I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 415 Do you want to be a king?

For so many years, Dofonteo lives is also a person in the sea, and there is also the qualifications in front of many hundred pigeons.

But people in the phone are more arrogant than him!

What is the guy?

What is it for him to have a head?

Dofran Mingge's expression is cloudy, he really wants to go directly, but I am worried that I really have to make people.

What is the madman like Thara?

The most fearful thing in this world is unknown, comparing the four emperors of the new world, and a person hidden with identity also makes him sneak.

Especially this person seems to know everything.

And anyone who is not known to Duran Ming Ge, there is no figure in the entire underground world, but the people know everything!

But this guy is hiding your identity ...

Explain that his strength is not so strong? Or if his identity is not convenient to leak, then this means that this guy can't appear in front of the person?

Dofran Mingge returned to calm, and got joined his mouth: "A guy who told the head and dares to threaten me?"


The phone hangs directly.

The corner is slowly lifting, looking at Dofonteo whispers asking: "Wang Xia Qi Wuhai bounty, can you need to go to the Navy to exchange?"


Dofran Ming brother looked at a corner of the eyes, and he was angry and smiled. "Hey ... is it as a prey?"

"Do not."

The corners shook their heads, referring to the phone in his hand, calmly opened: "Because I know that you are wrong in front of him, I already know your end, just I don't want to waste you. Bounty. "

The last person who said mistakes ...

The whole talent knows his end.

Why did the original navigation have just been able to make this obviously uncomfortable, this Doraon Ming brother will continue to die?


Dofran Mingge's god suddenly got delicious, he slowly raised his finger, whispered Xiao: "Looks that the corner is very respectful ..."

"Only he can take me to earn money."

The corners are also slowly bowing their bodies, and the land is gradually drilled out from his body gap, which makes people look at it.

Even if the Francium's face has changed, his brow is slightly tight, and it slowly relax.

Dofran Ming Ge looked at the horror of horror, but laughed on his face: "Just sound ... The corner doesn't seem to like money very much?"

"Money is the only thing that can believe."

The corner responded to a word, this is his creed.

Dofran Mingge's finger knocked on his arm and continued to laugh: " ... If I give a lot of money enough money, would you like to tell me the person's identity? "


After the corner, the first thing is nodded, reach out to the phone in the hands of the Francience: "I need this kind of thing I need to report with him ..."

The face is still very calm: "If he is not allowed, he will kill us directly, even the soul can not get freeze ..."

When this sentence comes out, the mind of the corner is still calm.

The Francium's face has become hidden. Is this corner playing him? How can this person agree?

The role of the corner came out, and slowly willed the Buffeon's phone insects, he slowly pulled out the reward order, and started to flip the bodies of those hundred pirates on the ground according to the reward. .

On the other side.

East China Sea, Windmill Village.

After the original Nairi hangs, after the call, I also dialed the phonology of Unechebra, and I asked directly: "Sasuke, convenient to Drescent?"


When Yishibo saga was silent, his voice passed some hesitized: "We have to go to Dursrosa immediately, what do you want?"

"That is big!"

After that, Shangyuan Na will laugh and continue to say: "Teach more France Ming brother! Do you have to do it? But you don't have to kill him, he is a very easy to use chess, and I also give His amulet! "

"Your guy ..."

The sound of Sasuke on the other side of the phone stopped, and he went to continue: "We have just entered the new world for a long time, I don't understand the situation in the new world ..."

"It doesn't matter, it will be done."

After the Shangyuan Na, after laughing, he suddenly continued: "But sound, you won't really take himself as a member of the Black Pieve?"

"Who is willing to be with this group of white!"

After Yuxi, Saso helped his mouth, the opening was transferred to the topic: "Where are you now?"

"Windmill Village."

Shangyuan Na will slowly open the mouth.

The voice of Yuxi Bo sakuo changed, and I asked: "Windmill Village? Isn't the Hometown of Ice?"

This place name, Unecheo Sasuke must have heard of it.

As the deputy captain of Portcas D. Ess, Sasuke will definitely listen to his captain to say the hometown, especially his captain is a no-bottom idiot.


Shangji will continue to say: "There are a lot of people who look at Ees!" His younger brother is still here ... "

"Shangyuan ..."

Yuxi Bozuo has been silent for a while, and it continues to say: "I have already controlled everything in the Hei Piece, and the idiot has become your chess, don't need to use his brother? "

Sasuke ... "

The smile on the face of the original navigation faintly smashed: "It seems that you have received new friendship in this world ..."


The sound of Unecheo Sasuke became an unusual indifference.

The smile on the face was not reduced. He continued to say: "It doesn't matter, life is the most important thing is to be happy ..."

"Shangyuan Needs."

The sound of Yuxio Sasuke is a little cold. He explains a truth calmly: "There is a world you are in the world."

"Hu said eight!"

Shangqi Nairou immediately opened back to refute, and took out the example: "You have a happy life! And there are two guys in Didara and Flying Segments ..."

"Let's talk about it."

Yischo Sasukes reheated the topic back: "Shang, what do you want to do in the idiot of Ice? If he knows, it may make an inexpensive thing ... even I may not be able to persuade "

"rest assured."

Shangyuan Na will continue to say slowly: "As long as you can manipulate the black thief group to do what I explain, I will not kill ..."

On the other side of the last side, his eyes fell on a shadow that appeared on the streets of the windmill village, it was a young man wearing a straw hat.

"I, just come to help the king addiction ..."

After the Shangyuan Na, he didn't stand the phone in his hand, leaving only the other side of the phone in the torse.

Windmill village on the street.

Munqi D · Lu Fei also saw the three people walking into the windmill village. His first action is enthusiastically and greeted.

"Good morning!"

"Early ..."

Shangyuan never squatted his eyes, smiling and greeted, greeted the flow of Lu Fei.

"It seems that people who haven't seen it, it seems to have seen ..."

Lu Fei's brow wrinkled slightly, and slowly soothe, laughing and opening: "Are you from afar?"


Shangyuan Nairo took a slow point to nod, spread his palm, laughed: "I am the intermediate special agent of Shang Na, Baroque Tourism, come here to buy nautical materials ..."

"Agent? It sounds very powerful!"

The dangerousness of the grass hat youth is unsatisfactory, even asked in an interest: "What is the agent to do, I have never seen a special service!"

"Mainly helping people to ring the triumph ..."

Shangyuan Needan does not matter to stall, continue to say: "Anyway, you will know soon, um ... don't you introduce yourself?"

If Namei is here ...

She will definitely know the evil mind of the original Na.

Unfortunately, Munqi D · Luffy's mind is a lot, his face is still a little bit: "Yes, you should tell yourself ..."

When I said here, the road flew hand covered on her straw hat, and his look suddenly became serious and firm.

There was a light in the eyes of Lu Fei, and there was a lot of confidence in the voice: "I am Munqi D · Lu Fei, it is a man of the One Piece!"


A silent in the field.

The eyes of the martialmon ghosts and Nici Robin are not from the autonomous land, which is the grandson of Kapu, the son of the revolutionary Dorage?

As for what it becomes a pirate, what is the king ...

After a martic ghost, after a second, he suddenly grinned: "I really don't know, is it my illusion, I just felt that this devil and the roll of the wooden leaves were a bit like a whisker whispering people ... "

"Hey, who do you say?"

Munqi D · Lufei's head is awkward, and after watching a visor ghost, it is a little horrified: "Wow ... Is this the fishman in the big sea?"

"Yeah, the big sea can be very magical ..."

After the arrival of the original Neck, I still smiled in my eyes, but his fist was clear, the paint black armed colored domineering momentum was covered!

Next moment, his fist fell on the lower belly of Lufei!

The pain of this punch spread throughout the whole body, so that his body is painful to bend his waist, even legs can't stand firm!

Shangyuan Na will slowly reach out and take a straw hat on the top of the road, wear it on his head, and smashed the road and flew.

"You just said ..."

At the end of the original Needle, he helped the grass hat on his head, looked at the pain of the boxing of the box, and continued to ask: "Do you want to be a king?"