I became Naruto: A Mastermind Behind the Scene

Chapter 421 I have to know, I am a good person (third!)

The black thief group left.

They left a ruins everywhere.

Yiszo Sasukes defeated all the people of Don Dodd family with a person, including the night fork Dufangming, just a day, the Hei Piece is becoming Drescent. Nightmare.

Above the sea, the Black Piece is on the boat.

According to the original convention, Unechebra defeated a seven Wuhai and its thieves, it is to celebrate the banquet, but all members of the Hei Piece have no mood.

Because Es and Yuxi Bozuo have returned to the boat, they have received the news of the recent time from the news bird.

"Crime Baroque Tourism claims that the hometown will be raised by the Navy Hero, the Navy claims that it will launch a comprehensive encirclement to the Baroque Tourism, all of the rewards of all Baroque Try, all of the rewards! "

"The windmill village is in an accident ..."

Potkas D · Ess tightly grabbed the newspaper in his hand, his face flashed a angry: "If you dare to hurt anyone, they are dead!"

"The captain, no one thing."

"Yeah ... we all saw it."

A group of people said in seven tongues.

Because I don't know if the Navy is in order to calm the people, the guy of the Baroque Tourism has not dared to hurt civilians in the village.

As for the grandson in Capu, the grandson was injured, and a thief leader on the mountain was taken away. There is no need to mention it in the newspaper ...

At least Es is temporarily put down.

Only Yishe Sasuke's brow is slightly frowned, because he is the only one who knows the truth, who knows what is going on in the windmill village!

Navy headquarters, Malin Fanto.

The Navy Marshal Warring States is a real headache. I don't know why big events on the sea are a pick-up, and he has some mental exhaustion.

The navy marshal will naturally not worry about the problem of windmill village. Calling the Navy Spy from the original navigation.

The troubles faced by the Warring States is that he has just got news, Potkas D. Ess and Unechebra helped this to the positive vice minister just entered the new world.

Wang Xiaqi Wuhai Duran Mingge was defeated by Unechebra.

This thing is really bad ...

Because the status of the Queen Seven Wuhai is related to the balance of the sea.

"The news is can't press it ..."

The Warring States slowly fed the documents in the hand to the goat, and sighed in the air: "The identity of the Buffalo's bastard is not good."

"Does Dhaf that is also knocked down?"

The face of the crane will also show a touch of worry: "This kind of thing is not necessary! Pu Saleno and Kutz prasson are not to be defeated to Yuxi Bozuo ... If Dofang Ming brother hits it Yuxi Bozuo, our navy will be more embarrassed! "


After the Warring States watched his old friend, he slowly toldly: "You said reason, if Dofonteo won us, he will be more embarrassing, he lost for the Navy is the most advantageous."

if not…

The Navy will be shameful.

Kingdom of Drescent.

Dofran Mingge and the idea of ​​the crane.

After the defeat by Unezhi Sasuke, Dofonteo also worried that he would be kicked out of the king's seven Wuhai, this very favorable identity, and now suddenly thinks.

That is to defeat the world's highest power general!

He is just a king of the district, Qi Wuhai, which is also quite normal!

Of course, let Dogran Ming brothers should be obviously impossible, but he is more angry and fear is what Zhi Zhibo said.

Now Dofontech is waiting in a quiet place to take other cadres to deal with domestic violent riots.

Because Uchi Saso helps a humiliation before leaving, the king's seven Wuhai has already been calm before, and it has been emitted with anger and uneasiness.

After a long time.

Dofran Mingcho slowly calmed his mood, dialed his phone in the corner of the magic valley town: "Mr. Corner, do you know Unechebra?"


The corner of the other side of the phone is a bit busy.

After a while, the corner will only open: "Do you want to know what information about Sasuke? After you can apply, you will sell his information to you, this matter should be easier to get allowed.

Yischo Sason is not low, but these are all worthwhile, remind you, the strength of Unecheo Sasuke is very powerful, even if it is in the middle of these people, it is also a top power.

Only by the intelligence, you may have a possible possible to defend Unechebra, otherwise you will lose very badly, and will be humiliated by the quality, the little ghost can be said. "


During the Franmino fell into silence.

Why don't this?

Perhaps, he should allocate this phone earlier, otherwise it will not have to be humiliated by Unechebra.

Everything is late now.

Yizhi Bozuo defeated the entire Don Quixote family, and he became seriously injured, let him sweep the king of Drescent.

After Silent Silent, Dofran Ming Ge, asked another question: "It sounds, the relationship between the corner, the relationship between Unechebra doesn't seem to be good ..."


There are more words in the sorcerer: "You Zhizua has more than 900 million rewards, I really want to kill him."

Do Franmin: "..."

This corner is ... It seems to be true love.

Even if the Franminbang saw the power of Unezhi Sasuke, no longer dared to provoke him. I didn't expect this corner that I still want to kill him to change the bounty!

This corner has a brain circuit ...

It's a guy who wants money to lose money!

"Mr. Case."

There are more solemn, and he is overcast, and he will have the opportunity to see the person behind you, I am defeated the hand of the Unechebra. "


The corner has been caught in a silence again.

After a long time, the corner is indifferent. "So congratulations, you are alive, your destiny has been destined, only waiting for the next thing to do."

"Hey? Aren't the Franminbian live?"

This is the sound of the flying segment, he listened to this call around the corner.

The corner of the corner responded to a teammate: "Well, any chess pieces are valuable creatures."

"Hey, although I don't understand why Sasu help let him live, but I feel that the Francience is not as good as death, after all, he is sinned by the opening ..."


The phone is hung by the corner.

After hearing the conversation that had just had a flying segment, the Francium's face became more and more beautiful. They said that people are people!

What is it better to die?

These guys are really a group of villains ...

the other side.

The first half of the great route.

After all the corners, after the Ming Francie's teleconsess, they slowly handled their two people in front of them, they were members of the Baroque Total, and the land is drilled into their body, and they took out their heart.

After the corner, the corner will resent the inquiry, feel the power you get: "Is the ability of explosion fruit and weight fruit?"

"alright, alright."

The flying segment has hub yawn, covering his nose, can't help but say: "Come quickly, the taste is rushing!"

"These two guys have a bounty."

After shaking the head, after shaking the bodies, after sewing the bodies, the two bodies were put on the shoulders: "Waste money is the most shameful behavior in the world."

After that, the corner added again: "However, we must first seal the body, the Navy is not in the newspaper, do they improve the bounty of the Baroque Total?

Then wait until they are the membership of the Baroque Tourism, and then take their bodies to exchange their bids! "

When I said here, I couldn't help but touched the reward: "Well ... ghost, Nicobin and Shangyuan's bounty rose ..."


The bounty of their three people rose.

Nicole Robin, 200 million of 4 million Feile!

Cartry ghost, 200 million peple!

Shangyuan Needs, 6 million Feile!

This number makes the horns, it is also normal. After all, several of their bounty adds more than 500 million Feral, which is a very rare reward in the first half of the great route!

Shangyuan Nairou also looked at his own reward, watching the symbol of the original reward, there is no loss, is it that the Navy does not want him?

At the last navigation, I looked at the reward, I couldn't help but sigh: "Ghost, you see me to be a good person, have there?"


After a while, the macmon ghost was silent, grinned and laughed: "Upper the original people ... is God Ming did not have a happy?"


Nicole Robin heard his dialogue, he shook his head and looked down at his reward.

In the past ten years, Robin's bounty has not moved. Since joining the text, Robin's bounty speed has soared, and now is 200 million, 4 millimeters!

The strength is the weakest, but the reward is the highest in three people ...

The phone is now almost almost three or later.

"Let's go, we go to the frost moon village to supplement the material."

Shangyuan Needan to look at his own system panel, whispering said: "Just I perceived the revolutionary army happened there, they are hard to see."

After Shangyuan Na, he continued to say: "Now I will go to Dunan and Ms. Dan, let her know that I am actually a good person."