I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 383, except for me, this endure is not so clean (fourth!)

"Senior, your mother's psychological quality is not too good."

Shangyuan Needle floating in the spatial space, watching the brilliant night in silent crying, and finally decided to talk to the normally exchanged black tangible: "Senior, you can persuade her, I will fight her first. ? "

Black: "..."

Do you can't say something?

In front of you, a weak goddess cried so bad in front of you, your guy did not think about comforting, but also thought she was a meal?

Tell her, this kind of words are said?

Shangyuan Na, no, big tube, your mother is still a person?

After a long time, it is a long time, whispered: "Shangyuan Na, if you have learned to love this world, but encounter a conspiracy and betrayal ..."

"This feeling I understand."

Shangqi Nairo interrupted the words, sighed in the air: "You look at the people of the wooden leaves, they have always believed me, the result was very miserable by me; later in the long gates After death, they tried to believe me, and the result was even more miserable ... "


Black is silent.

Mom, I almost forgot.

The tribe of Shangyuan has always been synonymous with the conspiracy and betray, because the existence of the original Nairies, the per capita moral lower limit of the entire endure is constantly refreshed.

"Shangyuan Needs."

After a while, after a while, he looked at the original navigation, and asked: "Do you really not turn to Chakra? Whether you are from you, your round looks or even your Chakra It is very like a feather that looks like it! "

"Don't think, it is impossible."

Shangyuan Nai lost his wrist, loudly said: "Everything I have now is my own efforts to practice ..."

"Isn't true?"

The dark voice has grown gloomy.

After a while, it will continue to continue: "How can you know that mother's things, and even know my plan?"

"This is a story that is very long ..."

At the last spatial space, I opened the mouth, and I opened the mouth: "Now we are still fighting, wait until the end of our war, I will tell you again!"

The answer to this question has to be a good editor.

If you say it, the Zhizhun Tibet that came last time seems to be a very suitable candidate. The monument of the monkey who has different gods, because of the stone monument of Unexpello ...

This answer must think about it, think about it, good compilation, make full, and strive to take out all people.

The thinking of Shangyuan Nai gradually came back. He turned his head to look at Hui Night, clenched his fist: "Was you cry? If you cry, we continue!"


Gathering nodded slowly.

In the next moment, the bodies of the brilliant night fly again!

The attack on Shangyuan Nair is almost constantly. His figure is constantly flipping in all positions around Hui Night, looking at the Chekra's feet!

At this moment, the original Needle is not like personal!

"Life is really tenacious!"

Shangyuan overlooks the pain of his face, quietly sighed, did not continue to say, because he saw the brilliant night corner and hang a tear.

Next second ...

Shangyuan Nair's figure suddenly appeared in the sky, and lifted his legs, and the legs wanted to split the night from the air!

A dark time-haired transmission door appeared under the brilliant night, hurriedly transferring her body, escaped this hit!

Sky over the spatial space.

Time and space delivery door open.

The co-torch night looked at Shangyuan Na, which was located below himself, Chakra appeared in her palm, slamming toward the top position!

Eighty god air hit!

Have the strongest tolerance in history!

Known known as absolute defense and absolute attacks!

This is the Ninja, Chakra, and can do it!

Shangyuan Na was looking at a Dao God shot down on himself, and his body suddenly floated a golden mask!

Shangyuan Needelo slowly cleared his fist, suddenly waved his fist in the air of the night!


Shangyuan Na, in the case of the cactus, has more than 3 million live energy, this punch is definitely no one can stop!

Absolutely ... absolute!

Next, the countless boxing shadow of the eighty gods came!

Among the white eyes of Hui Night, a tall upper Original Nairou took her more punches, and the fist appeared very horrible!

Within the line of sight of the brilliant night, the fist on the Shangyuan as if it can bring death, so that her heart is not coming to a fear in autonomous!

"this is…"

The white eyes of the big tube Huachang Night are revealed!

Hui Night desperately wants to wear all this!

Unfortunately, the only night's only thing to see is that after the first Nairo, suddenly squatting on her body, as if it is playing on a sandbag, Hui Night's body suddenly flying out, I even smashed the spatial boundary wall of the shot!

This fist is too big!

However, all this falls in the eyes of the dark, it seems to return to the original naval, a punch, the whole body, the whole body, must be a battle ...

Hello, this is too fake!

Obviously it is just a very ordinary fist!

After the big tube, the night flew down the spatial boundary wall, fell on the first cold space, and smashed the iceberg!

Now the brilliant night, it looks extremely miserable, the big robe is broken, and the body is blood and broken skin ...

Even her bones are stabbed out ...

If it is not the neighboring body of the ten tail, the state of the glory is almost unrequited, and Chakra, in her body is almost exhausted, and even recovery is extremely difficult.

At this moment, even if you want to become a tail, you can't do it!

Too fucking!

Even if the will of black and the big torch, the will of the night, soon I know the truth from her, I really want to call the ticket now!

This is teasing it!

Obviously it is just a very ordinary punch!

I don't even seem to have a momentum, how can you feel these strong people feel the fear of death!

Nowadays, it's really really feeling that your teammates are not reliable ...

Yisi Bo belt, Yuxi Boupe, or even the current co-tube Huachang Night, how can I be so inexplicable!

Calculating it, the original naver, the bastard seems to be quite reliable, at least this guy basically plays no one without yet, but he has always been an actor, but he has always played very much.

Hui Night crazy absorbed Chakra from Shenshu, borrowed to restore his body, her face has become very ugly.

Because only personally experienced the fear of that punch ... "will truly realize the terrible" of the original Needle!

Under that punch, Hui Night has no effort, and even the ten tails in the body will not drive!

If it is not because the power of the punch is also injured directly, the ten tail of her body is now, and now the ten tail estimates have long wanted to get out!

Now, the Ten Tail is still awkward, it is because the ten tail is also depleted in Chakra, in order to maintain the life of the night ... Maybe it is also afraid of that!

Hui Night endured the pain, summoned the outside world to transfer Chakra for her, because now her body needs a massive chakra to recover!

Really are…

There is no more worse than now!

Nowadays, now is the most vulnerable, because she knows that they are now without resistance, at least before recovery, there is no counterattack ...

Just at this time, the original Nairou flew over the spatial crack, he walked to the miserable night, looked at Hui Night gradually recovered.

Shangji Nai Lu lost his hair out of her hair, the expression on his face was not very beautiful: "This is what I defeated your price, it is really a heavy ..."

The hair fell on the night of the night.

The big tube is looked at the hair and can't help but look forward to the original navigation. Her expression is somewhat solidified, and it is a long time.

What do you mean, ridicule her?

Only the price of a hair only used the price of a hair, beat her?

This price is not too small!

Look with the original hair, but it is still very dense!

Shangqi Nairou leaned over the night side, reach out of the arm, trapped her body in the corner, calmly opened: "My body also has my own way to cultivate the yin and Yang's power, I also You can release the moon size of the starry ... "

"Do you want me to seal me?"

The big tube Hui Hui couldn't stand the head and looked up the original navigation. "Sure enough ... the ending between us is the same as the past ... Feather ... Now you, really become a lot ... a lot ..."

"You got the wrong person."

Shang Nai took the ice on the ground, sat around the night, softly open: "I just want to prove you to you have a seal your ability, but I wanted to seal you ..."

To be honest, the task reward of sealing golden night is definitely low!

Because Shangji Nai, I just completed a task defeated the brilliant night, I only rewarded him a hundred gold coins, this value is the same as the value of the young field!

"Actually, I ..."

Shangji took a look at the night, faintly opened: "I don't want to get your son, I don't think about the responsibility to take my own body, protect your mother, but seal you."

After that, Shangyuan Na will continue to say: "Of course, your woman turns the ordinary person into a white, it seems that there is nothing worth forgiven, forgive, maybe in addition to me, this endurance does not have anyone who really says I am dry ... "

Black: "..."

Cotta Wooden Brilliant Night: "..."

The front is saying ... how is it left again!