I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 394 This is called Qiao's reindeer. Is it delicious?

Magnetic kingdom.

Shangji took them on the streets of the drum kingdom.

The smoke on the way is not rare, and there is even an old woman with a toolkit, a reindeer wearing a red hat walking on the street.


The eyes of Shangyuan Needo slowly stopped. He looked at the reindeer and smiled and asked: "How is we add a meal today?"

The martillamon godged, nodded and nodded: "The Shangyuan people want to eat venison? I don't know how the reindeer here is better than the deer of Nara ..."

"Also almost?"

Shangyuan Nair does not matter to stall.

Nicocobin couldn't help but frown, and the reindeer had been cute and handsome. Why did these two people think to eat it?

Isn't the material on board?

They did not stay in the town for too long, but the king of the kingdom of the kingdom, this is their main purpose.

It was originally thought that this would be a troublesome battle. I didn't expect people in this country to be weak, and the mortar ghost and easily packed everyone.

In front of the King Castle, which was covered by Snow, the ghost waved the muscle in his hand, and a string of blood was sprinkled down, and this white land was smashed.

Shangyuan Na Rong and Nicole were standing in front of the castle, and they fell by the soldiers around, including Valbo and his two guards.

Nicole Robin took care of his clothes, and her inside still wore a hot pants and little vest, and only a coat was set.

This kind of weather is still cold for her.

Shangqi Needle, pulled down the coat outside, lost to Nicocobin, he slowly squatted in front of the magnetic king: "Let me think about it, what should I deal with? Just asked you like I am, what is the one who is jealous of me? "

"and many more…"

The king of the magnetic drum, Valbo, hurriedly reached the palm.

Although he is a powerful person who swallowed fruit, he didn't have the power in the hands of the mortar ghost, and he also saw the spicy hands of these guys.

Valbo's ugly face revealed a swept: "I am the king of the drum, this is the franchise in the world government. If you kill me, you must be killed by the Navy!"

"I am a person in the Baroque, do you think I will be afraid of the Navy?"

Shangyuan Nai went to wave, he nodded in the martial arts: "Ghosts, go to the sea to sink, can live it, you can live!"


The martial arti is nodd from the ghosts.

Nicole Robin looked at this scene.

After seeing Garbo ghosts, the eyes of Shangyuan Nairo slowly fell in other people: "I remember that this country is a medical big country, seems to have a very famous female doctor, it seems to be called ancient Lace ... "


The front guard captain of the drum kingdom, the fruit of the animal, butterfly, Dalton, Dalton, Dalton.

"Take me to find her!"

"I can ask ..."

Dalton bites his teeth and sinks: "Who is your home? Do you want to do what to do to the kingdom of the drum?"

"Oh, even if I want to do anything to the kingdom of the drum, what do you do?"

Shangqi Luked a light smile, spread his palm, quietly continued: "We are the people of the Baroque Tourism, just a member to destroy the entire drum kingdom, do you want to fight me?"

Shang Qi Nai rushed in Dalton's lower abdomen, in his ear, said: "As a punishment for you! Wait until I see the doctor of the ancient Lapa, you will help me ready for one million. Beili, have there any opinion? "

"... No ... no."

Dalton is somewhat on the ground, tightly covered his lower abdomen, and continuously dropped the cold sweat that appeared because of pain in the ice and snow weather.

Fortunately, the numbers given to the original navigation are not much, it can make it easy.

Just, Shangnai is not given to his rest time.

Dolton can only endure his pain and walk on the sleigh.

Nicole Robin's face revealed a wipe, she was tightly wrapped in the original neighborhood, and asked softly: "Is the ancient Lapu doctor worth seeing?"

"how could I know?"

After the Nairi, I asked, I asked a word, I was open from the self: "But I know, let this world spread our Baroque Total Hate." "

Robin: "..."

You are really a Top Ten Employees of the Baroque!

after an hour.

Shangyuan Na Luo appeared in an ancient lady doctor's home, very horizontally, he opened the door, his hands played a fireplace at the door, and smiled at the door: "Is an ancient Lapu doctor? Recently I Hand tight, can you take some money flower? "


A woman in the room raised his old man but the body kept very good, and saw Shangyuan Na, standing at the door.

It is the talle of magnetic drums, the highest medical surgeon doctor.

Just is also the people they saw in the town of the kingdom of the drum today.

This year she has been one hundred and three years old, but it is still very healthy. It is obviously unbelievable in this world.

"Is it a pirate?"

Turki looked at the fire in the hands of the original navig, her eyes smiled and smiled calmly: "Little guy, it is really looking for a wrong person, I really have a lot of money, but all used to buy Wine! "

After that, the woman also waved the wine bottle in his hand, smiled and continued: "But do you want to know the secret of my youth?"

"Not interested in."

Shangyuan Na will raise the fire in his hand, and aim at the room with a reindeer wearing a red hat, helplessly smile: "Since there is no money, then take your reinderatively! Just let us add a meal at night. "

This is so helpless.

It seems that this guy really doesn't want to leave empty hands!

The red hat of the reindeer took a drop of cold sweat, the next moment, its expression gradually became gloomy, and a bored from its nose.

Just as this reindeer looks at it, it is possible to violently, and the appearance of Shangyuan Nae has appeared in this reindeer!

Upon one hand pressed the neck of the reindeer to press it on the wall!

"and many more!"

The ancient Lapu doctor suddenly reached his palm, the smile on his face did not lose: "It is not a food, it is my idiot son ... Since I want to borrow money to people, I always have to say a number?"

"One million Bailei."

Shangji, I lost my meat on the deer. I smiled, I was slowly swallowed: "I have to take away this reindeer, and the meat on it looks very chewed ..."

"Little guy, this is some excessive ..."

Although the father of the ancient Lapu doctor is still laughing, but her palm slowly puts down the bottle: "Really, is it so greedy now?"

"You said who is a small pirate!"

Shangyuan Needressed up the guns in his hand, the ancient Lapu doctor, the cold voice: "I am the intermediate specialist of the Baroque Tourism!"


The brow of the ancient lake wrinkled.

To be honest, this kind of little guy is the most annoying, when the palm of the ancient lake is slowly holding, a woman's voice came in.

"Shang Shang, take Bailei and let it go!"


Shangyuan Needo waved the reindeer in his hand, slammed it on the ground, sinking: "Hey, the ancient lake, hurry to take the money!"

Unexpectedly, the reindeer suddenly violently, and turned over the last navigation, and the original Nairou dried and landed on the body of this reindeer, and flew it out!

"Stop, Qob!"

The ancient Lapu doctor hurriedly stopped the reindeer.

Even if she doesn't stop, there is no way, because the old reindeer is hurt, it is even standing.

The ancient Lapu doctor took out a money box and handed it to the original navigation, asked: "You just said that you are tissue?"

Baroque Total. "

Shangyuan Nai Lu will screw the fire in his hand, and smiled and threatened her: "If you want to retaliate, then come!"

"Just know that your name is enough."

The ancient Lapa doctor smiled and stressed: "When I encounter your job agency, I will take it back today."


Shang Nai was uncomfortable, he just left the box, because the most important rewards of this country have been taken by him.

Branch mission: Defeat Tony Toni Qiaoba (11), the task has been completed, rewarding 50 gold coins.

this is…

Refresh the minimum reward?

Even if you have a big stay, it is higher than this reward!

Shangyuan Nai felt couldn't help to help his forehead, and looked at the second reward.

Branch mission: and the small head (11), the task has been completed, rewarding the energy energy 3000 points, armed for domineering 3000 points, see the color 3000 points.

Is this the task that the mammoman should complete?

Two different tasks, the reward is actually worse!

When Shangji Na Rouked up a million Bailey and Dalton preparations, he left Nicole.

The ancient Lapa was around Qiao, and it was filling it a tube water: "Hey, the stupid, Qiaoba, you are nothing?"

"Nothing ... Doraier Mare."

After the reindeer is in response to a sentence, its body gradually started to shrink down. After a moment, its body shape became the size of the child.

Qiao looked up and looked at the ancient lake, and there was a little confusion in the big eyes: "Those people ... is it a pirate?"


After the ancient Late nodded, he looked at the fire that was broken by the original Needle, slowly sat on the chair: "That little guy ... is just a small role of a big sea, so you want to make a pirate If you are not so easy! "

"I won't do the kind of pirate!"

Qiao Barron waved his front hoof, and his face angry: "How can they be a pirate!"


The ancient Lapa touched his wine bottle, filled a wine, and continued to say: "You are right, the guy may not be a pirate, he seems to say that he is a Baroque Tourism, it seems to be a Criminals in the first half of the great route ... "

"... Is the Baroque Take Work?"

Qiaoba took a nodded and wrote this name. Its eyes become persevere: "Dora is a mother, I will continue to do experiment!"