I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 379 is a predecessor, I am lie to you, you should get used to it! (Fifth, ask month!)

Dark this person is too good!

Shangyuan Na Rou felt that he helped him so much, it still wants to do it with himself, this endurance personal quality is really needed.

Castle wood a person ...

Individual moral quality is really no product!

Su Zhi Bozuo is like this. Now I can't wait to swallow him. I forgot his eternal kaleidoscope written eye is an Shangyuan to him;

The whirlpool is still a little better, but the original nair is that this leeks can grow to today, have made a lot of things!

The quality of Yuxibo spheres is not very good. The original Xin has made him a tail of the ten tail. As a result, it has attracted the top of the ten tail.

Black is even more powerful! Obviously all plans are the original navigation to help it, but also can't kill the top of the top ...

Shangji opened his palm, a little bit of the scene: "Senior, you will see it! The eye plan of the month has been successful, the unlimited month read has made everyone fall into the illusion, your mother Hui Yiji immediately Will resurrect ... "

After talking about it, there is even a little grievances on the face of Shangyuan Na, "If it is not mine, can you succeed? Can you succeed? I helped you so busy, at most, I have to say thank you!" "


Everyone in the scene is complicated.

If this is said, Shangyuan Na will indeed helping a lot of busy, but all this is based on the crime, and in the past, it is the plan, and even they have become a piece.


Said a fault.

The planning of Shangyuan Needs is really exciting.

The black voice is more gloomy. It is almost some of them can't afford their anger: "Shangyuan Na, I always thought that we are the best partner, I didn't expect your guy ... The only person who controls everything behind the scenes. ! "

"This is too much ..."

Shangji wrinkled her brow, Shen Sheng said: "The elder generation, can you touch your own conscience? Do you have a conscience? Are you don't use the best use of me as a month? ? "

After that, I still have some difficulties: "You know as a chess, you want to get your trust, I am not easy, I am a lungs for you.

As a result, you have seen Sasuke has the opportunity to open the Eternal Kaleidoscope, and want to take the help as his own chess!

After waiting until the rare resurrection, you stood around the forever, do you think about my feelings?

If it is not my words, can the moon plan to have today? "

"Shangyuan Na, almost."

Yuxi Bozuo has heard it, I can't help but frown, and I advised: "You said that you are really just a black chess, but you are clear that it is the piece of pair. People! "

After that, Yuxi Bozuo is still angry: "And your guy, isn't you always as a chess?"

"And I…"

The expression of the whirlpool is also a little subtle: "If I have not remembering the wrong, when the door brother invades the wooden leaves, you will treat me as a piece of chess!"

Yuxi Bao is still suffering from Chakra Entering the pain, but this does not delay him say a few words: "Shangyuan Nairi ... Your guy, when I haven't resurrected, you have taken me as a one Let's chess! "


Several people present in the field suddenly fell into silence, how did they feel that they are actually controlled by the original navigation?

No, this is not a feeling, this is the fact!

Everyone seems to be taken as the existence of the puppet, even those who are covered by unlimited months, have been secretly manipulated!

Shangyuan. "

The whirlpool sounds looks at the original navigation, and the sound is open: "What is the best plan for the month, is the purpose is to challenge Chakra's ancestors?"

"On the one hand!"

Shangyuan Nairo slowly spread his palm, leaning on the back of the stone chair, calmly replied: "The most important purpose is to relieve the threat of the entire endurance in the night, and it is waiting for a certain day in the future. She suddenly appeared, not as good as I guided her. "

This is half a half vacation.

If the endurance is willing to accept this explanation, then everyone can talk about anything; if the endurance can not accept this explanation, then everyone will directly !

However, only the intracellular table.

After the expansive Unexpell spokes, his eyelid shook: "Shangyuan Na, so you are also talking at that time, you want to see unlimited month reading, because it is more older than you Women have a bad heart ... "


Shangyuan Nai fell to his forehead: "The woman is glow night, I will tell you so important information, but you still don't have a good cherish ..."


No matter who it is, you can't want to get it!

" ..."

There is a gloomy voice in the dark voice, it is looking at the original navigation low: "It turns out that your goal is to challenge the night!"

"Is this not normal?"

Shangyuan Needle slowly tight his fist, smiled and laughed: "That is the legend of Chakra, if you don't challenge her, how can you say that you are the strongest ninja this endurance?"

Shang Nai, I looked at the people around him, continued to say quietly: "Seniors, how hard you know me? During my time I practiced, you just monitor me under the ground!"

"You can perceive my existence ..."

The dark voice became more and more hoarse: "So your guy has been secretly lie to me, let me think that you are very loyal to the month of the month ..."


Shangyuan Na is not deny.

Just, he is not a perception. When he is not strong enough, he will use fate to observe his surroundings from time to time, and see if there is any person who monitors him.

Therefore, it is normal to be deceived.

Do a play ...

Of course you have to make a full set.

After Shangyuan Na, he laughed, looked at the black and continued: "Anything, only you can see or know from others, you will tell you more than me, it is easier to let you believe ... because you People, they have been suspicious. "


Black is a bit speechless.

Although it is indeed a sinister person.

But said that the Shangyuan Na, which is like this, is obvious than it is more insidious! How is he mean to say that others are sinister!

"Shangyuan ..."

The whirlpool is frowned, and I asked: "Why don't you negotiate with us, if the ahead mother-in-law knows what you want to do, she will support you ... this is not There will be so many innocent people sacrificed. "

"Naruto ..."

Shangji shook his head and shook his head, Shen Sheng: "No one will believe what I said, let me not believe in you! You are a real family, and I am just a bureau ..."

After Shangyuan Na, he said slightly, he whispered to: "Checkla on Chakra and Sasuk in Chekra ... isn't it from the legendary Chakra?"

Shangyuan Na Run waved the whirlwind, whispering said: "Really always as a toy this endurance, is it all the son of the big tube Hui Miyu? Thousands of hands, Yuxi, Japan ,swirl…"

"I didn't expect you to find this kind of thing ..."

The mouth of the mouth, it turned into a distant smile: "Those are the sons of the traitor, strictly speaking, they are all a group of hybrids, they will follow the mother to recover the Chakra on them!"


Yischi Sasuke face couldn't help but appear an angrily, this black is to attack him directly!

Next moment, Yuxi Bozuo helped the thousand birds to rush, but a vine vine boulder tuned the body!

After the original Nairou stopped the action, the sound opened: "Sasuke, interrupting each other before the conversation is not over, it is very unpryngeable ... I will not do this."


Yiszo Sasuo looked with the original navigation: "Hey, your guy, you don't have a friend who is in front of me!"

"Hey, I am used to it."

Shangyuan Nai couldn't help to help the forehead of helping himself, sighed a little: "Sometimes I really feel that Mr. I is a good friend, he also borrowed me 100,000!"

Sasuke Uchiha:"……"

Yis Zhi Posh gave you so much money, you also take his name to deceive his brother, are you still?

"Shangyuan Needs."

The black is slowly lifted, looking at the original naval opening: "I am curious ... Who is these things tell you ... What is your guy's identity?"

"Let me tell the truth?"

Shang Nai stalls the stalls, and all people are curious, he will only open: "Some secrets are not amazing, as long as you work hard to master enough powerful strength, you will find some tolerance hidden. secret."


The black is completely interrupted, the last navigation, Shen Sheng: € This is the secret before the millennium, only I know alone! "

"Thousands ... millennium?"

The whirlpool is surprised to look at the black.

"The elder generation should have lived for a long time."

At the last time, I watched a black, and I watched everyone, calmly opened: "This is what I judge from a stone note."

"Nanta Shrine's stone monument?"

"Not bad."

Shangji nodded and continued: "Let me start talking from my head! I have also been attracted by the eye plan of the month, or even want to become a hand-controlled man who makes the long-haired adult.

Until, when I got a person in the wood, I met a person. I didn't think that his body had two opposite strengths, and even the two power is still a perfect. Fusion. "


The dark sound has a nervousness.

At this moment, the emotion of the trio is particularly nervous.

Because of the blackness of the glow night, it knows the fear of the big torch, it is afraid of what big cylindrical names from the mouth of the original Needle.

"Zhidun Group Tibet."

Shang Nai fell calmly pulled a name.

But this name sounds very much.

"Shangyuan Na!"

The dark voice has some junky: "Are you teasing me now?"

It is still thinking that there is a person who is in the past, I didn't expect to say the name of Zhun Group, that guy is not a hot pot!

No, or ...

No matter who is the black pot, Zhidun Tibetan can carry!

"Senior, don't you think you can laugh?"

Shangyuan Nai can't help but laugh: "I haven't been teasing with you before? Now I will continue to lie to you, can you accept it?"


The dark expression is silent.

Grass, this is familiar, it seems that I have said that I have said that I have said ...

Operators, Yuxi Boupe, these are victims, now the victims of the original Needle are finally turned to it?