I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 404 Your warship is taken by our Baroque Take Agency!

Youth is purely thinking.

The things that Shangyuan Na will be not dangerous, not, but so, even have a little leisurely, what is dangerous to visit a novice village!

After they were separated, they continued to rush to their destinations. Shangyuan Nairou also viewed the reward of the youngest.

Branch mission: defeat the Navy's generals, the gods (11), the task has been completed, reward the life energy is 15000 points, the armed colors are 150,000 points, see the color of 15000 points.

Branch mission: take a general level (11), the task has been completed, reward the life energy 100,000 points, the armed colors are 100,000 points, see the color of 100,000 points.

The feeling of hanging is really comfortable.

Shangyuan Na will look long and look at the attributes yourself, just look at the next some strange tasks.

Hidden task: Let this world's most cold person feel warm (11), the task has been completed, fixed rewards Tongling contract ice crystal Phoenix Aiñvia.

Tongling Contract Ice Crystal Phoenix: Summon ANVIVIA to participate in the battle, consume 10,000 live energy energy.

This system is a bit something.

You can also get a fixed reward.

Shangyuan Needs can't help but want to praise your own system, just because the green gob is a bird, only rewarding this ice bird's psychic contract?

Anyway, he will not lose anyway.

The eyes of Shangyuan Nika were in the body of Nicole Robin, and her heart seems to be very heavy. I don't know what I have brought to her boss.

Because there is the existence of this navigator, they don't need to avoid any unfavorable weather, quickly arrived in the end of this sailing.

Whiskey mountain peak.

He has been in a large bounty hunter, and most of them are working under the manipulation of the Baroque Try, but they have encountered a strong pirates, many people have been driven away.

However, with the leaving of the one, the bounty hunter will return to it again, continue to work before, that is, the pirate of the newcomers who first entered the great route.

"Deceive those hundred pirates ..."

Shangji Looking at the small town under the peak of the Whiskey, I couldn't help but somewhat leisurely: "Let us all are similar! I also like to deceive the pirates ... Here you have such a variety of people, the future life is very interesting."


Nicole Robin's eyes shook.

No, you are different from them.

These guys deceived only those hundreds of thousands of tens of millions of Bailei suspense, you have directly deceived it is the king's seven Wuhai ...

And these bounty hunters deceive the pirates are purely because they want to kill those hundreds of pirates; Shangnai, this guy deceives Clock Dal, is purely because this person is afraid that Klock Dar is too easy ...

"Here is where we are going to live."

The eyes of Shangyuan Nai have become a bit dark, he will continue to speak in faintly: "If we want to leave here, it is estimated that Mr. Clockdal will call us back."

I listened to some observations.

The martialmon ghost and Nicole Robin can't write a miserative word for Klock Dar in advance.

"That one…"

Nicole Robin smashed his hair and whispered: "Mr. Nairou and Ghost Mr. can also be freely, because the Baroque Tourism is basically I am hosted, Crowddal has rarely ask ..."

This is not finished, Nicole Robin has a little regret.

Inducing these two people will always be stable in Wiskey Mountain?

Whiskey is so small, what can Shangyuan Na? If they let them two freely actions, I know how much troubles can you still get out of the sea!

"What are we still stop here?"

Shangyuan Na was listening to himself, he didn't have to take the CCl Klock Dal, and immediately changed his face: "This group of gold hunters have no technical content, I am too lazy to go to the mountain, we will set sail to go to the mountain, we Go to the East China Sea! "

"It's really shameless ..."

Nicole Robin couldn't help but knead his forehead.

Isn't it just right to get along with this group of gold hunters?

Nicole is looking at the original navigation, I can't help but sigh, "Mr. Needa, but I want to go to the four seas from the great route, not the mountain;

Because the role of the foreign flow, if you want to return from the great route to the four seas, in addition to abandoning the ship to climb the red soil mainland, you must find a way to cross the dangerous winds ... "

This danger is relatively.

The most dangerous ribbon is the most dangerous of the Haiwang, and these monsters that are hundreds of meters and even thousands of meters can easily tear any vessels.

For the original Needle and the mortal ghosts, encountering the sea princes, it is really not too much for them.

Unless you encounter the sea king class with thousands of meters, other sea princes are really not threats to them ...

Of course, even a few kilometers of the sea king, it is only added a plate for Shangyuan Na, who has a complete body, it is.

They stopped a day in the Whiskey Mountain.

Nicole Roben handled the things here, reanked several times before the staff of the Baroque Try, three people left here to rush to the windless belt.

Windless zone.

A navy's warship exercises slowly, because there is no sea breeze in the windband area, can only advance by the warship.

For the Navy, it is not dangerous through the windless belt.

Because of this navy's warship, this stone can make the whole warship and the sea, and will not cause the Haiwang's attention.

The navy on these warships did not dare to know. After all, the existence of sea courts will not cause the Haiwang's attention. It does not mean that they will not encounter the sea of ​​wandering. So a naval sentinel looks at the boat, which is alert to the sea. The appearance of the class.

When just is hot, the naval soldier suddenly felt that there was a breeze behind his own cheek. He couldn't help but be surprised: "Hey, do you get up?"

Next, he also responded!

Here is a wind strip, how can it be windy!

When the navy soldier turned his head, he saw a boat with a ship sail, and the boat was so windy and the speed is fast!

"Tunna school, start!"

"Tunna school, there is a ship!"

The naval soldiers on the entire warship smeared, standing on the deck, watching the boat, faster, finally gradually approaching them.

The SMA's highest elaborator is a superior school, a superman, a fruit, a comparable person.

A pink long-haired sexy woman came out and is the long official of the warship.

The beauty colonel pushed his sunglasses, and some surprised the blowing sea breeze: "No wind ... how can there be wind ... Danna has never seen this situation ..."

"Maybe the people on the boat are ghost!"

A navy soldier stands by her, struggling to point to the boat that is getting closer to the warship: "Tunna school, what is the devil's ability?"

"Na ... don't know."

The beauty colonel hesished and shook his head. Her eyes were slowly falling on that boat, and she also saw three people on the boat.

A woman.

A man.

A fishman.

" !"

The people next to him have also seen the three people. He immediately remembered the wanted order that was short-yearly issued: "Run rewards Eight millions of Bailee's demon, Robin, a thousand millions of Bailey sharks Ghost, there is the hundred pirates who are rewarding eight million Bailei! "


Dina saw the weaker little pirate on the boat and waved his eyes and smiled and waved, and the face of this beautiful woman suddenly floated a touch of violent!

Tina immediately decided to attack the ship: "Catch them! Although it doesn't seem to be bad, but they really violate the law!"

The colonel of Danna is definitely not to know the Navy's goblin. I have just become a dog that I think is the weakest. Even if I know this, she still will not hesitate to attack the attack!


Nicole Robin sat on a chair, Shangyuan Needle and the mortar ghosts leisurely licked the juice, which was the wind that was created and removing the boat in the windless belt.

When passing through the naval warship.

Shangyuan Nairi also saw the pink long-haired sexy woman on the warship, he also revealed a sunny smile to the beautiful school.

Just as they thought that when this occasion is over, a black hole is coming over to this small boat!

That is the ability of the Superman, the fruit, the fruit of the fruit!

All of these black holes are hard as they are as hard as steel, and they are emitted from the cannons. It is enough to easily run through this boat!

The mortal ghosts instantly put down their own juice, and set up their palms to fly, and they want to stop their boats from being destroyed!

"Oh, forget it!"

Shangqi Naqi grabbed the ghost arm and shakes his head: "For this boat is not worth it, since people want to send boats, then let's change one!"

Shangqi Nai Lu just prepared a big boat to go to the East Sea, but the ship was indeed too small, and the orange tree of Miao Mei did not enable it!

After hearing the original naval, Nicole looked up under the consciousness, showing a question mark on his face. What is wrong?

next moment.

This boat was instantly by a black iron gun!

The warship that chased this boat also chased this opportunity, and the Navy's department was biting a smoke. He was to announce that the gang of the original naval was arrested: "Dina announced, you are ... "

"Your warship is taken by our Baroque Take a job."

On the boat, Shangyuan Nairies broke the words, he took the juice in his hand, and he looked at the naval colonel in his face: "I really didn't expect it. This big sea actually dares to attack us Baroque. The people of the TRE! "