I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 419 Dofun Ming Ge: The guy gives me the name ... Is it a dupid?


Taking advantage of Sasuke and Es Exchange, Dofran Mingge's fingertips shot a white line quickly, want to launch a sneak attack directly!

This small white line is almost unclear, but its power is like a bullet, and the power is more bigger than the bullet, and it is quickly shot to the body!

Sasuke sword directly blocking the white line, his eyes lost, looked at Duran Ming Ge in indifferently: "In the eyes of writing, you can Easy to watch, don't play this little smart ... "

" ..."

The smile on Dofran Mingge is still unchanged. His fingertips suddenly raised a white line, and there is no shortage: "Total does not have any bad parts ... Torre Poel, Diamani, You all take it! "

"Dover ..."

The members around can't help but look at the Franmin.

This is a super newcomer who has rewarded more than 900 million Pelilers, even if it is a new world in the four emperor, they can also get a person in a place!


The Francium's face flashed a cooler, he was overcast: "This is not the battle you can insert, now far away!"

to be frank.

This battle is not unfair.

Dofonte brothers have seen Sasuke and Ece's domineering domineering, he knew that he had to fight Sasuke and Es, even if the other cadres of Don Don, could not be able to match one of them.

The new world's rules and the first half of the great route are different.

Because here, after a person's force has developed to the vertices, only the real king can cope with another king.

Potkas D · Es looked at the Francumba, a group of members flocked and looked at the prestige.

Escho's appearance of Duran Ming brother's cold sound: "Hey, Sasuke, you step down, this is not the battle you can insert ..."

"To shut up!"

Yuxi Bozuo can't help but knead his own eyebrow: "Your guy is going to step! Your goal is white beard! This little role makes me come ..."

"Um ... you are saying."

After I was todded slowly, I couldn't help but open: "But I am the captain, but they send it to the captain ..."

"To shut up!"

The face of Unecheo Sasuke suddenly andd, and his voice was mixed with chill: "Your goal is the four emperors on the sea! If everything is your captain, my pair of pairs are used to do? ! "

Next moment, the figure of Unecheo Sason directly rushed to Du Francumbi, his fingers suddenly got up, and a cold voice fell into the ear of everyone!

"Thousands of birds!"

One of the electric light was spared by Unexpea Sasuke!

The Francium's face flashed a shocked, under the sense of sensation, his figure turned up with a strange gesture!

However, after he avoided a thousand bird sharp gun composed of a ranted lightning, the fireball of the flames gathered over the Du Francience!

"Art fire escape ho fireball!"

"Spider's nest!"

The Francium's face flashed a shot, waving a hardcore, stopped the hobburns of the hiking.

This group of fireballs quickly burned the spider web!

It's just that this also gives Dofontech to evacuate enough time. The ground of the palace quickly broke down!

"I heard that the deputy captain of the Hei Piece is a ninja ..."

Dofran Ming brother welcomes the rushing Unechebra, grinning: "It seems that the ability of Ninja is more interesting than we imagined ... ..."

Next moment, the arms of the two hit together!

The impact of overflowing of the tyrants and armed tall domineering, the impact generation of the mushroom swept the entire Dresrosa, and the earth was shocked. The sea also set off the sky!

"Is there only this level?"

Sasuke's mouth flashed a scornful smile, he could clearly perceive his power, this collision is almost rolled with Du Francience!

This guy…

It's really weak!

Even the two generals of the Qing and the yellow gob are not as good!

Next, two people launched a confrontation between body surgery, and their boxing covered the armed colored warfare, no matter how Franmin, how to use our own line of fruit capabilities. Unable to break through the defense of Sasuke!

Dofran Mingge's face is gloomy, turning over and kicks a foot, a white line spreads quickly from his feet!

"Foot race!"

"I said it before…"

Yizhi Bozo helped the head, easily avoided the attack of the foot ray, his eyes flashed in red: "Everything, I have already seen it! Du Franchen, your destiny has been destined ! "

Next moment, Yuxi Bozuo took out the tattooed knife!

When Dofran Mingge tried to defend and avoid it, the knife was like a long eyes, through his defense, obliquely, in the chest of Duran Mingge!

This hit didn't even open the armed torrential domineering of Dofontech, leaving a slender wound!

There are countless dense numbers to fly out!

Dofonteo knows that his armed colors is not enough, and it is re-condensed a spider web to resist the attack, but it still doesn't help!

Can't stop!

Can't stop at all!

Snack the spider web defense directly!

Dofran Mingge's figure returned, he didn't want to be taken by Unecho Sasuo directly to two and a half!


Sasuke despiseed to see the Francumbi, the fingers suddenly buckle, the rotation in the eyelids flashed, and a gravity suddenly broke out!

Dofran Mingge's body is not compromised by itself!

"Breast ... is gravitated ..."

Dofran Mingge's fingers rushed out of a white line, wrapped around a huge stone tried to make your body stabilize!

Just as he was stalemating at this time, Sasuke's hands suddenly shot a black inflammation, this inflammation is like the sword in the moment, the body of Duran Mingge!

Blood flowers splash!

"Fighting IQ is also very low ..."

Saso helped to buckle his palms, smashed Dramming brother scorn: "Fortunately, the Ice's idiots refused the title of the Queen Seven Wuhai. Otherwise, would you like to be with you?"


The Dofran Mingco single knee is in the ground, stroking his own wounds, and the white lines of the fingertips are quickly spread, and his wound is rapidly stitching.

This is too arrogant!

I don't know, I thought he was the captain of the Hei Piece!


The strength of this guy is indeed too strong!

Single only Sasuke an abnormal and powerful domineering, let Dofonteo will fall behind before fighting, plus all of his strangeness, and superb swordsmanship and body ...

This Unecheo Sasuke is simply a strong power!

This guy did not even have any particular powerful abilities in the battle. It seems that he is only a letter to pinch, and the Duran Ming Ge is smashed ...

How long have they played, how long, Duran Ming Ge, I feel that I have no strength, as if I have the same monster in the new world!

"You dare to hurt Dover!"

Just at this time, a sharp voice fell into their ears, Diamanti is almost crazy, and the sword rushed over!


Dofontech hurriedly waved a huge white line to fly Diamandi, he looked at Sasuke low and smiled: "Mr. I and Zuo, but the battle between Wang and King "

"It doesn't matter what they want."

Yuxi Bozuo does not look up its own palm, looks indifferently to the Duran Mingge's opening: "And ... I can't kill a small bug, but also to avoid a few ants. ? "

This sentence is really overbearing!

This is clearly not to see the Quixote family!

The forehead of Dofran Mingge, he looked at Unechebra helped his own anger, and his face slowly revealed. "... ... it is the most terrible thing this big sea Super star! "

After saying this, the Dofran Ming brother's words suddenly turned, suddenly the opening: "It's a very curious thing to help the life of Mr. ... Yishibo's last name is very rare ... I don't know, Mr. Sasher, I heard that Yu Zhi Pubie Is this name? "

This name is that the person tells him behind the corner.

Now Duran Mingge seems to feel that you can use Unexpea Sasuke, you can find opportunities!


Yischo Sasuke's body is stiff of a second.

Next moment, Dofontech waved all all the best of the ground, which is his fruit awakening!

Once the fruit is awakening, you can turn everything around you into your own fruit capabilities, the ability of line fruit is to turn everything into the line you can manipulate!

"Wild Wave White Line!"

Tens of thousands of white lines roll up and went towards Sasuke!

These white lines wrapped in Unecheo Sasuke in an instant, and he directly bonded him directly in the white line. Unechebra was just standing in the same place, and he was blocked by the white line.

"Who tells you this name ..."

The voice of Unecheo Sasuke came out from the white line, and a purple ray shot from the dense Ma Ma white line!

Next moment, a tall figure instantly earned the white line!

Purple complete body must be protected from this floor!

To be honest, it is not a shock in Droslosa, because the highest cadres of the Don Quixote family will become a millennium stone giant, but the momentum between the two is very different. !

Single just saw the purple full body must be a moment, Dofonteo passed the heart of the disaster and destruction of the surrounding of Zuo.

This is not a general giant!

The tall must have suddenly pulled out the tattooed knife, and it will be the same as the Francience, as if you can cut the entire Dresrosa!

No, it is not as if ... but it will be done!

The face of Dofran Mingge changed, instantly manipulated countless white lines, and turned into a solid spider web shield to block the knife!

Unfortunately, a knife that must be Sasone is directly cleared!

Dofontech looked at the huge sniper, and left a deep gully in the earth!

"It seems to mention this person, is it anger Uzhi Bozuo?"

The expression of Dofran Mingge can't help but change, and he revealed a cold sweat. He looked up his head and cold: "Sasuke, the battle between us is actually under the monitors of others, perhaps he is also him. If you control it, it is a person who gave me this name ... "

"To shut up!"

Yiszo Sasukes stand in the crystals of mustvas, overlooking the underground Dofontech, manipulating to point to him to him.

"Dufran Ming Ge."

Yischi Sasuke's anger is almost suppressed, he looks at Dofran Ming Ge, and the cold voice will continue to say: "When he told Sui Zhi's name, he did he forgot to remind you?"

The face of Unechebra flipped a madness. His eyes are more cold, and the tyrants are venting out of the body, sweeping the entire Drescent!

"If you come with this name in front of me, I may make me let me kill you, but it will make you born to die!"


The face of Duran Mingge has changed.

I really have problems, the person is behind him behind him!

It is possible to have a life, but it will completely irritate Unexpea, why not tell him this!

Just at this time.

Torre Pubell was stopped in the vicinity of Es, and asked carefully: "The captain of the Ace, who is the Unexpected House?"


Potkas D · Ess's expression is no longer laughing, and he is not interesting to care about Torre Boer, and it is a bit serious.

"Yisiza is the world's favorite brother, he has died."


Torrepore's expression is not very good.

Now Dofontech is in front of a brother, I mentioned his brother he has died, and it feels a bit not bad!