be out of control, rather than still standing in place.

The sound of Shangyuan Nairi passed out, he could only helplessly pulling the vines, sprouting from above, sighed a little: "Your family, let me participate in the way? I just want to watch a game Family ethics drama! "