I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 385 Your enemies have been killed by me.

Ground above the ground.

The whirlpools and Yuxi Bo saga have a little speechless.

They relied on the sneak attack and hitting the night, released the six-way popping star, and finally, it was not insulting the mission, and the Chakra was printed.

Next, Shangyuan Na will drive his must fly to the sky, a knife broke the stone star, rescued the brilliant night in it ...

This scene is indeed very shocking ...

But this fuck ...

The whirlpools and Unechebra help each other, they look down on their own palms, where the Yangli seal and Yinzhi seal flags have not been ...

Now let them find a six-way · explosive star!

At this time, the vain of Chakra gradually floated from the god tree, slowly falling around them, is the six cactus coats.


The blue must have suddenly falling on the ground, and the earth is dramatically vibrating, and several people can't help but frown.

Next moment, the blue must be disgraced.

Shangnai, I watched the six cactors suspended on the ground. His brow couldn't help but wrinkled, and the six immortals finally came to come?

Shangyuan Nairou also looked at the brilliance around him. The legendary Chakra was asked to seal his son. What would it be?

Just as the original navigation, I want to see if I don't have a mother and child reunion. What kind of drama will be staged ... The result is almost scared!

Hui Night this woman has been staring at him!

Your real son is on the side!

Shangyuan Nai's eyelid shook, speechless, explained: "Hey, Hui Night, see it? This is your son!"


Hui Night moved his eyes from the original Needle, and she saw a six-way fairy's illusory spirit, and slowly turned to look at the original navigation.

When I was behind the first question mark, I explained the opening of the darkness: "The feathers are scattered throughout the end of the nature. The top is the first part of his original ..."

"Sure enough ..."

Six cactors' faces are not very beautiful. He looked at the original naval. "Your Chakra should be part of Chakra, which I am scattered in the endurance, because it absorbs too many human feelings, so Do you choose to save your mother? "

This endurance Chakra is all sent by six immortals.

In theory, in addition to the blood of the Coat Mu Yun Village, any Chakra in Chakra may be his Chakra, and the original Nairi has the same must be able to go back to the eyes, and the six immortals have admitted. It is quite normal.

"You think more!"

Shangyuan Needo shook his head without helplessness, and the emotions were hidden: "This is all my own efforts to cultivate, and the elder, do you think we are more stronger? My current strength has exceeded the six cactors that year. Let's! "

"This is true ..."

Black slowly looked up to six cactors, Shen Sheng: "The current feather is part of God, and you get it, it should be the part of the people belonging to the people in Chakra ..."


Hui Night is silent to look at the original.

"You really can say it" "

The forehead of Shangyuan has jumped, and and and these guys are not as good as the truth as they will come back in the future.

"Well, now let's talk about it!"

The six immortals looked at the original navigation, and the sound of the sound: "If you don't seal your mother, you will swallow all people's Chakra, you will not excerades ..."

"She has already put it out of the beast."

Shang Nai fell to the nine round balls, and explained calmly: "I have promised her. If I put the glow night, I won't be a liar?"


The six cactors have been in silence.

Yuxi Bozuo took a lot of mouth next to his mouth and couldn't help but open: "Hey, Shangyuan, are you not a liar? Do you have anyone who hasn't cheated?"

After the Shangyuan Na will be silent after a while, we will lose the people around him, and the words are heavy and the opening: "Although I cheated you, I am still a good person."

"Betting ... How do you think about this?"

Yuxi Boato helped his fist.

The co-wood feather waved his violent Yuxi, who was looking at the original navigation, Chakra on his body aggravated: "Do you really refer to the mother to seal it? Don't experience that the era, I don't know Mother's power ... "

"I have seen it."

Shang Nai was settled in his palm. The expression on his face gradually became subtle: "I also tried it, a punch, crying is powerful ..."

Black: "..."

Cotta Wooden Brilliant Night: "..."

Although Hui Night and Darkness know that the original navigation is helping them, but the heart is faintly feeling that there is a little less right.

After that, Shangyuan Na will add another sentence: "In this world, there is nothing is that I can't solve it ..."


For a time, the six immortals were also awkward.

Next moment, the big torch wood stretched out his own tin butt, his body gradually became condensed.

The six cactors who have been known as Shen Ming have slowly hold the sump in his hand to point to Shangnai: "Then as the past, let's try your strength ..."


Shangyuan Na will be silent for a while.

The atmosphere in the air gradually became nervous.

No matter who is, it is not from independently losing the six cactors and the original navigation.

The dark voice is open: " ... Different six cactors and human feathers battle?"

"Shut up!"

Shangyuan Nai fell to a eye.

In the next moment, the top of the Shangyuan suddenly spread two chains, one of which was able to imprison the soul, and the other is able to extract Chakra's profitable lock chain!

The soul of Shangji is suddenly attacked to the sixth cactus Chakra's body: "Although you are also very challenging ... But I still have to say, you really admit the wrong person!"

The tin cushion waved the two chains!

The six cactors have poured Tikin sticks, and his Chakra Lingmei seems to be able to come in the endurance, and his figure suddenly appeared around the original Needle, and took out the body!

Next, the palm of the six cactus fell in the air!

Shangyuan Nair's figure is also void!

At the moment, everyone's eyes were dazzled, they only came to see a flashing residue, and they couldn't see the trail of the original navigation and six cactors!

Whenever the original navigation appears, the six immortals will follow the position of the position to change their position, and Shangyuan Na will not hesitate to immediately go to change the orientation!

Fortunately, the people presenting is not a round of angry, there is a white eye ...

Even if the whirlpool also has a strong sense of perception, they can barely know that two people are still constantly using their own abilities to avoid attack and defense!

A group of voids left space quagmire ...

A group of six cactors came again and disappeared Chakra smoke ...

In just a short ten seconds, the whole sky has changed, and their figure is getting more and more difficult to capture!

This is a more exciting battle than the original Needs and Brilliant Night!

Next, the sound of the two people sounded through the sky!


Whether it is an offense or defense, it is a great choice!

The six immortal coach wood feather is even if there is only the Chakra Lingzi, and there is also an imagination!

This guy is in the case of the two people who have not accepted these two people, and the six immortals have been placed in the middle of the two people.

The power of the six cactors has surpassed the limitations of life energy!

Any power of the entire endurance, almost all have no accidental masters, he is the second person with Chakra, and the owner of the first round of the end of the end, is also the first Successful people in repairing the fairy model.

The power of Shangyuan Needs is not much more!

Since the original navigation gradually exposed the true face, the entire endurance also couldn't pick up any one who can overcome him, six, big snake pills, six, Yu Zhibo spots, and even Chakra's ancestors of the ancestors. !

The three ten tails in front of the front and rear, are defeated under the top of the top!

Even no one can cause too much trouble to him!

In the next moment, the two of the air is exactly the same, the body is huge as the whole body of the God, the whole body must be together, and every sword is as if it has opened the sky!


Two must be able to hold the knife!

Next moment, Shangyuan Na Rong and the six cactors have manipulated their must to be able to go to each other, huge tights hit together!

A huge impact wave suddenly exudes!

I suddenly set off a windy wind in the half air, and even the gods were shaking the shock wave for this.

The battle between these two people far exceeds the boundaries of Ninja!

At this moment, they are real God!

Shangyuan Nairou manipulated must succumb to suddenly slimming, after the huge tattoo knife wiped the enemy's talents, directly broke the six kinds of immortals to be able to afford the head!

The wins have been divided.

Shangji is calm and calmly manipulated, and the huge need to look into a group of vain through crystals.

"Me, have you lost?"

The six immortal brows got slightly, he slowly turned to look at the original navigation, and his face showed a touch: "This is ... people win the sky?"

"It's enough ..."

Shangyuan Nai fell to help the forehead of helping himself: "You lose to me, because my strength is too strong, do you understand?"


The six immortals have nodded slowly, and the voice of the old movement came out: "Chakra will always be so magical, because human beings have feelings, sometimes Chakra will become very weak, sometimes it will become very powerful. And after I became the incarnation of the guardian tolerance, the power was always fixed forever. "

"Almost ..."

Shangyuan Nai fell to help his forehead, how did the six immortals still talk to these, Shang Shang knows that he is so strong because he is an excuse!

"Okay, Shangyuan Nai Lu."

The six cactus suddenly took his own tin cushion, and the sound opened: "As the side of human nature, since you have chosen another road, then you are responsible for monitoring your mother!"

After that, the six cactors opened their mouths: "I will still be between the life and death of this endurance. Once I found the Ni, I will seal her immediately!"


Shangji took a look at his task panel, slowly erected his finger, whispered: "Let me relieve the world's infinite month!"

"and many more!"

The eyes of Unecheba flanted, he reached out his palm to stop Shangyuan Na, whisper: "Shangyuan Na, you have told me, it is true or false ... Yischi and wooden leaves ! "

"this problem…"

Shangji picks up his eyebrows, suddenly open: "Although I tell you is a half-half vacation, but the woods and Yuxi Bo are really true, Sasuke, you have the enemy in the wooden leaves. a lot of…"

On the face of Shangyuan Na, he revealed some helpless. He looked at the two people to continue to add: "It is a bit of a pity that you have a strong speed too slow, in this time, your enemy is early It's all gone, I'm gone. "


Yuxi Boato was born.

Is this a mother who really can't say something?

At the end of the boy, I told my past, I flicked with him, I went to destroy the wooden revenge; the result is now telling him that his enemies have been left until there is no way to kill ...

This person is sick!

"Well, unlock the unlimited month reading ..."

Shangyuan Nairou suddenly erected his fingers, his double-eyed slight shock, whispered: "I am in this world ... but there are still many things that don't do it!"

The blood of the air is slightly like a slight shock, and it has returned to normal.

The gods on the ground began to shrink, and the mummies who were blinded by God trees in a body, and people also started to wake up.

Unlimited month reading, release.