I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 403 Another injured general

This is really no exercise.

Obviously join the Baroque Tourism is to pit the sand crocodile Klock Darr, but now it seems to be in the same way.

And this person's heart is too small!

"Well, Crowddal is as your voices!"

Youth squatted his forehead, there was no way to continue asking me: "What do you want me to provide? I am executive, but I don't know much about the Navy, I don't seem to know, I don't seem to be there. Pay attention to you ... "


Shangyuan Needs thought for a while and shook his head.

At least it looks now, he seems to be really nothing to do, after all, they are now just a small group of woven ...

Even if it is a pharmacist to join the Navy, there is no need to use the green goblin, because the current pharmacist is just a three soldier ... It is estimated that when the pharmacist will promote the position of the navy, we need the help of the goblin. !

Green, this piece of chess ...

What needs to be hidden now.

If you can manipulate the red dog in the future, can this piece becomes a navy?

"Let it be in the sky!"

The original turned head and looked at the black wall drawing red Xiangyun, and waved the waving: "A Navy's general, naturally can't use small things that itchy, when I need it, I will send people to find you. of."


The green flaming scratched his head, and she sighed: "It seems that when you are looking for me, maybe it is a big problem!"


After that, Shangyuan Na will slowly reach out his palm, a golden ray flew out from his fingertips, suddenly shot wearing a white wall with a peaceful seagull.

On the face of Shangyuan Na, I suddenly revealed a smile: "Mr. Kuzan, in order to avoid you are too lonely in the Navy, I will find some companions for you as much as possible ..."


Youth looked up with doubts.

The Navy thought about a second, immediately understood the meaning of Shangyuan Needle, is this guy? Is it necessary to continue to take the neighborhood or even the Navy general?

And look at the movement of the original navigation ...

His next goal ... this will not be a general!

To be honest, the Qing Dynasty suddenly felt that the yellow gang did ambiguous guy, and there was a possibility of two boats.

After all, the Chinese people ...

Never there is no exercise.

If the three generals in the Navy, two of them are the spies of Shangyuan Na, their marshal dozen and colleagues will be directly crazy?



Just as you want to say anything, the phone in his body suddenly rang, in the eyes of the original Na, the green, the green, the green gynecotr remained his phone.

This is a call for the Navy's Marshal Warring States.

"Kutzan, where are you now?"

The voice of the Navy's Marshal Warring States is anxious: "Potkas D · Ess refused the invitation of the Queen Seven Wuhai, and Busasolo rushed to the shampoo to arrest him, Ace was called Yiszhibo saved the ficeps!

The born pirate named Yu Zhio Sasuke actually fleid a fragrant island, Busasolino was seriously injured in order to protect the three Tianlong people!

The pirate named Yu Zhibo is a member of the Hei Piece, and you will rush back to Malin Fanto, we need to re-develop the plan to arrest the entire Black Piece! "

This is not blamed in the country.

The original Warring States plan is prepared.

As long as Portkas D. Es accepts the invitation of the Queen Seven Wuhai, there is no matter what is natural; but the guy refuses the invitation to count, then send a general and Kapu to take people to Sea big prison.

Now, it is fell, not, but people have not arrested, and even a navy is still injured. More importantly, the one who hurts the generals also joined the Hei Piece!

"Oh, I know."

The cyan is hung up, and the brow is slightly frowned.

This sea is nothing wrong. He has just been in the original navigation, and the other side of the yellow gurt is also injured ...

The green goblin turned to see the people present, only saw that the original naval, after listening to his telecommad, the expression seems to be a little strange.


It seems that there is something wrong?



Shangqi Nae returned to his forehead, it seems that when you want to say something to the green, the phone in his body also rang, it is Yuxi Bozuo.

"Hey, Shangyuan, under the black arrangement, I have successfully added the black thief group, these guys are not very good, there is no doubting me."

Unechebra Sasukes seems to be a little uncomfortable. When he said, when the black peach rim group, he sounded full of discusions: "Because I joined the identity of the ninja and Jianhao, the name is Ai The guy seems to be very interested in ticking, and have been entangled with me, I have no time to contact you. "

The people in this big sea are always interested in novelty.

Just like Unexpea Sasuke, Es, of course, will not give up this crew, and it is also warm and welcomed when Sasu helps join the black thief group.

Shangyuan Na will be silent for a while, whispering said: "But I just heard that you hurt the Navy's generals, and even almost killed three Tianlong people ... He Piece Mission Group still doubtful?"

"do not worry."

There are more indifferent in the sound of Yuxi Bo: "I didn't have two days in joining the Hei Piece, which became the deputy captain of this ship ... I can do most of this ship."

The sound of Unechebato helps, the more I have to abandon: "And these guys ... really doubt what kind of thing? Now they are going to learn with me every day ... I must lurk in this group of idiots? Guy's IQ is not as good as Naruto! "

to be frank.

Yuxi Bozuo is now really dislike.

Although the members of the organization also have a lot of teasing, most of them are IQ online, and the members of this Black Taohai Timent will not be speaking!

I saw the Navy warship before I saw it ...

I even saw a young girl's navy chasing and escaped ...

As a result, in the shampoo, the hook of the Navy's generals, the group of guys actually got his captain to challenge the general, all of which were naturally practical people ...

Mom, the information between each other is unclear, the enemy, my strength is not a concept, I will directly challenge the general?


If there is any of his vice veterars, it takes advantage of the generals of Tonglong people from chasing, and the Hei Piece may be forced to disband today!

A group of intelligence.

Among this group of mentally dispatriatures, Unechebra helped this obvious reliable guy looks a bit of the cranedian, named the vice minister, is a pirate season.


Shangnai is falling into silence.

Some of this world is indeed more simple than imagining, they will never doubt their companions, so it is easy to be utilized.

However, Unechebra helped this guy than he imagined!

Why did this guys join the Black Piece anecdote to mix the deputy captain for a few days, he joined the Baroque Total, but it is only a middle-level agent ...

Klockdal this bastard!

Can you learn well with people?

At the very least, you have to give him the deputy director of the Baroque Tourism! Although the Baroque Try, the deputy head of the Baroque, Nicole Robin is his person ...

Shangqi Nai faintly opened: "Okay, then I will lurking around Es, don't get too out, this world is powerful than you think ..."

"I know."

After Unecheo Sasher, after the nod, Shen Sheng opened: "What general, the rude is really very stunning, and the character is still a very sinister guy ...

However, this time is just his luck, I already know his ability, after I encounter him next time, I will kill him! "

Yiszo Sasuke has already known the ability of sparkling fruit, but he is still holding the yellow gurt in the middle of the body.

"Oh, there is no such thing as it is necessary to kill the yellow."

Shangqi Needan is bored and shakes his head: "Maybe when you encounter, he is our companion ..."

After that, I went at the Qing Dynasty, I'm looking at the green span who stood around. He moved: "Right, there may be a generals called Qingli to chase you, your ability is very restrained, remember to pay for him. Because he is now our people ... "


Yischo Sasuke caught into silence.

After a long time, Yuxi Bozuo has been open to the mouth: "Shangyuan Na, you guy ... Do you want to manipulate everyone as your chess?"

"Not anymore."

Shangji shook his head, sighed in the mouth: "How do you have this dangerous idea ... I am a just person!"


Unechebra helped the phone directly.

Everyone is my own person, how is this guy in this guy?

"Really ..."

Shangyuan Na fell to listen to the sound of the phone, couldn't help but sigh, and we have a good air: "We are all companions, why don't you believe me?"


A black line hanging on the forehead.

The Qing Painting is next to he has heard Shangyuan Nairu and Unechybo Sasuke all dialogue, he couldn't help but scratch your hair, couldn't help but open: "That injured Busasolino ... Who ... Is your department? "


Shangji nodded, did not denied this thing: "It is a little one in the family! The child is a bit unrequited things, do not join a hundred pirates to do the sea to do what is ... You go to kill him when you start Light ... "


The green gyzykly is contemplated.

Telling true, or if he has just heard it, he really wants to directly believe in the journey of the journey!

Obviously people are not willing to stay in the black peach thief group, it is your guy to put people insert it as a undercover!

Upper Naidu, this person ...

Really not something good ...

"Okay, we are here to say goodbye!"

At the last naval, I looked at the green goblin, and I looked at Nicole Robin, the mouth hooks slightly: "Robin, then I will give you the task that will contact the Qing Dynasty."


Nicole Robin nodded.

Wait until a few people respectively.

Shangyuan Needle and the mortar ghosts stepped on their boat.

Nicole Robin alone, I went to you, she looked up with the tall Navy general, and she opened his mouth and said: "Youth, will not be a stupid thing in the future ... No matter what happens, be sure to live! "

Once you have a stupid thing, you will definitely die!

Nicole Robin thought that he had already understood the original navigation, such as a proud one, never let go of his people who betray him!

As long as the Qing's true dare to betray him and the agreement between the original Needle, even if the results don't have the topore, he will definitely be killed by Shangyuan!

And Nicole Roben also saw ...

The bloodless power in the hands of the original neck.

"Oh, forget it ..."

Youth, I want to say something, but I see Nicole Robin's look, he still shakes his headself.

Two people say that they have opened the past ...

The relationship seems to be getting less subtle.

In the next moment, the green goblin stretched out his palm. The big palm covered the hair of Nicole Robin. This man who is not very good at expressing the feelings of the Robin.

"I know ... you will live well after you will live ... and don't do too much danger with them."