I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 412, five days, do you know how I have been there in these five days!

Aron was killed.

In addition to an escaping little eight, the entire Dragon Piece is cleaned up, and it has been dissipated between the nightmare of Nazi.

This only fifteen girl sitting in the ground, and it has a head, her physical and mental is finally relaxed.

The mountain that has been pressed on her head has finally eliminated this.

Shangqi Nai stood around her, quietly looked at Na Beauty, squinted her hair smiling, licking her emotions.

"In the future, you don't have to be afraid of Al Long."

At this moment, Shangyuan Na Ruo seems like an just who has just destroyed evil, guarding the world's peaceful people.

Namei slowly nodded, and he took a breath and looked at it. He looked at the original navigation.

"Well, it doesn't matter ..."

Shangyuan Nair's smile is very sunshine, he stretched a lazy waist, slowly started to reveal his own wolf tail: "From the great route to the East China Sea, I have sailed in the sea for a long time, I am afraid that I am worried about suffering from bad blood, you What fruit is there, we want to buy some ... "


Namei took a little bit, and his face also revealed a smile: "Our family has a large orange garden. If you want, I will give you a very beautiful discount!"

"That ..."

Shangyuan Nai went to the eyes, looked at this greedy girl, nodded: "Thank you for your discount ..."

Namei this guy ...

More greedy than thinking!

When all, I still can't afford!

This girl is because Aron's habit is infected with greed ... or her nature is a greedy person?

Shangyuan Naisheng looked at Namujin into the Dragon Park, packed Aron's money in these years, and the smile on his face became deeper.


Nami looked at a huge parcel, showing a happy smile: "These are all the hands of everyone in the village in the past, and I will give them a chance."

When I said that Namei couldn't help but frown. The smile on my face gradually faded, she slowly hangs: "But ... they will never accept my cadre of this Dragon Legion." ! "


The original nephent attacked.

"Forget it, it doesn't matter."

Na Beauty will soon give up his frustration, at least now the nightmare of childhood has disappeared, and she can arrange their own life.

Namei's face returned to a playful smile: "Let's take you, take you to our family, our family's orange is very sweet, even if I have a discount, the price may not Will be low! "

"Well, um ..."

Shangyuan Needan and smiled and looked at Nami's opening: "For me, the money is not a problem, I am not interested in money."


Namei's face revealed a wi, she couldn't help but her hand, asked: "How much do you have?"

"Ha ha…"

Shangyuan Needressed with his palm, and the hair of the beautiful hair: "After a while, you will know."

Nami looks at the original, revealing the look of the look.

Half hour later.

Cocoa Village, Nama's Orange Garden.

Nami knows how much is it?

3,653 million Bailei.

This figure is that she starts from the age of fifteen years old, has been quietly buried in the orange garden of her home, now all is taken away by Shangji.

I am still too real ...

I am still too young ...

A string of thoughts floated from Nami's brain, why will she believe in a group of hundreds?

Because this pirates kill Along, speaking for her so much? Why will she be deceived by a hundred pirate?

After this reason, the alien of the original naval entered the orange garden of their house, did not start picking oranges, but quickly collected her treasure hiding here!

Namei bite his lips, looking at the original naval from the orange garden, digging her money and treasure, slowly, giving up.

"Your guy ..."

Namei's eyes are full of despair: "Wait, you don't say, you have a lot of money, do you not be interested in money?"

"Namei ..."

Shangji nodded, picked up the package full of money and treasure, sighed in the air: "You said ... Is there anyone in this world that is not interested in money?"

Shangji took the shoulder of Namei, encouraged her: "Come on, you can give yourself a small goal, earn 100 million Bailey ..."

"I have used so much money for five years ..."

Namei held his fist tightly, and looked at the money in the face of his face. "Five years! Do you know how I did this five years?"


Shangyuan Na is slowly turned away, his face revealed a smile of unidentified smile: "You know that we have rushed to the five days of the Dragon Park, I have been there?"

Shangji opened his palm, and his face was seriously opened: "Five days, I am in questioning your preference every day, I want to set up your intelligence!"

Five days, I have to try carefully every day, a girl who starts to collect Bailey from ten years old. For five years, how much is she caught in the end, this girl will put my own treasure and Beiler? local…

In the end, I have identified the orange garden of your home. "


Namei listened to the original navigation, the whole person is stupid!

Originally she looked at Shang Nai, I have been comforting her, and I thought this guy was at least a good person. As a result, this guy is trying to figure out their own treasure!

Ah, ah, ah ...

This bastard liar!

How can this world come to the original navigation!

The fifteen-year-old girl feels that the whole person is to be arrogant, this guy is so embarrassed to do this!


"Na Beauty!"

Namei's sister Noda Platema is coming over to help sell oranges. After seeing this situation, she immediately grabbed Namei's mouth!

This is a thief who is rewarded from 30 million Bailei!

And this guy, just killed Aron!

No matter how it looks, they should now provoke!

Niko took Named's shoulder, so loudly comforted: "Well, Na Beauty, at least Along's nightmare is over, Bailei will have it, we will be able to live at home in the future ..."

"Little girl, you think more."

Shangyuan Nai fell to hook his mouth, reach out his palm, caught an orange, he smiled and opened his mouth: "Your nightmare just started!"

"What do you want to do?"

"you guess!"

Shangyuan Na will slowly peel off, after biting a orange, we are satisfied with Na Beauty, "Y, um ... The oranges of your family are really sweet ..."

Next, the face of Shangyuan Na Raise suddenly became gloomy. He stared at Nami and Nuqi's two people, Shen Sheng: "Now immediately call the villagers who come to Keoca Village, help me with this orange garden Oranges are installed on our boat! "

Na Beauty: "..."

Noqi: "..."

This one pirate is sick!

Why have you grab the oranges after grabbing her treasure!

In fact, they have proven that they are too low to estimate the lower limit of the original navigation. Just Juqi is going to be treated here, let Nami want to call people ...

"and many more!"

Shang Qi Nai, I called Namei, and I pulled a mouthful of oranges into my mouth. The face was once again showed a smile, and I added it: "Oh, yes, let those villagers come up with us usually do the tools. Tools. "


Noki is still a bit surprised.

Namei immediately thought about what, she couldn't help but pumping: "Hello, your guy should still want to put orange tree ..."

"Guess it! Namei sauce!"

Shang Nai nodded, he told himself: "Let them come with tools, help me from the orange tree to the boat, how many kinds can you?"

Na Beauty: "..."

Shangyuan Na, you are really a big man!

Namei really felt that there is a problem with the original naval, the pirates, grabbed her so many Belee wants to buy oranges!

Also grab the orange tree of their house!

Is this really not afraid of delay?

Looking at Na Beauty was shocked by his words, he reached his finger, and made a gaming gesture toward a tangerine.


That orange is instantially collapsed!

Shangyuan never squinted, smile and extended his finger, put his fingers on the head of Nukki, and he turned his head to look at Namei.

"Trouble, your speed is almost, if the speed is slower, I may kill the people of the whole cocaina!"

"Ah, ah, ah, the brain is sick!"

Namei instantly slammed out.

After Niko looked at his sister, he took himself to the original navigation, suddenly laughed: "Mr. Shangyuan ... is actually a good person? But why must I bully Name?"

"Oh, I am of course a good person ..."

The original Nairo hugged his arm and looked at Nikki. "But your sister said my bad words on our boat, obviously I helped her to kill Al Long, she still wants to sell it to my oranges at high prices. ... Is she still people? "


Noqi's mouth can't help it.

Whether it is the original navigation or Na Beauty, the two people are very bad!

the other side.

When Nami left the orange garden, he fiercely realized that this village may no longer accept her, so she can only go to a single that can accept her!

Cocoa Village of the police, Ajian.


Nami crazyly knocked out this uncle's door that was happy in her period, and his face was panicked: "Ajian! I will ask someone to take the tool, help go pick orange, help to dig away our home Orange tree! "


Ajian glanced glanced at the beauty, the small wind on the hat turned around: "Wait ... What is it?"

"you listen to me!"

Nami cleared his arm, and he was full of mouth: "A thief came to our village. He killed Alan, now we have to take the orange tree and orange tree of our family. If you don't help pick Orange, he will kill everyone in Cocahi Village! "


Ah Jian was confused to see a beautiful beauty, but he did not hesitate, immediately believed in Na Beauty, and began to hold the speaker to start calling people in the village.

What is wrong with this sea?

To be honest, this kind of thing is also confused.

Let Nami have a slight touch ...

I heard that her home encountered a thief, everyone in the village came to help, and even quarreled to help her down the pirate.

The people in the village have known her truth of Along?

They have never escaped her ...

But now it is not touched!

Namei couldn't help but help his forehead, Shen Sheng persuaded: "There is a problem with the idea of ​​the original navigation, that is, he killed Aron. You don't need to provoke him, just need to help pick oranges, dig a few Orange tree is just ... "