I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 413, you do so, have you asked Klkkdal's opinion? (Third!)

Canoca Village port.

The warship of Shangyuan Nae is filled with oranges and orange trees.

A group of villagers in Coca West Village were confused and complicated to stand on the top of the shore. They have learned from the mouth of Nikki, and they have never seen such a bad one.

But it is much better than Aolong.

They didn't kill, and even helped them with a disaster.

These villagers have also been quite complicated to the original navigation.

At the last naval, I looked at Nami, a gray face, and handed over a piece of paper towel. It looks like a good brother.

If you ignore his harsh behavior ...

What they are in fact is actually quite like that.

"What do you want to do?"

Nami wiped his face, mutter: "My money, you will take it; my family's oranges, you are all installed; my family's orange tree, you also dig a lot of ..."

"What is orange, I will pay."

The face of Shangyuan Nae seems very serious.

The fifteen-year-old Namei no longer believed in him, he was still indignant to open the mouth: "Do you want to take me? How much is you still?"

"Those money are all your hard work ..."

"Will it give me?"

Namei's eyes were turned over and flashed.

"will not."

Shangyuan Nai fell to her hair, looked at Nazi's eyes, so loudly comforted her: "Don't worry, I will not let you be white and hard, you have a 3,653 million Bailey I will squander. "


Do you say this is a human?

If you know that you can fight this person ...

Namedo is really very honest and desperate!

Shangyuan Nai slowly swallowed a coin handed Namei: "I bought the money of oranges and oranges, you really earned, I can't find a smaller face value than this, ok, I paid, we are also fair transactions. "

"... fifty Bailey ..."

Xiao Nai glanced at the coin, slowly raised his head and stared at the original navigation, quietly sighed: "Mr. Shangyuan, fifty Bailei buy a pound of oranges, not enough ... What do you mean to speak fair trading? Words ... "

"I am a pirate."

At the end of the original Needle, I killed Namei, and I kept asked: "That is the coin, are you still?"


Nami humiliatedly extended his palm, took a coin in his hands in the hands of the original navigation, and her face is completely a bad expression.

Shangji fell to shoot Namei's small head, low-headed her, whispered in her ear: "Na Beauty, don't have this expression, you still have this group like your villagers ... you will want to be good Protect them? "


Originally, there are some fascinating Namei instantly.

Namei's face suddenly became serious, she slammed the upper arms and whispered: "What do you want to do?"

"Not what I want to do."

Shangyuan Nair took her hair and gently sighed: "I still remember what I said, ... Allowa's strong strength, but the status in the fisherman of the great route is not low, who Do you know that they will come to revenge? "


Namei's face flashed a mess.

Shang Shangnai is definitely scared.

Shangji was in front of him, and loudly attacked her emotions: "Within three years, our Baroque Tourism will launch the war of the fish people, if we win very flat, then everything doesn't matter .

If three years later, I didn't come back to the oranges to buy you in the East China Sea. You will find a piolig group to go to the great route, understand?

I believe in your nautical ability, in fact, a lot of powerful one pirates will definitely want to get the nautical seafood of you, but your age is too small ... "

"Mr. Shangyuan ..."

Namei's eyes were slightly shaking.

Shangyuan never squinted, left a sunshine of Namei: "Well, I will accept your money, I will do things, I will be stationed in the whiskey, will not let any very flat Donghai! "


At this moment, Namei's expression is extremely complicated, and Namei's emotions are somewhat touched. She suddenly feels a good person in front of the Shangyuan Na.

Shangyuan Needan and reached out and slammed her forehead, laughed: "Oh, our Baroque Total is the strongest organization in the world, how can it lose to That guy!

Just we have to fight very flat, the way, it is also playing this name from your hands. Anyway, you have no way!

Go, wait for you to grow up, go to the great route to find me! At that time, I introduced you a guy who is equivalent to paying with money! "

After that, after the original Na, flying flying in the warship, waving his hand, leaving the cocoa village.

The villagers on the ground also loudly waved goodbye to him.

To be honest, the villagers really have a feeling of madness, even if Namei's sister Noki is also waving, say goodbye.

"... mix ... Bar!"

Namei slammed the coin in his hand, looked at the direction of the warship, and the voice gradually lowered: "The Weihe Route's whiskey is a peak ... I will go see you! The guy who is called very flat is temporarily. You are ... "

Anyway ...

Nimei suddenly was very confused.

This fifteen-year-old girl was flicker.


Shangyuan Na's hands played a orange, and looked at the task rewards completed in Coca Village.

Branch mission: grab the money of Namei (11), the task has been completed, reward 1000 points of life energy, reward 1000 points of armed colors, 1,000 points to heard the hegemony.

Branch task: Plant orange tree (11) on its own boat, the task has been completed, rewarding 300 gold coins.

This is the routine reward of the novice village.

In addition to this, there is a skill reward.

Branch task: Tasting the oranges (11) in Coca Coca Village, the task has been completed, fixed reward skills.

Bad blood pathopath: Eat any citrus fruit, relieve all control class skills and restore itself 15% of life energy, armed colors domineering, domineering, skill cooling time is not, need to consume a citrus fruit.

This skill is like oranges, the orange is the same ...

It's really outrageous.

... "

Shangyuan Needressed to play the oranges in his hand, couldn't help but laugh: "It seems that it is fine, there is time to come to Coca Village."

"Mr. Needa, I have a question ..."

Nicole Robb wrinkled his brow, asked whispers to say: "Do we really have to fight with the Qi Qixian Wuhai?"

"of course."

Shang Nai fell to the oranges of the hand, and he had a heart: "We all agreed to Miss Na Miss and Mr. Klkdal, is not good for them?"

Shangyuan Nairou lost the oranges in the hands to the martial artifact, the opening continued: "Wait! Wait until we return to the great route, start preparing to prepare the Baroque workman to attack, replace his position!"

"Yes, Shang Shang people."

The mortal ghosts nodded slowly.

Nicoleon has opened his own map, whispered: "So next is our last stop, the windmill village of the East China Sea?"

"Well, go to the windmill village first!"

Shangyuan nodded slowly.

In fact, there is also a place in Silu Village, but only the Crowman has not laid in ... Do you listen to Upopo Blowing?

There is still a relatively pothole thing.

That is Upopu has a very strange setting. Any cow that has been blown is almost one by one.

It is better to go to the windmill village directly.

That is a real novice village!

Nicole Robin looked at a map, and he looked at the original navigation: "Mr. Shangyuan, is there any special place there?"


Shangyuan Na will take a slowly point to nod: "There is a navy to hometown of Munch D. Kapu, his grandson is there ..."

"Navy Hero Munqi D · Cap?"

Nicole Robin's face flashed a shot. She couldn't help but take a few drops of cold sweat: "You should not be the hometown of the Naval hero? "

"Otherwise, do you think I have to do it?"

Shangyuan Needle waved a shower, whispering: "Almost forgot to say, the grandson of Kapu is also in his hometown! The guy is the leader of the Revolutionary Army. Monchi D. Dorag."


Nicole Robin was silent for a few seconds.

Are you afraid that Klock Dar is too comfortable?

According to the present situation, once the Baroque Torkers are exploding the behind-the-scenes, the black hand is Klockdal, then this sand crocodile can give up what Pluto is given, and I want to find a luxury single room in the seabed big prison ...

Single only is the hometown of the Navy Hero Munqi D · Kapu, you can't let Kloddal can't stay in the king's seven Wuhai; not to mention this matter also involves the world's most fierce criminal Dalg!

"Don't think too much."

Shangyuan Nai can't help but smile: "The Navy can be more dark than you imagine, just to wash the wind and the village, the navy can not care."

Really ...

How big is it!

Nicole, Robin mentality, must learn to relax his heart.

"Of course, the Navy does not pay attention to it, there will be other people to pay attention."

Shangji Looking at the distance sunset in the distance, laughing and opening: "As long as the news from the Baroque Total Works, the news of the Hometown of the Navy Heroes, must be shocked throughout the world, and is famous for Mr. Clockdal!"

Shangyuan Na was confidently cleared his fist: "The windmill village is more interesting than you think, you are not intentional.

As long as we do this, Mr. Clock Darl will definitely go to a king ... Although this road may be full of thorns and hardships! "


Nicole Robin's face is strange.

Have you asked the views of Kroddal?


Shangyuan Needan and said soft: "We have to go to a place with a naval base. I have to think about a way, and send the Baroque Try to Rel Support Navy Heroes' hometown to the Navy."


Nicole Robe didn't know what his expression was.

While stealing and dirty water on the body of Klock Dar, I secretly shake myself? It's all you do!

Can't you do your personal?