I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 382 said that you can wait for me to finish you, cry? (Third!)

Don't blame the mood of the night.

Because the original navigation is expensive to be able to open the ones and the big torch wood feather, it is really like it.

Even if it is a big tube, it is, it is estimated that it will guess that he is divided into other people many years ago, most of them returned to the original Needle.

Moreover, Chakra on the coach wood feather is not a feature. He really spread his Chakra to people from all over the world.

"Hey, don't mess with your son ..."

Shangqi Nai stationed within the crystals of the mustvast, manipulating the sudden sword with a sharpness of the night: "My strength is my own efforts to practice, big tube Chakra, but still monitoring the entire endure! "

The fierce sword is almost cut!

The brilliant arm suddenly overlapping his own chest, and was directly smashed by the sword!

The swords of the second joints are constantly flying!

Shangyuan Needs to stand within the crystals of mustas, feel the thrill of manipulation, this feeling is also a romance of men!

Hui Night just looked at the taller, he constantly moving out of a sword, her face showed a sadness, and slowly flowed down in his eyes!

Just next moment, her face is resorial!

A cold ice was floated under the manipulation of Hui Night, and the tall must be flying, but he was slammed into the knife in his hand.

"This feeling…"

Shangyuan Na Rou slowly spread its own hands, feeling the powerfulness of the need, especially his must be able to do with other things!

It must be (activated): The ability to give an eye in the heavenly round, the deficiency is truthful, and the strength of its own power can be converted into the existence of the entity, with the ultimate Wuhen of the body's ten times life energy!

Note: Not superimposed with other increase mode.

Although it is necessary to have an increase in the increase in immortal model, at least one of the ultimate Wu of 30 million life energy, this powerful power is already enough!

Shangyuan Nairi is able to fly, chasing the direction of the mood of the night, countless, countless ice column that must be saved, it is broken!

"Let's try it!"

Shangyuan Na's voice echoed to this space, it must be swanted to swear the knife, and suddenly the hit of this space!

The snow in the whole ice space is all divided into two!

"Feather ... more than the past ..."

After muttering a word, her palm fell on the cold ice, and the cold ice was held slowly, forming a cold giant, and greeted it in the ice space. Raising must be able to!

Unfortunately, this has not been exempted from self-strength.

The huge must be able to hold the knife in his hand, and suddenly rushed up, its figure and the cold ice giant hit, next moment, the cold giant that was just created by Huijin Halved by a knife into two!

"Don't think about escape!"

The sound of Shangyuan Nairo is overwhelming. His voice is a little high: "This is the force I first show, it is unquestionable, even this space, I can also It cut off! "


The eyes of Hui Night slightly shrinks.

She reached out the slender finger suddenly rosted the sky, the whole world suddenly became like, the next moment, the next moment, I felt that it would be able to fall on the ground!

This is an overweight space!

Within this space, gravity is highly difficult!

Despite the strong body energy, it is difficult to act because of its oversized body, and even the talents in the hands are barely!

"Feather, I will not be the same as the past ..."

The brilliant night's palm has emerged, the spurs suddenly shot to the need, and the spurs in the blink of the bones are in the body!


As long as you are hit, it is absolutely unhappy!

Anyone will eliminate it because of the attack of gray bones!

With this must-have a huge body, even if the space is long, Hui Night shots again, it is impossible to hide!

Although the original Naidu must be different, it can rely on massive energy, to resist the invasion of the bone, slow down the dissipation time, and it is still inevitable that it will be brought to the attack.

Shangyuan Nai married a sigh of relief, waving his own must, and his back gave birth to a three-white wings, fanned his body flying.

Even after the super-gravity space is opened, the Shangyuan Nair can reduce the impact of some super-gravity space.


The co-tube wooden gight is watching the unbacious flight of the original naval space, and her pupil is slightly harmonious, and the eyes flashed a confusion.

What is going on here?

Is her over-gravity space?

In the sleeve of Hui night, I can't help but move. "It seems that we don't seem to occupy any advantage."


Gathering nodded slowly.

Next moment, they suddenly appeared in another space, this is an acid space!

Just after arrival of this space, I immediately launched my own dissolution, and the acid solution under the ground was going toward the spray!

This place is obviously can't stay!

Hui Night hurriedly waved and replaced their battlefield.

Here is a magma space here.

One a bit is, the whirlpool is also in this magma space, he is exiled here when he started.

To be honest, the whirlpool is still a bit of nervousness, because in this space, there is only one of him alone.

When the whirlpool, the rumor saw that the night and the original navigation appeared, I couldn't help but lit, and I was busy opening: "Hey, Shang Shang ..."

Unfortunately, no one is empty.

After entering the magma space, Shangyuan Nai fell together to his palm, and the magma under the space was sprayed!

A rock tun is swept in the direction of the brilliant night!

The existence of melting, let the original navigation can freely manipulate the rock!

Black and then quickly opened the opening reminded: "Mom, this space seems to be not suitable as our battlefield ..."


Huiye nodded again.

There are many doubts in the mind of Hui Night.

This sky is now in the space, no matter which space, it seems very beneficial to the original navigation, it is not suitable for them!

Hui Night has a feeling, your home is stolen ...

Obviously, she is in her own sky, how to fight in these spaces, as if she is more skilled in these spaces!

I don't think about these now ...

On the occasion of a mulmonary flood, the glow night's figure suddenly disappeared within the magma space, and there was also the original navigation.

There is only a whirlpiece to stand alone in the magma space.

After a moment, a rock torrent fell into the ground, splashing a large magma flying, and the whirlpool can only avoid the wolf!

"Ah, ah ..."

The whirlpool is inadvertently inviting.

On the other hand, Unechebra has also encountered the same situation.

Sand space.

Yuxi Bozuo took a long time, a long time, the heart is very tired, he still has some hunger.

Just at this time.

Shangyuan Needle and the big tube Huaji night appeared in this sand space, two people launched a battle!

However, how long does it have not, how long the ground, the ground is under the manipulation of Shangyuan, and wrapped towards the mood of the night!

At the next moment, the two people disappeared at the space of sand.


The countless question mark was drilled on the brain of Unechebra.

These two people are teasing him?

Mom, he is threatened here!

Space space.

This space is the last space of the sky of the sky, the sky of the night, and the other space is connected to it.

"Why do you want to change the battlefield frequent?"

The brow of Shangyuan Na will be slightly frowned. He looked at the open mouth of the night: "The space just now is good! Ultra-gravity space can be ... it seems to be a magma space ... those attacks should be not used by you. ? "


Hui Night doesn't want to talk.

Although those ordinary sickness don't use it for her, frequent sick attacks will still need her to use Chakra to resist or recover.

Every space in Ming Tomorrow is her own, even in each space, she can use the space of the space ...

But why do you have to manipulate the guy?

In the sleeve of Hui night, it didn't be as self-closing like his mother. Instead, he said that she reinvigorate the kummer: "If you are here, Shangyuan Nairou should not use the place where you can use it, you can still rely on us The power is going to win the victory ... "


Hui Night silently nodded.

Next moment, the big tube Hui night revitalizes the flag drum, she slowly explored her hand, a group of Chakra was overdooted.

Hui Night recovered calm and indifferent looks, she looked at the original navigation, calmly opening: "Feather ... In this initial space, let us get a victory!"


After Shangyuan Na, after a while, his figure suddenly appeared around Hui Night, a punch will fly out of the night!

This is a sudden attack that temporarily determines!

The body of Shangyuan Nae is like a shadow, and once again, his palm is tightly tight, and his face is a cold!

"Your woman ..."

Shangyuan Nai is holding her collar, holding her pair of white eyes, a buntelet of the forehead: "I remember it, now people who fight with you are called the original navigation! Cotta wood feather, still outside!"

"Yes ... feather."

Hui Night slowly reached out his hand and held his cheeks.

That is the traces left in her face just now.

At this moment, there was a little water fog in the eyes of Hui Night, and I looked at the eyes of the original Needle, like seeing what the ultimate is not filial.

" ..."

"Hey, don't cry!"

The eyelids of Shangyuan Nai shake it, he looked at the blink of the pear flower and the rain, and couldn't help but wrinkled himself. "Hui Yi Ji, you are Chakra's ancestor, don't cry ! Or wait for me to cry, don't you cry? "