I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 393 Our Baroque Tourism, but even the dragon people dare to kill!

Nicole is a headache.

Shangyuan Needo and Cartill Tommat Tommatmat Tommat Music is two newcomers.

Although Nicobin is the superior of the Baroque Tourism, but now I have to help the boat and materials that have been prepared from the sea, she is also going to handle the Sushing of the Baroque Tominity.

After everything handled it, Nicocobin looked at the record pointer direction on his wrist, frowning open: "According to the magnetic force stored by the record pointer, we should first go to the kingdom of the drum, and then pass the nearby garden. "

"Record the pointer?"

This is a cortical ghost that I don't understand.

At the last navigation, I looked at the ghosts and laughed: "Oh, that kind of thing, we don't need it, just guide along the fate ..."


Nicole has some speechless.

Why is there a guy who doesn't know the superstition or the second guy in this world, what is the guidance along the fate!

The most critical is that the mortal ghosts are really serious.

Of course, Nairou is not lying, because his fate skill is still there.

Destiny: You can get a bit of 100 km within 100 km of everyone, including people who use stealth capabilities for 6 seconds; after activating the fate skills, after 1.5 seconds, it can be transferred to the square round 50 km.

Destiny skills range and duration are related to the use of knowledge, the minimum consumption at the time of opening, 100 points to see you, the cooling time is not.

This skill is still so terrible ...

This is also fully proven to be a thing, that is, it is absolutely not limited by the world.

"Magnetic kingdom is the world government to join the country?"

Shangqi Nairou jumped to the boat, whispered: "Since you have to pass the drum kingdom, then spread our Baroque Total Horses!"

I almost forgot.

The drum kingdom also has a demon fruit.

In particular, the king of the magnetic island seems to have a swallowing fruit, it seems to be able to swallow the capacity of the fruit, thus obtaining their ability.

This fruit is just right for the corner.

After that, Shangyuan Nair lost his fingers, told himself from himself: "The nepheldeen goes to Magua Island will be with us, first gain the first devil's heart! "

Everything is properly arranged.

Nicocobin and the mortar ghosts on the boat.

The ghosts and joins, psychedelic out of a group of sharks, surrounded by their boats and shouted from Alabasttan.

Sharks want to eat people ...

Look at it, it is scared.

Shangyuan Na will change the system cheat, read a hidden task of the system, and bored a yawn, why do he fly a vessel!

Hidden tasks: The land is sailed for one hundred days (1100), the task is not completed, and unknown.

The other side is another side.

Harbor City in Alabastton.

When the corner, the gods and flying sections received the original Nairi news, they had already opened their work, and they killed a small pirate of seven million Papest.

"Do you have to go to the magnetic island?"

The sound of the corner is slightly unpleasant, he bowed down to a thick reward for the hand, there is some yin: "I just wanted to see one of the nine million guys in this city!" "

to be frank.

This world is very comfortable.

Compared to the past, I still need to find the goal, and the corners have found that you can find the hundred pirates that can take money, even if you can't remember it.

As long as you go to a lively pub, you will definitely see the one's thief, even some arrogant guys actively report their own bounty!

Is this not sending money to the corner?

The corner really feels that this world is too suitable for him, and there will be such a silly guy who is stupid!

"Forget it."

The corner is thinking about a long time, slowly swallowing the rewards of the hand, and sighed a good air: "The order of Shangyuan guys is really no way ... A heart is still worth we go to a trip."


The flying segment squatted with his own sickle and gently licked his nose: "said, should we go to the kingdom?"

"Miller Kingdom."

The corner has frowned, and the son sounds said: "Let's go, let's change the bounty, then buy a ship, then take the boat."

"Don't you just grab a ship?"

The flying segment spreads his palm, laughing and opening: "Anyway, this is so mixed, there are people who are robbery ... â


The corner snorted, and the opening explained: "If we have a reward, how can I go to the Navy base to exchange the bounty!"

The thinking of the corner is still quite correct.

It is not the end of the old man who has been inheriting for so many years. In just a few days, the corner has already founded most of the world's camp order.

The Navy is the replacement of the endurance.

For those who have given money, the corners don't want to be sin.

So, the mind of the old man is also very divergently: "Hey, after the drug teacher, the guy is stable after the Navy stands, let him know some of the fares of the pirates, so you can make more money ... "

To say the truth, the corner is quite good.

But the pharmacist is so far away from the standing foot.

Yesterday, the pharmacist passed the medical examination of the Navy, and became a new soldier who was still in the naval base, mainly responsible for the mopping.

As a result, the pharmacist just joined the Navy's first night, some people attacked the Navy base, so that this original naval base was damaged.

The pharmacist is sone from difficult.

Because the naval base is inadequate, the pharmacist took the gun and became a soldier in the column. If he turned his speed and slowly, it is estimated that the Navy base will also be attacked.

Since it is not enough to understand the Navy, the pharmacist is planning to wait until he is trying to know the strength of this base, he plans to control him with the write-eyed eye, and directly promoted himself.

In addition to being ordered to join the Potkas D Ice Taohai Tie's Yuxi Sasuo is still struggling and black, everyone has a bright future.

the other side.

The great route is really famous.

The weather in this big sea is better than the imagination. Nicole Robin took the original naval and mortar ghosts, and met a wind in the sea.

Robin pressed his hat, whose wind blows her hair, she watched two people standing on the deck, soft: "Mr. Needa, because there is no navigate in the air, see Come to our choice of time is not very good ... "

The existence of nauticalists is very important.

Especially in the extremely bad weather in the great route.

An excellent nauticalist can avoid a lot of losses, driving the ship to escape from the dangers of some big sea, but unfortunately, the nautical signs belongs to a scarce variety.

"It doesn't matter."

Shangji shook his head.

Next moment, Shangyuan Na's figure suddenly flew from the boat!

The Shangyu's skeleton floating, and the full body of the blink of an eye must surround the body of Shangyuan Na, which must be protracted, and a huge blue. The sword suddenly went up in the air!

The clouds of the sky are cleared by a knife.

The wind is directly scattered by the blue sword.

Shangyuan Needo did not surprisingly lifted the need to be able to fall on the boat, and the sun was sprinkled and shouted on his body.

In Nicocos, I didn't dare to confuse my hair, and I got out of my palm and looked at the sunshine of the palm.

"Continue to go ... I am Nava."


Nicole Robin's emotional stamps, she slowly nodded, said that she was very much agreed to the original Needle.

This is a ghost nautical!

Shangqi Naihui will not be a plan to take the opportunity to threaten her, from her, but what she is lonely, what else?

There are a lot of powerful organizations in this big sea. Baroque Trying agencies and Crokdal can't be called the top of the top.

The purpose of Shangyuan Nair should be the same as Klock Dal, aiming at the weapon of Pluto, wants to be a crocodile hunner ...

On the way along, Nicobin is thinking.

When Robin will go to see the original navigation and mortar ghosts, they are more restrained than other hundred thieves in the sea. These two people do not drink.

Robin deliberately helped them buy wine, whether it is the original navigation or a martial artimatimmon, they just hold a glass of ice juice.

Two people very self-discipline.

They are not like a pirate.

Wait until the one person arrived at the magnetic kingdom off the sea.

Shangyuan Nair's figure slowly stretched a lazy waist, took out a shell from the box on the boat, with the handset of the man in the hand.

"Then come first to say hello to this country!"


Robin looked at the original navigation in the same place.

How do you say hello? Is it possible to lose the gun directly? If it is thrown from the bullet from here, do you throw a few hundred meters?

Robin was so completed, and I wanted to see how he greets with this country.

Next moment, the last navigation fell to Robin's strange eyes, and he fierce his palm, and the shells were thrown out!

That shell has passed a high parabolic in the air, which falls on the castle on the high mountain of the drum kingdom, blows up the corner of the castle!

"I have greeted, let's go!"

The original Naji is falling on the magnetic island.

The upper face gradually became indifferent, as if it was a creature that had no feelings: "There is a world government to join the country. Should I do not dare to resist our Baroque Workshop?"

After that, the Shangyuan Na will pinch his fist, and the cold voice continues: "Our Baroque Tourism, but even the dragon people dare to kill!"


Nicocos' eyes couldn't help but somewhat subtle.

Well, it's underestimated ...

Shangyuan this guild is much more bad.