I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 399 is good, I will not refund.

Sea breeze is somewhat hustle.

Shangyuan Nai fell his own juice, looked at the two people standing in the duel farm, whisper: "Hey, the battle between you will make me feel a little, if I let me not satisfied, I am not only Will refund, and will hit people! "

"Do you not worry?"

Nicole Robin's eyelid shakes, her look is still nervous to look at the tall green span in the duel field: "That is the general of the Navy, Crowddal is absolutely unable to have the existence of him with him!"

"What can I worry?"

Shangqi Nai squatted with a straw, full of face: "I just make sense that I am invincible, I don't care what he is strong!"


This person is really unimaginable!

Nicocobin's face could not help but show a drop of cold sweat.

After the martial artifacts heard the original Nair, it was still grinning his mouth, showing a sharp teeth: "If you play a wonderful thing is the order of the Shang Shang, I really dare not let him down!"


Youth but did not speak.

For him, what happens today makes him don't like very much.

In addition to Nici Robin joined a dangerous organization, there is another reason is that as a Navy's generals have to come to a battle show.

No matter what, it will definitely can't let this organization survive!

The eyes of the green goblin are too flat. I looked at Nicole Robin, sitting on the original navigation, and staying in such an organization. It is also very dangerous to Nicole Robin!


The purpose of green gout is mainly for Nicole Robin.

Until now, the green span wants to destroy this organization, let Nik Robin leave the dangerous person of the original navigation, because she can continue to escape.

Now Robin added this still unknown organization, which can be different from those tendons before, those organizations can destroy them.

This organization is ultimately dangerous!

This organization must definitely set off the wind and waves of the world. In that, the World Government will never tolerate the Robin who has added this organization.

Take a step back ...

Even if Robin just wants to find a hiding, such an organization is not suitable, because maybe it may be killed by people ...

This woman is really trouble ...

I know that I shouldn't pick this hassue at the beginning ...

Just as the Qing Dynasty is still thinking about it, the voice of the original Nairi is incorporated into their ears: "Hey, you can start!"

With the announcement of the Shangyuan, the air suddenly became lifting!

Standing in front of the stone wall of the navy sign, the palm slowly extended to the air, a knife spread out from his palm, a dark domineering also slowly wrapped around the ice knife!

Standing at the mortal ghosts in front of the stone wall, uncomfortable did not care about the scene you saw, waving the muscles in his hand!

In the next moment, the two suddenly hit together!

A shock wave exuded out from the confrontation of the two!

Two people have held armed torrential weapons to become a group, and they are swaying in the hands of the knives attempt to attack the weaknesses of the opponent!

Have to say, the height of the greenness is indeed very dominant.

Especially this guy is also a unclatible monster, even if it doesn't rely on fruit capabilities, you can also play with the mortar ghost!

The two people are all more and more surprised!

In the next moment, the ice knife in the hands of the green trees suddenly broke a knife. I wonder when he was wrapped in the ice knife and gradually dissipated!

The milded sterling of the macato ghosts cut through the body of the green, and the danger was avoided!

Just as the Qing Dynasty thoughtfully escaped the attack, the scholar knife suddenly lived, a spurs spread on his shoulders!

This is included with armed colors!

Arrived, you can directly ignore the body's body, even if it is a green, you can only rush to cover a layer of armed colors on your shoulders, resist the thorns of the muscles!

Let the green sparry are ...

He has just covered the armed tightening of his shoulders, and after the muscles, it has gradually disappeared!

No, or say, it's taken away!

"this is…"

The face of the green gout changed.

The Navy will refund a few steps, withdraw from the attack range of the muscles, and his brow wrinkled: "A knife can absorb armed colors domineering, is a weapon for eaten devils ... It is also a can't Small guys! "

"Guess it!"

The macaron ghost waving the mildew knife pointing to the green goblin, laughing and opening: "The muscles can indeed absorb your domineering ... Although it is better to make things delicious, however, is it possible to let it make it?"

The martial artifacts flashed on his face, and he laughed and said: "After all, I can follow the Shangyuan adult, even the you will be the general of the Navy, and shouldn't even look at my little role!"

"Oh, make sense ..."

The green gyzykly nodded slowly, he calmly spread his palm, whispered: "I should not apologize to you, I really should not be a person ... Iceball!"

In the next moment, the palm of the Qingli suddenly slammed a piece of icicles!

These icicles are rushed in the direction of the mortal ghosts. The air they have passed up in the air, and when these icicles hit the enemy, they will freeze the enemy into a hockey!

"Water in the water!"

Cartry ghosts quickly closed their own palm printing, and the mouth spurred a water flow into a water wall, blocked the hidden icicles!

Next, the water array is directly frozen!

"It seems that the Ninja on the country?"

Qingli looked at the movements of the martial arts, and the brows couldn't help but wrinkled: "Compared to what I imagine more trouble!"

"No, it should be that you are in trouble!"

The macatoin ghosts re-hold the muscles, and the ice guns made by the water array are directly smashed into pieces, rushing to the direction of the green.

The macaroni rushed up in his hand, and his face revealed a smile: "It's a manta. If he is still there, maybe I don't have to face you so trouble now. ! "

"Mushed Mr. ..."

Youth Hear heard a very quirky name, a bit like their same type, what kind of gentleman, should be the code they organized a person.

It's just that you have no time to think so!

Because the speed of the martillary ghosts is faster than the imagination, his handle in his hand can absorb the domineering tackle, making people deal with very tricky ...

If it is an ordinary person ...

No, or say, if there is no special fruit ability, only those who prefer swordsmanship and body skills, it will be almost perfect for ghosts.

Even if there is a fruit ability, it is useless ...

The intelligence of the naval will almost all open.

This is a person who is called a sniost, it is very energetic, plus it, plus the domineering of others ...

It's impossible to imagine!

No, in addition to absorbing domineering, it seems to absorb physical fitness, because the greenness just feels that his physical consumption seems to be slightly accelerated.

All Navy's neighborhood will rely on domineering and body suppressing this kind of martial arts, it is estimated that only people who have known as the strongest armed colors are in Kapu.

"Cartry ghosts, you are really surprised."

The palm of the green squat has a cold air. He watched the mortar ghost, and constantly dodge the ghost attack. He continued to open the mouth: "The whole half of the great route has not appeared for a long time. As you have such a strong pirate ... "

In the next moment, the face of the blue gum suddenly became a bit cold. He stared at the waves and slashing his own macaroni, and the cold voice continued: "But your group is still not too small to read the general power? "

The greenness suddenly squatted on the ground, escaped after the attack of the martial artifact, reached out to the entire duel!

"Ice Age!"

In the next moment, the body of the green squats suddenly made a cold ice, and the ice was instantly appeared from his hands, and quickly spread toward the entire duel field!

A cold is also emitted from his body!

The whole deciduous site is within a few seconds, and it is difficult to imagine the environment of the ice and snow in just a few seconds.

Anywhere in the entire area is within the attack range of the greenness!

This home only rely on his own frozen ability, directly changed the terrain and the environment, so that this deciduous field is thoroughly turned into his home!

In this case, the mortal ghost is faint.

Cartry ghosts feel a cold, with frosts on his body, he can only cover armed colors on your own body.

The ability of frozen fruit is really for him!

Because the macmon ghosts can't exist that their best, any water is frozen by the cold ice.

And this decided far site completely became a snow and snow, and the ghosts fought in this area need to maintain their own armed colors to avoid frozen.

It is an inferior partner.

Just as the drunct ghosts hit their own palm, I plan to try to set out a big bomb to continue attack, a voice stopped his action.

"Stop, ghost, you have lost."

After the ghosts, after the ghosts, he took the palm of his palm. He looked at the Kutzan, and he laughed and continued: "It's really a general of the Navy ... It can easily change the entire island environment. "

After saying this sentence, the original Nairou stretched his palm on the ground: "However, Miss Robin's clothes is very small ... I don't want to be sick in my ministry."


The greenness looked at him in their eyes.

In the next moment, I saw a steam instant drilled from Shangyuan Na, and the entire small island was quickly spread soon in just a few seconds!

Just formed a duel field for the ice and snow, actually started rapid evaporation in the action of this high-temperature steam, and gradually exposed the original appearance.

Before ten seconds, the Youth Exhibition came out of his power, let Nik Robin and the mortar ghosts could not help but

However, I just had a for more than a dozen seconds, and the power of Qing Yong just showed that it was light and easy to lift the land, so that the hearts of the green got couldn't help but shock.

This is not the average person!

What is the ability of this guy? It seems like a temperature fruit?

On the duel, the water is filled.

Shangyuan Na Lu waved his palm, a fly wind swept, blowing all the floating water fogs on the duel farm, showing the figure of someone present.

"It's not a temperature of the fruit ... is a more terrible ability!"

The eyes of the Qing Dynasty gaked the Shangyuan Na, the laughing still suffering, and the head of the Navy came up a shadow.

this person…

More stronger than he imagined!

It's really troublesome ... How can Robin find this kind of person!