I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 391 really wants to work for Mr. Crokdal as soon as possible!

The feeling of hanging is really cool.

Especially in the hanging, you can use a modified cheat.

As a qualified ankle, the original navigation is not allowed, and some ordinary task rewards, he is directly modified to add attributes to yourself.

Nicocos' tasks provided more than 10,000 live energy and two-color domineering directly, this numerous value may be horizon in the first half of the great route.

Of course, if it is in accordance with the original power of the original navigation, it is no problem with his half-section in the long way.

Because Most of Chakra in the body takes the operation of maintaining the fire world, the remaining power is converted into the power of the One Piece, still maintain considerable advantages, such as two-color domineering and similar to the devil fruit. The force of the element.

What's more, Shangyuan will not fear the stone stone.

However, the main line task of the One Piece is relatively simple. It is mainly for the pre-pre-stage, avoiding the attention of the World Government, and the original navigation is only brought by the original Tian Group.

Main line task: Behind the end of the battle, the main line task progress is 0%.

The original long-door and the remaining members also want to come over, but the fire world has just stepped into the right track, and everything still needs long generations.

As for Xiaonan and Cotta Wooden, only temporarily leave ...

After all, when I got the task, I was generally more dark, and the Shangyuan was still less like to let Xiaonan saw him in the face.

Therefore, the members who come to the pirate temporarily only have the following people:

Art Group: Didala, Red Sands.

Undead two groups: corners, flying segments.

Iron pockets: chanmonter.

Wandering children: Unechebra Sasuke.

Intelligence staff: absolutely.

Spy members: Pharmacist pockets and a group of embarrassments.

On the other side of the Baroque Tourism, I looked at the list of Baroque Takes, while listening to Nicobin, telling him the latest news on the sea.

"... the new market of seven water, the iceberg is on the iceberg ..."

"... also this year's super new star, the Human Piece of Hei Piece, the power of Budkas D. Ece, has made a big news, just entering the great route, destroying a port, should It is necessary to enter the second half of the paragraph through the shampoo ... "

"wait a moment."

Shangqi Nairou suddenly called Nicocobin, slowly raised his head and asked: "Where is this supernova?"

"Should I immediately arrive at the shampoo?"

Nicole is sitting on the table next to the top of the top, and the long legs under the small shorts slowly overlap, she found a reward from the side to the original navigation.

Shangyuan Nairou gazing the freckle youth that laughed unusually happy, his face couldn't help but show a smile: "It seems that it seems to be a very loved person, it should be a very easy to get along with people. "


Nicole Robin is a little less understanding, she still opens: "Such people are soon living in the great route, because Potkas D · Ees throwing a white beard's life "

White beard, that is the strongest man in the world!

Nicocobin lives in half of the great route, even in the first half, there is a bit difficult, but the white beard can be one of the four emperors of the second half of the Junli Airlines!

"Very good idea."

After the Shangyuan Na, the sound suddenly became serious: "Sasuke, I don't want to go to his black peach pirate to play for a while?"


Yizhi Bozuo can't help but pick the eyebrows.

Shangji put down the reward order in his hand, turned to the Huszhi Sasuke, whispered: "This is the hundred thief names, but a good brother! You go to the hand to execute this task! Undercover Potkas D · Es' side! "


Yuxi Bo saga has a little hesitated. He slowly nodded: "Yes, but if you want to join a team, you may not be so easy ..."

"very simple."

Shangyuan Nai turned his head and looked down, whispering: "Then this all have a good predecessor to help ... as soon as possible to arrange Sasuke to arrange into the Hei Piece, be sure to challenge in Portcas D Ice Before the white beard. "


The black is nodded.

At this moment, the dark heart of the ancient wells was informed, in accordance with its understanding of the original Nair, about this people called Portcass D Ace may be unlucky.

"How long does I do?"

Yuxi Bozuo wrinkled frowned, and the sound of sinking: "If you want me to get too long ..."

"Do not worry!"

Shangqi Nairou loudly picked up his juice, slowly swallowed: "For up to three years, it will definitely let you come back after three years!"

"Three years?"

Yuxi Bozuo has hesitated on his face.

Shangji took a juice, and she continued. "Just because of this time you can travel to this world. By the way, look at your swordsman, see if you can learn to be domineering ... Demon fruit, don't eat it. "

Nicole: "..."

What did this person use the devil fruit?

That is the secret treasure on the sea, but also dislike the power!

"I know."

Yuxi Bo sagaisted nodded slowly, and continued: "If you stay there, you will be happy enough, I will always contact you there."


Shangyuan Na Lu is quite freely pending, soft: "I remember telling me in advance, so that I threatened you to continue to stay in that One Piece."

Sasuke Uchiha:"……"

Mom, can't you speak a sentence!

After the Shangyuan Na, the eyes continued to swim, looked at the corner and flying segments, couldn't help but knead his forehead: "The neighborhood and flying segment tried to hunt a few devil fruit capabilities during this time. See if you can make your predecessors get the ability of the devil fruit, and make some activity funds! "


The corner is slowly nod, whispered: "This world looks like a paradise, making money very easy, everywhere is a reward ..."

"Dangerous still has ..."

Shangji shook his head, laughed and continued: "But it doesn't matter, once you are on the verge of death, I will arrange a refrigerated person who is good at time when you are good at time, so that you can take you at any time."

"Ha, it doesn't matter!"

The flying segment waved his sickle into his own chest, hip hip hip Tricks: "No matter which world, the evil spirits will still always care about me!"

"To shut up!"


Nicole is watching the movement of the flying segment, flashing on his face, if she didn't see a wrong, the sickle is definitely in the heart!

Is this guy originally a monster?

"Also, pocket ..."

The eyes of Shangyuan Nair moved, stopped on the pharmacist, his fingers touched the desktop: "I believe in your learning ability and spy ability, you join the navy of the world, help me provide the Navy Information. "

As a spy person.

The pharmacist is undoubtedly the most suitable place to join the Navy's bright and dark coexistence, he is the most perfect spy in history!

After that, Shangyuan Na will set up again: "If you encounter any trouble in the Navy, please tell me anything that hinders you, I will help you solve ..."

Moreover, Shangyuan Nair is more wanting to do, the hunting navy will even general, if you can turn some members of the entire navy into your own people ...

The world's painting wind is not too beautiful ...

"Yes, Needar."

The pharmacist took a nod slowly. His mouth hook up and smiled: "Just I want to study the power of this world."

There are many spies to be scheduled for the first time. It is mainly to arrange the pharmacist and Sasuke to join the two camps of the Navy and the White Beard.

After all, his main line task is basically the battle.

In addition, other places are also inserted.

However, this world's protagonist has not yet appeared, waiting until the future, I want to design a good design. These are little things. After all, the battle of the strawhal thief does not seem to use.

The eyes of Shangyuan Nairo slowly moved, and he fell on Nicocosbin. He lost the list of his hands to Nicocobin, calmly opened: "Take me and gomotto ghost, Didala and Praise predecessor , Arrange to enter the Baroque Tourism as soon as possible! "


Nicole has taken a nod to continue to say: "But ... Croolk Dal did not trust the Baroque Tourism House, he has only used these people as a tool for achieving their conspiracy ..."

"I know."

Shangyuan Nai is on the chair, laughing and opening: "Be a tool is very good, I believe Mr. Clockdal will be a good leader."

As long as Crokdal is in touch with him ...

Who is who the toolman is negotiable ...

At the moment, I have already discharged the black pots of Klock Dar in the future. I don't know if this guy can't stand in the future ...

Shangyuan Na Ruo explored his palm, a woman slowly gathered in his palm, and he continued: "A leader who can make the next cooker is a good leader ..."

This is where he arrived in the 100th of the Pirates: The power of the element, water, can make its own body into water, and can operate the water with the ability.

Water, just Klkdal's gratitude.

Moreover, he still has the armed tight of the restraint of natural fruit. As long as he is willing to go to the will, he can make Crokdal!


When I heard the original Needle, several people present were temporary.

The leaders of others are actively codging, and the leaders of Shangyuan Nairies are passive back! Even in the future may die, the pot is still going back!

"Let's go! Everything starts to act!"

The original Nairi's palm is dissipated to a group of steam, he stretched a lazy waist and sighed: "I really want to work for Mr. Clock Darg ..."

Nicole Rob: "..."

It sounds very diligent this person!