I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 398, I am doing this perfect performance?

The eyelids of the green are shake slightly.

Just now, he did not read the wrong. The original Nairi is absolutely frozen, not the lower level of snow, but a pure frozen ability.


He, the Navy's generals, is the ability of the frozen fruit!

Shangnai Nai Luo this guy uses frozen capabilities in front of him, what is his ability? Is it a copy of the devil's ability ...

"Don't like it?"

Shang Nai's smile is still good, he looked at the neighbors in front of the neighborhood, smiled and continued: "Because it is too simple, if there is a place to be in the case, I hope that Mr. Kucan will include!"

"Do not."

The green swan shakes his head and calmly opens: "Fill the entire island and make such a luxurious duel court to meet me, it is too extravagant ..."

"Hahaha ..."

Shangyuan Needan laughed and put his hand, and he continued to say: "Don't blame me, you are the general of the Navy, this place is worthy of your identity!"

This sentence is a bit uncomfortable.

Obviously, the original navigation is to praise the identity of the green gust, but he sounds like a host, looks like a child.

After the Shangyuan Na Rou, the open palm introduced this decided farm: "This is the battlefield that I have created yesterday, I can definitely let Mr. Kuzan will play a full strength here ..."

"It's really heart ..."

The green goblin slowly smart, and the eyes moved to Nik Robin next to: "It seems that the information has a mistake, I thought that Miss Robin is your boss, now she seems to join an organization. Inside ... "


Nicole Robin's forehead revealed a few drops of cold sweat.

Because when Nicole Robin is eight years old, the Youth, the enemy that once let her fall into the top disaster, the fear and shadows bring her fear and shadows are not short-time.

Nicole Robin's expression gradually became more and more difficult, she whispered: "Why will you come here ... Is it come to kill me?"

"That's it."

Youth is slowly nod, and the light will continue: "After all, no matter what to say, as the last archaeologist in O'Hara, it is too dangerous to this world ..."

After saying it here, the eyes of the green gum slowly moved. From Robin's body, it was on the original Needle: "It seems that you seem to have added a more dangerous organization! This kind of thing can't let go is you…"

"Don't say this."

Shangji picking up a glass of juice on the stone table, slowly sucking, he continued to say: "We are a peaceful organization, dedicated to mediation of the war in the world, no one is more eager to be more peaceful than us ... "

Youth: "..."

A person who just killed the drum king was sitting here, but also plan to challenge the Navy general, tell me that you are a peace organization?

The expression of chanmonic and Nici Robin is also a bit weird.

After seeing their expressions, Shangyuan seems to be awakened, and quickly changed his mouth: "Sorry, there is a way ... Anyway, Mr. Kuzan only needs to know, our inner is actually a just light."

"You can not be like this person!"

The eyelids of the green gum shook, he reached out to hold the glass of ice water, swallowing the ice water into his belly: "It seems like a conspiracy ... from your eyes, I am a slight Didn't see justice! "

"That's because we are in camouflage bad guys."

Shang Nai is unhappy to explain: "We are now a special agent called Baroque, this Baroque Total is a criminal company. The boss of this company is not a good thing, so we have to look at the boss!"

Nicole Rob: "..."

What start?

Can the original navar be a little personal?

The sand crocodile knows what happens now, it will be desperate with you!

"What do you mean?"

The brow of the green, wrinkled slightly, and looked at the original navigation. "You can talk little slowly? I don't quite understand what you mean ... So, who is the boss of this Baroque Workshop?"

"Wang Xiaqi Wuhai, sand crocodile Clock Dal."

After the arrival of the navigation, he did not carefully revealed the identity of the sand crocodile, and he looked at the Navy's generals heard the name of the Klkkdal.

Obviously, the Navy general did not put the king's seven Wuhai.

Shangyuan Na's face was frustrated, and the sound of sinking: "Hey, how do you say this, I am giving me a little!"

On the other side of the last side, the emotions became excited: "That is the king's seven Wu Haiklodal, the reward is as high as 81 million, and when you are young, you only lose the strongest man's white beard in the world. "

Shangji is returned to his own fists, and the emotions become more excited: "If there is still someone in this world to arrive in Lavdru, become the second pirate king in the world, then it must be Mr. Clockdal!"

This is really like a loyalty to Klock Dar, even if you are estimated here, you don't have any problems.

At this moment, Shangyuan felt his own videos.

It is a pity that his courage and strength are not very compliant with his act.

A man who wants to challenge the Navy, I am here to say that I am a king's seven Wuhai?

This guy is too fake!

The green spoys did not look at the original navigation performance.

If you didn't have seen the Klock Darr, I saw it in the original Nairu, and the Qing said that I really want to persuade my brain lazy, simply believe in the ghosts of Shangyuan Na.

The Navy is a little helplessly helped to help his forehead: "You are ... Is the drama performance graduated? No, it should be said that the voice drama is not enough! From your eyes, I can't see some points to grams Rock Dal's awe! "

"Are you questioning my loyalty to Mr. Crokdal?"

The Shangyu's face flashed a vision, his fist gradually pinched and tightened: "In this world, no one has more respect for Mr. Croatar than me!"

"Hey Hey hey…"

Qingyan looked at the original navigation, I just felt that I didn't look at it.

Youth can't help it, I can't help my own eyebrow: "Almost enough! Your guy can't look like ... Is there really dare to be your boss?"


Everyone present in the field is silent.

Shang Nai's face, the anger gradually dissipated, he returned his smile: "Oh, it seems that the Navy's IQ does not think so much ... really, I can see my perfect performance!"

"It's your actic skills too bad!"

The green spheres can't spit it, reach out of your palm to indicate this deciduous farm: "If we are two in the sea, you may be on the boat of a small pirate, maybe I may write a little. Ghost ... "

He is a general of the Navy!

Whether it is any of the people in the world, I will never fall lightly when I see him, let alone here is the first half of the great route!

The first half of the great navigation, any one will be afraid of the general challenge, but the Shangyuan, who is in front of him knows his general identity and strength, but also put a super luxurious crucial site!

"Oh, it's enough ..."

The green goblin slowly put down his palm, his face revealed a yin: "Can you tell me your true identity? Otherwise, I will not guarantee your life to survive ..."

At this moment, the momentum on the greenness is suddenly changed!

A cold from his body came out, let the people present not to feel the temperature in the air in an instant!

The strength of the green spar is strong, almost seriously breathing, this moment he temporarily put his lazy, and thoroughly showing the generals of the Navy's general!

The face of the ghosts of the mortal ghosts can't be changed!

Nicole Robin has been scared to have some soft!

"Ha ... It is a general, it is really terrible!"

At the end of the mouth, I said, the smile on my face was unconscious, and he even slowly sucking a juice.

There were some ridiculed words and movements, couldn't help but let the green span think of another personality, a little bad colleague.

"Your guy ... is as bad as Busasolino guys!"

The green spheres can't help but shoot their forehead. The expression on his face is a bit: "I don't want to waste time with your group of two guys ..."

"Then start!"

The original Nairi grabbed his juice, and his face was lazy to lean on the stone chair.

Next moment, the face of Shangyuan Na will suddenly become a bit crazy: "Please show your strength in front of me, let me see the Navy's general war of the world's highest war, there are many!"

If your strength is not enough, you will never stand in front of me in the future, I will make people make your body into one artwork! "

After saying these, the expression of Shangyuan Nairi suddenly changed, his mouth was slightly hook, revealing a smile: "If your strength can make me a little more enjoyable, I don't mind tell you our real identity…"

Shangyuan Needle and sat in his body, closed his palms on the table, the smile on his face appeared very mysterious: "It is like a beautiful day, can bring hope for this world. "

Shangyuan is said to the clouds in the clouds ...

But let the greens feel really what he is talking about!

The expression of the green squat gradually became more and more serious, and the coldness of his body is getting lower and lower, and even a layer of frost is on the chair!

"Go, ghost!"

Shangyuan Na Run waved his high fishman, whispered: "Let's give you a little point for you, let me see the power you have now ..."

"Yes, Shang Shang people."

The mortinger ghosts and sneered, revealing his full shark, he slowly pulled out the muscle knife on his back, and the militants were quickly wrapped around the muscle.

The muscles of the muscles have become black!

This scene made the eyes of the green goblin slightly.

In the big sea, the armed colors is not unusual.

However, in the first half of the great route, you can use armed torque, and put around the weapon directly, such a hundred thief is less.

Many falsitors in the first half of the great route may have never heard of domineering.

Such a person ...

Now there is only one thousand and five million rewards!

Even more than 150 million seems to be a little less than enough!

What is more ironic is that such a person is just a hand next to the original navigation, and the reward of this guy is only 8 million.

These guys ...

It's really deep!


The mortal ghosts and sorrows, inviting Kutan to go to the duel farm. The smile on his face gradually became some: "In his duel farm, the only rule is no rule!"

"It seems that I am really underestimated!"

The green gang didn't finish the scratch, and he kept the mortar ghost to go to the wide duel farm. He couldn't help but continue: "Is it too strong? Is it too strong?"

"It's really unimaginable!"

Cartry couldn't help but looked at the green goblin. The smile on his face was still somewhat fierce: "I will not despise anyone's power ... but the Shangyuan is not the same ... no matter how low it is, it is also right. You're appreciated! "