I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 378 Two behind-the-scenes black hands (fourth more!)

This guy is too innocent.

Everyone's brain is not from this idea, even if it is a person who is about to be swallowed, now there is a bit speechless.

I really didn't expect that the original bastard has been hiding in a corner!

Mom, neuropathy!

Everyone in the outside, a pair of death, I lived, and even a role of the endurance did not have a trip, and the original bastard was hiding in a vine!

The world outside is so wonderful, you hide inside to watch the play?

Especially the strength of this person is also strong, if it is said that there is no conspiracy, even if the whirlpool is not a letter ...

The whirlpool is frowned, and I looked at Unechebao, I saw it, I asked: "Upo, do you have an illusion of unlimited months?"

"Oh, it's awkward."

Shangji shook his head quietly, his eyes appeared in a pair of eyes, he continued: "Sorry, this is the natural round, I want to enter the fantasy read in the infinite month, see my dream The world, but I can't enter ... "

Black: "..."

Yuxi Bouvet: "..."

Swirl sounds: "..."

Sasuke Uchiha:"……"

Is this fucking a man?

Everyone is working hard to ensure the smooth business of the unlimited month, and you still say that these gas is there?

If you don't play him ...

I really want to give him a lesson!

The whirlpool sounds looked at the original navigation, and the eyes were gradually subtle: "So you have never been median illusion, just intentionally controlled by God tree?"

"Oh, that is not a god tree."

Shangyuan Nair's finger picked up, I saw that the vines just chained his vines were dissipated. He continued; "I feel that I am present, everyone may not be self, so I will use Mu Zi to take my own Woke up."


All people have an unexpected head.

No matter who it is, I suddenly feel a good thing if I heard the original Needle.

Just now, everyone will beat the heat of the sky and exhausted ... Your fuck is put it there!

"Tianheng Renaissance ..."

At this time, the black is concerned about the focus.

The dark voice is somewhat open: "If I have not remembering the wrong, the fiddle is the only one who has a natural wheel."

"I do not know."

Shang Nai, settled the stalls his palm, calmly opened: "Maybe because I will run the yin and yang five elements, I can open this pair of emperors to go back to the eye!"

It is natural to go to the eyes!

Everyone's eyes can't stand close attention to the eyes of Shangyuan Na, the eyes seem to be the same place, and now I can't see anything.

"Don't look at me."

Shang Nai fell to the Sui Zhibo spheres that constantly expanded before, whispered: "You continue to be busy with your home, I will find a place here for a while."

After that, Shangyuan Na will take a look at it.

At the moment, I was sitting down, and the ground rapidly formed a stone chair appeared under the top of the top, so that he sat up.

I have to say that the original Nair falls this hand is a bit amazing.

Before the stone chair floating the ground, there was no action in the top, as if it was a true god general.

Yuxi Boato has seen this scene, but that time is a water chair, his eyes are slightly condensed.


The whirlpool is looking at the original navigation, and some are dissatisfied to persuade: "Now, the endure is to destroy the crisis. How do you sit in a desert!


Shangqi Nairou looked at the scenes, and the eyes were slowly stopped on the expansive Unexpected Boss, and they did not carefully open: "This is your family ... I am out of this, is it really unhappy?"

Shangji was quietly gazing in Sui Zhibo spheres, and the light opening continued: "Former generations, the last time I didn't lie to you, and I did betray you ... When I controled Yisi Bocely warned you, why don't you Solve it? "

This is really not light.

At that time, Yu Zhibo is still confused!

Of course, now Yuxi Botel is more chaotic than that time!

The eyes of Yuxibo spheres are slightly tightened, and he doesn't care about his body expansion, and I asked: "Shangyuan Na, do you know all this? Your guy is playing in what role, you and black is betrayed me. Is the same? "

"Roughly the same!"

Shangji opened his palm, replied: "At least now, my goal is the same, we have two people want to let Hui Yue Ji resurrected."

After the last Na Run, I laughed and laughed: "Don't blame me, the forever, this is all the predecessors in that means, my ninja, just a piece of chess under its hand!"

"Shangyuan Nair ..."

The dark voice is open: "If this kind of words don't have to say it! Some things we know!"

Mom, I'm going to this, I don't have to play!

There are several people left now, and the original Needs of this death liar also show who!

"Okay, I don't say it."

Shangji, I watched a body of Yisi Boufang, and continued: "Right, the resurrection of the elderly, Hui Yueyuan is irreversible?"

Let me remind, the elder, now you have exposed, this time it should be only a hollow opportunity in Hui Night. "

"It seems that you have already known all this, Shangyuan Na."

There is no steady sound in the dark voice, and the appearance of Shangyuan Na will make the situation loses control.

It's okay that is just right.

If this time I can't resurrect, it has exposed it, and then I want to make the opportunity of Hui Night resurrection substantially equal to zero.

Now that the arrow has to be issued in the string!

The dark face floats in the body of Yuxi Boss, the hoarse voice continues: "Shang, you will make this opportunity to make the spot into the vectors of glow night, so you have never worried about the eyes, also I have been secretly resurrected in the dark. "


Shang Nai, looking at the reincarnation of Yuxi Bouvelle, whispering said: "So I will find a way to pick up the adults, because only round-looking users is the most suitable candidate, the eyes are destined to belong to him. "

Shangyuan Nairou slowly nodded, quietly opening: "There are not many people who are eligible to become a glow night carrier, or only Yishihua spots are the most appropriate, so I have been as wishing you wish. "

After the end, I went to Yisi Bao spots, and the light continued: "In order to prevent accidents, I can only find ways to plan the whole month in my monitoring, so I also clear the eyes of the moon. Plan all uneasiness factors. "


After a while, after a while, the hoarse voice replied: "So you have chosen to solve it with you, Zen Zhiwei belt ... Carton Ghost is your own?"

"Not bad."

Shangqi Nae's finger tapped with stone chairs, softly open: "After I just added the merits of the month, I took the soil band soil, and I later removed him and 100,000. Let you Since then, it is not reliable. "

Black: "..."

Grass, this king is eight eggs!

That is, 100,000 yuan!

This guy is afraid that those whispered have also become its dependence? The original never falls this bastard, and it is refused to let go!

Shangji Looking at the silence of the black, smiled and laughed: "But I think there is only my own words left in a small team, no matter what I said, you may not believe, so I deliberately inserted a for me. Hostile people. "


The black face is gradually deformed: "Cotmoti ghosts have always been hostile to you, even the pharmacist is very disrespectful to you ..."

After the Shangyuan Na, he continued to explain quietly: "The root of the mortar is my person from the moment of joining Xiao, he will say a few bad things in your ear from time to time, and even want to take the right to take power ..."

Shangyuan Na Rou said that, I can't help but laugh, I will continue to say: "But the result is often you deepened to me, and you are still embarrassing."

No wonder ... "

I nodded and nodded.

Every time I saw the mortar ghost, when I was destroyed, I will feel that I have added my trust in the original Needle, that is because it has been a lot of information from the original navigato every time from the mortal ghosts.

This guy is still using its way of thinking!

It looks now, at that time, the mortar ghosts will be treated as a useless chess, and I don't know that the mortar ghosts have been secretly imaginating!

When I was stunned, I had a anger!

"Don't blame me, this is no way."

Shangji nodded, smashed his head: "In order to ensure the plan, it will not exceed my expectations, including when we collect the tail beast, including the predecessor to resurrection, including when he became a ten tail column Force, when is it to let him release a unlimited month reading ... I have to ensure that it is in my control. "


Black is still falling into silence.

At this moment, the behind-the-scenes behind the Ninth Millennium felt that they had encountered opponents, black and he communicated down, and they couldn't help but feel a shock!

This is the original navigation, it is too terrible!

Originally, I opened a hidden secret to it today. I didn't expect that it was just the end of the iceberg, and this guy hidden how many secrets!

After a long time, the darkness of the silend is said: "Because your plan, the whole month is planned to implement, the only person who wants to rely on only you."

This is indeed a truck course.

Since Yuxi Bo is lost, it is rarely relying on Urcho to the soil, plus the so-called rebellion of Yuxi Board, and the black is only dependent on the original navigation.

In addition, the mortal ghosts were not relieved and the drug officer's betrayal, every time I experienced any crisis, I was arrogant to accompany it to comfort it ...

From that time, the black is not asked to the only hope of the merits of the month, and the hope is a dead liar!

I really want to kill him!

A substantive huge Chakra has drilled out of the ground, and it is an Shangyuan Na, sitting on the stone chair!

Shangji Nai, looking at a huge Chakra, he hit him. He waved the substantive Chakra scattered, whispered to continue: "Don't waste Chakra, the elder, in front of me, your strength Meaningless."

"Don't be angry, the elder generation!"

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, smiled and continued: "And is it still not enough? Isn't it as you wish?"