I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 380 Cotta Wooden Hui Night, is this the home you passed down?

At the last naval, this guy is now thinking about deception.

There are only a few people left throughout the endurance, don't say that it is a black tribute, even if the swirls and Yuxi Bo saga will help two bystanders.

And this is so interesting?

At the last naval, I looked at the main line task schedule that was about to arrive at the end, but I was too lazy and black discussion.

And now the string of the branch of the battle reward is almost the same.

Just defeated the six-way · Yuxi Bao also had a reward. The previous Ninja coalition forces and four nigang's battles have also added the dark cleaning almost overlapping to the extreme.

Hidden task: Even the enemy who can't imagine how to defeat, defeat the six, Yuxi Bou (11), the task has been completed, additional rewards 100,000 points, Chakra 1000000 points, natural energy is 100,00000 points.

There is also the previously obtained dark clutter add data ...

Because there are many ninjas that have been defeated by Shangnai Na, four fire-looking defeat the Ninja Joint Just provide him with nearly more than 300,000 three-dimensional properties.

Now the attributes of the original Naida are very subtle.

Shangyuan Needle (regular state)

Life energy: 3012231

Chakra energy: 3012690

Natural energy: 3012690

Life energy recovery: 1296 minutes

Chakra energy recovery: 648

Natural energy extraction: 648 minutes

Skill cooling reduction: 100%

Remaining gold coins: 9630

This attribute is definitely no problem.

The only question is that the main line task progress is no longer jumped.

After the original naval, he opened the truth to the big snake pill, the Ninja, and Yuxi Boupeters, his main line task progress was almost rising all the way.

No, or ...

There are also six cactors.

Because Shangji Na will also put six cactors, Unecho Sasuke and whirlpiece also account, the main line task schedule reached 90%.

Now, the original navigation is revealed to the truth, and his main line task has exploded to 99%, and now it is time to uncover the truth.

However, this system is still as always!

Main line task: Implement the wishes of the bookball boss, become the largest BOSS, the progress is 99%, the task is not completed, and the reward is unknown.

One percent!

Anything has achieved a percent of ninety-nine, when you are one percent, no matter who it is, 99% of the progress will be urgent!

Shangqi Nai's gaze gaze that the increasingly expanded Unexpell spot in front of the front, the mouth can't help it, the main line task progress is one hundred percent, it seems to let him solve the trouble of the big cylindrical wooden night. ?

"Well, I have a predecessor."

Shangyuan, slowly stood up, watching the shackles that were completely black and covered, calmly opened: "No matter how much we say, if you still have to judge the win, come, come, put the legend The goddess of the mid-to-theth is called out! "

"Oh ... it's really ignorant!"

Darkness did not get the truth from the original navigation, but it also knows that it is not suitable for continuing.

At the next moment, more Chakra flows around, these Chakra flows all in the body of Yuxi Boss!

The dark voice seems to be a sacrifice.

"Today, the seal of humiliation will unlock, under the guidance of infinite moonlight, Chakra, spread to countless ordinary people, is attached to me, one another ..."

"Wake up!"

"Chakra's ancestors, all God!"

"The story of Hui Night is still continuing, and the despicable people and the traitor's sessions will end this today!"

A substantial in Chakra spread on the god tree. These Chakra is like Hong æ, which is generally rushing into the body of Yuxibo, so that this once again has no ability to talk, his ingredients are gradually Flood!

Next moment, the entire Yuxi Bottles expanded into a huge black ball!

"Do we look at this this?"

Yizhi Bozuo couldn't help but looked at the original navigation. She frowned the opening: "That is the legendary Chakra's ancestor, it should be a good time to seal her!"


The whirlpool silently raised his right hand, in his palm of his hand, is a white sun sign, which is the river of the six cactigions to him.

The whirlpools and Yiszo sakard looked at each other. After the two nodded, they went up toward the huge black ball!

"Hey, two ..."

Shangji raised his palm, watching them dissatisfied: "Don't make it casually, let Huhini come out, but I have been working hard ..."

Two vines were drilled out from the ground!

Next, the two vines were in the manipulation of Shangyuan Na, instantly grabbed the whirlpool and Suzhi Bo, and lifted them two hanging!

Shangyuan Nairo manipulated vines, let the whirlpool moon and Yizhao saga to turn itself, his face is somewhat. "If you want to destroy your efforts for many years, do you think about our feelings? "

Shangqi Nai Lu waved and waved, two vine swirls and Sasuke fell to the ground!

At the last naval, I still looked at the black ball that was still expanding. It sighed in the quietness: "The elder generation, the past is hard, and the predecessors have worked hard for more than 60 years, and Xiwei has struggled for 20 years, I Also rushed for eight years, only today ... "

Swirl sounds: "..."

Sasuke Uchiha:"……"

Although it feels that it is very reasonable to say, it is still not very important.

It seems that it is not right ... This is not the group of anti-school in order to release the neighborhood of the endurance for so many years?

" ..."

The dark voice came out from the black ball, it slowly opened: "Shangyuan Na, Sure you are still so confident! I hope that after you see your mother, you can continue your calm ..."

After that, the dark voice suddenly changed, its voice gradually became more and more high: "Wake up ... This nursery is mature, the whole endurance is waiting for you! Chakra's ancestors, big tube Hui Yiji! "

Next moment, a voice of a heart beating is coming!

The black meatball that has been expanded to the pole once again swells, just when everyone thinks that the black ball is about to explode, it suddenly started contraction inward!

Its Chakra gradually became extremely stable ...

Paint black spheres gradually become faint ...


A white long hair suddenly floating in Chakra!

The figure of a woman suddenly slowly emerged in front of them, she was scattered with the robes and the fluctuation of Chakra and the breath of disturbing, the breath of disturbing came out from her body ...

The white long-haired woman closed his eyes, and the skin on his face was a little pale. Her eyebrows took the lead in opening, showing a scarlet round back to the eye ...

The original scarlet round-write wheel eye is long when the forehead of Yuxi Boss, is a little uncomfortable. At this moment, it is as if she is born, she should have the same ...

Even if the woman's forehead grows with the horrible round, it still does not hinder her beauty, but it adds a few points in the air!

The only thing that makes her image is slightly lost, that is, her head is a little pair of cute horned angles. This original is the logo of the big tube, but it is a bit cute on her head.

The bloody moon is shine.

Woman is pale as jade face is particularly exquisite.

The woman's eyes are closed, the single lips are slightly smashed, and the face is a little cold, as if it is not open, the ice is generally fear!

The Fragrance of Chakra, the goddess of the legend, the goddess of the big tube, and the night!

When I got my fingers, I saw her fingers, I saw the eyes of the big cylindrical wooden glow night, suddenly opened a narrow gap!

In this gap, there is a pair of white eyes!

The big tube Wooden ginseng saw the figure of the original Naqi, and also saw the huge Chakra and the pair of purple rounds in the original navigation. Her eyes suddenly condensed!

Just resurrected Chakra's ancestors, the face suddenly a little more cold!

Cartron Huachang Night is watching the original naval, the single lips slightly move, faintly open: "... Feather ... Is it you to stop me?"


Shangnai is falling into silence.

Next moment, I was a little subtle, he didn't ask the big tube, but I asked the opening and asked: "The elder generation, your mother is not because of being too big, the eyes are not very good?"

"To shut up!"

The black is covered with the sleeves of the big torch. After drinking the original navigation, he hurriedly explained to Hui Night. Boutique ... "

"This ah ..."

Hui Night slowly nodded, the narrow eyes slowly slowly open, and the face became slightly soft, and it seems that the emotions were slightly eased.

Who can get it, the next moment is steep!

The white long hair around Hui Night extends long, as if a sharp thorns are general, hit the body of the original Nairi!

This woman is really cold!

Even if it is the original navigation, there is a bit can't be defeated. He also didn't think that the big tube Hui Hui will actually launch him, this is too unreasonable!

Oh shit…

The ninjas of this group of big cylinders, there is no Wude!

Everyone has to launch him, and it seems to win with a sneak attack!

Shangyuan Nair's palm exudes countless black and thunder, blocking the night manipulation attacking his white long hair, flashing a touch on his face.

"Your family is really like ..."

After the original Nairou will once again fight countless white hair, lift the glow of the sky, looked at the air floating, faintly said: "Everyone has received my spirits. After seeing me, I wanted to sneak at this benefactor. Mu Hui Night, is this the home you passed down? "